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Test The Waters.(Quest)

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#1Judina † 

Test The Waters.(Quest) Empty Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:54 am

Judina †
It was all an interesting start of the day for Judina, heading off to feel like she could work with some of the other people in Hargeon she picked up a job on the way, It had taken a bit she wanted something to roam around and learn of the place, but she found a job to join along with some one, had to do something with water as well so maybe it would something interesting and nice, So picking up the information she needed she would head off to meet some one name Raina , thinking to herself was she named something close sounding to water intentionally? or was it just happen stance over all but Judina would not mention it.
It was more about the job and the experience over anything else, So it was not much else Judina had to think doing aside from what ever the job in told, which so far with what was information paper had for her was not much, Help some one test the water of the area it seemed just simple and wouldn't have a lot of time needed, But she would never know until it happen and continued the job.
The cool fall weather was something Judina had remembered she enjoyed it left a smile on her face, for the longest time she had been with this kind of weather, the place he was trained did not have as much in terms of warmth so she got use to the slight coldness of fall weather quickly, something she never expect when she was so young.
But here she was now following along with some one who collected water and was testing it, nothing wrong with it in the end after all Judina figured some one had to take care of all of nature either eventually, in the future or even now she just was not overly not too  but it seemed like a really a peaceful job for the most part, Vastly different then what she did but while they were walking and talking it seemed quite nice.
Judina and Raina were talking about the various water locations and where she collected and how many of them their were to inspect, Carrying interest Judina wondered how she was going to test them since she had not done this yet she figured it would be interesting to see as well, it was nice to see some one looking into what was needed to keep this world going, She would be unsure how else to do that if she had to do it, It was much like hearing some one talk about wanting to do what one loves so much was interesting, Maybe Judina would find such feelings about something one day, She had hoped too knowing maybe fate would lead that way, It would be mentioned to her they would be both be heading back to to the lab for testing the water to see if anything was a miss with it.

During the walk back to the lab Judina realized that this conversation she was having with Raina was slowly turning into a rant about how people treated nature badly and various other things, it almost started making things a bit awkward oh so very awkward, Judina started speaking less and less and Raina was speaking more and more, But she understood why it was needed to be ranted about Judina never did rant she just settled her mind from the anger she would feel from such things that Raina would. But everyone could get angry over something it is something that believe and releifed at the sametime for some reason she could not quite explain it.

The feeling of passion it something everyone and all people know not matter it is, So event if Judina felt uncomfortable still with the ranting at hand it started feeling a little bit too much for the moment, Slowly Raina was settling down which was good it made the tension go away now mentioning then she heard that they were not too far away from her lab and they should prepare for what tests she needed too, which in the end was mostly good news.

When they arrived at the lab Judina waited for Raina to walk ahead of her and invite her into her lab, after all it was her lab and area of work, Judina would feel better if she got invited in. With what she was hoping did not seem to take long to happen. At the front foor Judina smiled and bowed nicely when it came to be let in, Following closely behind Raina continuing their casual talk while the did, Mostly this conversation wasn't ranting but an explaination to Judina about what he had to do for testing the water.

Walking over to her where she would be testing for salt levels of the water, asking again just to be safe and sure what all to do. It was better to be sure to do it right then do it over. It was a simple explanation of what all to do. Since the steps were easy to follow she seemed to with ease continuing talks of what such things in life bring and how the town was and most likely future goals in life, it seemed rather peaceful work.

So far from what she had tested Judina had not found anything too different, She thought anyway, from what she gathered it all seemed pretty normal and average having for once a good day of it seemed like it was all okay, So it seemed like a good enough time for Judina to pack up and prepare to depart on her own,like normal  everyone had other things life to do for her it would be the next job or what else came her way next work was never bad so he did not mind over all. Collecting her reward she waved a peaceful good bye to Raine, a part of her would not mind meeting her again it seemed  not so bad in the end.

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