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#1Bianca Fleur 

Drown Empty on Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:29 pm

Bianca Fleur

A piece of paper slipped from the grasp her hands while her mind remained trapped in the painful strokes of handwriting on the sheet that now sat on the edge of her bed. Staring at the empty space in front of her while her mind attempted to decipher these words, the vampyre croaked a single word - his name. Her world was falling apart...and all that she could think of were the onyx eyes that captured her heart. How could it end this way? Why did it have to end this way? Her tear ducts exploded and a burst of pathetic sobs echoed through her room.

Escaping the confines of the house, the vampyre ran. She ran as far as she could from town, carrying the weapon that he left for her...to protect herself while he was ‘away’. The darkness of night clung to her like a moth clung to light, never detaching. Bewildered, she stopped, the darkness halting with her, until dread filled her, and understanding dawned. She crumbled to the ground, the murkiness draining her whole. Because no matter how much she ran, she couldn’t escape from the sadness she was drowning in. She looked up to the half moon, her stony eyes moist with pain. At this point, it felt as if nothing could fix the crumbling foundations lying within her fragmented mind. Her fingers ran over the cold metal of the revolver in choked desolation, as the clock did nothing but tick.

A tight ball of coarse rope wraps around her mind, coiling together mercilessly and it tugs at her conscience, yanking at the threads of hope and strumming them in a tune of misery. The rope tightens, forcing her doubts and apprehensions to fold in on one another until everything crashes down, once again. Everything is tumbling, and she scrambles to find where they land, hidden in the depths of her mind until she falls into an abyss of undecipherable objects where she joins them, in an endless serenade of disintegration.

- - -

She spilled the contents of a bright-pink capsule over her tongue, allowing the drug to melt into her system, and take her to another dimension, where she soared freely, before she crashed catastrophically. Because with it she was sane, in a world full of hysteria; it was her flight to euphoria. Perplexedly, she stumbles through a passage of life, while she constantly ponders over what life is. All she seemed to perceive were spectrums of trances from monochromatic deficits. Because like many fallen souls, she’s searching for an antidote to cure her unconquerable addiction for hallucinations, the answer to her sorrows and anxieties.

As the hallucinations disappear, and the illusion of a merry world shatters before her tired eyes, she carries her lifeless form into the bathroom, peeling away the clothes that clung to it. Plunging into the tub filled with ice, she let the ice cold water swallow her whole to heal her aching body. But will it relieve the aching that she was feeling in her heart?

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