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Because Of You [Chelflake]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Because Of You [Chelflake] Empty Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:39 pm

Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

The ground was spongy, like walking on foam and as she placed her full weight down on the ground, the earth seemed to hug her heels and gently release them with each step. Branches of neighbouring trees entwined and interlocked from every height and angle, and conspired to divert her direct route harrowing her every step, pulling at her clothes, scratching at every exposed part of her body, drawing drops of blood. There wasn’t a single speck of light visible in the massive realm of woodland and as she ran, the rustle of dry leaves could be heard, branches snapping underneath her boots. Breath pale against the numbing air, she glanced over her shoulder as the frost patiently kissed her face, captivated by the soft, dusty illusions of light that sat heavy on her eyelashes.

Snowflake wasn’t sure where she was heading to, nor the reason to why she was running in the woods, as if her life was on the line. The only thing she knew of was that she was being chased; by an unknown creature who desired her life. She sprinted – as far as her heels could carry her, and she could hear footsteps approaching. Seconds plodded by, each separated by an eternity and the fear and anxiety within her grew stronger with each moment, as she raced away from the footsteps – for dear life. Her legs were beginning to fail, and she was running out of breath. Energy was draining out of her body as if someone had been sucking out her life soul. God knows how long she had been stuck in this maze, but to her, it felt like an eternity.

Her heart pounded against her chest, threatening to lunge out of her throat until she tripped over a branch that prevented her from continuing her path. A yelp escaped her lips as she fell over and pain shot up her knee. Blood cascaded down her leg from the wound that she had received from the fall and she no longer had the strength to escape the doom that was about to befall upon her. Large demonic hands emerged from the shadows, travelling towards her, its claws sturdy enough to rip a heart out. She scrambled up onto her feet to run, but only in vain. The hands reached out for her, inching slowly, until white blinding light filled the entire area.

Dark eyelashes fluttered open, followed by a loud gasp. Beads of perspiration cascaded down her temples and her body was bathed in a cold sweat. The sheets were twisted around her limbs, most likely because she was thrashing in her sleep. Icy optics involuntarily glided over to the clock located on the bedside table. 3 AM. The remnants of her nightmare still clung to her mind, haunting her – yet, her lover was nowhere to be found, indicated by the empty spot right next to her. From her lips was an exasperated breath, her frustration manifesting as she briefly closed her eyes to soothe her chest, but to no avail. Where was he?

I need him.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Darkness, the one thing that always comes at night, like a fate you can’t escape, it would hold the world in its  grasp and keep it there till the sun would dispel the curse. Although now and then there were little animals that were trying to defy the curse of darkness with the light that they generated. Like the forest where a man was walking through which was lighted up with hundreds of small fireflies not much bigger then a small light dot but with enough light to make it seem like someone had filled the place with torches. The man was accompanied by a small green creature which had leaves sticking out of its body. Both of them were walking in a saggy way and their own  eyes were closed. You could see that their eyeballs were moving rapidly under their eyelids and it showed that they were under some kind of spell , that was swaying them to a location inside the forest.

Chelvaric’s vision was distorted and the world seemed to be warped and stretched out, it was also all colored pink, it was like he was drunk or something but he didn’t drink anything since a couple of days ago. The only thing he remembered was going to sleep with Snow after a long day of hard work. The next thing he knew he was walking like this, he was trying to break free from it but he was unsuccessful in that regard as it seemed that his mind wanted to move somewhere and that was the only thing it would listen too. He was afraid and in the deepest of his heart he was shouting for Snow to save him from this horrible fate.

The man and plant walked into a small den of trees and vines that blocked an area of the forest. It seemed to be impenetrable to the human eye but it opened up as the vines withdrew and the trees moved out of the way to let the two of them pass. It closed right after they had gone in and they were greeted by the sight of someone that hadn’t showed itself, he wasn’t sure if it was truly female, since the time he was changed into an Elf.

The woman who was standing in front of him was quite tall, you could say she was around the size an amazon woman which is around one meter eighty centimeter, she had long green flowing hair with intertwined branches and leaves inside it. Her breasts and her legs were covered in clothes that were made from branches, leaves and other natural things. Her forearms were covered in the same fabric, if you could call it that, he wasn’t sure how he would describe it anymore. It was a true otherworldly being. From her back, roots were sprouting as spikes. In her left hand she was holding a long bow, it was decorated with all different kind of animal heads cut out in the wood of the handle. She walked forward and have a tap on both of their heads to wake them from their charm.

Because Of You [Chelflake] Latest?cb=20150729070508

Sorry for the sudden interruption of your sleep, my knight of justice. But I understood that our last meeting was quite fast and you were probably left with a lot of questions. Although this is not the time nor the place to really answer all your questions, but I shall allow a few questions before I order your first task.” She said while her lips didn’t move everything resounded in his head, it felt like her voice was trembling the fabrics of space around her.

Chelvaric didn’t really know what he would ask that he really needed answered as it didn’t seem that their  time together would be long. She was an almighty being after all and these moments were probably just annoying to her than anything else.

What is your name, I should at least know who I serve. Why was I changed in an elf? There are so many others who served my old god but you picked me and you call me your knight of justice, I don’t know if I deserve that title and my last question is why can’t I use magic at all?”, he asked of her as these were the most burning questions he needed to know about. He hoped Snow wasn’t too worried if she would wake up while he was here but this was important. He looked at the Deity with a stern face as he didn’t wanted to seem afraid of her impressive posture.

I am Estelia, the goddess of every living plant and animal on this planet. I am its protector and warden, I am one of many throughout the universe. We make sure our planet's thrive and stay healthy. This planet is thriving although a darkness is starting to rise from its depths, something that I hid away a long time ago but I should have dealt with it once and for all back then. Sadly I can’t just eradicate it since it’s something quite delicate. Now for your second question, You are an elf so you can communicate with me better and with the nature around you, besides I can’t sustain your Neko form like your god did. For your last question, I am not entirely sure it was something unique about you the way you treated your Leafeon for example. So tender and without any concern of you or your partner you helped her in need. For these actions you actually deserve the title, don’t take it light though you need to work to keep it or I'll cast you away, nature is merciless after all. Don’t worry about your magic it will be revealed to you soon it just takes a while to adjust your body.

She then walked to a small tree trunk standing next to her with little doors cut out on the side she opened it and took a necklace out of it in the shape of a triangle. She walked towards him and place it over his neck after which she slowly rubbed the necklace while pronouncing words he had never heard before. She then kissed the top of Elisa’s head and stepped backwards.

The corruption is coming my knight, you shall go and find its source near Baska. The amulet will lead you to the location. In this location, you will find an item that you will need on your further travels. I shall send you back to your room now so you can think about what I said. Be careful against the corruption it’s an evil that is older than this planet and it will not stop till it has destroyed everything you care for.” she said and then stomped on the ground. Roots shot out and covered Elisa and Chelvaric with them after which they suddenly disappeared.

-Back in Snow's apartment-

Roots suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the apartment and they disappeared as fast as they had shown up leaving Chelvaric and Elisa behind on the floor, they were safe and sound in front of Snow’s bed.

Because Of You [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

Silence reigned supreme within the area as the ivory haired female gazed up at the white ceiling above her, as if it had answers written to her questions. Seconds plodded by, each separated by an eternity and her racing heart had slowly returned to its own pace, while her body was beginning to calm down. Nightmares had returned to her once again and she knew the reason why – he wasn’t here. It was strange yet, Chelvaric was the only one who could keep her darkest nightmares away; it was him who made her feel safe. Perhaps it was due to the love she felt for the man and she knew that it was unconditional. Never would she had known that she could easily become so attached to someone, to the point that she wouldn’t be able to live without the person.

The young woman laid awake in the middle of the night, unable to fall asleep again and every now and then, her optics would drift towards the door of their bedroom, hoping that her lover would come by soon. Thoughts filled her mind and she couldn’t help but wonder where he would possibly have gone in the middle of the night, what he was doing and if he was safe. Fear and anguish washed over her body at the thought of losing the one she loves and at that moment, she couldn’t help but feel like a helpless little child, in need of someone.

Her train of thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the sound of roots growing inside the room. Snowflake immediately sat upright, wondering if this was an act of ambush until the roots slowly unveiled to reveal Chelvaric and his companion. A pang of relief struck her chest, to know that he was at least still alive. Tossing the fumbled sheets off her body, she pushed her legs forward to run into the man’s arms, the force of impact slightly pushing him back as she buried her face in his chest. It was all she needed: his presence. ”Where were you? What were you doing? Why didn’t you tell me anything? I was worried sick.” Numerous questions left her lips, the features of her face engulfed with apprehension.  

It was as if she was a mother to a child, questioning their whereabouts and Snowflake was not one to act this way towards anyone – until now. ”I’m sorry. I thought something might have happened to you,” Her attention glided up to his face and for a brief moment, she took note of his amazing complexion and the soft features of his visage.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric wanted to shout, yell or speak to the dryad before she sends him back. As he had countless questions and didn’t want to leave yet but nothing could come out it was like he was struck by lightning, the feeling that he couldn’t move or say or do anything stayed with him as he appeared back into the room of him and Snowy. He remained smitten in the middle of the room as suddenly his paramour jumped into his arms wearing her nightgown. He felt her soft warm skin wrapping around him and even though she had a tender body the force of her strength still threw him a bit backward when she collided with him.

His unableness to act disappeared as he felt the warmth and comfort of having her presence close to him soothing his spirit and calming his body like a lulling sound rolling over his soul. He lifted his hand and stroked her hair as she was throwing a bunch of questions at him. She had been worried that was clear as day to him. He was a bit annoyed that he couldn’t say anything when he left since he was in such a trance. But nothing he could do about that right now, it was better if he would just explain what had happened and hope that she would believe him. He softly kissed her forehead before he started to talk in a kind and passionate way to show her that he cared for her deeply and that the next things he would say would be the truth and not a lie.

I don’t know how it started, but it felt like a dream at first. I was walking through the streets of Baska and then through the forest while something was guiding me. I was trapped in my own body, a slave to the will of Estelia the spirit of nature. It appears she is the one who made me like this. she needs me to stop some ancient evil that she can’t stop herself. I don’t know how I feel about that. Why would I be more capable of stopping an ancient force than the spirit herself? My body trembles when I remember how much fear she spread like an aura around her when she talked about this corruption", he stopped and swallowed as he thought back to it. He held Snow closer to him and held his tears back as a guy wasn’t supposed to be crying.

I am scared about what is going to happen. But the moment I touched your arms I felt relaxed and calm again. I just want to hold you for a while. I am not angry at you, you can ask me any more questions don’t worry about it”, he said in response to her apology. He kissed her softly on her lips and picked her up in his arms as he crawled back into bed with her for the moment. He nuzzled her deep into his chest and waited for her response to what he had said.

Because Of You [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

It was exquisite – the feeling of being with someone you love, having his arms wrapped around her slender body, Snowflake couldn’t ask for anything better. The white haired beauty rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes briefly, his heart rate faster than usual as the two took a moment enjoying the company of one another. A kiss on her forehead – that was all she needed to soothe her sorrows away.

It’s strange, frightening even, how one can go from being a complete stranger, to then being completely infatuated by them and wondering how it would be to live without them. Snowflake would have never expected herself to be so easily attached to someone, but here she was, clinging to the only love of her life, worried that the man might leave her one day.

A gentle touch of his hand was enough to comfort her from her worries, as Chelvaric began explaining the reason behind his sudden disappearance. Her eyes locked onto sapphire hues of his, she patiently listened to his words, which was almost foreign to her. Everything sounded so confusing to her at first, and it almost seemed like Chelvaric was battling with himself, just like how she was with the demon that dwelled within her. ”What kind of ancient evil?” – was what immediately came to her mind the moment he was done. If it was some sort of evil that was about to spread over the planet, shouldn’t the rest of the world know as well? Why was Chelvaric the only person who was put to that task? Questions rose into her head, but she ensured herself not to bombard him with everything so as not to burden him any further.

”Don’t be frightened. Remember, I’m always here with you.”

Fingers wrapped around his, she took his hand and laid it against where his heart was located. ”I’m always with you,” she repeated, emphasizing on her words to reassure her only lover from his fears. Snowflake easily let him carry her in his arms and onto the bed, where they remained by each other’s side. There was more that she wanted to know about him, regarding to this so-called nature spirit that he had just mentioned to her.

”Is Estelia the reason why your appearance suddenly changed? How did that happen?” She recalled the memories of meeting him back in front of the quest board, but with an entirely different appearance that completely took her off guard. Chelvaric had failed to give her an explanation at that moment, albeit, it seemed that now is the time he wished to tell her everything.

”Can I meet this spirit?”

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Chelvaric Walderkat
The calmness was like a flood that washed over him when Snowy was wrapping her arms around him and laying her head against his chest. It was the same feeling his mom must have felt when she held him like this as a baby, years ago. Maybe not exactly the same but it was probably quite similar. He kept like that for a while till Snow asked what kind of evil he was talking about. He didn’t really know how to describe it exactly but he would try his best so that she would understand it at least.

it is a sort of monster that will take over anything it sees or feels, like a virus spreading through a body. It doesn’t really think or has a personality. That’s what I could understand from the way she was describing it.”, he answered her question. He felt her slim hand slipping into his before she placed it on her heart. When she said that she was always with him he nearly had to cry from the feelings she gave him at that moment. They were hard to describe but they mostly involved feeling safe and loved. “Aye and I will always be with you too”, he said to her and kissed her deeply before he carried her to bed.

She asked him how he had changed and if it was Estelia who was the reason for the change. He didn’t really know a lot about the change either but he did know that she was indeed the one to change him. “I barely remember anything of my change but yes it was indeed her that changed me, it seemed she wanted me to take this form so that I am closer to nature”, he said to her and thought about her next question as she asked to meet this spirit. He didn’t really have a way to contact her or to find her right now.

“Maybe, but at the moment I don’t think we will be able too. Anyway enough about me, why are you awake at this hour? I am just happy I am back here with you”, he said while he looked into her deep blue eyes that could mesmerize him for ages.

Because Of You [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

Having Chelvaric’s arms around her body provided her security – it was almost as if she was home. She knew that as long as her lover was with her, nothing could harm her and nothing could come between them. With her hand resting on his chest, Snowflake snuggled into his arm, making herself comfortable before settling her head on his body. His chest rose up and down as he breathed and took note of every little movement that he made – she wouldn’t forget anything. There was silence between then, but it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was the sort of silence that her body had been craving for a while, after the nightmares began to flood in. The two remained quiet, yet, they were still connected even without sharing any words.

”A virus? That’s dangerous, you need to get it out of your body.”

Her tone of voice was concerned and worried and there was a hint of apprehension in her eyes. She couldn’t let anything happen to the only man she loves, for he was her only ray of sunshine in her life. Without any knowledge of why the spirit might be within him, all she cared about was that if it intended to harm her man, she was going to force the spirit out of his body and make it pay for him. ”I don’t personally mind the change in appearance, you still look good anyway.” The corners of her lips dug into a soft smile as she wrapped her fingers around a lock of blonde hair of his and let it slip past her hand.

Snowflake had never known anyone who looked as good as him with long hair – more like, she hasn’t met any male with particularly such beautiful hair and somehow, she found it rather attractive, and those mesmerizing blue eyes – it was her favourite. It has been a while since his facial features changed and slowly, dad by day, she was growing to love how his new body came to be and even if it wasn’t for his appearance, she knew her feelings towards the man would never differ.


Nothing came out of her lips to answer Chelvaric’s question of why she was awake at such an hour, but only a long sigh was released. She knew she couldn’t hide this from her lover any longer as she gathered the courage to confess. ”I’m having nightmares again,” she began and surely, Chelvaric would know that she was having a hard time sleeping without his presence, though, he wasn’t aware of the reason why. Snowflake pushed herself up onto her knees and took his hand into hers. ”I have to tell you something. It’s really important.” The only thing she wished was that Chelvaric would still choose to remain by her side after he’d discovered the truth about her.

”I’m a demon.”

Snowflake could only hope that the feelings of Chelvaric towards her wouldn’t change even after knowing that she wasn’t human, but what were the odds? She didn’t want to bet against that.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric felt the skin of Snow rub against him and her gentle touch over his body made him feel loved and cared for. He looked at her tender body laying so close to his. He wanted to take care of her so bad as she seemed so fragile even though she was such a strong and independent woman. In his arms, she looked more like a harmless fragile puppy. It made his heart melt and he liked having her in this position close to him where he could smell the nice perfume from her hair and see her soft and flawless skin. Her tender waist and long slim legs. Even though they were silent for a while he liked how he had some time now to observe her and see her in detail while she was laying so close to his heart.

When she finally spoke after what he had said, he was confused as he never said he had a virus in his body. Maybe his metaphor went over Snowflakes head and she took it literally instead of the way it was meant. He smiled as it was quite funny how she misinterpreted him. He kissed her softly on the cheek, “Don’t worry Snow I am not sick I won't die or anything, I am not going anywhere that easily”, he said to not make her think about it too much, he didn’t want her to worry while they were separated. It would put a damper on her fun with her solo jobs or other activities where he wasn’t included. And he didn’t want that for her. Snow was playing with his hair while he talked further.

Snow sighed deep after he had asked why she had been awake at this hour. It seemed that something was bothering her and that it wasn’t easy for her to talk to him as she took a while to start speaking about it. She suddenly said that she had nightmares again. It seemed to be something really bad as she wasn’t looking good. Chelvaric took her a bit closer so that he could comfort her better. But before he could do that she suddenly sat up on her knees and took his hand. It seemed she had something really important to tell him.

Then it hit him with a hammer when she spoke the truth. He had to let go of her hand for a bit and stepped out of bed. She was a demon. She was the thing he had to kill, what he was trained to hate for years at an end. He walked through the room not knowing what to do with his hand through his hair. “How.. how did it happen”, he said as he took her hand and sat beside her. He didn’t want to hate her. He loved her, she was the best thing that ever had happened to him. Chelvaric was in shock and he didn’t know what to do but he would listen to her first and give her his support before he would think for himself.

Because Of You [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

”If you say so,” she spoke before propping herself up on the elbow to take a glance at her lover’s face. Silver optics glided over the features of his visage, her eyes briefly locked onto his cerulean gaze as he leaned in to give a quick kiss on her cheek. ”What would I ever do without you?” The woman gently rested her hand on his cheek, her fingers grazing against his skin and finally released a sigh; partly out of content to have him by her side.

Snowflake finally sat up straight on her knees, looking straight at Chelvaric to display that she meant her words – that she was indeed, a demon. When she spoke the truth, Chelvaric’s face displayed numerous emotions; a mix of confusion, shock and perhaps anger. As he let go of her hand, the woman snagged the bottom of her lip with her pearly whites and there was almost a glimpse of sorrow in her eyes. That was to be expected, she thought. It was her own fault for hiding it from him and she couldn’t blame Chelvaric for withdrawing from her. The snowy beauty curled her fingers and briefly closed her eyes, only preparing for the worst to happen.

”I met Nagi again, not long ago – specifically around the time when the war with Grimoire Heart was over,” she began, averting her gaze to the ground. ”He stated that my body was starting to fail and that I wouldn’t live much longer.” She recalled the memories of seeing herself being distraught after finding out that her desired machia body did not live up to her expectations. ”I accepted the offer of transferring my soul into a new body, but I didn’t know it was a demon.”

Snowflake shifted her attention back to Chelvaric, her eyes almost pleading him to believe her words. ”…I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you earlier.” She placed her palm against her forehead, and it felt like she messed everything up; everything she had with him. The young maiden was aware that Chelvaric was an exorcist and technically, he wasn’t fond with demons – to the point that he resented them. Her shoulders drooped, she stared down at her hands and fidgeted with her fingers; a habit of hers when she was starting to feel anxious. Snowflake could only wait for his answer, and depending on his reply lies the future to their relationship.

”Are you going to leave me?”

It was her worst nightmare – she didn’t want it to come true. The demon was a part of herself, but she was scared; scared that he might leave her alone with her nightmares, just like how her beloved ones did and surely enough, it certainly took a toll on her. An extremely rare sight it was – she felt a tear roll down her cheek, only to quickly wipe it away with her finger.

”I’m sorry.”

She could only repeat the words.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Just before Snow had said that she was a demon, she had been super tender with him. Saying how she wouldn’t know what to do without him and stroking his cheek softly like a tender stroke from a brush. He would do anything to go back to that time and forget about the demon business. But real life didn’t work like that and he had to deal with the consequences of her reveal that she was a demon. Even though he hated demons to the bottom of its heart, he couldn’t get himself to completely hate her. He loved her he didn’t want to lose her now.

He felt conflicted about all of this and inside him, it was like a turmoil inside his heart was raging on full fire. He sat back down on the bed and took her hand as he wanted to touch her to calm himself down. He needed time to process this before he could make a decision. She suddenly started to explain what happened. It seemed that the doctor who made her a Machia was involved again. He hated that person so much! Why did he keep tinkering with her body? It seemed that she had to accept his offer or she would have died. So it seemed she wasn’t a demon after all. Well, she was in the sense that her body was one but her mind was still Snowflake who wasn’t corrupted or evil or anything. This made his decision a lot easier to do. Albeit they would maybe have to do something about her evil body in the end.

it’s okay, I understand Snow, it would be really hard to lay something like that on someone else without knowing how they would react. Definitely something this harsh”, he said to her and stroked her cheek softly. He still loved her even after this and he didn’t want to lose her. He didn’t like it that she was looking so sad. She said sorry a lot of times and he smiled at her. “I’ll always stick with you. Don’t  worry, you may have a demon hidden but you are yourself inside and ill always do my best to protect that part of you forever, because I love you more than anything else”, he said to her and kissed her softly on the forehead and  held her hand while he was sitting next to her.

Because Of You [Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

Silence reigned supreme within the room as Snowflake waited for his response. The nightmares that she received every single day was nothing compared to this. Seconds plodded by, each separated by an eternity and these seconds of silence were killing her. Her fingers grew fidgety; a habit that she had yet to get rid of when she was feeling nervous and all she could do was to glance around the bedroom that felt so empty to her, to put her worries away at the very least. Was her worst fear becoming reality? – that was all she could think of. If she had known that she would receive this kind of reaction from her boyfriend, she wouldn’t have accepted the offer, but did she even have a choice?

It was death or alive.

The moment Chelvaric began to speak, Snowflake made sure not even to take a single breath, just to make sure she heard every word he said. A gentle stroke on her cheek, her lover reassured her that everything was going to be alright and at that moment, the pressure of feeling guilty was as big as a mountain resting on top of her. The woman buried her face in her hands and simply shook her head. ”I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me,” her voice croaked and she could barely manage to speak out the words. It was the worst decision that she’s ever made; she never expected that Chelvaric would react so strongly against her transformation.

”I’ll always stick with you.”


This man was the beam of light in her life – the one that succeeded in getting rid of her darkness and the only one that mattered the most to her. Snowflake threw herself in his arms, for the sole purpose to seek his warmth and protection: she knew that it was the only thing that could possibly soothe her sorrows away at this moment. The soft kiss on her forehead managed to cause her to smile, though barely, and she would whisper the words that she had been meaning to tell him ever since they got together, ”I love you too.”

Stormy eyes flickered towards his rosy, kissable lips. With the tip of her finger, she reached out for his features and traced his lips lightly. It pouted slightly, and she had such an urge to bite it, to kiss it, to wrap them up in a quilt and listen to each other’s gentle breathing, watching the cotton ripple like skipping stones and sharing crooked smiles. His lips felt slightly chapped under her feather light touches, partly due to the cold weather, but she could care less about it. Snowflake gazed so intently at each divot of his lip, as if it could map out ancient seas and lands that no one had discovered.

"I can't lose you," she uttered.

Slowly, she inched her head closer and rested her lips against his, giving him a soft peck. Snowflake opened her eyes once again and looked questioningly at Chelvaric, wondering if he was ready. If he did not respond, she would position herself on top of his lap and her hand would reach for his as they interlocked while they kissed tentatively, passionately and then, tenderly.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
I don’t hate you, don’t worry Snow”, he said to her when she was pleading to not hate her. He felt sorry for her that he had made here doubt about the fact that he actually hated her or not. It’s not like he wanted it to turn out like this. He just couldn’t have possibly thought that his relation would turn out like this. But he wanted to stay with her and love her until the end of his days. “I promise on everything I have, you look so beautiful”, he said to her and he softly stroked her face before she started to trace every little detail on his face with her fingers. The feeling was warm and comfortable that he felt cosy when she was doing it and he tenderly took her in his muscled arms when she came close to him. He smelled her snow-white hair and it had a slight hint of winter in it, which was quite fitting for her cold nature. Although since they were together she had shown him a side of herself that he didn’t expect her to have before.

One of a caring tender girl who just wanted to stay with him and he just wanted to stay with her. When she said that she loves him too he was ecstatic about it and nuzzled closer to her.

Do you really mean that?”, he asked of her just to make sure he didn’t miss hear her or to make sure he wasn’t holding on to a dream, a phantom. But she uttered a reply, I can’t lose you, softly and suddenly kissed him. He was a bit stunned but then wanted to kiss her peach pillows on her face but before he could do it she suddenly sit on top of him and started to kiss him.

He felt her soft lips on his and their tongues were sometimes softly stroking each other while they were making out. He felt so great and kept kisses her till there was a small break in between the endless touching of the lips, he then reached for the tender flesh of her neck and trailed kisses over the soft skin before he placed his lips on her neck and sucked a spot near the bottom, leaving a big bruise on where he sucked.

You're a quite good kisser you know that, makes me feel great every time you do it”, he said to her smiling and looked at her beautiful eyes. Staring into them made him feel like he was floating through space and seeing the countless stars around him.

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

”Of course I meant that,” a chuckle followed. It was the second time that she had confessed her love for her boyfriend throughout their entire relationship, which made her feel that she should display her affection more often to show that she did, indeed, care a lot about him. Snowflake was never a romantic person, albeit, she found herself gradually discovering another side of her and though, it was much to her surprise, the tender and loving characteristic of herself was something she did not entirely dislike.

The woman cradled on Chelvaric’s lap, as her fingers brushed over the gentle features of his visage. Snowflake loved the way he held her in his arms; gentle yet, firm and his hands roamed over her curved body, exploring and she could feel his warm touch through the thin fabrics of her night gown – the only piece that separated from both of their skins touching. The kisses on her neck made her whimper with anticipation and pleasure, and she could only clutch onto his clothes as she succumbed into a bliss of ecstasy. As they shared countless numbers of kisses, Snowflake could only hold her breath during the moment and when they pulled apart, she would end up gasping for breaths.

The compliment regarding to her kisses only made her blush in embarrassment while she snagged her pearly whites onto her bottom lip. She wanted more of him – his body, everything. The two spent a brief moment gazing into each other’s eyes, and as silver optics crossed over the gaze of cerulean, fused with diversity; she found herself lost in a never-ending maze.


”Do you love him?”

The voice echoed and Snowflake found herself standing in the middle of an unknown area, entirely covered with pitch darkness – once again.

”What’d you want?” Her tone was demanding, almost frustrated that the demon decided to make an entrance right at this moment, and none of it looked appealing to her. Part of her was scared; scared of what the demon might be capable of, and somehow, she knew that it was up to something, otherwise he would have never made an appearance in her mind.

”Do you love him?” It repeated and Snowflake could only nod, before gulping down the huge lump in her throat in fear. ”What if I make him disappear?!” The loud booming voice reverberated against the walls, causing the woman to tremble. She had never felt so frightened in her life; was it because she knew that something bad was going to happen? That she could possibly lose her most beloved person on this planet to this uncontrollable demon?

”Don’t you dare lay a finger on him.”

Despite her angst, Snowflake found herself arguing back to the demon, in hope to stop him from doing whatever he was planning to do to get rid of her. She couldn’t think of a reason; of why the demon would despise her so much – she had done nothing wrong. Or was it simply because of his hatred for humans? How could she possibly get along with such a creature? – yet, it resided within her and for eternity. For a moment, Snowflake wanted to give up everything; she didn’t choose to live this way. A hand held her back and as she turned around to look, she would see the person whom she loved the most, smiling at her: Chelvaric.

Everything disappeared, there was no gravity – nothing, and her body fell into an endless abyss. What happened next was something she never expected to happen; her hands were tightly wrapped around Chelvaric’s neck, strangling him to death. Her features had altered into a much more demonic appearance; dark, long nails grew from her fingers and her eyes – the most frightening out of all – dark red, blood red with the sole intent to kill someone. It was as if the demon had possessed her body, she lost all control of herself. There was only despair inside her, wishing for all this to stop, but how would she overcome this?

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was looking at his sweet girlfriend Snowflake, she was the love of his life and he knew for sure that they would get through this difficult period in their relationship. It was a common thing for couples to have times where it is hard for the both of them and that your relationship really gets tested. He had great hopes for them and it did feel like they would overcome this perfectly fine. She said that she meant it. Not that he doubted it or anything but just hearing her say it again made his heart skip a beat. It was the perfect moment and he had the most beautiful girl on his lap.

He was thinking about that while he was exchanging kisses with her and how his body was getting heated up and yes he was getting excited. The one thing he wanted to do the most was to rip off that nightgown and get intimate with her but out of respect for her and for their love he contained himself and his posture to keep it clean and nice. They would be intertwined sooner or later there was no rush to it. When they had a brief moment where they weren’t kissing they had locked their vision on each other and their eyes were purely connected and you could nearly feel the passionate bond they were sharing in that split moment.

A drop fell, slowly but surely, it felt like time had stopped and everything stood still. One second he had been looking in her eyes that were mesmerizing him the next moment they were turned into something evil, pure evil that only wanted to kill and hate. He was so surprised and shocked from that moment that he couldn’t react to her grabbing his throat. He couldn’t take a breath, he felt the choking point on his chest and him struggling to get some air. He felt her hands changing as nails were piercing through his skin, although he had bigger problems right now so the pain was numbed down. He was starting to feel light in his head and black spots were appearing, he had to do something quickly. He couldn’t overpower her she was too strong. But maybe an act of compassion could bring her back out of this demonic state.

He slowly put his hand on her cheek and rubbed it while he was choking, he had given up the struggle and only showed Snow that he loved her and that he didn’t blame for what was happening. If he would die at least he didn’t want her to feel guilty about him. He formed the words  I love you, before he fell unconscious and the life started to disappear out of his body.

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

Her fears were becoming a reality – but, much worse. Her grip would only tighten around Chelvaric’s neck, claws digging into his fresh skin. Blood began to pour out from the cut caused by her sharp nails and all she could do was to cry out, begging to stop. Yet, no one could hear her. It was almost as if the demon was smirking down at her; her vulnerability and how useless she was in this situation. Her body was no longer hers – the demon had taken complete control within a mere second, and she couldn't do anything to protect herself, much less her own lover. The demon was like a wild boar inside her, refused to be chained as it thrashed and thrashed against her wills.

It destroyed her, completely.

If the demon could do whatever it wanted with her body, perhaps it wouldn’t be safe for Chelvaric to be with her. Hope began to slip past from her fingers and she could only see herself submerged in an endless pool of water while the darkness engulfed around her being. Silence – there was nothing she could hear, not even her own screams.

What could she do to stop this?


As if she walked into a spider’s trap, Snowflake found herself unable to escape from the demon’s grasp. She didn’t care if anything happened to her but, just not Chelvaric: he was the anchor in her life, the only person who made her become who she is now, filled with love and happiness. It’s strange – frightening even – how someone can go from being a complete stranger, to then being completely infatuated by them and wondering how it ever was that one is able to live without them, because she surely couldn’t live without him now.

It pained her to be not able to do anything to protect her lover and worse, it broke her heart to lose him right in front of her eyes. The woman stared above her, into nothingness, waiting for this end. She hated herself for giving up so easily, yet, she knew nothing could be done at this moment. It was then a bright, white line shone upon her and through it, was a hand reaching towards her. She felt it gently caressing her cheek, a warmth in the depths of her chest that quickly spread to the rest of her body. It made her feel like she was lying in a beautiful field of flowers, showered by the sun’s rays like the warmest of rains.

”I love you.”  

The light grew larger, and larger until darkness that surrounded her completely disappeared. Right in front of her eyes was the man of her life, laying motionless with his hand still pressed against her cheek. Red pupils had faded into her usual stormy orbs and nails had finally retreated back into her own skin. ”…Sweet?” she called out, her voice barely a whisper, almost too scared to break the silence that ruled the vicinity. The snowy beauty looked for any signs of life on the features of his face, expecting him to open his eyes once again – but was sought in vain.

Quiet sobs escaped her lips, only to grow louder by each passing second, yet, there was still no movement from Chelvaric. ”Wake up,” she gently cupped his face in her hands and stifled her own cries as she bit onto the bottom of her lip.

”Please, come back. I love you.”

No response. A mix of emotions washed over her like a strong tide over the shore; anger, disappointment and guilt – she couldn’t save him, once again. Snowflake curled her hands into tight balls; so tight that she could feel her hands trembling, her nails digging into her skin before she slammed her fists onto Chelvaric’s chest out of despair. ”I’m sorry,” her lips quivered. Not even his breathing could be heard, and the only thing that filled the room was the anguished cries that couldn’t describe the pain and the loss she felt.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
The darkness was coming faster than he had anticipated, he didn’t feel Snowflake loosening her grip yet and it was killing him. He couldn’t do anything anymore since he had given up the fight. He didn’t want to hurt her so the coldness of death was awaiting him. His life was flashing in front of him and he remembered the good times he had at the school up until the mistake he made that killed everyone. He had to relive trough the pain and sorrow again. What if he would be condemned for that act to the depths of hell. He wasn’t sure then again his god was gone would he even have an afterlife.

After a while, he was drifting in total darkness. Like he was waiting for something but wasn’t fully ready to leave to there. He could hear words buzzing in his ears but he couldn’t understand nor answer back to them. He wanted to scream it out so she would know he was still here. Although he wasn’t sure if Snowflake was still herself or if something had taken her over still. He was about to drift away into the darkness when he felt something heavy hit his chest. It felt like someone had hit him with a hammer and he woke up grasping after air.

His heart had restarted it’s ticking and Chelvaric’s body was starting to function again. He slowly regained his vision and the ability to move. He saw Snowflake sitting in front of him. Crying over her loss of him and she seemed so sad. He immediately grabbed her close to him although he was still having a slight cough from having to breathe suddenly.

I am not leaving you just yet, I love you too, I am back again sweetie. I don’t know what happened but I am here for you, so don’t be sorry you didn’t do anything wrong”, he said to her while he rubbed her back softly.

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Under the frail cage of those ribs, his chest rose and fell with each shallow breath. The desperate cries finally stopped as Snowflake raised her head instantly upon hearing his heartbeat. Her eyes flickered across the features of his face and for a moment, there was no difference – yet, one thing that she was certain was that, he was alive. ”Sweet?” she called out once again, in hope that Chelvaric would finally respond this time. Snowflake sniffled, quickly wiping away the tears as she waited for the moment.

Slowly, she noticed Chelvaric’s dark eyelashes fluttered open, revealing a pair of beautiful sapphire hues and Snowflake felt a lump caught in her throat, almost out of happiness. The moment Chelvaric pulled her into his chest, she broke down into tears as she sobbed into chest; out of elation and relief, after realising that she didn’t lose him entirely. If that were to happen, she wouldn’t have known what to do, how to continue to live her life without him.

”I was so scared.”

She could only cry louder, as she clung onto his shirt – desperate to not let go, not anymore.

”Don’t leave me alone.”

How frightening it was – to lose someone, and Snowflake finally understood the pain. The sorrows of losing her family struck her like a tide and yet, it wasn’t as painful as she had thought; it was nothing compared to how it felt losing Chelvaric, even for a brief second. As if her entire world crumbled, as if she had lost everything, his death would affect her just as much. It was when she finally realised how much he meant to her – everything.

{ EXIT }

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was holding her close to his chest when she said that she was scared. He understood her all the well he would be scared too if she was about to die. He wouldn’t know what to do without her. “I am sorry too, that I made you cry and nearly left you alone”, he said to her and stroked her arm till he intertwined his hand in hers. She looked so beautiful, his heart was breaking to see her so sad. He felt bad that he had given up so easily but on the other side maybe that was the only reason that the demon stopped. He was happy he had stopped or Chelvaric was now in the afterlife which was way too early as he still needed to do so much stuffs with Snowflake.

I won’t leave you alone, don’t cry anymore I don’t want to see you cry, smile and be happy were still together no matter what Snow”, he said to her and kissed her forehead softly. He wanted to stay like this for a while and let her cry out. They had to discuss things about how they would prevent something like this from happening again. But that was for later he first wanted her to feel better again and he for sure didn’t want her to blame herself for what had happened. She could destroy her own mind if she started to put all the blame on her.

“Don’t blame yourself okay it was the demon’s fault not yours I’ll be fine and you will be too. Let’s just rest now okay, I love you so much”, he whispered to her and stroked her hair. They fell asleep not much later together in each other’s arms.


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