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Petty Theft [Quest: Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Petty Theft [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:06 pm

Bianca Fleur
Surprisingly today, Bianca was not taking a job from the doctor. He did not tell her to come again after the last job so she assumed he did not need her urgently for anything. So she had decided to just spend her day walking around Oak and doing whatever she felt like doing at the time. That seemed like a pretty good idea to her when she left her place and starting walking. She was wearing a pretty exposing top and black leather pants. Her normal attire for a few days now. She had tied her hair up into a high ponytail and that made her feel even taller than she already was for some reason. Her tied up curls were draped to one side, so only one side of her neck was exposed. As for now she had got herself a little house to stay in. That did not mean that the house was little, the word ‘little’ was used just to make it look adorable. It had one storey, but she was looking to get a two storey one maybe later. But that was a big maybe. She might not even get a two storey house in the end. She had even painted the walls and everything so the one storey one was good enough for now.

Bianca now walked along the streets where there were little stalls lining up the road. It was a great spot for tourists. There were lots of different types of goods sold at the various stalls that she walked past. And a few moments, guess who she stumbled upon? The little annoying boy Jerr. Well he was not annoying to be honest, but little boys about his age were problematic and Bianca knew that because she studied people. She knew what most people were like after she observed them for a while. So she smirked once she saw the little boy. He obviously would not remember her since she got a makeover and all. But she decided to remind him, patting on one shoulder and asking if he remembered her. The kid probably had great memory or something because he said he did remember her, or maybe he was just lying to get her to do him a favor. Bianca asked what he was up to and so he explained, pointing subtly at the merchant he was talking about and telling her the price of the gold bracelet that he wore. “Interesting,” said the vampyre as she watched the merchant sit at his stall, watching people walk by his stall and probably hoping that someone stopped to look at his goods. She almost felt some kind of pity. Luckily for Jerr, Bianca was dressed perfectly for this favor and she knew what she was going to do to distract them. It was something only women could do and Bianca’s body was perfectly built for this. She gave Jerr a smirk and a nod and told him to be ready for the fun.

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Petty Theft [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:11 pm

Bianca Fleur
Bianca and Jerr did not stay close to each other, so that they would not look like they were working together after Jerr did his part. All Bianca really had to do was distract the merchant and the guy who was going to polish his bracelet. She tried to blend into the background so that she was not noticed by a lot of people in the area even though that was a little bit hard given her bright hair color and the way she was dressed despite the current weather conditions. Even Jerr was clothed in a sweater and even had an old scarf wrapped around his neck. She watched him carefully from a corner, waiting for his signal. She could honestly just be watching the merchant but she had to make sure Jerr was ready, otherwise she would be distracting them for no reason and it would be a failed mission. So after a while, the merchant walked over to the polishing stand. He seemed to have chosen this time because people were not really coming to his stall and he did not have any selling to do. Bianca immediately looked at Jerr who gave her a thumbs up and she nodded back at him.

Getting out of the little corner she was previous standing in, the vampyre headed towards the polishing stand, looking around while she did so as if she was in search of something. When she got close, she turned so that she was facing them. Bianca then smiled and waved at them, squishing her arms together so that she caught their attention using her breasts. “Hello, gentlemen. I’m looking for a stall that was here yesterday. An old lady who sells jade ornaments? I forgot something at her stall,” she said. “Oh dear,” she mumbled and then bent over to properly zip her boots, giving a different view of her curvaceous features. When she stood back, she noticed that the bracelet was already gone and the two men had not said a thing to respond to her. “No? Alright, I’ll look for her myself,” she said and then turned around, but by that time the men had already noticed that the bracelet was gone and began calling after her. She knew that they would only blame her for this so she had to run. And so she ran as fast as she could. Thank god for her trainings, she was really fast and because of how she made no sound, after she made a turn into an alley, they lost her. Jerr found her later near the alley where he paid her for the favor. She petted his head and told him to take care. As much as he was annoying, she sort of felt bad for the boy. He was obviously an orphan like herself and she wanted to be there for him to help if he needed anything. After all they had that in one thing common - they were both Oak Town orphans.

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