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Red Hades Cult [Quest: Odin]

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Red Hades Cult [Quest: Odin] Empty on Wed 15 Nov 2017 - 20:17

Another dark night on the prowl, as Odin once more went for a stroll through Dahlia. He always chose to do this at night time, partly for the benefit of others, but more for his own legend to grow. Seeing a skeleton walking through the streets in broad daylight when everyone was out and about would have no effect, and no one would be scared. But, if a man, woman or child opened their windows at night, and saw the ominous form of Odin walking through, his skull covered in ethereal green light, while no one else was around to save them or ease their worries. That simple act of walking had the power to instil true terror. It had nothing to do with Odin's actions, the walking, or how he did it. None of it was because of himself really, it was all in the preparation. The scenery, the barren streets of Dahlia, the emptiness of the town and the pitch black sky above, they all accumulated into the fear that every single person who looked out their windows that night would feel. And if people feared something, word of that something spread, and a legend was born.

One man didn't seem to be phased by Odin, no doubt because he was one of the few who thought of Odin as a 'beautiful creation of undeath'. That man was Adarian the Heretic, who appeared out of nowhere to stand in front of Odin, almost giving the dark mage a heart attack, if those were things that could still affect him, which he believed they weren't, not anymore at least. Regardless, it seemed the cultist didn't notice Odin's minor fright, as he got straight to the point, something that seemed to be a habit of his, as he had done the same during their previous encounter, drifting only to comment on Odin's skeletal form, and how impressive it was to see a real Lich in person.

"I have need of you once more Grimm, this time for something much more urgent than breaking open some caskets. One of my foolish cultists has gone rogue, and is threatening to report my actions, as well as the actions of the Red Hades Cult, to the church. More specifically, to that bastard bishop Santos. I need you to stop him, but I need you to do it without any chance of missing your target. Find him, and kill him on sight, before he reaches the church. But more than that: kill him out of sight of anyone else, and make sure it doesn't find its way back to me, and I want proof that you have completed your task after you kill him. Once his body is a corpse, remove his head from his shoulders and bring it back to me. That way, I will know if you have killed the right person, or if you have failed. That is the only way you can receive your payment."


Red Hades Cult [Quest: Odin] BTcteu6

Red Hades Cult [Quest: Odin] Empty on Wed 15 Nov 2017 - 22:33

Assassination was something Odin was used to. He wouldn't say he necessarily enjoyed murdering, only barbarians enjoyed taking lives, but he knew when it was necessary, or when it would benefit him, and in any of those situations he would take the life without care. Killing for pay was, perhaps fittingly, something Odin hadn't been paid for until after he had given up his life. Before that, he had been tasked with more menial things for evil people, such as delivering a shady potion from one place to another, or collecting mushrooms for something to create a shady potion. Robbery, occasional assault, things like that, Odin had grown accustomed to them. He had only actually killed once before during a mission, but he didn't count that as an assassination. During some kind of serum-induced trance, Odin and Nastasya had been beset upon by strange creatures who attacked on sight. It had turned out to be real people coming for them, but regardless of their true nature they had come at him, and as such had lost their lives.

This was something much more interesting than simple murder. Not only did Odin have to find a renegade, but he had to kill him and remove his head, something he had never actually done to a man, but something he was more than capable of, especially with his razor sharp blades. He had slit throats and stabbed people, but never severed a limb, let alone a head. It was a unique challenge, and one Odin was ready for, if he could just find his target.

No one seemed to have seen or heard hide nor hair of the man in question, as if he had disappeared into the night without warning and left town, choosing not to tell the church after all. While that may have saved his life before, it was too late for him now, and it didn't take long for Odin to find the man exit a nearby pub, looking like he hadn't touched a single drop of the liquor within. He walked at a quick pace, constantly looking behind him to see if he was being followed. It took him a few turns, after travelling down many streets, to notice that Odin was still on his tail. Not that the dark mage tried to hide what he was doing, as he caught up to the running man in seconds, as he pulled into a dark alleyway not far from the church. Despite his running, the Lich was faster, dashing towards him and cutting his legs at the tendons, stopping him from running. He begged for his life, and he lost his head, having betrayed his master. Chopping the head off proved easier than imagined, as the blades cut through the skin, muscle and bone with relative ease, allowing Odin to return to the cult leader with the head in a few minutes, receiving his reward, while Adarian commented on how resourceful Odin was.


Red Hades Cult [Quest: Odin] BTcteu6

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