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Medicare [Quest: Fiammetta]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

Medicare [Quest: Fiammetta] Empty Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:07 am

Fiammetta Barone
It occurred to Fiammetta, as she shambled down some dirty alleyway not long after the break of dawn, that her incarcerated father would be immensely disappointed in her. Baldo Barone has also given his best effort to raise Fia to be a proud protector and warrior, the kind of person who’d be an ideal role model for all the other little scamps when he wasn’t around. So, definitely not also the kind of person who stumbled through grimy streets in a dusty and torn apparel with a drinking-competition induced hangover. At least she could cross that off the list of possible ways to get money. The bet she’d made had seemed like a good idea for the first few, up until she passed out had to have the upstanding and experienced bartender keep her safe for the night. Turned out the drinks she’d shared with her father hadn’t been as strong as she’d thought.

Time passed and the morning began to truly make its entrance, with the normally gentle and welcome sunlight only worsening Fia’s headache as she meandered down already busy streets, eyes squinting at the solar assault. She would’ve killed for a pair of sunglasses right about then. Maybe that murderous intent was more evident than she’d initially figured, as Fia noticed several of the townspeople making a conscious effort avoid her chaotic trajectory. Sure, she wasn’t’ the friendliest looking person, but they were still being a bit dramatic, right? Were they really that scared of young, ill-looking thuggish young woman? Putting the mystery aside, Fiammetta just groaned at them, as she was more than used to the premature judgement of others.

One man, however, seemed to have the opposite reaction. Fia barely noticed the sagely figure with horrendous facial hair approach her, not until she was face to face with his concerned expression. ”Ah, you must come with me! Right now!” He said hurriedly, already looking over the girl frantically.

”…Huh?” Fia growled at the creepy old guy, only because she was too tired to yell.

”The infection! You’re showing signs, you must get examined, right away!” The man, apparently, a doctor was quick to explain. Fia furrowed a brow, not really in the mood for a check up. Then again, she figured that such a thing might also mean some time indoors, and maybe something for her head…

”Yeah, right, infection. I’m with ya. Let’s hurry up then, yeah?” Fia gave a response that showed more impatience and command than it did any form of gratitude, though she was actually a bit thankful. For now.

After a short trip to his office, through which Fia mostly just grunted and growled in response to some of the doctor’s questions and the gazes of other townsfolk, Fia got what she’d asked for. Much as she hated being prodded at, she endured the appointment, using the time to recover from her actual ‘ailment’, while the doctor came to a sudden realization.

”You’re… Healthy, for the most part… My apologies, I must’ve frightened you.” He sighed, causing just the slightest pang of guilt to surge through Fiammetta, for tricking the man.

”Take more than a little infection to ‘frighten me’, Doc.” Fia declared in an arrogant tone, though it was really an attempt to reassure the good doctor.

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#2Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone
Things were a little awkward after Fia’s anticlimactic check-up. The doctor – Gerard, his name apparently was - had offered her something to dull her headache, but she was too headstrong and guilty to accept it. Instead, she just silently went for the door, until being called back by the doctor.

”W-Wait a moment, if you really are healthy, could you help me out with something? If it’s not too much trouble.”

”…Huh?” Was Fia’s quick and to-the point response. After a brief stutter, the doctor continued.

”The infection I was talking about… I’ve been working to find a solution, but at the cost of attention to my other patients. That is… I need some prescriptions delivered in my place. Th-Those ones over there. I-I can pay if th-“

Before the doctor could finish, Fia had slammed the side of her fist against the wall closest to a pair of white bags, her eyes glaring back at the doctor. ”Fine.” She growled. ”But just cause I don’t like havin’ debts. Check-ups ain’t always free, so that’s the only reason I’ll help, ya hear!?” The yelling might’ve been unnecessary, but Fia found it preferable to admitting she actually wanted to help.

She knew what sickness could do. She’d seen it hurt her siblings in the past. Plus, she still felt kinda guilty about tricking the doctor…

After receiving directions to the patients in need of their medicine, Fiammetta set off, using the opportunity to get her bearings around Baska at the same time. She’d been there a couple weeks now, but it was still a labyrinth to her.

Two weeks, huh? She couldn’t help but think on that as she wandered up to the door of the first patient, knocking loudly. It’d already been two weeks, and she was still shit out of luck when it came to ways to fund the orphanage. Taking on odd jobs just wasn’t cutting it, and getting roped into doing free work certainly didn’t help either.

The door opened, a middle aged man stood on the other side, about to query why Fiammetta was there before he suddenly found himself catching a white bag.

”Doctor’s delivery.” Fia muttered, before immediately heading to her next destination.

She did, for a moment, consider abandoning the doctor’s request. Maybe the medicine could be sold elsewhere, for a decent price… Sure, it wasn’t the most legit way to fund the orphanage, but it wasn’t too different to anything Baldo had done, right?

It was just as those thoughts began to take a hold that she reached her second destination. She could tell what it was from a single glance. Big, open areas around it… Lots of kids… Some caretakers… And a big, welcoming sign out front.

Fia dropped the bag of medicine on the front door and knocked, before walking away. She at least glanced back to make sure this orphanage got its delivery, though.

”Done and dusted, Doc. No need to thank me.” Fiammetta announced on her return to the doctor’s office, leaving almost as soon as she’d entered. But not before Gerard handed her a purse with her 'payment' for the task.

”This has a big load off my shoulders... Thank you very much, Miss-“

”I said. Don’t. Thank. Me.” Fia growled as she slammed the door, taking the purse with her nonetheless. Gratitude, when it came to expressing it or showing it… Was not her strong point.

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