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Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake]

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#1Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] Librar10

The library was a safe haven to her. Quiet and tranquil – the silence reigned supreme within the building and it necessarily wasn’t a bad thing. In fact, it was the sort of silence that she yearned for after travelling to and from between places for quests. Worn, rustic and yet warm, the exterior held itself well-aged, welcoming, yet it felt so forgotten. Cobbed webs and specks of dusts filled the corners of the library and small cracks filled the walls, indicating the old age of the structure. Beyond the books of the past coated in dust, was a young girl, her hair translucent and glistering underneath the sunlight. One word could only describe her appearance: snow. Between these shelves, within this row that held itself dimly lit, a sole spirit wandered. Her shoes scratched against the carpet, making idle taps atop the wooden floorboards, and thick silence that organized the blend of elements far too nicely for her own good.

”What book should I read?”

The ivory haired female mumbled to none other than herself, idly glossing her fingers over the dips of the rowed books, feeling the textures of their spines. After much pondering over her choice, Snowflake finally selected a book of her taste and sauntered over the counter to check it off. Her eyes grazed over the woman seated at the counter and she almost appeared lifeless, or perhaps she just loathed her job. The place was mostly empty apart from herself and the librarian, and a few elderly researching. Somehow, people these days preferred to stay inside their houses instead of observing, studying about life to better their knowledge.  



#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric walked through a small river that was cutting the hills in two like the breasts of a woman, it looked quite impressive and he liked how something as small as a river could completely change a landscape. He took his hoe again and started to plow the ground so that he could plant the seeds he had found around the forest. Since the farmers had cut down a big portion of the forest a lot of animals had died since their territory was gone and the other animals didn’t let them inside theirs. For that reason he was going to regrow this part of the forest so that the animals could expand again and a crisis could be averted. If too little of some species would get born they were in danger of going extinct inside this forest and that would be a real shame. Those animals didn’t deserve a fate like that and he hated the people who carelessly cut down trees like that with no remorse for anything else. People were so full of themselves.

After he was done with planting everything he started to pack everything up and walked back to town as he wanted to see what Snow was up too and he could use a break from the hard work. Elisa was also getting a bit tired so it’s better if they were closer to the apartment.


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#3Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

With the book held in her hands, Snowflake began to head back to their apartment. She wasn’t sure where Chelvaric was, but she assumed he would most likely be near the forest and the greenery since she knew that he loved nature. Recently, there was a sudden increase in the population of Baska; tourists and guests from all parts of the country, seeing how lively the town had become since her arrival. The streets were busy with a lively tempo as people flocked to places they were supposed to be, finding things they were supposed to do as the young woman shuffled past the swirls and eddies of people.

The weather was getting colder and colder each day, as seen by people wearing thick coats with scarfs wrapped around their shoulders. Although the cold didn’t bother her much, she tried to dress herself to adapt with the others; a trench coat overlayed on top of a short, white dress and black boots that went up to her knees. It was going to snow soon, and she couldn’t wait for that any longer. Heels clacked against the wooden floorboards of the inn and the woman seated by the counter would greet her upon her entrance. The Pegasus wizard nodded briefly to acknowledge her presence and returned a greeting.

Beneath the door to their room was an envelope, shoved through the tiny gap. Curious as to who it was delivered from, she opened the door first and bent down to retrieve the letter as she began reading it.


#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was still walking through the town as it was starting to get really busy as people were walking all around to find the places they had to go too and to do the jobs they were supposed to be doing. There was nothing wrong with being a bit hasty but some people were bumping into him and he was quite annoyed by it. They should at least be careful when they walked trough the streets, people could fall and hurt themselves badly if they couldn’t move out of the way of the other people that were rushing through. Elisa had jumped up his shoulder or she would have been stepped on as they were all walking so fast.

After a while, he would arrive at the place they were staying and he walked through the place to get to his room. He smiled to the people who were working in the inn and were busy with their daily tasks. Somewhere cleaning the floor and others were preparing tables for people to eat at. Since this place also served as a place to drink and eat. it was probably to earn a bit more money if not a lot of people were staying at the inn. You always needed to earn money of course.

Chelvaric eventually arrived at their room and he noticed that the door was slightly open. It seemed Snowflake had already arrived at the place or never left. He opened the door and saw his beautiful sweetheart standing up while she was reading a letter.

What is that letter about Snowy?


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#5Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Silvery irises scanned over the letters engraved on the yellow brittle sheet and despite how old and ruined the paper looked, it was written with precision and grace, as if the writer spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to collect the ingredients to create a cure for the violent plague. It sounded simple, yet, she knew the task wasn’t going to be easy. A few days prior, they assisted Doctor Gerard finding the culprit of spreading the plague and attempted to convince the leader of the ones responsible, Mattoro of the Cold Collier, to stop their business and needless to say, they refused to comply their request and thus, the wizards and the gang broke out into a small battle.

Seeing how Gerard delivered them a letter requesting their presence once again meant that it still wasn’t done yet. A sigh escaped her lips as she folded the paper in four and located it on the kitchen counter. It was then a familiar voice spoke behind her, asking her what the letter was about. Snowflake was so engrossed in reading the letter that she hadn’t even notice her lover enter their room. ”Oh, Doctor Gerard contacted us again. We have to go meet him for another task.” She explained and reached out for the paper and handed it over to him, allowing him to read more details of the request.



#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at Snow as she was reading the letter with such concentration that she didn’t notice him walking into the room. He smiled wondering how long it would take her to notice him. She turned around and started talking to him. It seemed the doctor needed them again. She gave him the letter and he took it from her and started reading it to see what was up with everything. The writing was this time really nice, the doctors writing wasn't hard to read and he understood it quite fast. the letter was mostly about the gang again and that he needed them to come to the hospital, he thought the gang would have stopped there activities. But it seemed the gang was still not backing down and they had to go in again to deal with them.

It seems these bandits will never stop, let’s go meet the doctor and see what he wants us to do about it. I don’t think it should be a too hard job. But let’s prepare for combat none the less since it is likely to happen again

He said to her while he gave a quick kiss on her cheek before he freshened himself up in the bathroom and went out of the door to wait for snow so they could leave the hospital. Once she was done they would start walking towards the hospital.


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#7Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

They decided that they should depart already to meet the doctor, even when they have just returned back to their room. Snowflake nodded to his suggestion of preparing for combat and knowing that, she walked over to the living room to collect her katana that she had purchased a few days ago. It wasn’t a strong weapon but it wasn’t bad either. She figured that she could familiarize herself with using a sword since she had planned to purchase a better weapon soon – or more, when she found a suitable one. She eased the katana on her back and decided not to bring her purse this time, since she figured she probably wouldn’t need it anyway as it was just mostly dealing with the bandits.

No armour or shield to protect herself, she simply left the room with a scrap of metal sword on her back and let Chelvaric lead the way towards the hospital. She’d have her arm wrapped around her lover as they walked together and from afar, they were quite the sight. While she was the epitome of feminity, the blonde man gave of a more relaxed ambience and the two stood out among the crowd with no efforts. Shortly after, they arrived at their destination, the same old place that they had visited a couple of days ago.


#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric walked with Snow through the city as he had collected everything he needed, Wich was just Elisa he had lost all his items and magic a long time ago. He really felt naked but the day where he would at least learn his magic again was nearing and he was happy about that. He felt like a helpless child when he was without any tools to fight with. They walked towards the hospital to meet up with the doctor with Snow's arm wrapped around his he felt quite comfortable. When they arrived at the E.R was filled with people that looked sick or felt sick everyone was feeling down and the hospital was overflooded. It seemed that the epidemic was spreading and the disease was getting more victims. He walked through the hospital till he was at the doctor's office and he walked in to meet with him. The doctor was sitting behind his desk in deep thought reading over some papers.

Come in and sit down, I was waiting for you. I am studying the disease of the gang so that I can make a cure, now that we know that they're not stopping. If we don’t have any medicine soon a lot of people will get hurt really badly”, he said after which he pointed to the chairs that they had to sit down for an explanation.


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#9Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Doctor Gerard had requested them to meet him at his office and thus, they headed their way towards their destination. The hospital had a stench of medicine, which she didn’t like, but decided to ignore it, but to no avail. As they entered the office, Gerard would greet them and somehow, it seemed that his situation had improved a lot from their previous encounter. Due to the failure of convincing Mattoro of the Cold Collier, the doctor had broken down into tears after their report, which left them no choice but to leave them alone. The dark circles underneath their eyes displayed the stress and anxiety yet, he managed to give them a small smile at least.

The Pegasus wizards seated on the chairs right across his office table as Gerard began explaining his plan. ”I know that everything we’ve tried to do with the Cold Colliers have failed and that’s why, I’ve come up with a solution.” The man paused and locked his fingers together in front of him. ”I’m going to creature a cure to eradicate this plague. I have everything prepared, the cure serum is ready however, I cannot find a way to replicate this cure, which is why I’ll need your help here.” And thus, Gerard began explaining about the procedure of his method to spread the cure. It was rather complicated, but if it was to save the civilians the Blue Pegasus mages would certainly have to give a hand.


#10Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
The doctor Explained what he needed to replicate and to spread the cure he distilled from the boar. It was indeed true that they couldn’t put the cure easily in the victims since they turned so aggressive when they get the disease. Which would make it impossible to make them drink the cure or inject them willingly? They probably would have to force the cure into the people. It seemed that the first item was a crystal and that a shop nearby was supposed to have it. Chelvaric nodded at the doctor and said that they would do everything they could to get everything as fast as possible so that they were prepared for the worst.

They walked out of the door and to the nearby shops as they had to find out which one had the crystal they needed to copy the serum. They walked through most of the shops but most of them didn’t know anything about the crystal till one shop owner pointed to an obscure little shop down the street that was a seller of lots of different crystals. He probably would be the one that would have a super rare and expensive crystal, so they started to walk to the shop which was located inside a basement underneath another shop which made the whole place feel really shady from the start.


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#11Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The piece of paper that she held in her hands contained the objects that they were required to obtain to replicate the cure; a magic crystal, aerosol and the sample from the water source of Baska. She edged the note into the pocket of her pants as the couple exited the hospital with the priority of retrieving the objects in mind. The first one on the list was the magic crystal and being the clueless mages who were still not used to the roads in Baska, had to ask around the people in the market to direct them to the shop that sold magic crystals. It was located in some kind of basement and one would immediately notice that it was a black market. Nonetheless, they were here to accomplish the task, so whether or not the item was legal, it was none of her business.

Upon entering the store, the Pegasus mages were greeted by the owner, who began explaining about the crystals and what not. Snowflake pointed at the particular crystal that she wanted and asked, ”How much is this one?”

”Oh, you certainly do have an eye for crystals, m’lady. It costs 1 million jewels as it’s a rather special and uncommon magic crystal.”

Quite a hefty price for a piece of crystal, she thought.

Thinking that she might not need to purchase anything, the young woman didn’t bring her purse and neither did she expected Chelvaric to be. She quickly glanced over at her lover to see what he had in mind.


#12Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
They walked down the stairs towards the shady shop that was definitely a black market shop. Since it was so hidden and not a lot of people seemed to know where the shop was as it took a while before they had found someone who knew the way to the place. When they walked inside the shop it was quite clear he wasn’t doing anything legally as everything was stalled out on small tabled with glass boxes over it but nothing named or no price tags were placed anywhere near the crystals. He could ask any price he wanted and you wouldn’t know if he was giving a higher price then he normally asked of someone else.

When Snow saw the crystal that they needed, she quickly asked the man how expensive it was. The salesmen were quite pleased that she was asking about it and he quickly explained how rare and special it was and that it cost a million which wouldn’t be affordable for the doctor. So they had to find another way to get the crystal from the scamming salesperson. Snow was beckoning to him to do something and he quickly thought of a getaway out of the shop for now but in a way that wouldn’t be suspicious.

For such a hefty price well have to consult our bankers first. Well, be back soon. Can you reserve the crystal to us for a few hours till we're back?

The man nodded but also replied that if a better offer would come he would sell it to the other person. Chelvaric nodded that was okay as he doubted that anyone would buy it soon. They left the shop and walked to the back side of the building. As he wanted to think of a plan with Snowy.

We have to find a way to steal that crystal without him knowing about it. Do you have any ideas Snowy?”, he asked of her.


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé

The two excused themselves from the shop and decided to discuss what they should do. For such a piece of crystal, it was way too expensive for them – not to mention, there was no jewels on her as well. Snowflake rubbed her chin in contemplation until her eyes involuntarily wandered and settled over the crystals growing over the back of the shop. ”Look at that,” suggested the white haired female and pointed at the sight. ”Aren’t those the same crystals that we just saw inside the shop?” She walked over to see a closer look and undoubtedly, it was the exact crystal that they saw just a few minutes earlier. It was just then a brilliant idea came to her mind.

”We don’t need to steal the one in the shop anymore. Let’s just take that. For free.”

All they had to do was to make sure the shopkeeper wouldn’t notice while they take away the crystal. Despite how the man stated that it was uncommon, the crystals were scattered all over the ground in his backyard. Perhaps he was growing them, she thought. Whatever the reason was, she glanced around the area to make sure nobody was within the sight and quickly plucked out the crystal and shoved it into a bag. Being a guild master, this would be such an unruly sight if people who were aware of her title had accidently seen her in this situation. But, it was for the quest, right?


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at Snowflake as he wanted to speak about how they would continue the job till she suddenly pointed out that there were lots of crystals growing around them. He wondered if they could use this somehow in their attempt to steal the crystal. He could feel no magical energy from these so they were probably plain crystals that happened to look the same way as the real one. Snow seemed to be confused about it as she took one and said they were done.

No Snowy, these aren’t powered like the other one. But we can swap the real one with this one the man will never know the truth. Let’s go back in the shop ill talk to the man and make the deal while you swap the crystals behind his back?

He said to her and they would leave the shop again. They entered the place and the man came rushing to them asking if they had made a decision. Chelvaric answered that they had but that he wanted to see some other goods in the back of the shop. The man smiled happily that he was doing such a good business and he was happy to show him around while Snow was staying behind unattended in the store.


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé

”Oh, I see.” She answered, still mildly bewildered about the crystals. They appeared the exact same as the ones in the shop but apparently, they don’t share the same abilities. Whatever it was, Snowflake simply nodded to her lover’s suggestion as they went back inside the shop. She pretended to be busy, looking around the area while Chelvaric took him to the further back of the shop and it was when she took out the fake crystals from the back yard in her bag and replaced it with the expensive ones. Snowflake never liked stealing nor lying to people and this made her feel horrible but, the deed was done, at the very least.

Once done, she waited outside of the shop for Chelvaric to wrap up all the things and began to set out to search for the next object. She edged for the piece of paper in her pocket and read it out aloud, ”Aerosol.”

”I think we can find it easily in the general store.”

And so, the two proceeded towards the general store, which was only a couple of meters away from their distance. The store was inside a little hut, quite old and antique but it reminded her of history. She pushed the curtains open at the entrance as she entered and her eyes drifted towards the shopkeeper who was sitting by the counter. There was something very strange about him.


#16Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Once he saw that Snowflake had replaced the crystals he quickly found an excuse to leave and left the man behind promising to come back with a huge amount of jewels. He felt a bit bad for the guy since he wouldn’t see any money for a long time. But alas bad guys will never get what they want in the end. He walked together with Snowy as she was reading the next item on the list which was a normal aerosol. It shouldn’t be too hard to get an item that common from the general store he thought too himself. They walked to the store which was surprisingly quite close to the place they were leaving from.

When they came inside there was no one around but the shopkeeper. So they wouldn’t have to wait in a line to buy the product then. Chelvaric nodded to the shop owner but he didn’t give any reaction back. When they walked closer to ask the man for aerosol he suddenly looked at them intensely before he jumped up and ran at them.

Damn he is infected let's grab the aerosol and get out of here before we hurt him or he hurts us!

Chelvaric shouted to snow as he was dodging the man around. He grabbed the can of aerosol and jumped outside of the shop in time before the man could do anything. “few, that was close. Whats the next thing on the list?”, he asked of Snow.


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#17Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The shopkeeper began acting very strange and looked almost possessed, albeit, Chelvaric reacted in no time, claiming that the man was infected by the plague and rushed inside to get the aerosol. Without even paying for the object, the mages sprinted outside after grabbing the cans and a sigh of relief passed her lips. The disease was getting worse day after day and who knows when the entire town will eventually look like zombies, though she wished that wouldn’t happen. ”The next one is the sample,” she read out loud as they began walking towards their next destination. ”It’s the water source of Baska, and we need to use a bit of our mana to activate the medicine afterwards.” The female explained and quickly slipped her fingers into Chelvaric’s hand.

It was almost a necessity for her, a habit that she had had grown to like whenever they were walking together. She loved having her lover’s big hands around hers, it was as if some sort of security that was provided and the presence of having him beside her always comforted her. Their journey towards the water source was slightly longer than the others, since it was located near the outskirts of the town and as they approached closer, she could hear the loud gushing of water, indicating that river was nearby.


#18Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was happy that they got the aerosol without getting hurt or having to hurt the shop keeper as it wasn’t his fault that he was acting aggressively it was the disease that was messing with his mind. He felt bad for the guy, he probably wouldn’t make any money now for a while or could even get into jail if he attacked a customer. Random people were always the victims of the bad guys. They just want to live a normal life but some stupid person had to go and mess there lives up. he was so angry about it but he suddenly felt a soothing warmth going over him when Snowy slid her hand in his. He looked at her and smiled softly. Whenever she was holding him he felt calm and peaceful. Her beautiful face so close to his was making it even better than it already was.

It seemed the next ingredient was the water source itself. They had to walk for a while but would soon arrive at the river as it was quite easy to find. The river was quite wild and made a lot of sounds throughout the forest making it a guiding light to the place. When they arrived at the river he let go of Snow’s hand for a second and scooped up the water with a vial after which he started to guide his mana into the water. It seemed like a sponge because it absorbed lots of his mana and he started to feel dizzy. After a couple of minutes, the water was glowing and it seemed to be ready.


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé

Upon their arrival at the river, Snowflake glanced around the area to see if anyone – particularly the gang was here to interrupt them from their task. Once assured, she confirmed herself that they wouldn’t have to sneak around for the water sample, otherwise they would be chased by the gang’s large numbers again. Just when she was about to get into the task, Chelvaric had already collected the sample in a small beaker as she watched him somewhat poured his mana into the small bottle, infusing with the liquid inside. The action caused the liquid to shimmer and convert into a fluorescent blue colour.

Her eyes glided over to Chelvaric and he seemed slightly paler than usual. ”Are you alright?” She rested a gentle hand on his arm, her voice soft and quiet. Perhaps it was due to the water that absorbed his mana. While waiting for his response, she reached into her pocket to retrieve the paper and it seemed that this was the last task on the list and the cure was the liquid in the vial. Since there was nothing left to do, Snowflake suggested that they should return to Gerard to hand over the objects. ”Shall we return to Gerard?” With that, they continued their monotonous journey over the woodland until they arrived at the hospital.


{ EXIT }

#20Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Snowy laid a hand on his arm and asked if he was okay. He sighed and took a deep breath to regain his posture. “yeah it’s okay, I am a bit exhausted from putting so much mana into this water. But ill be fine don’t worry Snowy”, he said t her and they both started to leave to the hospital as they were finished with the job.

When they arrived at the hospital he felt a lot better already and he seemed to regain some of his mana back. They gave all the items to Gerard and he thanked them for the quick retrieval of them. he asked them to follow him into his lab so they could make the powder. Chelvaric took the crystal and crushed it in a mortar and pestle before he mixed it with the water and the aerosol. After mixing it for a while the potion turned out to be purple and very bubbly but at least it was finished. Gerard took some of the potions in his sprayer and went to the patient to spray the substance into its face so that they would know if the potion worked or not. But not much later the man was cured of his disease and asked where he was. Gerard thanked them for the help and paid them before they left Chelvaric informed the doctor of the general shopkeeper so that he could be cured as well.


Miracle Cure [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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