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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Liana]

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Now that she didn't have a little pervy Esperia clinging onto her, it was finally time to go outside and take care of more business. This time, the girl decided to, once more, take a task from the local request board in Baska. This time, it wouldn't be for the hospital. After all, there didn't appear to be any from there once Liana made her way to the board.

The young Sylvaine would end up spotting the right one for her. Most of them appeared to be dangerous and required combat skill or any other sort of complicated skills. Therefore, the girl decided to take the easiest one she could find, a request from a fashion designer named 'Fernando'. Carefully, Liana would take away the bright, pink flier signed by the man himself, saving it somewhere in her garments and beginning to make her way to the stated address.

It wouldn't take long for her to reach the desired destination, calmly making her way inside the male's boutique. She immediately took notice of him, apparently helping out a fellow client. And then, the moment he was done, he had noticed Liana, kindly smiling in her direction and closing the gap with light steps.

"Oh, how can I help you, young miss?"

Liana blinks. This one didn't realize it instantly just like the doctor. But then again, she didn't have the flier out, taking it away from her pockets and lifting it up for the designer to see. "Ah, here. I came to respond to your request." She stated, which made his eyes widen as he quickly made his way over to his counter, signaling for her to follow.

"Oh, oh! Come, come!"

From somewhere in his counter, he'd take out what appeared to be a few rolls of fabric before setting his gaze back on her, both his hands holding each of the fabrics dearly. "What's your name, miss?" He asks. "I'm Liana." The girl responds with the usual warm smile, before he added, now looking down at what he had taken out beforehand.

"Alright, Liana. Here's what I need you to do." He says, now starting to slowly point at each and every roll of fabric. "These are the best examples I have of the fabrics that I need you to get for me. Take a good look at them and memorize."

The young Sylvaine would do as asked, attempting to memorize each of the fabrics before she nodded at the end, looking back up at the man. "I did it." She admits, which he smiled delightfully at, saving the fabrics back somewhere on the counter.

"Now, I'm going to give you a nice sum of jewels for you to go out there and buy those fabrics that I need. Are you ready?"

A confident nod from her is enough for Fernando to do just as he said he would, taking out a considerable amount of jewels and handing it over to Liana herself. She took them, saved them in her pockets and then would proceed to slowly turn on her heels, facing the door.

"I'll get them for you then, mister Fernando. Don't you worry."

And with that said, the girl finally makes her way to the exit, opening the doors and starting her long search. At least she knew it was going to be a long one, since they appeared to be rare fabrics. Either way, the next destination was easy. Local stores or the flea market, she pondered where she'd go next.
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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Liana] Empty Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:45 pm

It didn't take her long to think where to go next. The flea market, for her, didn't sound like it had the best fabrics she could find. The local stores did sound much richer, much more organized and probably with even more items to choose from. Though, the girl couldn't allow herself to forget about the designs of what Fernando showed her. She had to keep them in her mind or, the moment she gets to actually search for them, she will forget about everything.

"Okay... Let's see here."

Liana proceeds to make her way inside the nearest local store, obviously one which sold clothing and in that case, fabrics to make them. The late teenager walked over to the counter, where she greeted the vendor with her typical kind smile.

"Good day, sir!"

After receiving a similar answer from the man, the girl would proceed to explain what she truly desired. Thankfully, she didn't forget much about it and the vendor didn't appear confused or skeptical about what she was talking about. Matter of fact, he left his counter, signaling for her to follow, which she did.

The spot he led her to had a lot of fabrics to choose from. He took some time finding the ones she wanted, but at the end, he took them out and showed them to Liana. "Oh, there they are!" She states, smiling a bit wider at the success. It wasn't truly all of them, though at least more than half had to be. The only fabrics left were really few.

Gladly, she didn't need to bargain much to buy the ones she had gathered in such a store. Once she did, the young Sylvaine would walk out and search for more stores, meanwhile also being attentive to any traveling merchants if she saw any while passing by the flea market.

That's when she eventually found a different store, one a bit busier, since the only vendor wasn't on his counter and instead helping another customer. Instead of going to him for help, Liana decided to take this time while he was busy to look around the available fabrics, searching for any similar or equal to those Fernando asked.

"Hm... This store is much bigger..."

And due to that, she knew that it was going to be a much harder task and it would take her longer to find what she needed. Then again, there wasn't truly a time limit, but it's not like she's going to stay in the same store for thirty minutes or even an hour. Fernando also has a life.

Finally, she was able to find the remaining fabrics, not needing to bargain much to buy them before stepping out and making her way to Fernando's boutique.

Once she got there, she handed a sack with the necessary fabrics, all of them unharmed and perfect. In return, she got her reward, and happily so, she walked out and went her own way. Another request completed!
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