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A Day Later [Esperia]

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The more she thought about it, the more it made sense for her to search for a good weapon that fit her someday, but what type of weapon would work? She wasn't exactly a strong person physically, but it was worth considering... Perhaps she should go for something ranged that specialized on skill and finesse rather than brute strength? Like a gun maybe... or a bow? However, the thought was cut short when she heard the boy comment about how Agni shouldn't have all the fun, something the Growlithe barked in objection to, clearly not minding the idea of hogging all the fun for himself! However, when he told her he sometimes felt he still had a lot to learn the girl replied with yet another precious saying from her sister.

"People always have room to grow, learn and improve, that's what makes life so interesting~" It was an interesting choice of words in her opinion, but the subject soon changed toward a more curious subject. "My family?"

Esperia pondered for a moment, while it was true that her family was somewhat known, it wasn't like they were famous, more like they had some deeply rooted connections to the church. Not that it mattered much now that she was the only one left...

"Not exactly, while the Eisenberg are tied to the Church of Illumin we operate as our own individual faction so to speak. My sister, on the other hand, might have been more known considering she was a Holy Knight."

Indeed, her sister was indeed of quite a high social standing back in the day.

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Daiko Flayme
“Huh. I guess that you’re right about that,” he calmly replied back to her, suddenly throwing his arms down as a certain thought came to mind, “I… I wonder how much that I have to learn, myself.” He looked a little anxious thinking about it; he was sure that his life would continue at least a few decades longer, and at the same time, he knew that he had to join up with his mother someday. How much would he take with him from this world? How much would he leave behind?

He couldn’t help but smile in the end, his heart finding peace once again as he thought that through. However, she sounded a little surprised by the question of his, and he didn’t aim to shock her into suddenly changing subject out of nowhere. Gladly, she was willing to tell him a bit about the Eisenberg’s; an individual faction with ties to the church of Illumin, and only the last word was something that Hyōen knew of beforehand. Illumin was, apparently, a very large and famous church in Fiore… maybe the biggest. However, even that he lacked knowledge of, but now that it crossed his mind, his mother must’ve been a member of that church. She did have a lot of antiquities back at home that resembled the Illumin symbols.

Her sister had a bigger position back then as Esperia called her a Holy Knight. “Holy Knight?” he asked out in curiosity, “… Wait! She was, like, a knight of God?! A prophet?!”


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Arisa yawned softly as she walked towards the outside area from her cabin. She wondered about her mates of her guild and honestly wondered if they knew what has happened. She felt a little different compared to when before and after she found out she was the new guild master. She wore her normal get-up of black pants, white tank top and hiking boots with wide short wedges. Her long elegant violet hair winded back, flowing like the ocean of lilac gems. Her eyes were quite golden like mirrors of gold that reflected all she was gazing upon. Truly, Arisa didn't know what she was getting into nor what she was going to find at the end of her days today.

Before the whole hair winding part, she was closing the door slowly, tilted her head up to look at the weathering sky. With that she continued on her small unknown journey. She walked at normal speed and at moments grace, she saw someone familiar with a girl of unknown. ''Hyoen?~'' she spoke in her foreign accent, confused and sweet -- some could say it was motherly even. Her head tilted as her eyes of gold gazed at him and then the girl with black hair and unique eyes. 'Wonder who she is.' thought the darker woman-like tone. Once she studied her quickly her gaze shifted back at her friend. ''It's quite ironic to find you, Hyoen. Mostly after I was just wondering about ya.'' she giggled slightly and then went back to a calming expression.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Hmm~ Who knows, wouldn't it be boring if there was a day when you couldn't learn anything new?"

A curious question for sure, but she was sure the hunter lad would agree with her opinion on the matter. In the end, a life without surprises and adventures felt rather lackluster, especially for someone like Hyōen. Yet his startled reaction about her sister has been a Holy Knight coaxed a hearty giggle from the girl. A Prophet, a knight of god? Now that was quite some praise, and she was sure if her sister heard it she would have dismissed it and told the boy that she was just as much of an ordinary person as Hyōen himself was.

"I don't really think she considered herself a prophet~" the girl replied with a little grin, yet mere moments after she had said those words a voice, most certainly belonging to a female made Esperia turn toward the one responsible for the disruption, a curious tilt of her head toward the side following as she inquired with a smile. "Is she your elder sister Hyōen?"

If only she could have realized how horribly wrong she had been with that assumption, but nonetheless she smiled cheerfully at the lady, a light wave of her hand being made as she introduced herself with a grin. "My name is Esperia~ I met Hyōen today actually, and he was kind enough to show me some hunting tricks of his."

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Daiko Flayme
Hmh… either way, his fascination for this Holy Knight wouldn’t decrease at all. It truly sounded like a praiseworthy position, and if he ever met her before, he would’ve certainly expressed so clearly. However, no matter the stature or position, one could always see themselves as normal people given by her reply. Maybe her sister didn’t see herself as a chosen servant or special knight, just like Hyōen didn’t see himself as very special of a human just because that he possessed magic. Then again, he knew a good dozens of wizards and witches out in the world, so what would make him unique, anyway?

It was highly unexpected, but it did remind him of something… wait… so Arisa had gone to this town too?! What were the odds, it even caused him to jab his head in disbelief, until he turned his face towards her. “Ar-Ana!” he spoke up in a slight mumble, almost too low of a voice for even Esperia to hear, “… Ana! What are the odds, hi!” He held up a hand to wave to the seraphim happily, showing his joy in a large smile. “Well, I’m just hanging around as you can see..!” He quickly turned his face towards Esperia and hesitated not in answering her question: “Actually, she’s my friend. Also my guildmate...” With that corrected, he heard Esperia note the sunny light mage about what he had taught her in his naïve kindness, in which he scratched the back of his head. “Hahaha… Yeah, and you better remember them.” In all honesty, he was also thinking of something completely different in-between his words; seeing Arisa, or Ana, arrive, would she want to explain to him? Or should he put it behind? Given what he and Alisa assumed back then, he decided on the last option and let Ana tell her story when she felt it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t affect their friendship after all.

“So this is Ana, you two. And, again, this is Esperia and her Growlithe, Agni..!” he greeted between them, nodding his head to each respective character that was apparent.


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The girl didn't seem to pay much attention quickly as most would, but then saw Hyoen look. A motherly smile appeared on her own full soft lips. At least the little girl wasn't a nervous jump type of human at least. Those were quite funny and entertaining to watch. Hyoen wasn't sure on what to call her and something felt wrong, something... he was nervous for sure about something. He was shuddering which made her hip go out a little to the right, right leg out more as she brought her right hand against her chin, thinking. ''Are you alright, Hyoen?'' she questioned, blinked and then shook her head, putting her hands against her hips now.

'Esperia... Interesting name.' the darker tone spoke of in her thoughts of course. Arisa looked at both of them and smiled, one hand lifted to wave simply for genuine politeness. ''Greetings, Esperia and Agni.~'' she spoke in her foreign sweet tone. Her own accent was soothing as silk and warm like melting sweet chocolates, truly one could express or compare to a goddess or such. Even if Arisa really was an angel, one so close to a goddess... she could never claim as one herself. ''I've meet a companion like yours before. Looked exactly like Agni. It was very protective and bit a guy who was flirting with other women.'' she joked and yet she was serious, giggling. She shifted to turn towards Hyoen as her head turned towards Esperia. ''Sorry to cut this short, perhaps we'll meet again, but I need to talk to Hyoen about our guild and such.''. It was quite serious... with our guild master dead.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A gentle nod of her head was made in confirmation to the introduction, while Agni barked in response, yet the mysterious lady called 'Ana' her words soon coaxed a little giggle out of the girl. It appeared that a lot of Growlithe were fiercely protective of their owners, and to a certain degree Agni was also, but he rarely showed any hostility unless he perceived someone as a threat to the girl. Hands gently folded up behind her back as she looked from the hunter boy to the late arrival and heard a word that stirred a reaction out of her. "Guild?"

A slight tilt of her head came, clearly showing she was somewhat confused at the fact that this young man was actually a member of some sort of guild! For a moment she couldn't help but think back about Snowflake who introduced her to the Blue Pegasus, and the rather tempting senior called Alisa that was among their ranks. Was the boy's relationship with Ana similar to hers and Alisa? Nonetheless, it seemed the situation was rather urgent, so she decided to simply wave a hand slightly in response to the apologies. "Don't worry about it, we can talk another time~ Hopefully, we'll get the chance to meet again in the future Ana~ Bai Bai Hyōen!"

Agni barked excitedly as the canine rushed over to the hunter, playfully bumping his nose against the boy's hand as if he demanded a pat before darting after Esperia who was making her way back toward the town!


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Daiko Flayme
It seemed as if Ana noticed a slight chance in his attitude that indicated anxiety, but he chuckled a little to discard that idea. It was nice to meet her again after the Dahlia nightmare, and Baska was certainly a better place to reunite with each other. He hoped that she had laid the weird club behind, given that it surprised the both of them intensely. Seriously, was that blood? Anyway, the angel got on pretty good terms with Esperia from the get go, and she even recalled another companion in the past that reminded her of Agni. Looking at the canine, he smiled gently as Coda flapped her wings joyously.

“Uh?” he let out in curiosity now that Ana mentioned her wish to speak to him concerning the guild, “Did something change? I guess I need to know…” It felt a tad unfair to give his byes to Esperia already, but as he heard her reply, she sounded understanding about what Ana stated. With that, Agni expected a quick farewell pat, and obviously wasn’t let down as the Fire Mage gently patted it. The Growlithe would then return to its master as they both left, leaving Hyōen with Ana out in the fields. He slowly turned his face towards her with anticipation and spoke: “So, it sounds important. I’m all ears… but it's getting dark, maybe we could talk back at the hotel?”



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Arisa looked at the girl who was soon leaving, her hair and eyes -- they reminded her of a mini Alisa in a way except one thing. The dog-like companion was petted by Hyoen himself as it they ran off. She smiled sweetly and then looked at her good friend. They were to leave soon of course as it was getting dark, so his statement was true. ''I agree. Let us go. We'll talk at your hotel before I go back home.'' she smiled motherly and turned away, waiting for him to follow. There was only one hotel in Baska and that was where Alisa was staying unless she was staying there still without her knowledge. How will Arisa tell Hyoen of the news and which news was she going to tell him? She crossed her arms against her large chest area and walked forward. Her eyes cornered every so often to check up on him. ''So I see you've made a new friend.'' she spoke with a sweet smile, nodding towards the direction she left. ''Any knowledge about her guild or anything?'' she questioned. There were many reasons to question; curiosities, worrisome as a guild master and a friend as well as to bury the information in her knowledge -- her brain.


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