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Surgery [Quest: Feira]

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Quest Details:


Quest: Surgery

Rank: D

Type: Good


  • Medicare completed

Gerard: A doctor in Baska who is having a tough time taking care of all his patients. The recent influx of patients is the work of the Cold Colliers according to Gerard. He believes that they've poisoned the river for starters. Gerard feels bad for what happened to Mattoro since he tried to rescue some of his friends and saw what the frostbite did to them, but can not accept innocent townsfolk getting caught up in it.

Summary: All of Gerard's assistants have either gone home ill or are too busy with patients of their own to assist him, and he is about to perform a very technical surgery on a patient that he can't do alone. Because of how helpful you were previously, the good doctor has called upon you to aid him in this procedure, despite your lack of training.

Enemies: None

Objective: Help Gerard complete the surgery and ensure it's a success.

Extra Rewards:

    Intelligence +1


  • Create a topic in Baska Town.
  • You will hear of a commotion happening in the hospital where you met and helped Gerard previously.
  • Upon arriving, you will see Gerard frantically running around, trying to help people that ask while also looking for someone to help him.
  • Once he spots you, he will run over, having recognised you from the previous quest, and state that he needs your help, whereby he will explain the details.
  • He will explain that he needs you to assist him in a very important heart transplant.
  • He will take you into the operating theatre, and once you put on the necessary garments (which Gerard will provide) you can begin.
  • Throughout the procedure, Gerard will mostly require you to fetch certain utensils and clean already used ones so that he can do his part with relative ease.
  • However, towards the end of the procedure, Gerard will cut himself and begin to bleed, requiring you to remove the patient's diseased heart, as well as insert the new, healthy heart, and stitch the body back up.
  • Once this is completed, Gerard will pay you for your help, and comment on your natural ability to work under pressure. As you leave the hospital, you will hear Gerard think aloud as to what could be causing this epidemic.

Finn and Seira were still in Baska Town; no plans in regards to traveling to another, potentially larger city had been made yet and even though the vampiress was growing more and more tired of the merchant village by the day, she’d also come to terms with the idea of staying longer if that was what Finn wanted. Seira’s environment — the one she’d grown up in and was used to — was much different from Finn’s and after he’d told her about his origin she couldn’t help but think that perhaps he preferred smaller places, such as Baska. Seira hadn’t directly asked him yet, but that was something for another day and another time anyways — she would be patient.

Today was a slow day, they hadn’t done much besides talking and visiting a few stores here and there; Seira very much preferred private places over public ones and she wouldn’t mind staying in their little hotel room for another two weeks for as long as Finn was with her, especially since he was usually awake during daytime and the vampire didn’t want him to change his sleeping schedule which had eventually led to her changing her own — for him. Summer was over now however and when the weather was cold and gloomy and the sky was filled with clouds, she no longer felt as though she didn’t want to leave the house.

Right now the vampire was outside by herself — Finn was taking a bath and rather than sneaking in on him (like she usually did), the woman had left their chambers to purchase some of the pastries she’d seen in a store nearby their hotel a day or two ago. Seira was fond of sweet things and all of these looked absolutely delicious. She ended up buying more than two people could ever possibly eat and just as she was about to leave the store and return home, she overheard an interesting conversation. Later back at the hotel, Seira had made some tea for herself and her boyfriend, proudly presenting him the ridiculous amount of donuts, cupcakes, pie and cinnamon rolls she’d retrieved on her journey to the outside world.

”There’s supposedly a commotion happening at the hospital we were at yesterday. For all we know they are still completely understaffed. Would you like to check it out after we are done eating, to see if we can help out?”

Seira Navillera, in all her kindheartedness and compassion, would never put anything before tea time with her boyfriend — not even the ill patients of a hospital or the good citizens of Baska Town.


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Tenshi †
Finn had exited the bath, looking in the steamed mirror of their shared apartment and inspecting his face. Jake had always told him that as he got older he would begin to grow facial hair, and yet how could he have expected this? It grew it slow, but full. He could usually go a couple of days without shaving show no signs of growth, but once it began it was obvious. He was lucky that today was a day of safety in which his face was still smooth, but he yearned for the days in which shaving was just an idea of the future.

As he exited the bathroom in his towel, looking for clothes that he had forgotten to bring in with him, he thought more about the town in which he and Seira currently resided. It was small, not much to do and not much to see. The excitement of the forest had driven him to desire larger cities, places with requests or action to keep him preoccupied. He was mentally ready to move at any given time, and yet he had not brought it up. After hearing of Seira's past, he imagined she would prefer smaller, more relaxed towns. Her extravagance could be moved quite easily with the right income, and although he had not yet brought himself to ask, neither the time nor the place had presented itself.

As she entered the hotel, bringing with her a sweetness he had been looking forward to as well as pastries, he closed the distance and showered her with affection. As she prepared tea and set out the treats she had bought, Finn making sure to help set the table so she could join him quicker, she brought up what she had heard about the hospital. Without needing time to think, finishing off the tea he had been sipping on, Finn stood. "Yeah, of course. Lets go see if we can help." Cleaning the table for her so she could get ready, Finn would meet her by the door and take her hand. With that, he would lead the way towards the hospital.

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Finn was always so quick to agree to quests and little jobs; Seira adored his zest for action, but at the same time it gave her a lot to think about. She found herself wondering how often Finn did work that was (technically) meant for mages and more often than not his lack of magic was cause for a lot of concerned thoughts. When he stood up and helped her clean the desk, Seira’s eyes would follow her human lover up until he took her hand and led her outside. “Do you know where you would like to go after we are done here in Baska?” The hospital wasn’t too far away, so Seira decided to fill up the time until they arrived with a little bit of small talk.

Once they arrived at the hospital they finally saw how crowded and filled it really was — dozens of nurses were running and stumbling around, children were screaming and frustrated parents were looking for doctors (which were nowhere to be found, apparently) and all in all it was a huge mess. “I’m not quite sure how exactly we can help here—” she began, but was interrupted when she suddenly felt a large hand on her shoulder. Seira turned around and stared at Doctor Gerard. “I remember you two,” he began and Seira took a few steps backwards, obviously caught off guard by his sudden approach. “I need your help with a heart transplant, follow me immediately,” instead of moving, the girl turned towards Finn and shook her head in disbelief.

“We can’t do that, can we?”


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Tenshi †
"I haven't really thought of it too much," he started, finger and thumb reaching up to his chin as if helping to better concentrate his thoughts. "To be honest it doesn't really matter, as long as we're together. Maybe Orchidia?" The place was the first one that popped into his mind, only in part due to the mixed private baths. His hand squeezed her own, glancing at her with a smile. He was enamored, completely won over by her without any magic involved. "If you have anywhere you have to be, or want to go, I'll follow you."

Before long they found themselves at the hospital, and if anything it seemed more busy than it had been the day before. As she began to point out that they may be unable to participate, the doctor ran over. He seemed to think otherwise, though a heart transplant seemed a bit much. As she questioned whether or not they could even do it, Finn shrugged. "I probably can't, but my baby here can!" Squeezing her hand, he leaned over to whisper. "But I'll help anyways."

As they made their way into the surgery room, they were forced to wash their hands repeatedly. Finn more than Seira, as he couldn't seem to understand that once he was done washing his hands he could not continue to try and touch things. Once he finally stopped (two tries), he finally put on the clothes they brought in for surgery over his, as well as the gloves and the face mask. Looking to his lover, he flashed her two thumbs up. "I'm a doctor now!" He was obviously joking, but the pride in his voice wasn't something he could hide.

It seemed the doctor only needed help fetching tools, which was for the best. While Finn did not know the tools by name, he was quick to find them by description. Though he was not book smart he certainly wasn't stupid. Anything that happened today he'd be more than capable of helping with! That was his thought process until near the end that is, when the doctor cut himself on one of the tools in his tired and rushed state. He immediately yelled that he needed one of them to finish the surgery, to which Finn turned his attention to Seira. "Do you think you can do this?" He asked out of lack of self confidence, something that she might have even heard in his voice. If there was one thing he learned from the doctors annoyed voice while describing tools, it was that he was not as smart as he probably should have been. She, however, was most definitely smarter than him. He knew she could do it no problem.

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Excuse me?

Seira’s helpless gaze was lost on Finn — rather than finding a clever way to maneuver them out of the complicated situation she’d unintentionally led them into, her beloved human only proceeded to dig an even deeper hole. Finn squeezed Seira’s hand; the vampiress still stared with her round eyes wide open, her lips cracked a halfhearted smile. “Finn, I don’t think you understand—” he didn’t listen (silly Finn!) and instead she was dragged along across the entire hospital and into the surgery room. There, the human seemed to have a difficult time understanding that you washed your hands in order to keep them clean and when he kept touching everything and anything over and over again, the woman eventually grew tired of his childish behavior and slapped his hands away which finally led him to stop.

Unfortunately Finn’s enthusiasm about the entire situation didn’t seem to fade one bit (not even after she was forced to scold him) and the vampire didn’t find a single moment in which she was able to express her concerns to him. She wasn’t necessary hungry — she wasn’t completely full either, however and if someone presented you your favourite meal on a silver platter, you couldn’t exactly say no, could you? Seira had never been more grateful for a facemask and as the surgery continued, she gladly left most of the work to Finn. She did a decent enough job at hiding behind her boyfriend, quietly avoiding all the blood and all that, but when he eventually turned around and asked her for something, she merely shook her head — the look in her eyes now more helpless than ever.

Luckily for both of them, Seira wasn’t a quitter and she eventually got over herself and stitched the body back up, thereby completing the surgery. They were both paid and eventually allowed to leave the hospital again; although only briefly, Seira could hear the doctor talking about some sort of epidemic which was perhaps the cause of this all. Turning towards Finn as they walked home, she gave his sleeve a gentle tug and leaned her head against his shoulder.

”Orchidia sounds nice.”


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