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Drinking and being drunk.

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Drinking and being drunk. Empty Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:32 pm

Oh Victor was drunk alright. One of his arms was laying flat over one of the taverns tables and his other arm was folded so that Victor could use it as a pillow. He snored loudly but then all of a sudden he started falling backwards and since he did not want to ruin his really adidas tracksuit and track pants he would have to wake up. And so he did because what if not adidas tracksuit wakes you up in the middle of having a nice sleep and falling backwards. No. Nothing wakes you up in that moment but Victor did and he grabbed onto the table. Well more like he smashed his head into it.

He was so incredibly drunk actually that most of the tavern did not even look like a tavern. It looked like a place from the fables of old. There were giants and elves and... oh actually it was reality. Well that wasn't so unexpected but it sure as hell was kind of weird. His head was in shambles. He couldnt really think. He did however know how to order alcohol and so he made his way over to the bar. "Hey... bartender... get me a glass of vodka." He said and all the while had some serious hiccups.

Did he get his glass of vodka though? Yeah he did because Oak was a city where scum lived. Well of course they were all different levels of scum. It was like a pyramid. You had the phantasms and the phantom lord guild whom were like the top of the food chain scumbags. Then there was The mafia leaders and their goons and on the absolute lowest levels you had scum like Victor. He was something of a drunkard and a alcoholic. But he liked excitement and right now in his life there was not really anything he had been doing that was exciting enough. Except for drinking which was all he really had been doing for the bigger part of a year or so.

Gamble, drink and sleep. Yeah those had been his daily occupations for a long time. He had of course also robbed the bar car of a train recently which he wasnt really proud about but at the same time he did not really care. It wasn't his fault that the trains werent guarded and it sure as hell was not his fault that he wanted some vodka in that particular moment in time. He actually couldnt do much else than sit on his ass and drink. He did not have the gear or maps to go on some spectacular treasure hunt and he did not have enough friends to go around fighting all the time. He also had not been bothered to fight in any of the recent guild wars but of course that was because of the fact that he did not really have some super feeling that he wanted to travel and go fight in someone elses wars.

He left the pub. Almost falling of his feet as he made his way out into the cold.


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