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Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia]

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Pillows and spice and all things nice [Private: Fia] Empty Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:04 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

How had it come to this? A question Esperia couldn't help but ask herself as she walked along the streets of Baska. It had been a week since she had met Doctor Gerard, a week since she suffered the pain of the rejection of her confession and the heartache left by it. Despite the pain that lingered she had tried to remain strong, to remain her usual cheerful self, but of course, she knew such an act wouldn't last forever.

If she desired to overcome that suffering and become a better person, become someone who was able to obtain that what she desired she needed to interact with others, she needed to finally come to learn what romance and the love produced by it truly meant.

An excited bark came from Agni as the obsidian-haired lass stopped right before the hospital, taking a deep breath as she entered the hospital. Like usually the hospital was quite busy, and yet this time she had not come with the intention of lending a hand with some requests, no... instead she had an appointment with someone in particular.

Making her way to the office of the doctor a little knock caused a familiar voice to come from inside. "Esperia, is that you? Come inside! I have been expecting you~"

Opening the door Esperia was greeted by the sight of a smiling Gerard, the doctor seemingly having been working at his desk but he soon turned his attention entirely to her.

"I have found the ideal person to help you overcome that problem of yours." That's right, today was the day Esperia Von Eisenberg would go on a date that was arranged by a doctor! Noticing her fancy red dress the man raised a thumbs-up at her and continued. "She's a bit of a handful, but try to give her a chance. She really is a girl with a heart of gold, and I'm sure you'll enjoy talking to her!"

The man's calm smile remained as he rose out of his chair, and soon continued speaking. "I'm about to get to work, but feel free to stay, I told her you'll be meeting her here."

Wait, she would meet a date at the hospital?! That clearly wasn't your traditional spot for a date! At least from what she heard... The girl nodded her head lightly in response as Gerard left the room, causing Esperia to walk over toward the window, her gaze drifting along the landscape while she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

"I wonder if this will work..." Agni walked over to her side, a little bark in response serving as an encouragement to her while she noticed one thing: despite her attempt to have gone for something more 'stylish' her outfit actually looked more cute or adorable than stylish and sexy... Then again, she was rather fond of this dress.

"Let's hope for the best, shall we Agni?"

#2Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone
Fiammetta swore to herself this would be the last damn time she helped that friggin doctor. It's not that she didn't kind of enjoy helping him out an couple of occasions, healing the innocent and all that jazz. It was just that being a doctor's assistant was kind of getting in the way of her primary goal... And did some damage to her already weak street rep.

Then again, having a doctor on hand was pretty useful, especially for a troublemaker like her, so she'd no intention of giving up their little agreement, not yet. Besides, he was a good guy, not that Fia would ever admit to thinking that. She would be particularly hesitant to admit she'd come to see him as an uncle-like figure too.

But if he was an uncle... He was definitely the creepy one. Or at least, that's what Fiammetta had deduced from his most recent request. It was rather vague, and all she knew was that she'd be helping him with a patient. One condition, however, stood out.

"Make sure you wear something nice!"

What the hell was up with that!? What kind of doctor's task required dressing up? With a great deal of skepticism, however, Fia had complied. And so it was that she wandered toward his office, in the only 'nice' clothing she owned. A purple sweater, a short dress skirt, and a big ornate white jacket. A memento of her father's, with a depiction of a golden dragon on its interior.

Given how, well, 'mature' Fia was in her appearance, she attracted more than a few glances on the way, already beginning to get frustrated with the situation. Just what on earth had this goddamned doctor gotten her into? She swore, if it was anything weird, he was gonna find himself on the receiving end of a steam-powered uppercut.

She still trusted Gerard for now, but wasn't so sure that would remain the case. Fortunately, visualizing how she'd handle his betrayal - see the above mention of uppercut - managed to stop her from doing anything rash as she casually walked into the hospital, on route to Gerard's office.

Much to her surprise, she spotted him on the way there, just outside his office. The man offered a friendly wave, to which Fia gave the natural response of a threatening growl and flared canines.

"Alright Doc, better be real friggin' good reason why I'm dressed like this." She stated through her teeth, her anger practically emanating off of her.

"Oh, of course! I'm sure the patient will be very grateful you chose to come. She's already inside. Please, go see her!" Gerard responded encouragingly, undeterred by Fia's fury. He, like many people who got close to Fia, had come to learn that although she had a lot of bark, she'd never bite someone who didn't deserve it.

Fia furrowed a brow in confusion. Was she dressed like this for the patient? Weird. Maybe it was a noble or something, maybe their doctor visits had dress codes? Realizing she'd learn nothing by standing in the hallway, she headed for his office, to learn what the hell was going in.

The moment she entered, she spotted the doll-like elegant girl within. She was a bit dressed up for a doctor's appointment, wasn't she? Before Fia could say a word to this girl, Gerard called out again.

"Oh, and have fun on your date!"

Date!? What did he mean by - Oh, he hadn't. Surely... No, he had. He had actually... Oh, she was so going to give him that uppercut.

Or at least, she would have, was she not busy staring at the doll-like girl, stunned by the awkwardness. Was she in on it? Why was this a date again? Was the doctor trying to set her up? Did she seem that desparate? Sure, she might've let it slip she was single, and wasn't picky about gender, but surely...

Despite all the questions she had, Fia managed to at least ask something of the doll-like girl.

"So, uh, whaddya want?" She said in her usual strained tone, though not quite as angry as usual.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Awkward, that was one way to describe how she perceived the current situation. When the door opened she turned to face the entrance of the office, almost with baited breath even. Of course, she was nervous, in the end, this was a total stranger she was about to meet! Yet, fortunately for her, it seemed the girl's awkwardness was shared with the newcomer who after a moment spoke in a tone that could be only described as strained.

The Growlithe tilted his head to the side in confusion, as if he was sensing the odd mood lingering in the air while Esperia's thoughts were going on a chaotic flurry of ideas. How would she best approach this person? Try to be polite and friendly like she had been with Snowflake? That would surely make for a pleasant conversation but it would do little to help her with the problem she was facing!

Then again, being her usual self would possibly lead to being an uppercut that would send her straight to the next floor! No, this was quite a dilemma that needed a proper strategy. It wasn't like she was a cat with nine lives available!

A bark came from Agni who tried to encourage her to reply when the young lady, whose name she had still yet to learn addressed her and asked what she wanted.

Her gaze shifted toward the person, the first impression being that something felt a bit off. She was dressed nicely, and if she was being honest she had quite an appeal to her, but that tone somehow made it sound like she was almost as tense as herself.


A single word was spoken in response, but after realizing the rest of her words had been a barely audible whisper the girl quickly continued her explanation. "I mean--- I would like to spend some time with you today if you're fine with that?"

Her lips curved up into a brief smile as she awkwardly brushed a hand across her bangs, her eyes remaining focused on the person as she tried her best to pull the conversation onward. "But I believe a hospital to be a bit of an awkward place to do this type of thing. Would you like to join me on a trip around Baska?"

That's it Esperia! Try to act as your natural cheerful and gentle self and surely this would work out! Agni remained seated at her side till the girl took a few steps forward toward the newcomer, her hands folded behind her back while she leaned a bit forwards, addressing the person with a bit more cheer and playfulness than before. "My name is Esperia~ The Growlithe beside me is called Agni. What's your name?"

The first step to this type of activity was obviously to learn about each other! Right? And Esperia intended to try to accomplish that to its fullest! She had, after all, decided to try to occupy this person's time today, so the least she could do was try to make full use out of the opportunity!

#4Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

She wasn't as angry as she thought she'd be. Sure, Fiammetta was still furious that the doctor had put her up for what seemed like compensated dating, but she had managed to summon enough willpower to not chase him down and launch him out a hospital window. Or, rather, she saw a much more pressing concern.

That is, the overbearing awkward atmosphere of the room. Fia didn't really hold any animosity toward the doll-like girl. At least, not yet, as it seemed like she was just as uncomfortable with the situation. Perhaps she was just as clueless, and the doctor was trying to hook them up with one another?

Now that theory pissed Fia off. Who the hell was he, assuming that she needed company? Sure, she'd been on her own without her family, but she could tough it out herself. And, yes, the other girl and her Growlithe were very cute, and Fia had an inclination towards cute things, but that didn't mean she was interested at all... Well, maybe a little...

Fia shook her head as she felt her temperature rise a little, a side-effect of her embarrassing thoughts. She didn't have time for this, she had to focus on her family! And a thug like her had no business hanging out with princesses like this anyway.

The delinquent girl opened her mouth, about to suggest they just leave, when the silent doll finally answered Fia's question.

'You', she'd said.

"Y-You want what now?" Fia stammered out rapidly, her face instantly going crimson as literal bursts of steam escaped her ears. An unfortunate habit, born of poor control over her magic.

Fia just stared slack-jawed, her mouth only closing when the girl elaborated. "Oh, right, that's you meant, a'course. Already figured that anyway." She uttered unconvincingly, a bit of bit in her tone, like she would be offended if the girl suggested otherwise.

The doll-like girl spoke more, seeming to get a bit more comfortable, making Fia realize she did know about this in advance. So was this really compensated dating? That meant... Compensation, right? So the doctor would pay her if she went about the town with this cute girl?

Fia still wasn't comfortable with the idea... But there were worse ways to earn money. And at this point, the Barone girl was desperate. The fact the other girl looked nice didn't hurt either.

"Call me Fia. It's simple, so don't forget it, aight?" She snapped in a less-than-warm greeting. "And, I, uh, guess I don't mind goin' around Baska."

The stubborn girl looked away, idly kicking her foot along the floor. "But just so ya' know, I'm only doin' this cause the Doc asked, aight? Besides, been meanin' to tour this place anyway." With grit teeth and a sudden threatening point to Esperia and her Growlithe, she delivered her final condition.

"So don't get any wrong ideas! I ain't comin' along c-cause I want to, or I think you're c-cute or anythin', got that Princess?" Fia barked, though her stutter and red face betrayed she truly felt about the matter. She was, though she'd never admit it, a bit nervous.

After all, Fiammetta Barone... Had never been on a proper date before...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Was that steam rising from her ears? The first thought that came to Esperia's mind was the fact that little reaction to her words was the most adorable flustered reaction she had seen before! If she was honest, she even felt her discomfort fading away and being replaced with a bit of a mischievous desire to coax another reaction out of the girl.

A little nod was given in acknowledgment to Fia's attempt to cover up her flustered reaction at the misunderstanding, almost stirring a chuckle out of her while inwardly she felt the urge to poke out her tongue and make a teasing remark, but for the time being she would play nice.

"Fia~ it's a cute name!"
she exclaimed as her lips curved into a smile, one that only brightened even further when Fia agreed with the idea of going out with her to visit Baska.

Still, before she had the chance to respond Fia reaffirmed that she was only here at the doctor's request and that there was not a single shred of interest in the girl's mind. In most cases, this would have likely led to a depressive reaction from a girl who had been told that, but Esperia knew better.

That flustered reaction earlier, that tone of her voice and those blushing cheeks told her it was a lie, and inwardly Esperia had convinced herself of one thing: Before the end of the day she would make Fia confess the truth, that was her goal for today... to hear the girl admit she had a lot of fun.

"Hai~ Hai~"
Esperia exclaimed with a smile as she enclosed the distance between herself and Fia, her hands attempting to gently wrap a hand into Fia's own while she responded with a little wink.

"Let's go then~ Shall we, my protector?"

It didn't take long for her to try to guide Fia outside the hospital and onto the town square, and like expected the early hours had led to quite some activity there! People were going about their everyday lives, some were even shopping at some of the various vendor stands and it was clear that the looks send Fia's way was different than the usual ones she received.

At other times they might have been gazes of people being wary about a troublemaker, but now the gazes were more positive in nature, no doubt partly due to the fact the Eisenberg was holding her hand while Agni was walking beside the duo with an excited barking coming from him.

"So~ Are you a local Fia? Or are you a traveler who knows Doctor Gerard through the requests from the hospital? I'm the latter myself. Was born and raised in the coldest reaches of North Fiore."

She explained with a smile, yet after a moment if seemed Fia might have spotted some incoming troubles. Unknowingly to Esperia she was leading the duo to a familiar group of troublemakers, a trio of hoodlums who had spotted Fia and were starting to approach the little duo on their makeshift date!

#6Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Yeah, alright, she was cute. Really cute. Fia gave up any hope of denying that as the bubbly, doll-like girl gleefully called Fiammetta's name 'cute'. The delinquent turned her head away at the comment, if only to hide her reddened face.

Only two people had ever called any part of her 'cute'. Her father, to tease her, and this strange doll-like girl. Also, likely, to tease her. Though, they could hardly be blamed, with the reactions Fia gave.

Any of the steam punk's attempts to disguise said reactions, and her true feelings on the matter, were entirely in vain. Esperia saw right through the (admittedly poor) attempt to hide the smallest bit of interest Fia had in their little 'date'.

With another freaking adorable smile, Esperia leaped over to Fia and took her hand. "H-Hey!" Fia suddenly exclaimed in protest, before being stunned by the girl's wink.

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say, Princess..." Fia groaned at the cheerful request, turning away again. If she wanted the compensation she presumed she was getting, she'd just have to 'put up' with the girl for now - not that it could really be considered a hassle. She clutched the smaller, softer hand with her own calloused and rough fingers, before being lead out of the hospital.

Fia was kinda glad Esperia had something already planned, given the thuggish girl's inexperience. Sure, she'd had crushes in the past, made some bad decisions her and there, but a proper 'date'... That was something she'd never even thought of doing, not while she still had her family to care for... Not while she still found it so hard to trust anyone else.

She didn't know the other girl's reasons for the date, and chose not to care. As cute, bubbly and friendly as Esperia seemed... Fia felt an instinctive desire to hold back, even as they walked hand-in-hand through Baska. The almost congratulatory gazes just pissed her off, returning them with scowls. This day was really gonna do some damage to her thuggish image...

"Guess you could call me a traveler, or some somethin' like that." Fia responded to Esperia's question. Much as she wanted to hold back, shrug her off and run away, Fia wasn't nearly rude enough to risk hurting the girl like that. "Came from a lil' place near here. Just been lookin' for some money, so I did Doc some favors. Payments the only reason I been helpin' him, ya hear?" Fia growled, once again like she would be offended if Esperia suggested otherwise.

Though, much as she seemed to protest... Fia hadn't exactly been hating their date so far. It felt... Kinda nice, having the company. Having someone to talk to, someone who was innocent but kinda mischevous... Someone like the kids back at the orphanage. It felt peaceful, nostalgic.

But it seemed that peace wouldn't last for long, as Fia spotted a trio of less-than-savoury looking people headed towards them. She wasn't sure, but she thought she'd seen them before. Hard to tell, she might've been intoxicated at the time.

"You punks got a problem?" Fia growled at them as they approached. "Keep walkin', assholes."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

So far it seemed everything was going smoothly, from what she guessed Fia was having fun, even if she was still too flustered and embarrassed to admit it. Esperia couldn't help but find her lips curving up lightly in a smile as she hugged the girl's arm, the two of them walking along the streets of Baska as she listened attentively to Fia's response to her inquiry.

It appeared Fia was a traveler, much like herself and had gone on an adventure with a reason in mind. The idea of searching for wealth was not an unfamiliar one, in the end, it was often the driving force behind someone's actions and ambitions. However, a part of her wondered if it was truly material greed that drove Fia? A part of her thought there must have been another reason behind it. "I see~ So you're a bit like a mercenary, doing jobs for people in exchange for money."

The girl hummed softly as Fia added a response about how she had only been attending this date in return for monetary compensation. Of course, Esperia couldn't resist the temptation to try to coax another reaction out of Fia, a playful little spin of her body following so that she was right in front of the girl, and while her hand slipped free of Fia's own both hands tried to reach for her cheeks, hoping to hold her in place as she leaned a bit closer and whispered in a tone that sounded soft yet somewhat serious also.

"I might not be the richest girl around but... I certainly could find some ways to 'compensate' you"

Leaning even closer she almost made it look like she was about to sneak in a kiss when suddenly she pulled backward and snickered like a mischievous little trickster. "Hehe~ Don't worry so much Fia! I already heard it loud and clear that I got a cute mercenary as a protector rather than a knight, and I don't mind it at all~"

A giggle followed as she was about to reach a hand back toward Fia but it was at that time the girl addressed the three approaching hoodlums, the one at the left of the trio raising an eyebrow and glaring back at her. "What do we have here, isn't that the girl who trashed one of our members recently?"

The young man on the right nodded his head firmly answering his companion in return. "Yeah, two of them got hospitalized because of her! Damd punk thinks she owns the streets!"

The leader of the trio at the center glared at Fia while he spoke in a harsh and cold tone. "Right, it's that boiler girl. How about we teach her a lesson this time boys?"

However, Esperia quickly stepped between the trio and Fia, hands outstretched as if she was about to try to pacify their conflict. "Leave her alone!"

Yet the leader merely shot her a glance and tried to shove her away, yet unfortunately for everyone present that would have some consequences.

"Stay out of this 'princess'" he scoffed

First came the shove, her attempt to regain her balance causing her to trip and tumble toward Fia, and if the girl didn't move quickly she would have found the poor obsidian-haired girl falling face-first against her chest, a muffled cry coming from amidst the pair of pillows, else Esperia would have landed flat on the ground!

Agni was already snarling threateningly at the trio, it appeared a fight was on the brink of escalating! but fortunately for them a bunch of guards were approaching the scene, and judging from their stern looks they had noticed the commottion!

#8Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"Yeah, like a mercenary. Kinda." Fia nodded along in confirmation, sounding content with the label. It fitted well enough with her delinquent persona, and was preferable to revealing the truth to Esperia. Cute and friendly as the girl was, Fia was still a long ways off trusting her enough to reveal anything about the Barone Orphanage. And she was still a little too pissed at the doctor to take this date that seriously...

After all, this was just a one-time thing, right? She does the date, gets paid, gets out. So she was completely justified in holding back, right? It was what was best for her family, not getting distracted... Right?

Fia's eyes were cast slightly downward, feeling guilty all of a sudden. Because deep down, this was kinda fun. And she didn't have time for fun. Not while her orphanage still struggled, not while Baldo was still behind bars.

She felt Esperia slip from hand, saw the girl spin in front of her. There was the slightest twitch of her expression, a flash of a grin appearing for but a moment. Fia wished she could be so carefree, wished she could dance with her.

Next thing Fia knew, the girl's hands were on her cheeks, the doll leaning in close. The steam punk's jaw was dropped, her face reddened again.

"H-Hey, whaddya ya think yer-"

Fia stammered out with an ounce of faux anger, before Esperia's whisper came. Fia's face turned a deep shade of crimson, steam blew from her whole face this time... Her whole body actually, a steady stream rising to the sky above. This girl couldn't be serious, right? Sure, she'd already seemed forward, but this was a little fast, right!?

If it'd been anyone less charming, less dazzlingly elegant and delicate, Fia would've decked them. Instead, the delinquent was frozen... All the way until the point the joke was revealed.

"D-D-Don't do that all of a sudden, ya perv!" She stammered out, her growling tone contrasted with her heavy blush. "A-And don't call me cute..."

It was right after that little comment that the three stooges made themselves known. Apparently Fia had met them before, not that she remembered. She got into a lot of fights, hard to tell who was working with who. Yet here they wore, holding a grudge and trying to ruin her date... Not that she cared about the date or anything... (But she totally did)

"A lesson, huh!? Sounds good to me!" Fia growled, stepping forward and slamming a red-hot fist into her hand. Anger, true anger, seeped in, she practically forgot about Esperia as she grasped onto that sweet, familiar rage, a wild smile forming on her face. "I'll pound it right into your freakin' skulls!"

Her blood was boiling, her eyes vicious. She was moments away from throwing the first punch, when all of a sudden, Esperia was between them, telling the thugs to leave Fia alone.

What the hell was she doing? Why was she stepping in to defend her? Did Fia not look like she could handle this herself? Fia furrowed her brows, grit her teeth in frustration and confusion. She was about to tell Esperia to step aside, when one of thugs took care of that for her.

Next thing she knew, one of them tried to hurt Esperia, and the small girl was between her... Yeah... Fia quickly grabbed the girl, pulling her free of the trap. If Esperia looked up, expecting to see a madly embarassed Fia... She'd be surprised.

Cause at that moment, Fia was just mad. Granted, was blushing a little.

"Oi, Princess." Fia growled, steam slowly rising off of her. "Ain't I supposed to be yer protector? Dumbass."

With her strong hands still on Esperia's shoulders, Fia gave a stern look at the shorter girl, before letting go and stepping toward the hooligans. There was no cocky smile this time, just rage.

She didn't even know why she was so angry.

"You punks... Are DEAD!" She saw the guards coming, but didn't care. A wild haymaker was thrown at the first thug, steam rising all over Fia's body as fury took over.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The comment about being called a pervert coaxed a little giggle out of Esperia who swayed lightly from side to side humming softly. "I wonder if you're having any perverted thoughts yourself, judging from all this steam that is pouring out~"

A smile lingered on Esperia's lips, but the cheerful nature of their conversation was quickly halted with the argument with the hoodlums.

Despite the warmth of the protective hold Fia had over her for a moment, to the point the Eisenberg felt her cheeks flush up lightly the words spoken by the girl made Esperia feebly nod her head, yet it seemed none had expected Fia's sudden aggression.

One of the thugs got hit cleanly in the face by the haymaker, collapsing onto his rear with a pained cry as he held his nose, but just as the two remaining hoodlums were about to launch their attacks another interference came.

One of the thugs that prepared to attack Fia got pounced by Agni who bit into the man's outstretched arm, provoking a pained cry from the thug while the guards arrived.

"What the hell is going on here?!"

Several armored guards quickly stepped in between the skirmish, some grabbing a hold of the thugs while a few were about to move toward Fia yet a sudden sob came from nearby, causing the guards to look at her in surprise while one of them approached her with a more mellow and gentle expression. "What's wrong miss? Did the thugs hurt you?"

Esperia shook her head lightly as she replied in a sorrowful tone amidst sobs and cries. "They tried to  harass me, but Fi-Fi stepped in to save me."

The guard turned toward the others with a look of bewilderment. "Fi-Fi? You mean that brave Growlithe?" Agni barked in joy at the praise but the girl shook her head lightly, her cheeks flushing up lightly in embarrassment as she raised a hand at Fia and spoke in a timider than usual tone.

"That pretty girl is Fi-Fi. She's my girlfriend..." the girl stammered in a flustered response causing the guard to smile kindly at her. "I see, you don't have to worry anymore miss, I clearly understand what is going on here."

The guard walked over to Fia, attempting to lightly clasp a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Fighting to protect an innocent maiden is a worthy cause to take up arms, but next time try to call for us to settle things while in town."

The other guards who were on the verge of restraining Fia backed off and smiled briefly at her, seemingly giving her an approving nod for her actions before the leader of the guards turned toward the hoodlums. "AND YOU THREE ARE GOING TO HAVE A LONG TIME EXPLAINING YOURSELVES!"

The thugs yelled in protest, but to no avail as the guards prepared to haul them away while Esperia was fidgeting on the spot once the guards were ready to leave, catching a glimpse at Fia's expression to see how she was doing at this unexpected change of events.

Even weirder seemed to be that the nearby vendors were applauding her 'heroic' attempt to protect the maiden.

God bless the existence of a good act, right?

#10Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It felt good. It felt really damn good, socking that arrogant hooligan right in the nose. Just getting to watch the asshole hit the ground, seeing him grab his bloody nose, hearing him cry in pain... All that was a victory on its own.

Fia reared her fist back, ready to smash the next hooligan. Her eyes were wild with bloodlust, steam flowing off of her as she felt a more solid grasp on her fury. They'd hurt Esperia, someone innocent and kind. So she wanted to hurt them. She wanted to hurt them so badly. Just like she'd hurt those bullies, the ones that picked on her siblings.

"Alright, who's next!?" Fia cried out madly as she watched the other two thugs, to see who attacked first. One of them reared back, but Agni stepped in with the assist on that punk. Just as Fia set her wrathful gaze on the other one, the guards made their entrance.

As they moved in on her, Fia was just about to unleash her ire on them too, and very well would have if it wasn't for Esperia. Deeply ingrained maternal instinct meant that single sob was nothing short of sobering, immediately stopping Fia in her tracks as her gaze darted toward the noise, her anger overwritten by concern.

The guards rushed over too, asking what was wrong. The answer wasn't half wrong, but Fia was still surprised by one part of it. "Huh? Fi-Fi?" She uttered confusedly, before realizing it was referring to her.

"Fi-Fi!? Really?" She growled to Esperia, blushing madly. The nickname wasn't half bad, really... But something she wanted to be called in public, it certainly was not.

"G-Girlfriend!?" Yet another flustered cry at Esperia's words, steam jetting out her ears.

It seemed this trickster was intent on teasing her. What a shame it was Fia couldn't but find such a troublesome girl so cute and endearing...

Unfortunately, her embarrassment would soon be overwritten by something much darker, as the guard came over, and had the nerve to praise her.

"Yeah, right. Whatever." Fia snarled as she shoved off the guard's hand, her rage making a sudden return. Only this time, it was far more deeply rooted. What nerve this guard had, to suggest a good-for-nothing law enforcer like him could help!?

And then there was the others' approving nods, which she returned with scowls. Thanking her!? Praising her!? Like hell she wanted their approval!

She continued to bare her teeth at the guards and thugs as they left, only to hear applause all around her. More praise, more approval. What the hell was their problem? Like a mad beast, Fia glared around her, steam rising up. They didn't get to do this.

After everything at her orphanage, after all the stigmas, they didn't get to call a hero now. They didn't get to make that judgement.


With that almighty roar, the applause would likely end, just as one great burst of steam erupted from Fia.

It was in that silence, that she felt it. Shame, guilt. Because Esperia was still right there, after all.

In that guilt, and her festering rage... Fia stormed off, not looking back at her date or the Growlithe. She just wanted to be alone, and she couldn't bare to look at Esperia after that display...

She stomped along, down the street until she found a nice alleyway she could in. Turning down the alley, she'd stare at the wall once she was out of view. And then, with her ire spilling over, she released some of it. Fia smashed her fist into the wall, hard, blood dripping from cut knuckles as she let the pain absorb her rage...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

This truly had taken a turn for the unexpected. While Esperia's attempt to pacify the situation had succeeded, rather remarkably even Fia's initial embarrassment made way for anger and rage. She wasn't sure what caused it, whether it was because of her actions or something else, but the girl felt a rather painful pressure in her chest: guilt.

"W-Wait!" Esperia tried to call after Fia as she ran off, but it was to no avail. The girl disappeared into a nearby alleyway and Esperia was left on her own, the merchants seemingly having a bewildered reaction at Fia's response to the praise.

Once more she had messed up. She tried to do something, and it provoked a backlash and consequences she had not expected, and inevitably she had hurt someone with her actions. Looking down at her hands she found them to be trembling lightly and recalling the angry outburst of Fia only intensified the shaking.

There was no doubt she liked the flustered and embarrassedly cheerful Fia much more than the pained look Fia had earlier... and to think it was all the result of her own actions. It made her body feel heavy, and a part of her wanted to just run away and hide, to cry in the dark and lament her own foolish decision, but what would that do? Nothing... What would it solve? Nothing. A sudden bark pulled her thoughts back to find Agni staring at her as if he was trying to encourage her to do the thing she knew that needed to be done. A little nod came from the girl as she started rushing toward the alley Fia had disappeared into.

She had just arrived to find Fia standing there, by herself in the shadows of the alley, and for a moment she realized how vulnerable the girl looked, a vulnerability that was coaxed out of hiding by her, and it made Esperia feel an immense sense of guilt.

Slowly stepping forwards the girl took a deep breath, trying to steel herself for what was about to follow, in the end, the words that would be said would likely either resolve things or ruin their date in the grandest of manners.

A harsh punch followed against the wall just as she reached the hearing range of the girl, the fist that crashed into the wall soon having blood seep from amidst the knuckles, causing Esperia's eyes to widen in surprise as she rushed over to the girl.


A swift motion of her hands followed as the girl attempted to grasp a hold of Fia's hand, this time with more firmness than her previous motions, yet there was clearly no anger in them, no the tears flowing down the girl's cheeks were clearly of sadness and guilt.

"D-Don't do that!" she protested, a hand reaching for her pocket as she tried her best to pull out a handkerchief to let the blood seep into the fabric and stop the bleeding. "I... If you want to be angry at anyone... if you want to lash out in anger at someone then do it at me, BUT DON'T HURT YOURSELF!" the girl cried, her small hands shaking lightly in the grasp she had of Fia's knuckle.

"I... I don't want to see you looking so sad and hurt..."

Tears continued to roll down the girl's cheeks as she looked up at Fia's face. "Please don't run away or hide from me..."

Was it guilt that was making her react so strongly? or was it something more?

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It hurt, but she knew it would. She'd wanted it to. The pain was somewhere for her rage to go, the physical stress a conduit for the energy her anger gave her. Or at least, that was the plan. But it didn't work. Her blood still boiled, the applause and the guard's praise echoed in her ears.

A hero? They're gonna call her a hero? What the hell did they know? All they were doing, all people ever did, was worship those who they liked, who [i]they[/b] benefited from. Fia knew, without a doubt, that if they knew she as a child of Barone, they wouldn't applaud. They wouldn't cheer. Cause it didn't help them to do so.

Her fist pressed harder into the rough wall, Fia hissing through her teeth as she felt cuts opening. She wished she could do something with this anger, something that was productive, that'd help her family. But there was nothing a useless thug like her could do. She couldn't even go on a date without fucking up.

Speaking of her date, the princess in question called out to her from the alley's entrance. Fia shot her a scowl before turning away, unable to look at her. She just wanted to be alone, and after the doll-like girl's presumed 'act' for the guards... Fia didn't know if she could trust the girl.

And the fact she'd started to made it all the worse.

"Go away..." Fia growled softly, but the girl was undeterred. Esperia grabbed Fia's hand, so the delinquent girl just stood there, continuing to stare at the wall and waiting for the girl to just leave.

But, unfortunately for her, Esperia wasn't going anywhere. Fia was confused, frustrated throughout Esperia's little speech. Why the hell did she care? Was this another act? It didn't make sense, otherwise. There wasn't any way she cared so much, not after they'd just met. But then why... Was her hand shaking?

"What the hell do you know?" Fia growled lowly, still staring into the wall. She yelled at Esperia again, turning to face the girl this time. "Sad!? Hurt!? Running and hiding from!? You don't know shit about-"

Esperia was crying.

The moment Fia noticed that, her words came to a halt.

They were tears. Real tears.

She felt it again. The concern concealing the rage. Her tense body lightened, she stood stunned for a moment, before softly pulling her hand away from Esperia's as she held her own damaged knuckles.

"Hey... Princess... You oughta just go home." Fia said softly, the rage in her voice absent, instead, it was only... solemn.

"I won't ask for payment or nothin'. So just leave, aight?" Fia said sternly, her expression unreadable. "I don't get why you're so fired up 'bout this, 'bout some punk you just met. Hell, I don't even know why you did this in the first place... Gettin' Doc to hook you up with someone. But believe me when I say I'm more trouble than I'm worth."

Fia didn't want to make her cry anymore. The sting of her failure, of hurting someone innocent, she didn't want that anymore. So just cutting things off her was for the best, right?

Then why... Did it still hurt?

Fia shook the thought from her head. "Seriously... Why do you even care?" She queried angrily. Partially to make sure things ended here... Partially because she was curious....



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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The growl that told her to go away didn't deter Esperia from trying to approach Fia, nor did her angry outburst stop the girl from grasping a hold of Fia's hand. No, instead she took in all the anger, all the frustration hoping to find out what hid beneath it all. Despite the tears that flowed along her cheeks her voice was still as soft and gentle as usual when Fia told her to just go home.

"I... have neither a home or family to return to."

She confessed, the memory of the ruins of the Eisenberg church returning to her mind like a vivid picture yet she didn't decide to dwell on the subject unless Fia inquired further about it. While the Blue Pegasus represented a 'family' and a 'home' in its own way, it was yet to be that case for Esperia who had only recently joined their ranks.

Esperia listened to Fia's questioning behind her motives and reason for this date, about why she cared about someone she had just met and who no doubt would be more trouble than the average girl one might meet. Her grasp softened on Fia's hand as she hoped the bleeding was starting to stop while she replied, her tone sorrowful and just barely above a whisper.

"I don't know why I care..." she admitted, but she soon continued her response as she explained while her expression turned into a smile that clearly showed the sorrow behind it as if even she couldn't act as if everything was fine. "To be honest, I don't even truly understand the nature of romantic affection... and yet in my desire to feel it I inevitably hurt those around me. I hurt myself, and hurt others at the same time with those selfish actions, and yet I can't help but desire to continue chasing them. Even if someone tries to make me not want to care, if my heart desires it I will care even against their wishes... I'm a selfish princess aren't I?"

She gently finished trying to wrap the handkerchief around Fia's knuckle when finally she released a hold of the girl's hand.

"When the doctor offered to help me meet someone I was skeptical. But then it was you who showed up... I still don't understand entirely why, but when I'm around you I can't help but enjoy the time that passes. Even if it's short it draws out a sense of longing to learn more about you, to coax more reactions out of you... to get closer to you."

The last words came as a bit of a softer whisper, her tears slowly subduing and instead, making way for a blush as she continued. "It's true that I don't know anything yet about you, but I still desire to be close to you! It has nothing to do with rewards or compensations."

How could she properly convey her words? That she held no ill or half-hearted intentions upon going on this date with Fia? There were so many words that could possibly be used, and yet none would have likely conveyed the meaning behind her decision. Perhaps... If words didn't do the trick.

A step closer followed, the already close proximity between the two girls being turned into a point-blank range as Esperia literally pressed herself lightly against Fia, and in a single fluent motion tried to wrap her arms around the girl's neck while leaning in to kiss her lips. Not just a short brushing of lips, it would have been an extended yet tender kiss unless it was broken or forced apart by Fia as Esperia finally took a step backward and looked at the girl.

"Does that properly convey to you how serious I am about this?"

There was no teasing tone, no mischievous giggle or sheepish grin. And despite her blushing cheeks, it was clear that Esperia was quite serious about this.

"As selfish as it might sound: I still want to get closer to you Fia, to learn about you and those feelings."

What is love, what is the reason she felt such entertainment at teasing Fia? Were the two connected? only time would tell...

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

She didn't get it, didn't understand it at all. Everything was so simple, why didn't it make sense? Fia was a wrathful, antisocial delinquent daughter of a feared killer. Esperia was some dainty noble. So why the hell was the latter still there, why she'd come in the first place.

But then it was clear.

When Esperia confessed she'd no family to return to, Fia was speechless for a moment. No family? No home? So she was... Just like them. All of her siblings, all the lost children Baldo had brought in. Right before Fia, was someone just like her family. And she'd hurt them.

It was only natural her first instinct was to push Esperia way, to prevent herself from hurting the girl anymore with her unbridled anger. Anger that came from force deep within her, some unexplainable deeply rooted source. Though she often used it to protect, that could only be done with her family...

So, it was best to just leave Esperia to go her own way, right? Esperia wasn't family, had no reason to bother with Fia.

For a split-second, it seemed like the doll-like girl was in agreement, as she admitted the didn't know she cared. But the moment Fia saw that masquerade of a smile, she knew things weren't that simple.

Fia gazed at the girl with a curious expression as she spoke, taking in her words. Only now... She listened far more intently. Though Esperia mightn't know it the time, just mentioning her lack of a family was enough to entice Fia's emotions to come forth.

This girl, this strange girl out of nowhere, Fia... Found herself inexplicably believing every word she said. About how her desires were her desires, how she actually wanted to know more about Fia.

That fire, within the delinquent, weakened... A warmth spread through her, one she didn't even think she deserved. This girl wanted to be close to her? Really? A thug like her? Everything just made... Less and less sense.

So then why was it she couldn't help but feel her cheeks flush?

Was it all lies? Was she a fool? Well, yes, she was a fool. This whole time she'd only thought over how Esperia might really feel... But how did Fia feel? She just didn't know. She felt confused, a little scared.

So when Esperia came over in a sudden sweep, Fia didn't let the girl get much more than a brush against her lips, her hand coming between them as she gazed at the raven-haired girl with concern and bewilderment.

Romance? Love? It was all foreign to her... She'd had the time for it, so why, exactly, was she the one who Esperia had decided she wanted to close to? Why was her smile so genuine, her feelings seeming so pure? Esperia's little kiss showed her serious she was, but Fia still had so many questions.

"Yer a... Weird one..." Fia muttered with confusion after all of Esperia's words, those questions still pounding in her head. So much, it became frustrating, until she'd had enough.

Screw questions, she wanted answers!

"Hey, Princess." Fia said sternly, stepping toward the girl. In a swift movement, her arm was around the girl's waist as she leant forward, bending down to close the gap between her lips and other girl's in a strong kiss.

It was partially an apology for cutting Esperia's previous attempt short.

When she finally pulled back, Fia found herself realizing what exactly she just did. Her face went red, a burst of steam rising upward. And that was how she knew.

This girl, this kind doll-like genuine cute girl...

Fia liked her.

"L-Listen, Espy, I'll admit it... I dunno nothin' bout romance either." Fiammetta confessed sternly. "An' like I said, more trouble than I'm worth. I'm a damned thug, you saw that. So when yer tellin' me ya' like spendin' time with me, I don't get it all. Yer confusin' me, seriously. But it ain't.... It don't sound like yer lyin'..."

It was strange, so strange, how Fia's rage vanished, how this admittance seemed to expel it from her. "So yer right, yer real selfish. Wantin' to care about me an' all that. You wanna get close to me, but Princess, someone like me don' have any business bein anywhere near somethin' delicate as you.."

Fia's solemn look suddenly vanished, an odd cocky grin forming on her face as she looked down at the girl. She still felt guilty, about everything, but really... Her stress had left without any shits to give.

"Things is, I'm selfish too. An' a Princess like you, well, uh..." That cocky look wavered a little, a clear flustered expression taking its place. "I don' mind gettin' to know ya better... Maybe get this whole romance stuff figured out, ya 'know? Just for the hell of it."

Insincere though she may have been with her feelings, it was likely Esperia would say right though Fia's pathetic attempt to hide them.

Her hand, which had still been around the girl's waist, slipped off as Fia set her eyes at the alley's exit.

"So, uh, bout that date... I'm down to keep goin'." She stated simply. "But listen, just cause yer my Princess, l-let's not do anythin' too quick, ya hear?"  

The inexperienced Fia stammered out that last part, clearly embarassed by whatever prospect she imagined. Truth be told, her main reason for forbidding it was because she'd already flustered herself so much just trying to force those few emotions out of her...



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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The hand that pulled up between them seemed to halt Esperia, and despite her smile, she felt a familiar sensation rising up within her chest. A feeling of sadness and concern as she expected a rejection to follow, leaving a heavy pressure upon her heart. Fia commented on her being a weird one, causing a weak chuckle to escape her lips as she remarked in a soft tone. "I believe most would be inclined to agree with you on that statement~"

Yet when Fia used her little 'princess' name again Esperia tilted her head slightly toward the side in confusion. "Hmm?" She was just about to ask her if there was something Fia wanted to tell her, but the actions that followed were more than strong enough to convey an entire novel of words. The hand that wrapped around her waist pulled her against Fia, and when she suddenly felt her lips claimed by the girl her eyes widened. "Mhmm?!!!!!" A muffled sound came from the strong kiss, and for the first time ever Esperia found her cheeks turning as red as a tomato and her heart to skip to the beat of a race-car.

It was a first... the first time someone had claimed her lips in such a way, and in a way, it felt entirely different than what she had expected. Whether she had been prepared for it or not was another question, but as Fia finally broke their kiss Esperia found herself flabbergasted, her mind in a brief daze while she found the fingers of a hand trail up to her lips, savoring the sensation she had felt moments ago. It was not an unpleasant sensation, yet to just merely call it pleasant was an understatement. The obsidian-haired girl felt as if her mind was on the verge of overheating and turning mushy in response to the kiss.

"Ah!" The girl gasped softly as her mind returned to reality when Fia had chosen to call her, not as 'Princess' but as 'Espy', the nickname making her smile brightly as she continued to listen attentively to the girl's words. "I don't think you're just a thug Fia. I don't know your past or your circumstances, but this warmth of yours is not that of a heartless thug!"

She protested softly, her vigor seemingly being renewed after that kiss as she pouted softly at Fia's next choice of words. "Good, if you were to doubt me any longer I would have gotten annoyed..."

When Fia told her she had no business being near someone so delicate as herself Esperia pressed her hands on her hips and declared with a smile as if she was not going to take another option as an answer. "Then you just have to make sure I don't break~"

However, the words that followed truly caused her smile to brighten, the warmth of their conversation at the start of their encounter having intensified a thousand times as she nodded her head with a smile. "Mhmm! Let's continue our date~"

The girl replied in agreement, stepping to Fia's side as she tried to wrap her arms around the girl's arm and looked up at her with a short glimpse of confusion. "Too fast?" And then she realized the meaning of those words, causing her to lean up to Fia's ear to whisper playfully.

"If you want to see what is beneath this dress you'll have to clear a few more levels my dear~"

A playful giggle escaped her lips as she leaned down and pressed her face gently against the side of Fia's arm, humming softly. "Let's turn left out of this alley and then right, there is a small park that is usually unoccupied this time of the day, most people are too busy shopping so we could talk more comfortably there~"

It was during their walk that the girl started speaking once more, her tone softer and lacking in playfulness. "What I said was the truth... My family was murdered before my eyes when I was fourteen years old, and my home is now just a collection of debris and ruin.... It's been five years since then." A gentle sigh escaped her lips as she looked up at Fia and explained with a smile. "It's because I lost those things that I value bonds so much, and care so much about them~"

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Even if she was still uncertain about her feelings, unable to grasp just how intense or genuine they were, Fia did know one thing. She certainly wouldn't have been to express them so freely if she and Esperia didn't have the privacy of the alleyway. Sure it was dim and damp, but it was theirs. It was just them, just then.

Bearing the golden heart beneath raging fires to the girl she was interested in was hard enough, doing it near others would've been damn near impossible. She had her image to maintain after all! She was the tough Fiammetta Barone, not the kinda sap that'd be caught falling for anyone.

So it was in that privacy she kissed Esperia with such passion, poured out her true feelings, and found herself grinning like an idiot when Esperia gleefully accepted her suggestion to continue the date. She was glad her feelings had come across well enough...

Cause even if the problem of Fia's dedication to her family remained, she was willing to test this out. No one, not in her entire life, not outside her family, had ever been as honest and kind to her as Esperia. She wasn't about to let a catch like that slip through her fingers.

Of course, her naturally stubborn nature meant she inadvertently request things not go 'too fast', prompting quite the response from Esperia. In what was becoming a recurring thing, Fia's face turned crimson at the comment, such a level of steam rising from the alleyway that nearby townsfolk were concerned about a possible fire.

"I-I-I-I never said I wanted to s-see what was under, you damn perv!" Fia snapped, her anger somewhat overshadowed by how flustered she was. "I just knew a perv like you probably wanted to get in pants, huh?" She growled in a smug accusatory tone, hoping to turn the comment back on the girl. It would almost certainly backfire.

Regardless, Fia let the girl lean against her, looking away to hide her satisfied expression as she followed Esperia's directions. "A park, huh? Guess that don't sound half bad. Nice call, Princess."

During the walk to that destination, however, the mood would suddenly shift again, as Esperia suddenly expanded on what she'd said before. It was so sudden, so calm, Fia couldn't help but look down at the smaller girl with shock in her expression.

Losing one's family like that? Fia couldn't imagine it. She didn't even want to try. The very thought of such a thing happening to her siblings was... Sickening.

"Sorry to hear that..." Fia said solemnly, in a rare display of empathy. She paused a moment, opening her mouth to speak a couple times before she finally let the cat out of the bag.

With how honest and forward Esperia had been, for her to hold back now just wouldn't before.

"Never knew my own parents, personally. Not my real ones, at least." Fia suddenly began speaking, feeling her fires of ire starting to flare up inexplicably. Why was that? She didn't particularly care about how birth parents, after all... Shrugging it off, Fia continued.

"Got taken in by someone who found me on the day they died. He was... He wasn't a good guy, not back then." Fia cast her eyes down, cursing herself for not revealing the full details. She just... Couldn't. Not yet. "Anyways, he took me in, gave me a home. Shit happened, and soon enough it wasn't just my home. It became an orphanage."

As she walked, Fia kicked her feet along the ground idly, giving herself time to soothe her building anger at the next part of her story. "Me and the other orphans used to cop a lot of flak for bein' takin' in by that guy... He was essentially our Dad. And people hated us for it, especially the guards and Rune Knights. Made assumptions, harassed us, called us monster's an' all that shit..."

Fia clenched her teeth, letting her anger seethe out a few more moments before she turned to Esperia. "That's why I got pissed back there. People decidin' to call me a hero, after all that other crap."

The delinquent clenched her fist, a bit more blood soaking into the hankerchief wrapped around it. "It ain't fair. They don' get to do that."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It seemed Esperia's idea was on point, for the park had been entirely abandoned aside from the occasional traveler passing by, and it didn't take long for them to find some privacy on a bench near a field of flowers a modest distance away from the main paths. "Oh?" The girl looked slightly surprised by Fia's statement that she was not interested in seeing what was beneath her dress, making the girl pout playfully as she replied in a way that clearly was meant to coax another reaction out of Fia. "And here I was about to be willing to give you a peek since it's you..."

Yet the words that followed made Esperia snicker briefly as she leaned against the taller girl, bringing her lips to her ear as she whispered temptingly. "I'm still a virgin, you know? I might be a pervert, but a perverted princess keeps her precious snuggles for a precious person."

A little giggle followed as she leaned back on the bench, a gentle smile lingered upon her lips as their conversation turned toward one family-related, making Esperia listen attentively. Fia's story, her explanation explained the insecurities of the girl and the reason behind her reaction earlier, and it led to Esperia's hand to gently grasp a hold of Fia's unharmed hand.

"Do you truly believe everyone will look at you through the same glasses?" It was a question asked in a soft and understanding tone as she continued. "I won't lie and say that prejudging isn't real, for it's a curse upon our society, and way too often people discriminate based upon rumors rather than wanting to find their own answer by interacting with someone." She paused for a moment before she continued, looking at Fia with a gentle smile.

"Your father might had been a bad person at some point, perhaps even committed evil deeds but I believe a person's nature is an accumulation of their deeds across their life. The fact he was willing to take you into his care, work to raise you and the other orphans showed his own way of remorse for his actions. His own way of showing he cared and loved for you and other orphans. That's what you believe also, right? That your father is a good person despite his past deeds..."

She knew there was nobody else in the park right now, so perhaps it was for that reason the girl spun her body lightly, pulling a leg over Fia's own as she attempted to straddle her and look her straight in the face. "I believe the same~ I believe your father, is a splendid man in his own way, just like you are much more than what you think yourself to be."

Her hands gently held Fia's own as she explained with a smile. "I'll never judge you based on rumors, I'll look at you with my own eyes, and if you threaten to stray from your path I'll help you find your way back~ That's part of what being a girlfriend is all about~"

A softer and more innocent smile lingered on her lips as she continued. "But this is your chance Fia, show the world how wrong they are, show what an amazing person you, your dad and everyone at the orphanage are."

She rose to her feet and looked down at Fia with a smile. "Tell me more about your father~ He must be a pretty amazing person for you to admire him so much. I can hear it just in your tone alone when you speak of him~"

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

As one could've easily expected, Fia's attempt to call Esperia out on her perverted ways went a bit... Awry. Though she initially thought she'd properly convinced the raven-haired trickster that she wasn't interested, once Esperia mentioned giving a peek Fia's crimson face was impossible to disguise.

Fia's accusations of Esperia also went poorly, with Fia completely frozen in shock afterward. "Th-That so? Good to know..." Fia managed softly, blushing as she tried to look away. Though it was kinda nice to hear Esperia wasn't the type to be interested in just anyone, making Fia feel that extra bit more special, the delinquent girl felt a little shameful that she couldn't say she'd been quite as chaste. Chalk that up to some poor decisions and alcohol.

The steam punk let out a little sigh, before glancing back at Esperia with a small grin. Truthfully, sexuality wasn't quite something that flustered Fia easily - it was just when there were emotions involved that she got so embarrassed. Being interested was easy, admitting it was the hard part.

But Fia wasn't about to let Esperia's teasing go unreciprocated, not when she saw earlier that it was possible to fluster the smaller girl. With flushed cheeks, Fia mustered some confidence and gave a shaky but cheeky smile at Esperia. "Aight Princess, if that's true, then you oughta know..." A bit of steam escaped Fia's ears as she tried her damndest to be cool, with moderate succes. "If it comes to yer first time, Princess, Ima treat you like royalty, ya hear? Even if I gotta storm yer castle."

After their little teasing match, the mood shifted with the much more personal talk of family, or rather, their equally difficult pasts...

Once she'd finished her story, Fia wasn't sure how Esperia would react. She'd mostly just wanted to put it there, to make things clear before their date continued. Fortunately, as Fia had hoped, the wise and kind-hearted Eisenberg gave a very favorable response.

Feeling her fingers interlaced with Esperia's, Fia looked down at the girl to hear her speak. The steam punk couldn't help but feel that strange warmth again, hearing Esperia hit the nail on the head with how Fia felt about her father.

"Yeah... That's right." Fia said, unable to hold back her small smile. "I dunno if he just did it cause he had a guilty conscience... But takin' us all in, givin' us a home. It was a... Good thing. He was a good guy, even if he weren't always one."

Fia's smile grew slightly sorrowful, until she heard Esperia say she agreed. The doll-like girl straddled Fia, looking her straight in the face. Fia felt her face flush as she looked into her heterochromic eyes, heard her say Fia and Baldo were.... Good people...

She held Esperia's hands tightly, hearing the smaller girl's promises to never judge her. She was so kind, so effortlessly charming, Fia began to wonder just where the hell such a person could even come from...

She's just like her...

Some stray thought crossed Fia's mind, leaving her confused for a moment. Just like who? Why didn't she know who she was thinking of? Shrugging it off as a mind-fart, Fia couldn't help but give a grin at Esperia's claim that Fia could show the world how amazing she was.

The affection felt at that moment was overwhelming, she didn't even think before giving the girl a small peck on the lips. "Y'know Princess... I like the sound o' that. Makin' all those assholes realize the mistake they made... Make 'em realize they were wrong, that my Dad's a good guy." Her grin grew satisfied, almost wild. "Even if they kick us to the dirt, I'll rise from the ashes and show 'em how kickass we are.!"

Fia gulped a little, a little afraid all of a sudden. It'd been so long since she'd been so capable of being this forward, this honest to anyone, it was a little scary how easily she found herself being honest with Esperia...

Esperia stood up, asking to know a bit more about Fia's father. Fia's face heated up a bit when Esperia mentioned how much she admired him, the tsun in her tsundere being brought out once again.

"I-I dunnno about admire, but he taught me a lot, I guess..." Fia stammered unconvincingly. "He was tough, a real warrior. Didn't take shit from no one, didn't let 'em hurt any of us."

Fia stood up too, a smug look on her face as she started shadowboxing. "Old man taught me how to throw a punch, too. So I guess you got him to thank for me bein' so badass."

Throwing a few jabs and an uppercut, Fia realized her embarrassing display and promptly stopped, before turning to Esperia. "So, uh, why are yous in Baska anyway? Said you were a traveler, but why come to this shithole?"


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fia's response to her statement that she was still a Virgin quickly coaxed a little grin to linger upon the Eisenberg's lips. It was quite endearing how the girl tried her best to appear disinterested in things like this, but just the right choice of words or actions could coax such wonderful reactions out of her.

Gods Fia, you're such a lovable dumbass, you know? resounded in her mind as she thought about the matter and the Tsundere's reactions, but little prepared her for what came next. Truth to be told, Esperia has a soft spot, or perhaps a weakness for being teased strong enough. There was something about it that made her get flustered, but also quite excited about the whole matter, and gods did Fia's next choice of words stir a response out of her.

The way Fia talked about her first time, about how she would treat her like royalty initially made Esperia be on the verge of giving a witty comment but what followed afterward changed her reaction significantly. The way she worded the deed as 'storming her castle' made the obsidian-haired girl's cheeks turn a scarlet hue once more, her body making a light squirm as her vivid imagination was unleashed.

She could already imagine it, the two of them alone in the room of an inn, their clothes scattered on the floor while Fia was on top of her... hands reaching were none had gone before, the sight of their naked bodies pressing against one another and--- The thoughts had become so steamy that even narrating them would have been dangerous, and for poor Esperia she fidgeted lightly on the spot. "I-I'll hold you on to that promise..."

Fia's talk about her father made Esperia smile kindly at her in response, nodding her head in agreement as she replied in a soft tone. "I'm sure he wanted to escape from the darkness brought by his past deeds. To him, you and the others must have been a beacon of light, a source of warmth and hope that allowed him the strength to change, to become the father he wanted to be for you all."

Hearing Fia's agreement on the whole idea of showing the world how wrong the rumors about her and her father were caused Esperia's smile to brighten, even more, nodding her head gently in agreement. "And I'll be there at your side, to watch you walk that path~"

she admitted with a smile as she finally continued back to the subject. "Your feelings toward him are a lot like how I feel about my elder sister." Her smile softened and turned more solemn as she continued. "My sister was an amazing person. She was strong, smart, talented and yet always retained that kind side to her that I loved so much."

She briefly lifted her gaze to the sky as she hummed softly. "The Eisenberg are by origins an exorcist family, we basically are raised to learn to fight the occult, to protect people from those who would threaten them. Vampires, undead, Lycan and even demons..."

Her tone was a bit mixed, pride and perhaps a bit of regret but the latter soon faded as she changed the subject. "But my sister was different, more special and amazing than any of us. The church has this very special and prestigious order known as the Holy Knights, I don't know much about them since my sister rarely talked about her work... but she was one of them... one of the most respected people in all of Fiore! a real Holy Knight!"

She exclaimed with a smile as she looked back down at Fia. "But not once did my sister's ambitions change: She wanted to create a beautiful and peaceful world for everyone to live in. No matter who you were, or what you did... she wanted to create a world where everyone lived comfortable, even if it was a naive dream. For that reason, she was willing to carry all the burdens, fight all that would threaten that wonderful dream of her."

And then it finally came... "But one night our home was attacked. The church was raided by a pack of Lycan, and even the combined efforts of my family couldn't stop their sheer numbers. My sister tried to take me to safety, to hide me somewhere safe, but in her attempt to protect me she got slain by the leader of the pack. I... I still don't know why they didn't kill me back then also, perhaps they didn't consider me a worthy threat, but I was forced to acknowledge my own weakness after watching my sister die before me..."

She heaved a sigh before shaking her head lightly. "Why I'm in Baska?" The girl tilted her head slightly toward the side in confusion as she continued. "Truth to be told I lost my way~ I was searching for information but in the end arrived in Baska before I realized it." A little chuckle escaped her lips as she continued. "But in the end, I got reunited with a childhood friend, and since then we're traveling together. I believe after the holidays next month we plan to resume our travels."

She nodded her head gently as she leaned a bit closer, a more innocent embrace following as she held her face against the side of Fia's head, briefly causing their cheeks to rub against one another. "I would love it if you considered the idea of traveling alongside me~ While we don't have a solid destination, adventures like this can take you everywhere and give you so many opportunities. and I'm sure Liana would be quite interested in meeting the girl who snatched her friend's heart~"

A little giggle followed as she leaned a bit backward and looked at Fia with a tender smile. "What about you? What brought you to Baska? I mean, I doubt you'd expected to come here and leave with a perverted little princess among your rewards~"

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia smiled with smug satisfaction as she managed to fluster the girl with her words, though she was also admittedly a bit embarrassed herself when she considered what the girl must be thinking. Regardless, Fia was glad she now knew some way to return Esperia's deadly teasing...

With that piece of ammunition in her backpocket, their serious conversation continued on. Fia's green was unhideable as she heard Esperia praise her father - it was certainly a way to get on Fia's good side. "Really know how to charm with words, huh Princess?" Fia mused idly. It was true, though, as Esperia had even managed temper the flames of the proud and hot-blooded Fia.

"Your sister, huh?" Fia uttered with a bit of strain in her tone, concerned for where this was headed, given what she already knew about Esperia's family. "She don't sound all that different from you." Fia muttered to herself as Esperia listed off all those positive traits.

Fia raised a curious eyebrow at the mention of the Eisenbergs specializing in fighting the occult. Not one for superstition herself, it certainly sounded... Intriguing to Fia. "Fighting the occult... Not gonna lie, sounds kinda badass."

Unfortunately, Fia's attempts to prevent the conversation from getting too dark came to a halt at the mention of Esperia's sister's role as a Holy Knight, immediately causing Fia to tense up. Hearing Esperia have such praise for the knights felt like needles in Fia's side, her own disdain for them conflicting with what she wanted to believe about Esperia's sister.

But with the vigor and love the raven-haired girl showed, Fia was able to force herself to believe this sister was everything Esperia claimed she was. "Sounds like she was real noble, even if she was naive... A 'dumbass who actually makes a difference', my Dad would call her." Fia said with a smirk, one that quickly gave way to a slight scowl. "Wish the same was true for all them Knights..." She growled, old memories and wounds bubbling to the surface.

She felt guilty for even bringing that up, once Esperia continued onto the harrowing retelling. Fia felt helpless as she watched the other girl tear herself apart, and in an almost panicked movement, reached and grabbed a hold of the girl's hand as she spoke. Despite Fia's strength, her grasp was soft, comforting.

"Oi, don't do that. Talkin' 'bout yer own weakness like it's yer fault." Fia ordered sternly, though there was no bite to her tone. "Sometimes people protect us, somtimes that get hurt doin' it. Just gotta make sure you make it up to them, aight? So don' you dare hurt yourself over it."

There was an empathy to her words, as Fia knew all too well that particular aspect of the pain Esperia felt. Luckily they didn't spend too much time on that topic, and instead, Esperia answered Fia's previous question.

"Travelling with friend, huh...." Fia responded lowly all of a sudden, unsure why the doll-like girls words caused her heart to sink. Maybe it was the mention of a close childhood friend... Maybe it was the fact that, apparently, Esperia would be leaving Baska soon, making their current interactions bittersweet...

But that doubt was washed away as Esperia nuzzled up against her, before making an offer Fia really didn't want to refuse. "S-Snatched up yer heart?" Fia stuttered softly, her face once again reddening. Shaking her head, she looked at Esperia with a furrowed brow. "I-I mean, travelin' with you and yer friend... I guess it don't sound too bad... Long as there ain't any boats." Fia said with a hint of sorrow. Good as it sounded... She wasn't quite sure if she could feasibly tag along.

The reason for which, Esperia would quickly find out with her question. "Heh, ya got me there. Came lookin' for cash, but didn't expect somethin' priceless as you." Fia would say with a smug grin, another attempt to tease Esperia back. "But yeah... I'm her lookin fer money. Ya see, uh..."

Fia gulped down her hesitance before continuing. "Funds at the orphanage are low. Dad, uh... Lost his job, kinda. Then got locked up for tryna steal for us..." The delinquent cast her eyes down, the fresh wound stinging horribly. "I didn't wanna wait for the orphanage to go broke, so I came to the closest town, tryna find a consistent source o' income. Ain't really found shit so far..."

Her bandaged fist clenched, her fury flaring again. Only this time, it's target was herself. "All the other kids, waitin' for me back home, and I ain't got anythin' to give em. Odd jobs just ain't doin it... Tried lookin' for other jobs, helpin' out at a farm or mine - Dad said I always was good at movin' earth with all the chores I did." Fia gave an unsatisfied grin before continuing. "But ain't no one wanna a thug like myself, so that ain't the go either..."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A little giggle escaped Esperia's lips as Fia commented about Esperia knowing how to charm someone with words. It was true, being one who lacked physical strength she made it up with her wits, knowing all too well what power the right words at the right time held, and yet she couldn't help but feel somewhat proud at being complimented like that, a compliment that was intensified even further when Fia said that she was not quite unlike her sister. For Fia to say that was one of the greatest praises a girl like her could get, in the end, she had truly idolized her sister.

However, as her story slowly unfolded further and she revealed the tragic conclusion to her tale Fia's scolding made her smile briefly, a gentle nod being made in acknowledgment that the girl was quite correct in her statement. It wasn't her fault that her sister had died, her sister had sacrificed herself in the hope of saving her out of love. Still, as Fia commented about their adventures and her dislike for boats Esperia's lips curved up into a grin as she leaned closer again and prepared another teasing attack.

"Could it be that the mighty Fia is prone to getting seasick?" A bit closer to her ear and then the words came that she was sure would coax another reaction out of her. "How do you expect to be able to be on top then after laying siege to my 'castle'?"

A soft chuckle followed as she leaned back to observe the girl's reaction before listening to a bit further about her reason for being in Baska. "Money to save the orphanage and free your dad..."

Her expression softened for a bit as she replied in a gentle tone, explaining an idea she had in mind. "Then that's all the more reason for you to accept my invitation~ Disregarding the fact that long-distance relationships are tragic, being with me would allow you to land a ton of jobs!"

She grinned briefly as she took a few steps backward, humming softly as she motioned for Fia to follow her. "Adventures often conceal untold riches, and adventurers are often hired for work. In fact, I know a group of people, a guild so to speak who specialize in the type of odd jobs you seek, and they even pay well~"

As the girl waited for Fia to catch up to her at the nearby flower-field she admitted with a smile. "And truth to be told---" a spin of her body followed as she stopped right before Fia, gently resting her hands on Fia's hips while looking up at her with a smile. "I want us to stay together even after we leave Baska~ There is so much I want to do with you, so much I want to learn, experience and witness together~"

Surely if they worked together they would be able to obtain the wealth needed to save the orphanage and Fia's father, right? "If you want I can make contact with that guild I mentioned and ask them what town would have the best means for us to make money quickly. Then we can save the orphanage and your dad, and then you can introduce me to everyone~"

She smiled softly at the last words, seemingly truly desiring for Fia to join her on her adventures.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"Ain't that I get seasick... Just ain't a fan of the ocean." Fia groaned a little shamefully, not willing to fully admit her fear of the vast, dark ocean. There would be more pressing concerns, however, as Esperia leaned in closer for another teasing strike at Fia. The delinquent girl wanted to bury her face in her hands after being reminded of her earlier embarrassing comment, and at the way Esperia's words spurred on her imagination...

"Er,uh, well, y'know..." Fiammetta stammered out as she scratched her crimson cheek, looking for a way to respond. Fortunately, another idea for a counterattack came to her. "I mean, don't matter how I feel 'bout the water if yer the one gettin' wet, aight?" She quipped with a slight grin. Fia was getting the hang of this whole innuendo thing, it seemed.

After their little dirty-minded verbal sparring match, talks of the future emerged - specifically, the prospect of traveling, and Fia's possible involvement in Esperia's travels. The doll-like girl explained that traveling itself could be a good way of earning the funds, which had Fia smiling softly at the prospect.

"A guild, huh? Never really thought a' joinin' one. Don' exactly do too well in a team." Fia groaned a little shamefully, fully aware of how her abrasive attitude and distrusting disposition made working with others difficult. It took someone as persistent and charming as Esperia to really get through to her. "Travelin' for jobs though... That might work, but I dunno..." Fia admitted as she followed behind Esperia, up to the flower field.

A grin formed on Fia's face as Esperia put her hands on her hips, Fia's own fingers interlaced behind the girl's neck. Being close like this, she could get real damn used to it. Fires that burned with anger, now burned instead with passion in Esperia's presence.

Her grin softened, cheeks flushed at Esperia's words about wanting to stay together. "Y-Yeah um..." Fia stammered, clearing her throat."Ditto..."

Her smile grew massive as Esperia continued to offer solutions, suggestions, a way for Fia to solve her problem. The delinquent girl pulled Esperia in, claiming her lips again with passion and pride,
though only holding it briefly before pulling back."Princess, yer really makin' my day, y'know that?" Fia said with a cocky and smug look.

"I mean, don' like askin' fer help... But if ya reckon this guild can help... Maybe it's the go.." Fia's smug look wavered a bit, her eyes cast a little downward. "I just, uh, gotta be sure first. I ain't out her to go on adventures, I gotta know this is me doin' right by my family. I can't let 'em down. Never."

Her grin returned, if only for a moment. "Oh, and I ain't introducin' you to them. Pervert like you's a bad influence on the kids."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fia's excuse to try to cover up her fear of the ocean made Esperia smile, her expression clearly suggesting she was doubting if that was truly the case, but there was little time for her to doubt, for the words that followed quickly changed her focus to something more... juicy. The remark making her cheeks flush up lightly while she whispered softly. "I'm certain I won't be the only one getting soaked."

Yet as soon as the silly teasing had come, it had also gone again as the conversation turned toward the invitation for them to adventure together. It seemed her words were starting to convince Fia, but the girl was still struggling with whether it was the right thing to do or not. "We'll be in Baska for a while anyway, gives you ample of time to figure it all out~"

Her gaze briefly lingered on the flowers nearby, her gaze softening a little when the sudden words of the girl about not wanting to introduce her to her 'family' made Esperia turn around, cheeks puffing lightly in a pout as she answered in response. "That's unfair~ I can behave when needed~"

Of course, she was not going to go those words go without punishment either, but before she could deliver it she felt her lips claimed once more, her smile brightening once more as she continued after their kiss parted. "I could get used to this~" She answered with a smile till she was finally let go, a few steps backward, her hand gently trying to tug Fia along.

"Where to go next~" The girl hummed softly as she slowed down her walk till she was right beside Fia and wrapped her arms back around the girl's arm, snuggling comfortably against it.

"Say Fia~" The girl paused for a moment as she looked up at her taller companion and continued cheerfully.

"Want to grab something to eat? I'm in the mood for something delicous~"

It seemed the girl was having some idea of where to go next, and while one might expect the duo to visit a fancy restaurant for their date, it seemed the Eisenberg had something more 'casual' in mind. A pizzeria as she gestured toward it like an excited child. "Pizza~ Pizza~" Yet little did either of them know it would lead to another case of shenanigans, for if Fia accepted the suggestion she would discover that it was not just an ordinary pizzeria but.... One where the waitresses were all wearing cute maid outfits! The sight of it was amusing for sure, but little did Esperia know that there was someone who held quite some interest in those type of things, and with Esperia trying to pull Fia toward one of the booths it was clear it would be a pleasant type of hell for the poor steam punk to walk into!

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

To say Fia was pleased by Esperia's flushed cheeks at her comment would be an understatement. Of course, the girl's devious retort had Fia blushing too, but a phyrric victory was still a victory in her eyes. Besides, Esperia's promise of reciprocation didn't sound all too bad to Fiammetta.

Esperia continued to deliver some enjoyable reactions, as Fia couldn't help but find herself grinning at Esperia's pout. God, she was cute. Fia was starting to see why Esperia enjoyed teasing people so much.

After sharing another delectable kiss - which Fia was also getting used to - the delinquent was tugged along by the miniature princess, who ended up nuzzling herself into Fia's arm. Fia tucked her hands into her jacket pockets, allowing the shorter girl to cling to her closely.

"Pretty gal' on my arm, nice jacket on my back... Old man would be proud 'o me." Fia mused to herself with a proud look on her face. This position was much favorable to hand-holding, at least in terms of retaining the thuggish image she and her father both displayed. Though, she did miss the feel of Esperia's soft fingers in her own, coarser hands.

"Yeah, I could go for some grub. You got somethin' in mind? Don' do anythin' fancy, I ain't even know how to use all them forks an shit they use..." Fia responded to Esperia's comment, sincerely worried about the prospect of embarrassing herself at some noble dinner.

Fortunately, that would not be a problem. Fia felt relief wash over her as soon as Esperia pointed at a pizzeria, eagerly singing like an overjoyed child. Too damn cute.

Unfortunately, this would prove to be not just any simple pizzeria, for his as soon as Fia spotted the establishment Esperia was talking about, she found herself staring at one of her biggest weaknesses:

Uniforms. Maid uniforms.

Her face was flushed immediately. What kind of a place was this anyway!? Buxom babes wandering around as maids, serving fresh pies, it was like a perfect mix of heaven and hell for Fia.

She looked down at Esperia, about to recommend they go somewhere else. But, seeing again how cheerful the doll was about this, she just couldn't find it in her. Doing her best to look away from all the maids wandering by, Fia would be dragged by Esperia to a booth, doing her best to keep her eyes only on her girlfriend.

As Fia was dragged into the booth - at the mercy of whatever seating arrangement Esperia decided - she couldn't help but make another comment on one of the girl's recurring features.

"Shoulda' figured a perv like you knew about somewhere like this..." She groaned with a slight grin, before looking a little curious. "You really like girls, dontcha?"

Fia herself was, obviously, much the same - but also had a strikezone for males as well. She couldn't really see the same being true for Esperia, but was curious to find out.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Of course, Esperia wouldn't have gone to a fancy restaurant, in the end, she liked the cozy nature of establishments like this more. Perhaps it was for that reason she was so excited for the idea of visiting a pizzeria instead of a restaurant and noticing the reaction from Fia made it all the more worth it. Of course, she had some ulterior motives for visiting this place, one that might have been a subtle cue when she waved briefly at the middle-aged gentleman behind a counter that was preparing drinks for the waitresses to deliver.

Truth to be told, Esperia had done some chores for the restaurant before, so she knew the owner personally, and could always enjoy a little discount if desired. Shuffling into the booth beside Fia the girl's embarrassed response made Esperia grin at her girlfriend, replying with a cheerful tone. "The outfits look cute~ right?" She didn't need to even ask that, the way Fia was struggling not to look at the uniforms was evident and was stirring the girl with a little idea.

After a moment when she was inquired about her preferences the Eisenberg replied with little to no reservation. "Mhmm! I do~ Especially those who can make me feel all safe and precious like a princess." A little wink followed at Fia while one of the maids came over, a playful curtsy by the lady being made as she inquired with a sweet tone. "What would the Mademoiselle want today?"

Esperia was quick to raise a hand and declare happily. "For me some soda and a pizza with umm... salami and looooots of cheese~"

After Fia had given her order the maid would have excused herself while Esperia turned toward her girlfriend and hummed with a smile. "I'll be right back~" The girl hurried over to the counter where the middle-aged gentleman greet her with a smile, a brief back and forth between the two following before Esperia moved out of sight.

For a few minutes, Fia would have found herself alone, perhaps giving her an opportunity to think about everything that had unfolded so far when suddenly a soft voice came from beside her.


Yet it appeared that quite a surprise awaited Fia, because when she turned her gaze sideways...

Esperia had picked a change of attire! A sheepish smile lingered on her lips as she lowered their drinks on the table. "Does it look good on me?" A little twirl followed by the girl as she made sure that the moment she turned her back at Fia the skirt of the maid uniform swayed almost high enough to show her lacy underwear before turning to Fia, shuffling back beside her and whispering with a seductive tone. "But you'll be the only one to enjoy my 'service'~"

Poor Fia, this might have been the most powerful attack in the Eisenberg's entire arsenal so far!

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