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Travel Woes | BASKA TO OAK TOWN [FOOT TRAVEL] Empty Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:02 am

There was not much else to be done in the town of Baska for Urion, who at this point in time was quite tiresome of the location. Its citizens were, as he could come to discover, were back of the woods and small-minded; they shared a hive mind of ideas and how they should interact with those who were foreign to the ways of Baska. Some memories were made on Urion's part that he knows will come to influence him in the foreseeable future. There was an interaction with an ancient entity that has, for loss of words, radically changed Urion's identity on much more than a physical level. His drastic appearance change was a direct result of that encounter, something he would have to discover about at another time.

Meeting Finn Mertens the famed Adventurer and taking the quest with him was a worthwhile experience, as well as having met the Vampyress named Seira. Something told Urion that he would cross paths with those two once more. Whether it would be in the near future would be up to debate. Gathering his belongings, the now red-haired Blue Pegasus mage made the journey back to Oak to handle some loose ends he decided he would tie up for good.


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