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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Fiammetta]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Fiammetta] Empty Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:04 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Maybe Baska wasn’t so bad, Fia thought to herself as she strolled down its streets close to noon. There confidence in her gait, the slightest spring in her step and her usual thuggish expression of bared teeth was replaced by a grin so cocky you could practically hear her chuckling.

Though, of course, if anyone was to point just how happy she looked, she’d immediately deny it, complete with red face and steaming ears. And if they asked why she was so happy, she’d just knock them out then and there, even when the answer was only 4 syllables.

And it was thanks to that black-haired reason that she was feeling so lucky that day. Lucky enough that she even bothered to check out the local request board. She’d avoided it up until now, deeming the odd jobs insufficient for the funds she was looking for, and that was even if anyone would be willing to hire a delinquent like her.

But now, in her high-spirits, she figured ‘Why the hell not try?’. Sure, whatever the reward was it likely wouldn’t be enough to keep the orphanage running, but chances were at least one of the tasks would pay enough to buy them something nice.

Wide hazel eyes scanned over the board as she approached it, brows furrowed as she tried to decide what job to take. Truth be told, she really had no idea what she was looking for. Only one flier really caught her eye, and that was just because it was offensively bright and pink. Figuring it was as good a choice as any, Fia snatched it off the board, reading it over. Apparently it was from some guy who owned a clothing shop. Yeah, that sounded alright. Likely had cash, jobs probably weren’t too hard.

”Alright Fern, let’s see what the hell you want…”

With somewhat shaky confidence, Fia set off toward the boutique. She made her way through streets that had, after a lot of wandering, become somewhat familiar to her, meaning it didn’t take too long before she was outside a eccentric-looking shop.

Fia furrowed a brow, realizing she might have gotten ahead of herself. Fashion wasn’t her thing, so she instantly had her doubts about how well she’d get along with this fashionista…

Putting on her thuggish mask to avoid giving off the impression she was there because she wanted to help, Fia barged into the store, eyes instantly assaulted by an array of eccentric fabrics and costumes. And at the centre of the establishment, a flamboyant man stroked his chin, staring intently at a work-in-progress hung up in front of him.

”Oi!” Fia exclaimed, grabbing the man’s attention.

”You the one who put this up? I’m yer handyman, if you got the reward.”

Fernando glanced over to her, his eyes wide with curiosity. ”Oh… Sukeban-style, I see. My my, how very wild~”

”…Huh?” Fia uttered, confused about the sudden change of topic to fashion, glancing down at her jacket, loose pants and bandaged chest that made up the style Fernando referred to.

”A wild one might be just what I need! Oh darling you will do just fine!” Fernando announced gleefully, putting down his tools and darting over to Fia.

”Uh, yeah, sure. Whatever. So, whaddya want?” Fia groaned a bit confusedly, unsure how to handle the overbearingly social man.

”Materials! The rarest and finest!” The fashionista declared with great seeping gestures, before pointing to Fia. ”And you, my wild darling, will be the one to buy them for me!”

”… I’m gonna what now?”

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#2Fiammetta Barone 

Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Fiammetta] Empty Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:23 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

She was gonna be buying fabrics, apparently. Fia had entered not knowing what it was the fashionista wanted from her, but she certainly hadn’t expected it to be a task as menial as crossing things off his shopping list. A rather lavish shopping list, judging by the examples Fernando had shown her before she set off. The flamboyant man’s collection of fabrics was extensive, to say the least. There were fabrics Fia – having grown up poor as she did – had never even seen before, aside from maybe in some of Baldo’s old suits.

With preparations all in order, Fernando wished her good luck as Fia exited the store with a pretty hefty purse. She did, for only a moment, consider running off with it… But honestly, the attention of Baska’s guards was probably the last thing she needed.

And so, the girl who was mostly clueless in the world of fashion set out on her shopping spree, hoping to God she actually managed to fulfil the needs of the task. Then again, it could’ve been worse. After having to become a fill-in surgeon for one task, this was a cakewalk. Or, so she thought.

First were the local stores, which were easy enough to get through. Fia stuck religiously to Fernando’s examples, awkwardly pointing them out inside before buying them with some of the money she’d been given. She’d walk out of several stores, with more and more fabric tucked into her jacket with each store.

After the stores was the flea market. Now that was a whole different story. It was utter chaos, with Fia having to barge her way through other buyers just to get the stalls that might have what she wanted. In all the madness, all she could do was grab up the fanciest things she could find while throwing money in the way of whatever street vendor she was purchasing them from. Once she was out of that hellish crowd, the girl was practically drowning in all manner of expensive fabrics and materials, leaving her looking like a freakish technicolour monstrosity.

Last but not least, the travelling merchants. That part Fia was actually familiar with. Her orphanage, being out of the way of most bigger towns, had relied on the peripatetic salesmen for many of its commodities, including fabrics for clothing. Though, the luxurious materials Fia purchased with Fernando’s money was many times more expensive than anything she and the other orphans wore. Baldo might have brought in a lot of money back in the day, but his taste was nowhere near as expensive as Fernando’s.

All in all, the day’s task wasn’t much of a hassle. Yeah, Fia’s angry bartering made many of her visits a bit awkward, and lugging around all the fabrics got annoying, but it was still a helluva lot easier than heart surgery.
”Someone order a shit-ton of fabrics!?” Fia announced heartily as she re-entered the boutique, proud of the work she’d done so cleanly and efficiently.

”Ah, my wild darling! Please, just drop them over there~ Oh, yes these will certainly do! Here darling, a purse for your troubles~”

Without saying either ‘thanks’ or ‘you’re welcome’ (she never did), Fia accepted the day’s reward and left a bit richer than when she’d entered. Like she’d thought, it was enough to buy something nice for the kids. Maybe some new clothes would be a good idea…

Though certainly nothing from Fernando’s eccentric extravaganza…

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