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Golden Scissors [Quest: Fleur]

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Happiness was in everything; Fleur was dared to invite it in. It was in the rain, cool and fresh, just as deeply as the sunshine, for they bring forth different emotions. Happiness was about enjoying the moment, being present for that gift that is living, and allowing it to become intense. For Fleur, there was something about chopping a home grown vegetable that soothed her to the soul; she listened to the sound as the knife cuts and then the metal meets the wood. She let her hands move slowly in the silence of the room, allowing random birdsong and windy gusts to infuse her mind. The earthy flavors develop an intensity, there is a burst of aroma with each cut and in the quietness within, and she was happy. Other times she busted with life in the joy of movement. Fleur loved to dance to vibrant music, loud and strong. She felt her limbs move with the beat, her mind enjoying the heady ride. There is something about cycling in the countryside, with or without music, in any weather, that invigorates someone. There is part of this human animal that was born to move. To exert herself feels like freedom, there is pleasure in pushing herself to new levels. Yet to ride slow can be a chance to savor to the flow of the air the finer details of the trees, earth, and birds. This is not the mantra to find the good in everything, not quite, for there are times of tragedy, but to enjoy what is good and to learn from the rest. Pain is a chance to become more empathetic, more sensitive to others in pain. Problems are an opportunity to innovate. In isolation we can think and let the creative mind spin new ideas. In unfulfilled expectations we can learn patience and understanding. In grief we can learn to cherish the gift of life each day. We can use our pain and fear to mature the mind and develop the soul. For how can the soul dance if it is hiding in the shadows? Thus, only the brave of heart can know true happiness.

The ghostly girl laid back on the hammock, feeling herself swing for a while before coming to a stop. In the distance there was traffic, but far away enough not to bother her. She thought of her cell phone, sitting on the coffee table at home. Just last week that thought would have sent her into a near panic attack. But Fleur swore that switching off for a bit would do her the world of good and she had to agree. She closed her eyes and drew in a lung full of the woodland air. She let the sound of birds fill her ears instead of the ticking of clocks. Here ten minutes was a long time and so the day stretched out like a small eternity. She couldn't stop bad things happening in the world even if she tuned into the news twenty-four-seven, it could only make her more anxious, more fearful. In her quiet contemplation she could think about love, the people she cherished and what was right with her life. She felt like Illumin's whisper was in the trees. She was smiling a little, a smile with a twist to it, like the smile of a child who is determined not to weep. Her smile died faster than wisps of smoke dissipated after a candle flame has been snuffed out. Her smile shined like the stars in the sky, with no bright city lights to dim them. It was like the sun opened its eager light to shine about her, only brightening her perfectly aligned teeth. Once found this happiness would be easier to find again.

In time, Fleur found herself in the marketplace of Baska. Why was she there? Fernando, the fashion designer, asked her for a favor and locate the magical Golden Scissors, a rare item. Apparently travelling merchants that were only recently within the town limits had the enchanted scissors and Fernando wanted them. As she approached the area, she noticed a huge crowd as the merchant in charged showed off the item she needed, the dazzling Golden Scissors. Everyone immediately began screaming, shouting bids across the marketplace floor. Rising numbers shot into the air before Fleur pushed her way to the front. She wasn't one to talk, but instead, let her blade to the talking. With both hands, she leveled the sword across his neck and eyed the scissors. That was more than enough to get her point across, because it was immediately bagged and placed in her care, in exchange for the money.

Job completed. Time to head back to Fernando. If he didn't have an award on the table, Fleur was finished helping him.

Word Count: 802

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