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Talk It Out [Job | Chelflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was walking around in the city as he had nothing else to do. After finishing the last job they hadn’t done anything else for a while and they were just both doing their own thing. Chelvaric didn’t really have anything to do so he just walked around town to see what was happening to the people of Baska. Although nothing was really happening in this town most of the time. It seemed only their jobs were the exciting things that happened. For the rest, Baska was just a small quiet town, a place where young people want to get away from because it's so boring.

Not for Chelvaric though he liked the fresh air of the mountains and the lush plants growing all over the place. It was like a nature paradise for him. Even Elisa was having more fun than when they were in other towns since those were mostly polluted and filthy. But here the streets were still clean and the air was fresh as he inhaled it in a deep breath. Ah, a perfect day he thought and he walked to their apartment as he should get back to see what snow was up to today.


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Venus Rosé

Recently, Snowflake had been receiving less nightmares than usual – more so, none at all. Either the demon that resided within her had chosen not to bother her anymore or it was her lover’s presence that made her feel comfortable. Whatever the reason was, she preferred to keep it that way since she loathed losing her beauty sleep. The white haired woman woke up to the sound of the birds chirping right outside the window and as she turned around, she would find the spot next to her empty, apart from the messy bed sheets. Chelvaric must’ve gone outside once again, and she was starting to get used to have him missing in the early mornings, although she would have preferred if he had waited until she had woken up so that she could at least see his face.

Unwillingly, she tossed the blanket over her body and forced her feet on the ground, in which she would push herself up and sauntered over to the bathroom to clean herself up. Living with Chelvaric had made her life much easier, and with someone to spend time with in the room, she didn’t feel lonely either – not that she minded being alone, after all these years. Cooking for two was quite the work, but the result was splendid as the couple would eat together whilst talking about anything that came to their minds.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric arrived at his apartment and looked at the oaken door that had copper hinges before he put his golden key in the keyhole and turned it around he heard the lock click and opened the door and was greeted by the sight of the there little apartment. It was tidy and clean as Chelvaric tried to keep it that way as much as he could. He didn’t like it when places were messy and he didn’t want to stay in a room that was too messy, this only recently started since he had gotten his elven body. He wondered if elves were clean freaks that he had this big urge to keep everything tidy, sometimes it was quite annoying and he wondered if Snowy didn’t like it if he was cleaning most of the time. He didn’t want her to find him annoying or anything.

He saw Snow walk to the shower as he came into the room and he walked up to the bed and wanted to drop himself onto the sheets when he heard a knock on the door behind him. He turned around and started to walk to the door to see who it was.

Hold on Snowy, I’ll go see who it is.”

He opened the door and an exhausted mailman was waiting in front with a letter In his hands. It seemed he went through a lot of trouble. He threw a mail into his hands and he walked away furious since he had walked so fast and hard to get here. He turned around and waited for Snow with the letter.


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#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Just when Snowflake exited the bathroom, she heard the sound of the front door being unlocked. Upon seeing her lover’s face by the entrance, a smile tugged onto the corner of her lips before she walked towards him and pressed herself against him, wishing to be in his arms for a moment. ”What did you do this morning?” She asked, curious of his routine. She noticed how he was outdoors most of the time, ever since his change in appearance, but she never got the opportunity to question what he had been doing. Snowflake was still eager to know about his transformation but, she didn’t want to push him into talking her and neither had she even told her about herself and the demon. Time was passing by and she knew she couldn’t hide it much longer from him.

A knock resounded against the door and as Chelvaric opened the door, a delivery man came into their sight, holding a letter in his hands. The girl peeked over his shoulder to take a glance at the appearance of the messenger but, somehow, he seemed furious. Perhaps, it had been a stressful day for him. Taking the letter in her hands, she read over the lines written on the sheet and as expected, Gerard had requested for their help once again. They had only been in Baska for a couple of weeks and the local doctor had been contacting them ever since their first encounter.


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
His paramour looked questioningly at him as she asked what he had done this morning while he walked towards the door and received the letter. He waited with his answer till she was finished with reading the letter, “I just made a walk around the forest, making sure that the animals are fine and that no one is destroying trees without a reason”, he said to her as he took over the paper from Snowy so he could read it too.

As always the handwriting of the doctor had a very messy feel and it was hard to read what it said. It was typical doctors handwriting. He wondered why doctors always had such bad handwriting but they were really educated people who studied many years at a university. He had a great amount of respect for people who did there best at school and gathered a nice degree. He would have been in university too at this moment if his life hadn’t turned out like this but then he wouldn’t have met Snow so he was grateful that this was his life. Like most old people said sometimes you just have to bite through the bad parts of life so that you can taste the good parts better.

Well, it seems that he needs to see us quite urgent. Maybe we better go see what all this commotion is about?


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Venus Rosé

Regarding her question, Chelvaric replied that he simply took a walk to ensure that nature was at its finest. ”At least you enjoyed it,” She’d say and lightly gave a peck on his soft lips. They’ve been sharing kisses and pecks every now and then, that it almost became like a habit to her and Snowflake was beginning to realise how clingy she was in a relationship. Who knew she could display such a vulnerable side of hers? Perhaps, falling in love had its own effects, strong enough to alter her personality, albeit, it wasn’t just towards anyone – only her lover in particular.

After handing the letter over to Chelvaric for him to read, she began getting ready to set out for the day. The beauty retrieved her bag and stuffed it with cosmetics, tissues, blotting paper, perfume and other things she might need for the day. As one would expect, a lady’s bag is messy as hell and so does hers. She eased the strap of her handbag over her shoulder and turned to face Chelvaric, only to give him a nod.

”Yes, it’s urgent. We should start leaving now.”

She smoothed the strands of silver hair onto one side of her shoulder and glanced around the room to make sure she wasn’t forgetting anything. After switching off the lights in the room to not waste energy and save money, she’d lock the door behind her and the two Fiore-bound wizards departed to head to the location of their rendezvous with the doctor.


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric felt Snow’s soft lips brushing his as she pecked his lips. It was only a second but to him, it felt like it was taking an eternity. He savored the feeling before he went to gather some things and made sure Elisa was watered so that she wouldn’t dry out during the job. A plant needed to stay hydrated of course, he followed Snow through the door and they went on there trip to the doctor's office in the hospital. He moved his arm around hers like a snake and grabbed her hand in a soft but firm grip. He felt her soft skin being merged with his while they walked to the hospital, holding hands had become so natural that I felt awkward when they weren’t sharing the flesh contact of holding hands.

The town seemed to be quite busy since it was the eleventh November and that was the day where people celebrated the end of the first world mage war. It had been a hundred years now but since no one wanted it to happen again they reminded themselves of the horrible acts of war from so many decennia ago and to honor the brave soldiers that had fought for Fiore and had died for its country.


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Venus Rosé

Shortly after their departure, the Blue Pegasus mages arrived at the hospital, only to see Doctor Gerard pacing back and forth in the hall of the hospital, while he waited for their appearance. Unlike the usual calm person, Gerard seemed extremely impatient as he muttered words to himself. Heels clacked against the wooden floor and the doctor’s attention immediately shifted towards them. Without even saying a word, the doctor quickly ushered them into his office where they would be permitted to take a seat on the vacant chairs. One could see how worried and impatient the man was, as he immediately cut straight to the chase.

”I apologize for the urgent letter. I’m hoping you remember the gang I mentioned before – the Cold Colliers. After investigating the case myself, I’ve come to realise that they’ve gone too far with the business, which is why I really need you mages to stop their work.”

The man was nervous, and she couldn’t blame him. Even herself, she felt angry at the work of the Collier gang for attempting to spread diseases to people. What would they gain from all the work?, she thought to herself. Gerard handed them a piece of paper which contained the location of their hideout. ”Please, just try to talk them out. I do not wish to harm anyone.” The woman simply nodded and handed the paper over to Chelvaric for him to have a look. Having an awful sense of direction, it would be best if she left the elf to lead the way.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
They walked into the hospital and saw the doctor ice bearing in the hall of the hospital. It seemed he was quite nervous about something and he nearly jumped up when he saw them and he walked straight towards them as he was waiting for the two mages. He didn’t even say hi but rushed them to his office like someone would fall dead any second. This job seemed to be super urgent to the doctor apparently but he wondered if there was something scaring him instead. They took seats and Chelvaric looked through the office as he didn’t really have a good look at it last time when they were here. There was a skull that was cut in two and had some info on it where everything was. The rest of the room was filled with files and a table where a patient could lay on so that he could examine them.

It seemed he had finally realized that they had to stop the gang from destroying the water any further. He finally was smart enough to realize how bad the forest was going to be affected from that bloody poison he was angry that he didn’t let them handle it on the last job but had to call them in now in a hurry to do it. He probably was just scared that the gang would get him. He threw the last part out of the window about not hurting them, he doubted that a gang would stop just by asking them. He took the map from Snow and he started walking out of the hospital towards the place they had to go.


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Venus Rosé

Gerard appeared to be grief-stricken by the event as she watched him bury his face into his hands quietly sobbed to himself. Just like her dull communication skills, Snowflake was horrible at comforting people but, she does find herself a rather good listener. Not knowing what to do, she glanced over to Chelvaric, who was busy reading the address of the gang’s hideout and figuring out where it was. The sketches of the location were quite similar to the place they visited in the previous job, where the main water source of the town was situated. It was possible that the Cold Collier gang’s hideout would be within the surrounding area, since they were the main culprit to spread disease all over the town after all. Fortunately, the two of them weren’t affected and neither was the doctor.

Assuming that it would be best if they gave Gerard some time to himself to sort things out, she rested her hand on Chelvaric’s thigh to get his attention and suggested that they should leave. The hospital was still flooded with patients; both old and young alike, the victims from the disease spread by the gang. Seeing such a large amount of people resting on hospital beds, anger pulsed through her veins and she swore to herself that they would definitely stop the culprit. Despite how heartless and cold she may be, she loathed seeing innocent people getting hurt without any reason.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was looking over the map as he needed to find the location where the gang was hiding he wasn’t a super good map reader or anything but he knew the areas around Baska quite well since he was always out there walking around and searching for things or checking on the animals. So it was quite natural that he would end up being the designated person to find the location and bring them there. He was so focused on the map that he didn’t notice anything till he felt the hand of Snowflake on his thigh. It made a shiver go over his back and he stared at her for a bit before he moved as she asked to leave.

The hospital was quite busy and a lot of patients were walking around in the hallway, it took a bit of time to find the exit of the hospital as they were always like a maze and so hard to find your way around inside one of them. He grabbed Snow’s hand and started to talk while they walked towards the caves that were near the location they went last time.

These are gang members so be careful Snowy, Okay? They can be dangerous and maybe they will ambush us or attack us when we show up”, he said to her to warn her and to make sure she would be safe when they arrived at the place. He nodded to Elisa so that she would do the same.


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Venus Rosé

Chelvaric suddenly held her hand as they exited the hospital and told her to beware of the gang members. A smile grew on her lips as she gently rested her hand on his cheek. ”Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” She reassured him and wrapped her fingers around his hand as they headed towards the destination. The elf would lead the way and since the location in the outskirts of the town, they had to travel a long while. Fortunately, she was used to walking long distances, so it was nothing compared to all the travels that she had made in her life. Most of her journeys were mundane, with nothing to do, but with Chelvaric, it was different. Along the way, they would talk about the most random things; whatever that came to their mine, which made the entire walk enjoyable.

Upon their arrival, guards stopped them at the entrance. They were clad in armour and their faces were concealed with some kind of mask and questioned them what their business was. ”We’d like to meet the leader of your group, just to have a talk.” The guards stared at them suspiciously but someone from the back of the room declare the guards to permit them. They patted down their bodies and inspected to see if there were any weapons hiding on their bodies. Armours and other items were required to be removed but fortunately, she had none of those, so the inspection went faster.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric felt Snow’s hand on his cheek as she made him feel comfortable and that he didn’t had to worry about anything that she would be fine and since she said it to him that she was alright he would believe her and he didn’t bring it up anymore. He firmly wrapped his fingers around hers when she slipped her hand into his. Chelvaric would lead the way on there travel to the hide out which went by quite uneventful, they only saw a handful people in the city and once they left it had been only them and the trees surrounding them.  Elisa helped Chelvaric Search for the cave entrance as he couldn’t find it at first. But then Elisa led him to a place covered in vines and after pushing them aside they had found the entrance to the lair.

Before they could enter they were halted by two men clad in armor and their faces were hidden behind a doctors mask that people use when they have to deal with a contagious disease. It was quite fitting for people that were handling dangerous goods all the time. Snow explained why they were here and then they started to search them for any objects that could harm anyone. It seemed they wanted to make sure they couldn’t kill the boss easily. But alas he didn’t have anything on him. They take a good look at Leafeon but decided she seemed harmless and let them trough. After a walk of a good half hour, they were led into something that seemed to be a huge cave. It was round and on the walls, there were seats cut out to sit on. But you couldn’t reach them from here since the wall went straight up a couple of meters till where the chairs were cut out of the wall.


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Venus Rosé

Once the inspection was completed, the Blue Pegasus mages were led by the guards to meet the leader of the gang. Snowflake wasn’t sure where he was, but their journey there took them much longer than expected – not to mention, the entire walk was in complete, utter silence and it was almost killing, as if everyone was frightened to break the silence. Though in brief reality the travel was short, however it felt like hours to her and soon, a sight of an enormous colosseum area greeted them. The arena was almost as big as a football stadium and to top it off, it was located inside a cave. The chairs were carved out of rocks and stone and she was amazed at how one would structure the ruins so nicely.

In the highest part of the stadium was a seat, almost like a throne and she would see a rather old man gazing down upon them as if they were peasants. Beside him surrounded who she would assume the members of the gang and his followers. ”I heard you wanted to talk.” The man began, resting his hands on the arm of the chair.

”I’m assuming you’re Mattoro and yes, we came here to discuss about your…dreadful business.” Perhaps she said the words by intention, perhaps not, but she was in the mood to irritate this man for treating the citizens of the town so badly. The man apparently took offense at her remarks, but he stated no further.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked up as someone on a throne was speaking. He noticed that the chairs and the environment seemed to be worn out, these were probably ruined from some old civilization, it would make more sense then that bandits would have carved this out of the rock themselves. The man seemed to be Mateo the boss of the gang they were looking for. He asked them why they heard after which he stared at them with a bored look. Snow said something harmful but he just kept looking and remained silent. Chevaric laid a hand on Snow’s shoulder and started to talk to the boss of the gang.

 “The things you are doing are really bad for the environment and for the people in the city. If you don’t stop you could kill the whole region with that nasty toxic. I don’t know why you’re doing this but please stop this before we have to resolve to harsher means in stopping your business”, he said threatening to the man and looked at him daringly. But Mateo didn’t even seem to notice about what he was talking about and just looked at them with a bored look, he gave them the feeling that it didn’t really matter what they said he wouldn’t listen to them.


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Venus Rosé

Her sentences were continued by Chelvaric and everything she had wanted to say was mentioned. Somehow, the leader of the Cold Collier, Mattoro, didn’t seem impressed with their statement – it was almost as if he was expecting it. The man crossed his legs and appear to consider about their proposal until he spoke, ”No.” She had set her hopes high but it wasn’t as if she didn’t know what the outcome will be and they will have to force him out of their business if it meant to protect the civilians. Despite how unwilling he was, at least he gave them a chance to speak their opinions. ”You…you don’t know what they did to me. I will never forgive them. I will not stop, and I’ll make them suffer and give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Suddenly, he shot up from his seat furiously with his fists balled by his side before quickly calming down. ”You do not have to seek revenge. Why not just simply talk with the elders of the town and have them listen to your wishes?” She suggested, not wanting to give up but her attempts of convincing him was undoubtedly not working.

”No! I will not listen to whatever you have to say from now on. Either you leave or you’re going to regret it.”

”Seems like we have no choice.” Snowflake looked over to her partner, her gaze firm to show her resolve that she had just made and nodded to indicate that there was definitely going to be a battle among the mages and the gang. There was no point in wasting time with this man.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
The man seemed to be thinking about what he said but eventually just said no. A harsh and simple no. why was this man not giving in, he could just give up and they wouldn’t have to fight but no this person was hell bent on sticking to what he wanted to do. He started to get agitated and talked about how he was done wrong and that he would never forgive the city till they had paid for the deeds they had done. It seemed he was hell-bent on having revenge for what has happened to him in the past.

He knew that some people could get really revengeful and it would be really hard to convince him otherwise as he was already displaying because he didn’t listen to Snow at all and just brushed her talk off him. If it continued like this there would be a battle for sure and Snowy nodded to him, the sign that he should prepare for whatever would come next.

Kill them! They can’t leave here alive”, he shouted on the top of his lungs with his face red of anger. An iron gate suddenly started to open to the left of them and five tugs all dressed with the same mask was coming out of the gate to beat them up it seemed. Chelvaric moved into a combat stance and waited for them to come running.


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Venus Rosé

They were outnumbered; six to two, but the Blue Pegasus mages were not definitely ones to be underestimated. One by one, the members of the Collier gang leaped down the steps carved out of rock to battle against them. Smirks were plastered on their faces as they grinned, thinking that they could easily defeat them with their weapons. Metal pipe, hammers and some with brass knuckles surrounded them in a circle and approached towards them slowly. It’d be better if I had some kind of weapon as well, she thought to herself and balled her fists tightly. It seemed that they would have to end their fights with fists instead since she was still quite not used in utilizing her magic.

The enemy with the hammer swung its weapon sideways at her, indicating the first move, which she hastily ducked away and swept her feet just slightly above the hard ground and knocked him off balance. Speed was her domain, which she evidently took pride in herself as can be seen on the features of her face. The guards that led them into the colosseum arena joined the fight as well, with metal pipes held in their hands. Despite the numbers, they were rather weak, or so she learned to believe so. Perhaps this fight will finish even faster than she had expected. One down five to go.

In spite of being in the midst of a fight, her attention would drift towards Chelvaric to ensure that he was safe and sound. She was aware that he could handle their opponents, nevertheless, she was still worried of her own partner. Even a scratch on his body would be enough to make her rage. Another challenger approached her, but with brass knuckles. Being a close combat, she assumed that he must be a better martial artist and she wasn’t wrong. The opponent blew consecutive attacks at her, not even allowing her to take a breather however, grabbing him by the wrist when he threw a punch and tossing him over did the work.  


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Chelvaric Walderkat
They were surrounded by the enemy which was one of the worst things that could happen in a fight. The men were slowly walking towards them, all armed with brass knuckles and metal pipes. They were in a bad spot as it was three against one. Three for him and three for Snow. they at least had Elisa still with them, if they got wounded she would heal them back up. One of the men came running towards Chelvaric and tried to hit him with the metal pipe. He jumped backward just and time and the metal flew super close past his nose. That was a close call or he would have gotten a broken nose at the least. Chelvaric jumped forward to kick the man in the groin with hi knee. The man made a grunting sound and collapsed on the floor. Leafeon jumped on Chelvaric's head and shot leaves to one of the gang members who was sneaking up to Chelvaric.

The leaves cut several places on his body which made the man distracted as Elisa ran to him and kicked him in the chin knocking him out. The last man was armed with a bat and he ran To Chelvaric, Who started to run away but he tripped over the man he had knocked out earlier and rolled over the floor till he was laying with his face facing the sky. Where the spiked club suddenly appeared, he quickly moved his head to the side to dodge the attack while he was searching for a weapon, he found the metal pipe of the knocked out man and smashed the last gang member in the head with it making him fall in a deep sleep.


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Venus Rosé

There were three gang members for each of them to deal with. Luckily, two were already defeated thus, the last one shouldn’t be that big of a problem, she thought. The remaining Cold Collier crept up behind her with a bat, but his footsteps gave it away as she swiftly turned around, lifted up her leg and delivered a roundhouse kick against his cheek. The arena fell silent for a brief moment, indicating that all of the gang members have been defeated and when she looked up at the leader of the group, he appeared shock – not until long. The features of Mattoro’s face immediately turn grim and he spoke some words in a language that she did not understand.

Suddenly, more numbers started pouring in from all the doors around them and she’d instantly grab Chelvaric by his hand to begin running. ”We can’t fight them. They’re too many against us. We have to escape, now.’ She explained as they ran and searched for the entrance that they came from. She could hear loud footsteps and some kinds of battle cries behind her, yet she did not even take a glance over her shoulder to see the exact numbers. And, she kept running and running until they finally exited the cave. Even then, they shouldn’t be relieved since it was likely that the Cold Colliers would chase them however, entering the forest might help them lose their tracks.



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