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Liquid Time (鬼)

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

Liquid Time  (鬼)  Empty Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:46 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


The better half of the day was lost. The sun had begun to descend upon the earth, but Chi didn't pay it any mind. She had sat in her booth all alone, her only company being empty glasses, assorted scrolls, and an ebony case inscribed in jade.

The bartenders came to her table every fifteen minutes or so, leaving the empty glasses alone, only to place water and other various other snacks and such.

Chi had been there, researching, finding her answers. She reached out to her own ancestry, her findings. The voice in her head nearly silenced, reduced to nothing more than a few hums and grunts as Chi read over texts about Sin, as well as some of the oddities in Fiore. She would take another drink, almost wondering how much she gave the establishment when she came in. She handed them money and took her seat with no request other than for them to provide her drinks and small meals from time to time, removing only plates, and to serve her without conversation.

Liquid Time  (鬼)  2q9hwk10

She lingered on samurai culture, something that seemed to be related to her heritage, but in Fiore, was drastically different.

"Jeonsa. We are no instruments of war." She folded the three books she had and rolled out a single scroll and various notes and papers she took the other day. "Our Gagha is different than Honor." She read over the samurai suicides and other acts of battle. It was dishonorable to end your own life. To die by your hand is to condemn yourself. How could these warriors do such a thing?

She sighed, taking another shot glass of alcohol. It wasn't making any sense to her anymore.

"Perhaps only in Death, will your answers be found."

"Death is temporary." Chi spoke, answering the voice in her mind. "You're proof enough."

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