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Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia]

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Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia] - Page 3 Empty Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:34 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

She really was fond of seeing those flustered reactions from Fia, the trip back to the inn leaving her in clearly a cheerful mood till they arrived near the inn. However, when she was given her answer about the question whether they could snuggle when it was just the two of them, the tempting whisper into her ear caused her cheeks to flush up once more and a bashful smile to emerge upon those lips of her. It really felt wonderful to know that Fia was all hers, that feeling of being so special and precious to the girl both excited and made her feel kind of fuzzy inside, that warm feeling of innocent happiness.

Of course, while she was fairly confident Fia wouldn't decline the invitation, given that judging from the interest she had shown so far skipping the opportunity seemed unheard of, it was still reassuring to hear the response from her girlfriend.

Of course, watching the steam rise from her ears caused Esperia to grin mischievously as she leaned closer and whispered in a mischievous tempting tone. "I wonder what you're thinking about right now~"

Still, in terms of the timidness, the girl grinned and nodded her head playfully in response. "Mhmm~ That sounds wonderful! my own warm pillow to snuggle into~ And I'm a pretty strong sleeper myself, so I doubt I'll wake up quickly."

And with the somewhat embarrassed reaction, Esperia couldn't help but giggle as she nodded her head in return. "Mhmm~ It be more rewarding for sure." Of course, she did have a little something in mind for Fia, and once they agreed about sharing a room Esperia entered the inn "I'll be right back~"

Esperia stated with a smile as she ran over to the counter where an elderly lady was seen, the brief exchange suggesting they were familiar with one another, and after giving Fia a cursory glance she nodded her head and smiled briefly at the girl before Esperia ran back toward her. "Mhmm~ I got just the perfect idea to finish this day."

Esperia remarked with a smile as she guided Fia along the stairs and upon unlocking the door to one of the rooms led her inside. It was a small but cozy inn room with all the essentials you could expect, but the more delightful sight was the large bed. Of course, the obsidian-haired lass didn't waste much time explaining her intentions as she started to walk over to a nearby chair and gently undo her dress while looking at Fia with a grin. "Don't worry~ I'll keep my lingerie on~ Consider it the ultimate test of your willpower: to sleep beside your adorable girlfriend while she is wearing only a single layer to protect her fragile self~"

A mischievous giggle followed as Esperia climbed under the blankets, submerging even her head beneath it till Fia joined her, upon which point she would playfully pounce on top of her, nuzzling her face into the steamy lass her bosom.

"I really... had a lot... of fun today~"

The girl whispered happily as she already had dozed off into a sleeping mode, fortunately, the Eisenberg was surprisingly light! and judging from the happy sounds coming from the girl was clearly comfortable as she prepared to enjoy the ending to their first date together.

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#52Fiammetta Barone 

Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia] - Page 3 Empty Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:40 pm

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia was glad the smaller girl had accepted her recommendation of waiting a little more. The smaller girl was eager, but maybe it was Fia's own surprising maturity that prevented her from doing anything... Irresponsible. Even if it did go against her own temptations. Temptations Esperia so often preyed upon with her seductive whispers that sent Fia's temperature skyrocketing.

The little trickster led Fia back to her place, where she'd evidently been living for a decent while judging by the recognition the lady at the counter gave. Fia gave an awkward little wave, before Esperia began to lead her up to her room, clearly plotting something as she did. "Perfect idea, huh? It's somethin' perverted, ain't it?" Fia teased, though she wasn't actually sure at the time what Esperia was intending.

She'd found out soon enough, though, as Esperia took them to her small and cozy room. It was surprisingly humble for a noble, but even then it was still leagues better than Fia's own current residence. Fia let herself in, glancing about the place before her eyes settled on the room's most wondrous sight: Esperia, undressing.

"W-Woah!" Fia exclaimed suddenly, averting her eyes immediately and blushing hard. Esperia laid on the teasing even more, calling it exactly what it was: A test of willpower for Fia.

"You really wanna make this hard for me, don't ya..." Fia groaned, still looking away from Esperia as much as she could. Her switched was already flipped, she needed some way not to act on her desires. "Well, I ain't gonna make it easy for you either then." Fia said a little more confidently as she removed her own layers, discarding her jacket, skirt and blouse, leaving her in nothing but some basic underwear and the bandaging she wore on her chest. She would've found it a bit more embarrassing, undressing in front of Esperia, were her undergarments not so comparatively un-sexy.

Esperia slinked beneath the blankets, and Fia followed shortly after, a soft smile on her face. Not moments after, she found herself being pounced by the smaller girl, the cuteness of the action causing Fia to both blush and chuckle a little, even as her breast became a pillow. She smiled softly and lovingly down at the light girl, the princesss who was hers. Her new companion, the one who'd help her save her family...

And who might even become a part of it...

"Ditto..." Was Fia's simple little response to Esperia's words, her arms holding the smaller girl close and tight as she too closed her eyes. It wasn't her first night spent in another's bed, but this... Was different. In a way that was as exciting as it was scary.

"So this... Is what it feels like, huh?"

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