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Foot travel Hargeon > Oak

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Foot travel Hargeon > Oak Empty Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:09 pm

Baron sat on the bed of his small green tent, his items spread across his bedding and lap a grim smile on his face. Hargeon was nice and all but being here for so long had began to make him stir crazy, if he lived here it would have been much different, but he was a stranger in a foreign land just trying to get by with life. That and there was another place he wanted to visit, Oak, it was a long ways away but there was something he wanted to do in that city, mostly just tour the streets and maybe get some ice cream. He would have to return to Hargeon one day to have some real fun but for now he was content in leaving and not returning for a long while.

It was time to depart from Hargeon, the land of sand and sun, this pretty little town on the water proving too much for Baron’s fragile little mind. With only a day or three here it was about time he left before Nameless or Lacie came and beat his ass for not keeping his promises. There was no time for a last quest here or there it was just about time he made his way up to the Northbound town in Oak, his future possible home, his beautiful possible home. It was probably a beautiful little place with plenty of bad to its name alas it was somewhere he’d love to go to for some reason, maybe it was the possibility of it being a good place with good people but baron enjoyed the possibilities more than anything for its hospitality ,to him it felt like home, nah it was home.

Baron could recount his good times in Hargeon, he felt so good about going up to Oak though that he couldn’t stop smiling. He was decently known in Hargeon by now, more so by the scum than anything else, but he enjoyed it more than anything! Sure, he wasn’t a good guy but the money was good and he was ready to move on. He could get some good jobs, maybe find some success in more jobs, he was a nice guy, it wouldn’t be too much work to find something else, some success in town, Hargeon town. It was actually freakin’ awesome to go there every now and then soak up some wisdom and meet some babes… Oooh yeah.

To think that he was once a sad sack, a shell of a man and that characteristically had seeped through his newly unreasonable nature, he got sad every now and then but eventually he adapted and felt much better about himself… heh. Shame he wasn’t this confident when he first met Nameless or Rosa, they would probably be engaged by now.

It was about time he took himself away from Hargeon quit searching for the place that had given him a something that he expected to propel himself and backpedal to where he could encounter genuine peace. No society, nothing to stress him except forever. By and by the ball was back in his court however, he didn't generally mind Hargeon's "charms" there was a bounty to like.. Most being free ladies and shabby beverages, however ‘hello’ it was superior to nothing right? No doubt beyond any doubt, those things could be Oak's best fares ha.

None of those shoddy ladies had anything on the woman he had met, those potential life partners, however! They were as terrible as they came, both truly and metaphorically… The air growing thick and still around the wolf, as he rubbed his rest filled eyes. It was the center of the night, however it appeared the best time to travel. He could utilize a firm drink to get over today around evening time and make the outing less demanding on his as of now retired mind. This would have been a long excursion over the district and he needed to cry since it would be so long, however there was more to it than that right? Of course, in Oak he needed to discover a Guild, however he needed to return to find a sweetheart, and begin on that family. THAT BIG FAMILY he had arranged, goodness better believe it those young ladies were in for the pounding of a lifetime. It was a disgrace that he couldn't discover somebody or a remark and get more grounded yet that was life, now and again you couldn't find that certain somebody to enable you to out of your droop a few times you gotta get yourself out of the funk you're in and quit searching for others to safeguard you out… Damn.

Baron was all the while feeling terrible about allowing the women he had met to get away so easily. They all got away from him so far, he couldn't get over them all and was experiencing difficulty discovering some quality.

He couldn’t get over those women, he didn’t know what to do with them though. They were far gone, he wanted to speak to them again but there was a big world out there and he could find himself a good woman sooner or later. If only Name wasn’t so devoted to her religion they would go well together, at least he believed so. She was beautiful and gorgeous, so pretty, very pretty and he wanted to love her but it was far too early to do so. If only he could meet her. He needed some corn nuts for the road, he liked corn nuts a lot. They were good as hell and made him feel full like no woman ever had before. He liked it and all, but he needed to keep things going well, he needed those corn nuts for the road. If only he could get some, he wanted some real bad, corn nuts were so good and even tasted like corn and nuts. If only he could get his hands one some right now, some delicious corn nuts. Speaking of corn and nuts he should probably check in on his family sooner or later, see how they’re doing.

He rubbed the scruff of his neck, so many things to do , so little for him to see. He wanted to think of a few other things on his way to Oak, he picked up his bags and left his tent. He’d pack the tent and leave his pot there for a moment. This was okay, he wouldn’t be needing the pot or anything. He could always get a new pot and whenever he came to Hargeon he could get all of this things back together. He rubbed his hands together and stretched his arms and put his backpack on to keep his things close and all.

He ate an apple he had close by as he started advancing down slope running down as he clicked his foot sole areas together, "I'm here!” he shouted to the town around him, seemed he had made his way where while he was thinking aloud. It felt so great to be home for the man he could cry at the present time, he wouldn't on account of he wasn't a wuss, yet it felt useful for him to simply have the capacity to take it easy.


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