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Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia]

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#26Fiammetta Barone 

Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia] - Page 2 Empty Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:02 pm

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia groaned at Esperia's question about the outfits, trying to act like she wasn't quite happy with the elegant maid costumes. "They're alright, I guess. Not really my thing." Fia lied. Truth be told, she was doing her best not to get all hot and bothered by the incredible uniforms, which became especially difficult when she considered the prospect of Esperia wearing one.

Fortunately, there was no chance of that happening. Right?

Fia's little inquiry was met with a rather enthusiastic response, indicating Esperia had no troubles with her own sexuality. The specifics of her preferences had Fia blushing a little. "Th-That so?" The steam punk tried to say nonchalantly, though the smile on her face was clearly evident. She was quite happy to know she fulfilled Esperia's niche.

A maid popped over to take their orders, and Fia kept her eyes on Esperia, not wanting to let her gaze wander. She wanted to be faithful, after all.

"Pepperoni and a cola." Fia gave her order simply, still looking to Esperia. She'd considered getting a beer, but decided against giving the girl she liked a look at what happened to Fia when she drank...

Fia just gave a confused affirmatory nod as Esperia ducked out. She'd initially assumed it was just for the bathroom, but seeing Esperia go talk to the man at the counter made her wonder if it was something else. She supposed she'd have to ask when Esperia got back.

The Barone sat back in the booth as she waited, looking at her bandaged right hand. Carefully unwrapping the handkerchief, she rested the hand on the table knuckles-up to assess the damage. It'd leave scars, that much she was sure of.

And yet, she couldn't help but smile softly, as it reminded her of how Esperia had stopped her.

Speaking of the devil, the trickster's voice suddenly came from Fia's right, causing her to instantly glance toward where it'd come from.

"Ah, you ba-"

Frozen. Fia was completely frozen, her mouth open mid-sentence, her eyes wide in shock. And yet, beneath her paralyzed exterior, her heart began pounding like a jackhammer.

"W-w-w-w-w-w-what?" Fia stammered out, her eyes inescapably scanning over Esperia. The stockings, the skirt, the way it highlighted her petite frame's curves. Fia's temperature rose immediately, continuous streams of steam escaping her ears and making a noise akin to a kettle.

Esperia asked if it looked good on her, and Fia answered in an instant. "YES!" She blurted out inadvertantly, before immediately realising her words. "I-I mean, it ain't bad" Fia mumbled, looking away from Esperia.

'Craaaaaaaap she's cute!" Fia screamed internally. She turned back to the girl - just in time to almost catch a glimpse of some lacy underwear, causing another burst of steam.

With Fia all but defeated, Esperia went in for the killing blow. The delinquent girl felt her heart flutter and fly away at the doll-like girl's words. She wanted to throw herself on the girl right then and there, but at the same time, her body was practically paralyzed!

"S-Service?" Was all Fia could manage, unwittingly setting herself up for another attack by the relentless Eisenberg...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Perfect score~

Despite the innocent smile upon her lips Esperia couldn't help but giggle inwardly as she saw the shocked expression upon her girlfriend's face, and when she suddenly exclaimed an answer to her question about whether the outfit looked cute on her the enthusiastic 'YES!' made her cheeks flush up lightly from a mixture of happiness and embarrassment. However, the Tsundere quickly tried to mend the breach in her defenses, mumbling that it wasn't bad. Heh, so Fia had something for maid uniforms? That was a detail she had to keep in mind for the future.

"It's fine to be honest~ there is nobody within hearing distance, you know." Of course she had picked this booth for a reason, being that it was in the corner of the room, and with Fia being seated at the side of the booth that had its back toward the others it was pretty much blocked from view unless someone directly approached it, what meant that until the pizza was done, nobody would interrupt them.

The steam that Fia was releasing only made it even easier for them to become isolated, the steam lingering around the booth like a mist and with her having told the owner before about this she didn't need to worry about anyone thinking a fire was happening. "And sometimes..." She leaned closer against Fia, making sure her modest bust squeezed gently against the girl's arm while she whispered in a tempting tone. "The truth is quite rewarding."

Of course, when Fia unwittingly set herself up for another attack the girl lowered a hand to Fia's own, a smooth motion having the girl rest her hand on her inner-thigh while she spoke with a mischievous smile upon her lips. "You know~ the type of service only you'll be able to enjoy... lying on your back as I snuggle up to you and-and-and--"

Oh gods, her own cheeks were starting to flush up a scarlet color herself, her mind having not prepared itself for the vivid imagination that suddenly coursed through her mind, and instead of answering her further Esperia placed a kiss on Fia's cheek and stuttered lightly. "Y-You'll find out the day you'll lay siege to my castle..."

Yet at that very same moment, a soft voice came from beside them, a slightly older, and more well-endowed waitress having delivered their pizza while she hummed with a smile. "Oh mai~ too timid to finish your attack Esperia?"

The words caused a bashful nod from the girl as she mumbled softly. "It's one thing to tease her, but it's another thing when you're being serious at the same time and and...."

Her face had now become as red as a tomato as she stuttered softly. "It's embarrassing to say those things to your girlfriend, ya know!"

The waitress giggled softly as she turned her back to the duo. "Right~ Right~ Enjoy your meal 'lovely-dovely yuri couple'" Esperia turned her gaze away to the pizza as the waitress left and after a moment she glanced upwards at Fia, her gaze softening as she tried to change the subject in a flustered tone. "S-shall we eat?"

#28Fiammetta Barone 

Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia] - Page 2 Empty Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:27 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia was completely helpless to Esperia's continuous teasing assault. Much as the girl tried to maintain her stoic and tough persona, the attraction both physical and romantic that the doll-like girl was bringing to the surface was impossible to hide. It was more than just how she felt about girls in uniform - that much wouldn't be a problem. But the girl she liked in uniform? That was a whole other story.

Esperia's mention at how no one was in hearing distance had Fia immediately checking for herself. It was true, they were secluded, nothing around to interrupt them. Fia gazed at Esperia with wide, almost predatory eyes, as she considered what they could do... Of course, such thoughts just froze her up even more, preventing them from actually happening.

Before Fia knew it, Esperia was following up her attack, nuzzled up against Fia's, with the delinquent girl's own hand on Esperia's thigh. It was incredibly enticing, and as Esperia gave her whispered tease, Fia couldn't deny her hand may have begun to creep up the girl's though.

That was stopped, however, as Esperia apparently managed to fluster herself with her words, bringing they dangerously heated Fia down to earth a little more. She received a peck on her cheek for her troubles, though, and the rare sight of an embarrassed Esperia. "I'll hold ya to that.." Fia uttered with a slight grin, removing her hand from Esperia's thigh and giving her a small kiss on the forehead.

This had, unfortunately, been done right as someone was close enough to see, causing even that simple act to prompt a flushing of cheeks from Fia, as did the mention of being serious. That in itself wasn't all too embarrassing, but that Esperia had stated it in front of this waitress had Fia blushing harder than ever.

"I-I ain't lovey dovey!" Fia shouted helplessly after the waitress, protesting the true statement. With the mood thoroughly awkward, Esperia turned to her, suggesting they begin eating.

"Y-Yeah, sure, let's dig in..." Fia responded with an equally flustered tone. And yet, at the same time, an idea came to her mind, an idea for some revenge at Esperia's teasing, now that she seemed to have revealed a fair capacity to be flustered.

Before she even touched her food, Fia suddenly moved. Her hand once again slid onto Esperia's thigh as she quickly planted a deep kiss onto the girl's neck.

"Oi, Princess..." She said softly, grinning smugly. "You oughta be careful wearin' this 'round me. Kinda dangerous, y'know?" The delinquent girl could really be relentless, couldn't she?

Much as Esperia seemed to like teasing using sexuality, Fia was the one more experienced in it. And she wasn't about to let that go to waste.

Fia casually pulled away from the brief attack, and immediately, her face began to redden again. "I mean... Not that I like it that much... Or anythin'..." She stuttered out unconvincingly, once again feeling awkward and embarassed. It was Esperia's fault for roping her into their little teasing match every time...

"So, uh, nice pizza, huh?" Fia said awkwardly, trying to move away from that area of conversation again. Talking about it was only going to make her more and more excited for the actual thing, after all.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Poor Fia, if only she had realized the consequences of her actions. The initial assurance that she would hold Esperia to her words coaxed a little blush from the girl, yet the flustered state didn't have an opportunity to last song, for when she tried to reach for the pizza a hand reached for her thigh, when all of a sudden a kiss reached for her neck, stirring a soft girlish yelp from her as Esperia found her face turning as red as a tomato. Fia's teasing remark didn't even get a proper response out of her, the absent-minded gaze of the girl looking down at the pizza when all of sudden something... quite eventful happened.

Just as Fia was inquiring about the pizza she would have likely felt Esperia's arms wrap around her waist, pulling her in close as she sought out those lips again, and let's just say the kiss was much more than an innocent brushing of their mouths. And it didn't even last for a few seconds, but poor Fia would have likely felt at least a minute passing, to the point the Eisenberg had tried to pull her backward onto her back on the seat, hands reaching from her waist to her cheeks to intensify the kiss even further  when finally she leaned back and...

Licking her lips mischievously she whispered softly. "The best topping for my pizza~" Sitting upright again the girl decided that must have been a decisive blow to label her the winner of that teasing match when she reached for the pizza and started to nibble down onto it. Of course, she took a long sip of her drink after a bit, giving a glimpse sideways to Fia, wondering how she had survived the rather... ahem special kiss.

"I'll make sure that next time I'll wear it for a more 'appropriate' occasion." The girl whispered softly as if she was reminding herself to be more careful next time!

Still, she genuinely hoped that they would eat their pizza in peace now, she wasn't sure if her heart could last another round of teasing and being teased! "Is there any place you'd like to go to after this?" the girl inquired with a smile, a free hand gently scooping a hold of Fia's own in a tender gesture of affection.

#30Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It seemed that their little bout would have one last round, thanks to Esperia. Just as Fia was ready to dig in to her pepperoni pizza, the doll-like girl next to her suddenly pounced. With a strength Fia hadn't expected from the small girl, she was locked into a fierce embrace.

Fia was caught off guard, naturally, her head in a spin as they locked lips. Just where had this girl learned to kiss like that? Fia couldn't even think, couldn't hear anything over the sound of her beating heart. All she could do was follow instinct, follow her own passion, which led to quite the reciprocation...

As steam rose off of her whole body, she closed her eyes and kissed Esperia back with raw passion and intensity, allowing the girl to pull her back into the booth. As the smaller girl's hands found themselves on Fia's cheeks, the delinquent girl - lost in her own passion - had her hands moving a bit more, along the girl's waist and up the back of her costume, looking for a way to get the damn thing off.

Fortunately, just as Fia began tugging on one of the sleeves, Esperia pulled back, giving the girl the chance to come back down to Earth. Immediately realizing how close she'd gotten to being an exhibitionist, all Fia could do was blush intensely - steam continuing to rise - as Esperia gave one last teasing remark.

"You... Don't taste so bad yerself..." Fia quipped absentmindedly between her panting, her heart still racing. She sincerely hoped that one day the pair would be able to relieve this, *ahem*, tension between them.

She leaned back into her own seat, gladly taking the L for this little match, and hoping Esperia hadn't noticed just how much her hands had wandered... The other girl's assurance that she'd be wearing the costume again had her imagination going wild, prompting yet another crimson face.

"Ain't anywhere in particular... You seem to know this place better 'an I do." Fia responded to Esperia's question as she finally began eating the pizza that was getting cold, her heart rate gradually lowering. She gladly took Esperia's soft hand, her rough grasp once again compassing it. "Could go seem some music somewhere, hear a lot of travelers come through to play shit."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Goal~ Esperia couldn't help but find herself grinning happily at the fact she had won their little teasing match, but gods, it was a good thing the obsidian-haired girl had been oblivious to the wandering hands, else she might have realized something was missing by the time it was too late! Instead, the response that she didn't taste that bad either made the young lady giggle softly. "It's a good thing I didn't eat yet then, else I would have tasted like cheese~"

Now that would have been an amusing thought, and looking down at the girl's pizza did confirm there was a lot of pizza on it. With their conversation slowly returning back to more innocent themes the Eisenberg took a bite of the pizza and after chewing it down inquired with a hint of curiosity. "A performance?"

It was not a bad idea, considering Baska it was quite often that traveling minstrels and bards performed on the streets, and she did actually hear there was a famous group performing in the evening. "Hmm I might have an idea~" Esperia hummed with a smile. It was a rather endearing idea, but she had not forgotten her promise with little Mia, and so Esperia turned toward Fia and explained her intentions with a cheerful and enthusiastic tone. "Actually in the past when I helped Doctor Gerard I met a little girl called Mia, a patient of his. She underwent a serious surgery and has been recovering since then. She's a pretty brave one, fought really hard to survive so to encourage her I promised to take her out on a little trip once she was healed enough. I heard she's able to go outside already now."

And then her idea started to formulate, a plan of sorts forming within her mind as Esperia continued onward. "There is actually a famous group performing on the outskirts of the town tonight, seems it will be a spectacle and entree is free~"

Her fingers gently locked around Fia's own as she finished her meal and added with a smile. "We could go and watch their performance tonight, I believe it's about two or three hours till sunset, so we got some time left before the show begins~"

Once both had their meals finished Esperia explained she was going to get changed again, too flustered at the idea of walking around in public like that, so after a few minutes she returned in her dress, and after they paid their bills, that seemed much less expensive than a usual meal Esperia was ready to guide her 'steamy' girlfriend back outside.

"This group is actually pretty famous among kids and young adults because they have such catchy songs. I once watched them perform in another town~"

And now it was time to see what Fia thought about her idea, with the two of them having some time left they could either return to the hospital and meet Mia, or go to the performance with the two of them instead.

#32Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia dug into their pizza now that the two very eager girls had settled down. Though it was Fia herself who'd said they shouldn't take things too quickly, she already somewhat desired to take the vivacious girl home for the night, not that she'd ever admit that to anyone else. But she held back, counting the other girl's relative inexperience as a reason to wait.

Surprisingly, Esperia already had something in mind for Fia's musical suggestion. Fia herself was something of a fan of music, her tastes eclectic than one might expect, so she was quite happy to hear the idea of listening to music with Esperia was definitely on the table.

Esperia detailed an apparent idea she had, involving a surgery he'd done with Doc. Fia felt her chest tighten slightly at the mention of it, recalling her own similar experiences. Successful though she may have been, it'd been a stressful experience, and had caused a bit of previous trauma to bubble to the surface...

"Guess I don' mind takin' the kid around. Tough gal deserves it if she had to go through somethin' like that." Fia would assure Esperia that the idea was sound, though she was a little disappointed she wouldn't have Esperia all to herself. Not that she was about to let that slip, however, and she certainly wasn't going to let it get in the way of an outing that this 'Mia' certainly deserved. Then again, maybe that was Fia's soft spot for children.

The pair finished up inside, with Esperia getting changed out of her maid costume and allowing Fia the ability to look it her and think straight again. Hand in hand, they walked outside the odd pizzeria, with Fia conflicted on whether or not she ever wanted to return there.

"Sounds rockin'. Don' sound much like the kinda music I'd expect a Princess to be into." Fia quipped in response to Esperia's comments on the band, with a slight grin as she held the smaller girl's hand close.

"Guess we oughta go get this Mia now, huh?" Fia would suddenly say, making her opinions on the plan quite clear. "Don' really mind babysitting, I 'spose. Did enough of it back at the orphanage."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

An innocent smile emerged on her lips as she heard Fia agree with her idea, causing the girl to gently squeeze Fia's hand. She was glad that she accepted the idea, because Esperia truly wanted to keep her promise to the girl, and she did remember the surgery... The memory of how that girl looked so brave and remained so cheerful and gentle even when she knew she might have died that day. No, it was exactly because she believed in her and Doctor Gerard that Mia had been able to remain so strong.

"Oh?" The playful quip of her lover coaxed a little giggle out of Esperia, but she decided to keep the reason for her amusement to herself for now. It would be much, much more entertaining for Fia to learn herself about why exactly she adored this group so much.

The two of them had returned to the hospital as discussed, and soon Esperia had guided them up to the room the longer-term patients tended to stay at. However, just as she was about to reach the room the girl realized two things: The first thing was that she had forgotten something quite important, and the second being that they were disrupted by a familiar voice from behind them.

"Esperia, Fia?"

Oh gods... speaking of awkward timing! Esperia had just turned around, and as if the irony of the situation couldn't get any better Gerard was looking at them with a look of surprise on his face, his hand holding a small girl that was walking by his side.

"It's Magical Nurse Espy!" the child exclaimed happily, waving innocently as Esperia returned the motion with her free hand with a smile while Doctor Gerard's gaze visibly focused on the handholding. "Ahem~ I guess the date went well?"

Esperia's cheeks flushed into a crimson color as if all the memories of today resurfaced in her mind all at once when finally she pulled both her arms around Fia's arm and snuggled against her arm. "Mhmm! Fia is my girlfriend~"

Doctor Gerard's lips curved up into a smile, his gaze drifting to Fia as if he was bemusedly waiting for her reaction while the child looked up at the doctor with a curious glance. "Doctor Gerry, what is a girlfriend?"

Gerard raised a hand to his chin, rubbing his beard lightly as he thought on the matter. "It's like Mia's mama is to Mia's papa?" It appeared those words were understood by the girl who happily clapped her hands together with a smile and turned to look at Esperia and Fia.

"So you're a mama and a mama!"

Oh gods... the way those adorable words were spoken were enough to make Esperia's face turn as red as a tomato as she released her hold on Fia and visibly fidgeted around in embarrassment! "I-I-I" Esperia couldn't find the right words, too flustered at the whole idea while Gerard clearly was doing his best not to laugh.

#34Fiammetta Barone 

Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia] - Page 2 Empty Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:09 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

With Fia having no protests on the matter, the two promptly made their way to the hospital. The same one the two had been to several times in the past, and - unbeknownst to either of them - would be visiting again in the future. But such concerns were absent from the joyous pairs' minds.

As a matter of fact, any concerns were absent from Fia's. Her usual temper had been cooled, replaced by the raw passion she'd displayed at the pizzeria. And now, walking alongside Esperia, she simply felt at peace. She clung to the other girl's hand, wanting to savor the way her small hand felt in her strong grasp, though that gesture would quickly prove embarrassing...

Fia's eyes widened into surprise, her face burning up as she heard Gerard behind them, having seen them holding hands. There was also a cute young lass with him, evidently Mia given how she referred to Esperia. Fia herself couldn't resist waving to the girl, though she'd shift her focus to the doctor at his comment about the date.

"N-None of yer business!" Was Fia's initial response, though she quickly felt Esperia clinging to her closely and explaining what had occurred with a few simple words. Needless to say, it made Fia blush rather hard.

"Yeah, that's right..." Fia tried to muster some confidence, tried to make herself seem cool rather than lovey-dovey. "Esperia's my girl, what of it?" She growled at Doc, trying to deflect the embarrassing fact with her pride.

But, it seemed the main source of red cheeks would come from an unlikely attacker - Mia herself. Her little question about what exactly a girlfriend was left the pair wide open for a teasing onslaught from the doctor. And then came Mia, with her mama comment...

Fia's face immediately began emitting steam at just the thought of what the young girl had mentioned. Mama and mama? Like... Married? With kids!? Now that was a little too fast... Fia coughed loudly, trying to clear the awkward atmosphere.

"N-No, it a-ain't exactly like that..." Fia tried to clarify for Mia, turning her face away to hide her flushed cheeks. "A-Anyways, we oughta get goin' now, r-right Princes - Er, I mean, Esperia..." The delinquent made an attempt to allow them to escape the situation, accidentally revealing her rather private nickname for Esperia in the process...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fia's cool response to the situation was endearing, the doctor's smile not fading away as he watched the duo closely. "Nothing wrong with it at all. I'm glad it went smoothly."

The man nodded with a gentle expression lingered on his face. He seemed genuinely happy for the pair. Despite Fia's tough attitude she clearly had been a young lady with a heart of gold beneath it, and in the doctor's opinion, he felt Fia could have done well with finding a good reason to fight for. It was often said that a person's reason to live, and their reason to fight changed them remarkably, and despite her cool response he could see that change was already subtly happening in the interactions between the two girls.

And sweet Esperia, the girl was kind of heart, but insecure and inexperienced and the recent events had left her heartbroken. Even when she had tried to act so tough and hide it all behind a smile, he still remembered the tearful look of the girl when they first met. However, just a glimpse of her now confirmed how bright she was shining with happiness, a joyful radiance that was no doubt given to her by her relationship with Fia.

Seemingly deciding that Mia's inquiring nature had left enough teasing remarks Doctor Gerard brought her into her room while briefly overhearing Esperia being referred to by a rather... endearing nickname. Still, with the moment they were left by themselves as Gerard was seemingly helping the child get a nice warm coat to stay warm outside Esperia shuffled closer to Fia, standing right in front of her as she whispered softly.

"You know... I wouldn't mind such a development someday." The girl whispered bashfully, her cheeks reddening as she continued "But making a child would be kind of difficult... I-I wonder if they got some magical means to help us out there..."

Whoops, it seemed her words were coaxing another potential chain of tempting thoughts for her steamy girlfriend, but fortunately, their conversation was cut short when the door opened again and Mia came running to them, attempting to slip a hand into each of the girl's hands. "Where are we going to?"

The child asked Fia with an innocent smile while Gerard followed after them. "Feel free to contact the nurse on this floor once you both are back, I'll tell her Mia will be back a bit late today."

Esperia nodded her head with a smile while ruffling a hand through Mia's hair, causing the child to grin up at her. Yet it appeared that just as they were about to leave that Gerard had a final weapon in his arsenal, calling after them. "Take good care of her and your 'princess' Fia!"

Poof, cheeks reddened again as the Eisenberg looked at Fia, a little smile lingering on her lips while Mia hummed happily. "Princess Espy~ and her steamy guardian Fi-Ah~" the girl was clearly enjoying the trip already, swaying her small arms in the girls their grasp.

#36Fiammetta Barone 

Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia] - Page 2 Empty Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:19 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

As happy as Gerard was for Fia, the delinquent girl still hadn't quite forgiven the doctor for his actions. His assumptions that she needed this hadn't been appreciated, not when she already had her whole family to fight and bleed for. However, he may have been correct in deciding that Fia was somewhat lonely in that endeavor...

Fighting, in any of its forms, was a hard thing to do alone. But here was Esperia, a blessing out of nowhere, there to not only give Fia someone to fight with, but even, perhaps, a new member of the family she'd give her life for.

So, with that considered, Fia was honestly grateful to the doctor overall, even if she didn't quite show it. Then again, she didn't particularly want to be nice to the doctor then, with how relentless his teasing was - even though some of it was through Mia and Esperia.

The talk of children was awkward, and Esperia was no help there. The doll-like girl was quick to snuggle up to Fia and whisper on the prospect, prompting a confused and flustered reaction from the steam punk.

"H-Huh? What the hell kind of magic are you talking about!?" Fia said in shock and awe, though admittedly not completely disinterested. She shook her head, realizing that wasn't the heart of the issue. "A-Anyways, 'member what I said earlier, 'bout goin' too fast?" Fia semi-scolded. To say it was a little soon to be talking about kids was an understatement.

Speaking of children, Mia re-entered the room cheerfully interjecting and slipping herself in between the two girls. Fia smiled softly down at her, feeling her mind go back to the younger kids at her orphanage. So young, so innocent, and so damn cute.

"Gonna' go listen' to some music, aight? Better get ready, cause it'll be fu-" Fia cut her answer off, clearing her throat and reminding herself not to swear in front of the small girl. "Er, I mean, freakin' awesome." She assured the girl with a confident grin. The same kind her father had often given her.

The good doctor came back to tell them what to do once they returned, and give one last jab to Fia's pride. "Oh, you son of a-" Fia began to bark at him, before once again holding tongue in front of the young girl.

It was different from back at the orphanage, where potty mouths were to be expected. Fia wasn't about to go swearing in front of someone else's kid, after all.

"Alright, Princess, Mini-Mi let's get rollin'." Fia sighed as she began to lead off the trio, fully aware they looked like a family, but with little she could do about it now.

Fia displayed some remarkable motherly instinct as they walked, allowing Mia to sway and even being careful to not let her fall. "So, Mini-Mi." Fia suddenly spoke up, not seeming at all flustered despite the cute nickname. For her, dealing with kids like this was just natural. "Hear ya went through some surgery, soldiered through it like real badass. Ya get any good scars out of it?" Fia inquired with a playful grin.

They'd continue to walk toward the venue, Fia continued to be an attentive 'mother' to Mia. Part of it was instinct, part of what was showing off a parental instinct to Esperia. Apparently chicks loved that kinda thing, at least according to her dad.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

When they were on the subject of a special type of magic the girl's cheeks flushed up brightly, her imagination do most of the work but at the little scolding, the girl protested in embarrassment. "I mean in the future! I'm still too young for that type of role..." Luckily Mia's timely arrival changed the subject very fast, the sight of Fia doing her best to adjust her choice of words coaxing a little giggle from the girl as she watched Fia finally lead the three of them on their journey.

"MINI-MI!" the girl exclaimed with an innocent giggle at the nickname Fia had given her, while Esperia chuckled heartily. It was truly endearing to see that type of motherly instinct to Fia, that fierce protective nature that reminded her of a proud lioness, it was truly a precious side to the usual so tough image Fia projected. However, the question about the scar made Esperia visibly tense a little as Mia replied with a sheepish grin. "Nope~ Magical Nurse Espy made it all fade away!"

Esperia smiled weakly at Fia as she started to explain with a softer tone. "During the surgery, Gerard got injured and I had to take over... let's say it was the most intense thing I experienced ever."

She still remembered how nervous and terrified she was during that moment, the sight of how Mia was lying there helpless and defenseless, her fate left in her hands had been a horrifying responsibility for the girl to put on her shoulders. "Well, the most intense before I met you." She whispered at the last bit, a whisper Mia overheard because like an adorable parrot she repeated.

"Fi-AH is intense~~~" Esperia waved a hand repeatedly in embarrassment as she gestured at the large avenue up ahead and it appeared they had arrived nicely on time, for there were several seats still unoccupied. However, little Mia didn't seem to plan to just use any seat, instead once Fia sat down the girl would have tried to gently hop onto her lap while Esperia sat down beside her with a grin. "You really know how to deal with children~" Esperia hummed with a warm smile as she scooped a hold of Fia's hand while Fia would likely realize moments later why this group had been so... popular.

With it already being past dusk it was already fairly dark outside, but sudden bursts of light and fireworks up above illuminated the avenue and a voice announced from nearby. "Here they are! The songstresses of love and friendship, may I have your applause for the YURI RESCUE SQUAD!"

The sight of the three girls appearing on the stage amidst a flurry of spectacular light spells made the crowd erupt into loud cheering! Esperia was no exception who cheered with a goofy grin as the trio greet the crowd and started their performance with a rather catchy song and soon Fia would likely notice that Esperia was perfectly singing along with the lyrics, a goofy grin upon her lips, and even Mia was joining in on it.

Cute outfits to look at, a catchy song to listen to and an adorable albeit somewhat perverted girl holding her hand? What more could Fia ask for?

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia couldn't help but grin a little at how gleefully Mia accepted the nickname. Although she would've normally considered being so happy around something so cute to be contrary to her thuggish image, children were an exception. Baldo Barone had always taught Fia that the toughest, most badass guys are those that'll stand up and be good role-models for kids. Though, Fia really hoped Mia wouldn't grow up to be a delinquent like her...

"No scars, huh? Musta been one helluva nurse." Fia responded with a hearty look, glancing up at a surprisingly sheepish Esperia. The steam punk's smile shifted into a concern, realizing just how harrowing the experience must've been for her princess. Of course, she herself had had a similar experience, but had been so out of it at the time that she could barely remember what actually occurred...

Fia felt a pit in her stomach as the memories surrounding the event surfaced. Memories of her father and the wounded cat she couldn't save... She didn't know why those recollections affected her so much, but they were nonetheless inescapable.

Or at least, so she thought. Esperia's whispered words managed to snap her out of things pretty quickly, quite flattered and flustered by the comment that she was 'intense'. Though, the real kicker was when Mia parroted it. Seeing Esperia desperately wave it away, Fia couldn't help but smirk in spite of her own blushing expression.

Time had flown as the trio made their way to the seating, and before she knew it Fia had the little girl sitting in her lap. The older girl made no protest, making sure to hook an arm around Mia's torso to prevent her from possibly falling.

"Y-Yeah, guess I ain't too bad, bein' from the orphanage and all..." Was Fia's only remark to Esperia's little comment. She found it truly flattering, hearing that, given how much she aspired to do right by her family. She clutched Esperia's hand, her other arm still keeping Mia steady as she felt the trickster's familiar soft grasp.

Soon enough, the actual show began with great applause, Fia finding herself grinning lightly as she began to realize why Esperia was such a fan of the band. "Man, I think I get why ya' like these guys now. Perv." Fia teased lightly, a satisfied look on her face.

As the performance started, Fia found herself being the 'Dad' of the trio, not as expressive as Esperia or Mia but offering what cheering she could. They weren't really her style, but the music was pretty solid, and the girls weren't bad either. The green-haired one Fia found particularly interesting, put couldn't quite put her finger on why...

Regardless, she was definitely feeling glad she'd come. At peace, even, with her little makeshift family. And yet...

She felt so damn guilty.

Being out here, having fun, with this little 'family', when her own was still in need of her help. Fia's expression soured as guilt began eating her, gnawing on her from the inside out. All the fun she was having, all the time she could've used to get more money back home...

She felt it burn hotter, that flame within her. Though it was unconcious, her hand squeezed tighter around Esperia's, her teeth grit as her mind began to go in circles, stressing helplessly over her guilty...

It seemed a fire like hers couldn't be doused for long.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A sheepish grin lingered on Esperia's lips as Fia commented about how she understood why the girl was so fond of the band. Of course, the trio of girls were quite cute, and the shadowy cat they had with them was adorable and there were even the pleasant songs but the true catcher was their outfits: Esperia totally wanted to wear an outfit like that someday, just to see what type of reaction it would stir out of Fia.

However, during the performance she felt Fia's hand squeeze into her own, the glimpse the girl had of Fia's expression clearly betraying the feelings that she was trying to suppress. Was she worried about the other children at the orphanage? Of course, she would, being how kind Fia was beneath that tough exterior she must have constantly been worrying about them.

Perhaps it was for that reason that she was determined to find a way to help Fia save her family. There must have been a way, perhaps she could talk to the Blue Pegasus for advice, maybe even ask Alisa for some suggestions.

As they made their way back to the hospital Mia was still happily singing the songs from the band they had gone to watch together, and despite the fact, Esperia was humming along she was still thinking carefully on the matter of how she would be able to help Fia save her family.

It was not too long before the trio arrived at the hospital and a nurse had picked up Mia, but not before the child had turned toward each of the girls and tried to give them a hug and some adorable words of gratitude before letting Esperia and Fia leave the hospital once more.

Of course, with the late time of the evening most of the liveliness of the town had started to fade away, and perhaps it was a good thing, for it offered the two girls a certain amount of privacy. Her hand gently remained in the grasp of Fia's own as she guided her along the streets toward the residential area and soon she spoke softly. "It hurts you, doesn't it?"

The question came rather suddenly yet so did her next action, a sudden gentle pressing of her body against Fia's own, arms tenderly wrapping around her in an embrace while the girl whispered softly so that only Fia could hear her. "Don't worry, this isn't just your fight~ Now that we're dating you can rely on me also~ I'll be helping you every step of the way so that we can free your father and get the orphanage out of troubles. So keep on smiling Fia, keep on being strong for everyone, and I'll give you all the support you need for that."

She whispered gently as she leaned upwards to gently look up at Fia's face up close. "The day is almost over~ Any preference for our final destination for today's date? Else I'd like to request of you to escort the princess back to her lodgement."

She giggled softly at the last choice of words, seemingly having grown rather fond of the nickname Fia gave her.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It could frustrating, being such a worrywart. Of course, Fia was normally carefree and almost entirely shameless, but when came to her family... It seemed worrying was all she did. She'd wonder if it was something she got from her mother or father, if she actually knew who they even were.

Whoever they were, Fia blamed their genes for her anxiety as she tensely walked back from the concert, her mind still stuck in a loop as she helplessly wondered if having this much fun with Esperia and Mia was OK. She could've sworn the only thing keeping her sane on that small trip back was the soothing light-hearted humming of Esperia and Mia.

Soon enough, that trip came to and end as they returned to the hospital, Fia gladly hugging Mia if only for the comfort it brought. As the smaller girl left, allowing silence to creep in, the only warmth the progressively deteriorating Fia felt was in Esperia's soft grasp. She was almost afraid to let go.

They began walking toward the residential area, and Fia remained unsure of what to even say or do, so it was fortunate Esperia got in the first word. Even if it did strike her at her very core.

"Huh?" A soft expression of confusion escaped Fia's lips at the question, her stunned face remaining that way as the smaller girl suddenly hugged her. Warmth flooded with steam punk, a heat unlike that she normally produced. Without even thinking, Fia's own arms found themselves holding Esperia as close as she could.

A long sigh escaped Fia as Esperia spoke, holding back what emotion she could. It was less like the fire she'd become familiar with, more like waterworks about to burst as the doll-like girl brought incredible calmness with her words.

It was simple, why they did that. It was assurance that just once, just once, Fia wouldn't have to face it all alone.

"Don't you dare ever leave me Princess. Cause Ima be there next to you as well, ya hear?" Fia said with an atypical softness, looking down at the doll-like girl. She leaned over, pressing a brief but heartfelt kiss onto her lips. "You ain't got any idea what it means to me, 'avin you 'ere. So we in this together now, aight?"

Her words come from the heart, a place she really let free. She didn't quite know all of what she felt for Esperia, but she was starting to grasp it.

The doll-like girl pointed out that their time was almost up, and that they would either be parting ways or having one last stop. While Fia did briefly entertain the idea of spending the night with the girl, she decided against due to Esperia's apparent lack of experience. Rushing things was the last thing she wanted to do.

"I'll take ya home safe, but I think I gots one more idea of where to go." Fia said with a smirk, knowing just the place to relieve her remaining stress. "It's my own lil secret, but I think you'll like it. Just got one question."

A mischevous grin formed on Fia's face as she held Esperia's hand tightly. "How naughty are you feelin' right now?"

Without even awaiting the girl's answer, Fia would take Esperia's hand and begin rushing off to the destination she had in mind, a wild look in her eyes. She'd dart through streets, taking the shortest route to the destination she had in mind. It was a bit of a jog, but soon enough they were there.

Right at the entrance of the Baskan Church.

It was quiet, given how late it was, with every last door locked up nice and tight. That didn't deter Fia though, led Esperia to a back entrance before scrounging around for something.

"Ya can think my Dad for this. Managed to find where the old priest kept a spare key." Fia explained with a smug grin as she scooped up a key from a nearby bush, moving over to the back entrance.

"Oh yeah, should probably ask... You afraid of heights, Princess?"


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The long sigh that escaped Fia was enough of a sign for her to know her words were properly conveyed, a relief that became amplified into pure joy as she heard the tough lass tell her to never dare to leave her, a promise being made that she would be beside Esperia as well, the softness in her tone making Esperia smile up at her as she was about to say something, but she couldn’t help but find herself muted by the brief yet heartfelt kiss, the emotions that were conveyed being more than enough to serve as a reply. “Mhmm~ Together till the end of time, and even then beyond~” The girl exclaimed with a soft giggle, but when Fia expressed her intention to visit one final place she looked at her girlfriend with a hint of curiosity, that soon turned into amusement as she felt her lips curve up into a smirk and a playful whisper followed at the question. “I’ll let you guess the answer to that~”

Yet it seemed her answer was unneeded, for the girl soon started to guide her along the streets, their little jog leading Esperia right to a rather familiar location: the outskirts of Baska, right at the entrance of Baska’s church. Tilting her head slightly to the side in confusion Esperia couldn’t help but muse out loud, confusion evident in her expression. “The church?”

What could Fia have possibly planned that involved the church of all possible places? Yet while one might had questioned the fact they had just obtained a spare key to the church and were about to trespass, the excited smile upon her lips and the blushing cheeks made it evident she was way too excited to find out what Fia had been planning for her to care about the consequences of what they were about to do.

“Nope~ In fact as a child I used to climb into high places at all times~”

Of course, the fact that they had come to a church of all possible places was an endearing something to Esperia, especially since Fia likely didn’t know the connection between churches and her family. Perhaps it was for that reason she couldn’t help but tease the girl by playfully scooping both hands around her waist and whisper playfully while she stood behind Fia who had just retrieved the key. “You do realize I was raised in a church? So if you plan something naughty...”

A gentle press of her body followed against Fia’s back, standing on the tip of her toes to whisper softly into the taller girl’s ear. “You better make it REALLY naughty.”

A little giggle followed afterward as she slipped beside Fia and looked up at her with a grin. “I wonder what you are planning here~ It’s quite an interesting location for a final destination of our first of countless dates~”

Yep, it was clear Esperia was enjoying the little surprise that Fia had in store for her. Now it was just waiting to see what it actually was.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

There was a kind of childish glee as Fia had lead Esperia to the church, one intensified by Esperia's clear acceptance of the 'naughty' adventure Fia had planned. Although it was perhaps not quite as Esperia might be imagining it, it was something liberating and exciting. It was Fia's own expression of freedom, one she wanted to share with the girl she held so dear.

Esperia seemed to be rather excited about it too, her initial surprise apparently transformed into carefree anticipation, if the look on her face was anything to go by. It was nice to Fia, knowing her Princess wasn't too against to breaking a few rules every now and then. The delinquent girl finally took the key she'd found, opening the back entrance as quietly as she could. That particular door only lead to a back room, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Heh, used to climb around a bit myself. Mostly to get a bunch of the scamps down when they got stuck." Fia would remark as she shot a glance back at Esperia. Not moments after she did, the smaller girl was embracing Fia from behind whispering some more seductive teasing into the steam punk's ears. She had to try really hard not to release some steam, lest they be caught by the kettle-like sound.

"Y-Y'know, fer a Princess raised by some holy rollers, you really ain't all that prim and proper." Fia tried to raise a defence against the girl's teasing, a smug grin forming on her face as she slipped a hand back against the girl's thigh, almost threatening to take the teasing seriously. "Can't say I don't like that, though." One gentle squeeze of the girl's upper thigh would end their little straining of the sexual tension between them, for now at least.

Esperia mused that it was an interesting location for their final destination, and Fia couldn't help but grin in response. "Just trust me Princess. Yer gonna enjoy this. Even if it ain't really the kinda naughty that I'm guessin' a perv like you is hopin' for." Fia teased, glancing out toward the town below. The church was situated atop a cliff distanced away the majority of the town, but it was practically impossible to see any of the buildings due to the forest between the church and the centre of Baska.

Fortunately, Fia knew a solution to that little problem.

"C'mon, and be quiet, aight?" Fia whispered as she ushered Esperia along, gently grasping her hand and sneaking into the church. On the first floor, Fia slowly navigated to an old looking stairwell, one sectioned off from the rest of the level. From there, they would go straight to the third level, where Fia sneaked very carefully to avoid waking the priest that resided there.

Eventually, Fia had taken them both to a small room with sparse supplies, and more notable, a ladder connected to a hatch door toward the end of the room.

"Alright Princess..." Fia stated confidently as she released Esperia's hand and began up the ladder. "Get ready for the best damn view in Baska..."

Fia would go up first, opening the hatch and waiting at the top for Esperia. After being helped up by the taller girl, Esperia would finally be able to see exactly where they were: The very, very top of the Baskan Church, right next to it's massive bell.

It was cold and windy up there, with Fia making sure to steady herself against one of the pillars as she guided Esperia around the bell, leading her to the view she'd promised...

And what a view it was.

On that other side of the bell, on the topmost level of the church, there was no obstructions from the cliffside view to the town of Baska below. The whole town could be seen, a collection of lights and districts, landmarks like the markets clearly visible and the landscape that surrounded it more beautiful than ever. Even more than that, it was exciting, no railings to prevent any possible falls, the strong winds giving a sense of freedom and superiority.

It made Fia smile every single time.

"Well Princess, whaddya think?" The delinquent girl queried, her eyes remaining on the vista before them. Her grin was wide and wild. "Oi, try yellin' somethin', just shout anythin', tell the world from up 'ere what you want it to hear!" She encouraged, as she herself basked in the view and the freedom it instilled in her.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia couldn’t help but giggle as Fia explained how she had been used to climbing around herself to get the children at the orphanage down when they got stuck, feeling quite amused at the thought because it was exactly the same type of thing her sister used to do: getting her out of a high place after she pulled a dumb move and got herself stuck.

Watching Fia open the door clearly intensified her anticipation as she heard Fia’s remark to her teasing with a verbal comment of her own, stirring a little smile onto the girl’s lips. “Mhmm~ Good thing I’m the daughter of an exorcist and not a priest~” she stated with a playful wink, yet the hand that slipped against her thigh and the little squeeze making her cheeks flush up lightly in a mixture of embarrassment and excitement.

However, Fia’s reassurance that it was something she would enjoy only coaxed even more excitement out of her, of course noticing the last teasing bit what made her grin sheepishly. “I don’t know~ maybe getting you to release some steam on the altar might be a good alternative~” Oh boy, now that would have been sacrilege! Still, the gentle grasp of her hand and the warning to be quiet had made Esperia go silent, quietly sneaking along as they made their way to what appeared to be a really old stairwell.

Ascending it soon led them to the third level of the floor, and inside a small room, the ladder that connected upwards to a hatch door made Esperia get an idea already of their next destination. Of course, it was one thing to think about it, but an entirely different scenario to actually experience it, and climbing up the ladder as they arrived at the top of the Baskan church made Esperia shiver lightly as the cold breeze that was blown against her.

Still, the sight was spectacular for sure, to the point they could see every part of the town with remarkable ease, and even a little bit beyond! At one point she spotted the place among the hills surrounding Baska where she had met the young hunted lad and the mysterious lady known as Ana, a glimpse sideways cast her a view over the forest where she met Liana and a bit back toward the town she even saw the railway station where the Halloween party was held! And there was the residential area where she met Snowflake… so many sights were there to take in… yet one of them took her attention the most, a hand keeping a hold of the nearby pillar while the other hand slipped into Fia’s own hand once more.

The suggestion to shout something made Esperia blink in confusion for a moment, not sure what she would have done in such a case, but after a moment she nodded her head lightly, letting the words form from her heart as she shouted on the top of her lungs. “I LOVED THIS DATE WITH MY STEAMY GIRLFRIEND!”

A glimpse sideways followed as she eagerly awaited to see Fia’s reaction to the shout.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia couldn't help but grin at Esperia's suggestion of what they might do on the altar, the rebellious and enticing nature of the act making it oh so tempting, with the steam punk noting it as a possibility for a later date. "You really know how to get me goin', Princess..." Fia muttered with a reddened face, genuinely impressed by how well the perverted princess' words hit their mark.

Such words would be held back for a time, as Fia led her girlfriend to the destination she had in mind. She herself had been there a few times before, enjoying the vista and shouting at Baska itself to relieve some stress. It was liberating, it was defiant, it was empowering. And judging by the way Esperia too stared out at the sights, the doll-like girl was also appreciating the significance of the location.

It was one of the only points where someone could truly feel on top of the world, where failure seemed nigh impossible, where lofty ambitions were within arm's reach. It was probably the most beautiful view that Fia had ever seen, though she hoped to see many more with Esperia at her side.

And from many of those vistas, perhaps they would be shouting their mind to the world. Though Esperia seemed initially confused by Fia's recommendation, the girl did eventually follow the advice, though her choice of words was far from what Fia had expected.

In a moment, Fia was frozen, in utter shock at what Esperia had just announced to the world! Of course, their feelings had both already been made clear on that matter, but Fia had expected the girl to yell something more... Defiant, as she herself often shouted.

But... That wasn't the point. What was most important was that it came from the heart, and that part Esperia had completely nailed.

The red-faced delinquent gulped down, turning away from Esperia and facing the town below. She huffed in, and shouted at the top of her lungs.


There was a pause, as Fia caught her breath after the shout. She turned back to Esperia, her face twisting into a smile of atypical softness for her. It was affectionate, warm. The delinquent girl pulled in Esperia with their connected hands, before releasing it and placing it on the girl's cheek as she leant on, but moments away from another passionate kiss, when suddenly...

"WHO'S UP THERE!?" A voice could be heard yelling from near the hatch they'd entered. Evidently, their choice of yelling things so loudly had awakened a certain resident priest. "I swear, if it's you again, you damn Barone!"

"Oh shit..." Fia groaned, realizing that perhaps their night would have an exciting ending after all, in a way...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The mutter that came in response to her temptation was enough to stir a little snicker from the obsidian-haired girl, who was certain now that such events might, or rather most certainly would happen at a later date. However, as they shouted their choice of words at the town below Esperia couldn't help but feel her cheeks turning red once more as her body became overwhelmed with a pleasant warmth of joy at how Fia seemingly had shared her opinion about their date, but things were about to get an even more exciting conclusion soon, for the priest had woken up from their shouting! Of course, she could have likely found a way to talk past the priest, especially with how the Eisenberg family had such ties within the religious part of the realm, but she was certain that Fia would appreciate a more... exciting escape. Of course, being born and raised in a church made Esperia know the nature of such buildings like the backyard of her own home, and as a result the girl confidently whispered to Fia. "How brave are you feeling my dear~"

Swiftly Esperia guided Fia toward a particular side of the bell, where just as she had expected there was a flat part of the rooftop that the two of them could easily run along! A little hop downwards and they soon found themselves on said rooftop as Esperia guided Fia from one part to the other, clearly knowing what parts were the easiest and safest to traverse, till they were only a few meters away from the ground, causing the girl to explain with a smirk. "I guess this is an exciting escape, right?"

Giggling softly the girl jumped toward a nearby tree, hands gripping a hold of the tree branch before she landed onto the bushes with a soft thud, a hearty laugh following before she looked back at Fia to make sure she was alright. "Let's lock the door again and bolt out of here?"

It seemed like a sound idea, removing the last traces of their intrusion and toss the key back into its hiding spot, not to mention by the time the priest had reached the first floor again they would have been long gone already! Nonetheless, as they made their way back toward the town Esperia hummed softly. "Say Fia~ Before we reach the inn I got one more request for you... Can you please stand still and close your eyes for a moment?"

What would the Eisenberg plan this time? Judging from the spark of liveliness in her eyes and that playful smile it must had been something fun, and with there being nobody else around on the path toward the residential area... But there was one thing the mischievous little girl wanted to do, no matter what before the end of their date.

But that visit to the church certainly was an exciting final destination for their date! It was unexpected, but refreshing for sure!

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

At first, Fia was a bit worried about how her 'princess' might react to the trouble they'd encountered. She knew the girl wasn't quite as rule-abiding as most nobles, but hadn't known what level of rebellious spirit to expect from the girl. Fortunately, Esperia's confident whisper let Fia know everything she needed to, prompting a smug smirk from the delinquent. "Brave as goddamn lion. Let's blow this popsicle stand." She'd answer confidently, ready for one last bit of excitement in the night.

In a twist, Fia was the one guided by Esperia, the doll-like girl evidently using her knowledge of such structures as the church to guide them along its roof! Fia couldn't help but laugh heartily, even giving a "Woo-hoo!" into the air as the pair darted through the wind across the dangerous roof.

"Excitin' is right! Told ya this would be fun." Fia proclaimed as they neared the end of their escape route, her hearty chuckle contrasting the smaller girl's gleeful giggle. She'd follow Esperia closely, clutching a tree branch and landing in a bush by Esperia but moments after the smaller girl. Nodding in affirmation to Esperia's request, Fia locked the door and tossed the key back to where she'd found it, erasing any trace of their intrusion.

"Kiss my ass, old geezer." She'd mutter smugly as she bolted the hell out of there with Esperia, certain the priest wouldn't even know what had happened. Their pace didn't slow until they were back in town, with Esperia already calm and humming, while Fia could still feel her heart beating from the thrilling turn of events.

"Huh? Close my eyes?" Fia repeated with a skeptical furrowed brow. Esperia was clearly up to shenanigans again, but Fia was far too curious about the smaller girl's intentions to decline. "Alright, yer wish is my command, Princess." Fia chuckled as she stood still and shut her eyes. She felt her heat beat just a little faster in anticipation of what was to come.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

She actually did it? Now that was just way too pleasant for Esperia to not take advantage of. In the end, there had been one thing that everyone who knew Esperia was aware of, and that was without a doubt that she had a breast fetish. It was almost impossible for her not to get somewhat distracted by them unless she was in a serious moment, but nonetheless, here she was, with her girlfriend standing still and having her eyes closed, a perfect opportunity! Of course, having had a few close-body contact moments throughout the day Esperia was very confident she had a solid grasp on what to expect, both for obstacles and the rewards, so it didn't take long for her to proceed with her actions. They had just stopped right before a tree when Fia had closed her eyes, giving Esperia enough assurance her little request could be done, and so she acted.

For Fia it must had likely come as a surprise, those small soft hands suddenly sneaking beneath her shirt and reaching up to her breasts to give both of them a playful squeeze while she leaned in, a rather bold pressing of her body to pin Fia against the tree while her lips sought out Fia's own in a passionate kiss similar to the one they had shared in the pizzeria!

It lasted for at least a few moments till Esperia finally backed away, or was interrupted by her girlfriend while she stepped backward, a sheepish grin on her lips as she explained with a smile. "I kept wondering about how soft they were ever since the pizzeria~ guess I got almost the full answer~" A mischievous giggle followed as the girl leaned forward and continued her whisper in a more seductive tone "I guess for the full answer I'll wait a bit longer~ Something to look forward to."

A playful little wink followed as she hummed playfully. "But my thoughts were right~ Fia's pillows really are the best~ I can't wait for the day I get to snuggle with them!"

Yep, a perverted princess for sure! Yet she clearly was looking forward to seeing Fia's reaction to the surprise grope, her lips curved up into a sheepish grin as if she expected her steamy girlfriend to make quite an entertaining reaction for sure.

"Hehe~ but thank you for entertaining this selfish perverted princess her wish~ Now I'm the happiest perverted princess in the whole of Fiore!" A playful little twirl caused her dress to flutter along with the wind breeze as she looked at Fia with a spark of mischief in her eyes. "Guess we should head back to the inn~"

Oh how much she longed to ask Fia to spend the night with her, to just snuggle up against her till both fell asleep, but she wasn't sure if that counted as going too fast, so, for now, she was more than satisfied thinking about next time.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia hadn't really been sure what to expect from Esperia's request. She knew well enough by now that the smaller girl had no problems with PDA, so Fia had figured it was gonna be another kiss or something like that, which she had personally no objection at all to. Esperia's lips had already become an addiction, so if it was another kiss the girl wanted so be it. Unfortunately, it seemed the little trickster had something a bit more devious in mind.

Fia let out a small surprised yelp as she suddenly felt hands slip up her shirt, letting out a decidedly embarrassing sound as she was groped. The steam punk was just about to open her eyes and scold the little trickster, before suddenly she was pressed into submission against the try, her Princess wanting a kiss after all.

A fiery passion was once again lit within Fia, just like in the pizzeria. The emotionally-driven girl once again had her thought turned off, and returned the kiss with just as much passion as Esperia, showing off just how experienced she was. She couldn't help but find her own hands on the girl's body, her large grasp starting at the girl's waist and gradually working its way down, finding their way to Esperia's backside by the time the kiss was released.

"Ya coulda just asked..." Fia muttered with red cheeks as Esperia explained why she'd groped the girl. Her expression grew into a slight smirk as Esperia talked about wanting to find the full answer one day. Though Fia had sworn to save that for a later date, she was feeling less certain on that right about then...

The mention of her pillows, however, had Fia steaming all over again, unable to look Esperia in the eye as the smaller goal gleefully exclaimed her intention to snuggle with them. "F-Friggin perv..." Was all she managed as steam continued to rise from her, singing the tree she was still against.

Well, at least Esperia seemed happy that Fia had granted her wish, judging by her joyful little twirl. Fia cracked a smile, walking up the girl and scooping up her arm. "Happy to serve, my Princess." She'd proclaim as they would begin off towards Esperia's inn. "J-Just next time, save it fer when we're somewhere a little more private..." The delinquent girl requested, blushing and turning away as she practically admitted Esperia's groping was a-OK in different circumstances.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

When Fia told her she could have just asked her to find out how soft those 'pillows' of her Esperia's cheeks flushed up a light red color as she shook her head lightly with a mischievous grin lingering on her lips. "But that would make it less of a surprise, and I loved seeing your expression just now." Esperia admitted with a soft giggle yet as she revealed her intention to snuggle into them someday and got called a pervert the girl hummed playfully. "But they seem like such fun pillows to snuggle into~ and knowing you they likely be all warm also." A little giggle followed as she felt her arm being gently scooped by Fia as they continued walking toward the inn, the cheerful humming of the girl clearly leaving her in a good mood.

To be honest, a part of her wished she could freeze time, so that their little date would last forever, but perhaps they could do this again soon? Fortunately, the inn she stayed at was one somewhat near a more peaceful and quiet part of the residential area, and she knew the way well enough to let Fia take a longer roundabout way of getting her, giving her more time to snuggle against the taller girl's arm. Yet the humming started to lower in tune a little, and after a moment a little yawn escaped her lips, suggesting she was getting a bit tired. "Hehe~ somewhere more private hmm?" She paused for a moment as if she thought about something before her lips curved up into a little smile and she inquired with a softer tone. "Then I can snuggle them when it's just us two?"

Waiting for Fia's response a little giggle escaped Esperia's lips while she raised a hand to point at the one building that still had the lights on inside. "I wonder..." The girl pondered for a moment, seemingly thinking serious about something when all of a sudden Esperia inquired with a gentle smile lingering on her lips. "Say Fia~ Do you have anywhere to sleep?"

A sheepish smile lingered on her lips as she continued to explain, her cheeks flushing up lightly. "Don't be mistaken~ I'm not talking about doing naughty stuff, I just... don't want this feeling to end yet. So let's share a room for tonight? You know, just cuddle up to each other till we fall asleep~"

She could almost feel the steam rising from her own ears if such a thing was possible but judging from the flustered reaction she was giving she was not exactly joking about the suggestion. "Or~~~ Could it be that you can't resist the temptation then? N-Not that I would mind, some more naughty snuggling could be just as interesting but... being able to end the day like this would be perfect."

Oh gods, she really was starting to feel embarrassed trying to explain her intentions behind the invitation!

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

She really was a troublesome and loveable doll, wasn't she? Fia couldn't help but think such things as the girl teased her about how great Fia's surprise was, and stressing how lovely her pillow's were. Both comments only intensified Fia's already blushing expression. At least she was controllable, to an extent, as Fia scooped up the girl and began taking her home, even if she herself didn't want the date to end so soon.

It was clear Esperia felt the same way too, judging by the longer route she allowed Fia to take. The delinquent girl may not have been the brightest, but all those nights atop the church meant she was still pretty familiar with Baska's streets. The less straight-forward route meant they'd have just a bit more time to themselves, but for Fia every extra moment spent with Esperia was worth all the walking.

Fia smiled smugly as Esperia asked if she could snuggle when they were alone, fully expecting such a question. "O' course you can." Fia would say softly, leaning down to whisper into the doll-like girl's ear. "After all, I'm all yours, my dear Princess." Hopefully those words would reiterate that Esperia's teasing wasn't going to go un-countered.

Fia furrowed a confused brow at the girl's sudden query, speaking in a matter-of-fact town at first. "Somewhere to sleep? Uh, yeah, I'm holed up in a cheap inn on the other side o' town." She answered simply, not quite catching Esperia's meaning at first. It was a split second later that she realized the implication, her face reddening as Esperia elaborated.

Truthfully, it didn't sound too bad, just sleeping beside her. It'd been a long time since Fia had even shared a house with anyone, let alone a bed, so the companionship certainly sounded tempting. Fia calmed a little, feeling surprisingly glad that it was something a bit more... Innocent.

Of course, that wouldn't last for long, as Esperia quickly brought up a much naughtier possibility for the night, prompting Fia to look away a little as she felt steam rise from her ears. Truth be told, the temptation was definitely present. Fia could imagine it now, the girl's soft skin, her small frame, the sounds that'd escape her... She clenched her free hand, scrunching up her face as she mustered up all her willpower to calm herself down.

"I-I don't mind sharin' a room. Just know I ain't exactly a soft sleeper, and, uh, sometimes I heat up a lil', in my sleep." Fia would exclaim with an odd timidness as she accepted Esperia's invitation, before her expression became more series to address the other aspect of what the smaller girl had said.

"And just so ya know, I really wanna take you to bed tonight, but seein' as you said you ain't done it before..." Fia scratched her cheek, her embarrassment beginning to rise again. "I oughta be the responsible one and not make you rush things, y'know? Besides..."

Fia grinned a little toward her, proud of herself for showing off her maturity. "Sometimes it's better if you wait a lil more... Makes the payoff even better, if ya catch my drift."

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