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Baby Sitting [Quest Baron]

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Baron’s tent was dark at this hour. It had been about twelve or maybe evev four PM at the moment, but he wouldn’t have known for he was too busy sulking to do anything productive. He had began to feel bad for himself, feeling worst and worst with all of the time that passed him by. He wondered what the point of any of this was, why he was here, why he left the farm back home and why he was feeling so down on his luck as of late. The man had even gone as far as to question what his family was doing right now, he was sure they were all probably huddled around the farm house’s fireplace exchanging tales with one another, talking, loving each other's company and mom probably brewed up a few rounds of hot co co to help keep them all warm. He missed them all, the twins, his parents, vicky, all of his siblings and even the evil mare, hell he even missed the woman that lived down the street showed tied him up when he was younger and showed him her… It was a faint memory he’d rather leave it at that.

He was missing his family so much so that even the new memories he made here had reminded them of them all, save for the woman he had met on the beach… Well one of them anyway, her eyes made his heart melt, his face would have turned crimson had she not adjusted… Damn did he want to see her again, in her wetness, from the wave hitting her, he found warmth and tenderness like none he had ever felt. Hell, she was the first woman to have made him feel the way she did: uneasy, nervous, flighty, airy, so many words that all meant the same thing: she made him weak in the knees and he didn’t mind it all that much. He had to see her again, he didn’t care when or how he needed her and it would be a travesty if he didn’t see her again before he left Hargeon. She was a stranger, he barely knew her but she was everything he dreamed of. It started with black hair, it got shorter and lighter, her form changed from robust to petite, it was the woman from his dreams, he was certain. But there was no way of knowing outside of his dreams now was there? One day he would see her again, he was determined and then he would asks her to be his… Ugh, he couldn’t think about things like that, not right now. Sure, he was in love… Wait did he think love? No, it wasn’t love, sure he was infatuated with her right now but he didn’t know much of anything about her outside of her beautiful, refined face and her shimmering blue eyes. They made him melt when he thought about them, they were so perfect yet they weren’t for him.

His tent was cluttered and stuffy, he had went on collecting things to help him get comfortable but in truth it all only made him miss home more: He had gotten a second blanket for visitors, a lamp in case he had to go out at night or read in dusks, a few six packs of beer stacked in a corner and his old burlap sack was replaced with a bad fit to carry his collapsible tent and other belongings a great distance without strain because of the distance. Over time he had thought about all of the people he had met, or well all of the women he had met. There was Les, Alisa, Elena, Lacie, Fluer, Xandra, the misty beauty, and… That hd to be it wasn’t it? Hm, it seemed he was a regular casanova with all of the women he had met, but that was little more than a ploy if anything, a title he wouldn’t want as he didn’t make a move on any of those women other than Lacie at the start, but even she grew into someone he didn’t wish to fully pursue. He was in no shape for a relationship, he was too soft, too weak and had quite a bit of baggage with his ever growing story as he moved on from town to town. He wanted to fall in love, sure, love was amazing! It was blind, it wouldn’t judge, and when needed it could warm up any soul like an open flame. Truly, love was an amazing thing that he did not deserve and that was why he wouldn’t chase it yet. He had to meet the right woman and so far only one came off as such. Les seemed like she wanted him, and he wanted her for the most part but in truth she seemed so devote to her faith that anything they head would have crashed and burned when it came to her choosing her devotion to his flame. She was a warrior, even if they had an amazing relationship packed with great sex, lovey dovey nonsense, and a child even, it wouldn’t be enough. If only he didn’t have to play second fiddle, while she was hsi first chair.
Typically he wouldn’t have been afraid to take a back seat to something like family, but he wondered if she would try to make him serve her faith too, if she would want him for him or she would try to convert him to follow her. Oh life was so cruel, but he couldn’t let these thoughts slow him down. He thought about these things quite a bit and got the same idea time after time, there was no one that would let him be their first priority. Everyone had something they cared about more than anything in the world, some people have that type of love, others simply had a sort of air about themselves that they didn’t want love. He wanted it, he hungered for it, but he couldn’t have it could he? He was too weak, too frail, how was he supposed to enjoy anyone or anything when he was always going to be a second string to a first strong issue.How petty he was, but he had good reason didn’t he? It was only natural to want to be someone’s one and only, it was only fair that he got the same love others got. Just watching people walk down the street locking hands made him envious, he deserved that sort of happiness, yet no one seemed to agree at the moment. Not even in Baska did he get any attention from women outside of his family, or better yet attention that garnered affection.

Affection, now that was a pretty word, it was for those who got gentle touches from their lovers. Pats on the arse, kisses on the lips, and caresses against their skin all for nothing but kindness in return. He was infatuated with that word, affection, it had one meaning but meant so much to so many different people that if it had changed in definition alone it would likely cause a great stir in the rumblings of the communities that held it so dear. He wanted affection, yes, he wanted it so much he craved it right now! He would selfishly drink it up, lap it up with a quivering tongue as he selfishly hogged it all for himself, but no, that wasn’t right now was it? There was no use in pretending, he wasn’t gonna get it, yet he wanted it so badly. Would anyone give it to him? Not likely, but damn it he could try to earn it, it was all he could do, not force it and earn it all.

He looekd up at the ceiling of his tent, black rods lining up to a central point as he narrowed his eyes, there wasn’t much to it than that, he had to eearn what he wanted to much, he had to not force it and try to burrow for it where he could find it the best. L-O-V-E here he comes, he smirked to himself as finally sat up. It seemed wallowing was good for thinking, but not that good for hype. He wasn’t too excited about today’s job: Find the kid, baby sit her her for a while and do what she wanted. Not hard, not easy, but simple, something anyone with paitence could do most likely.

Getting up and making his way for the place he knocked on the door of the manor to be greeted by a young girl. He looked at the girl, she was puffy cheeked, a head of blonde straight red hair and had a frown on her face, seemed to contrast her yellow and pink sundress greatly. He didn’t like to pretend he knew a lot about kids, because he didn’t but this one seemed like she was in a particularly bad mood today. Then again what did he know? When he was around her age he was kissing girls and making them cry when he was awake, helping his mom cook when he was sleepy and always went to bed early. He was an… Alright kid. Then again, the more he looked at her the more he was put in mind of Vicky during her younger years. They both had that same angry gleam in their eyes, one that would cause hell for any little boy that came their way talking about a ‘crush’. She even looked a little like Vic save for her blonde hair, since vicky took after him and hsi dad with black locks. Either way he felt sadness as he looked at the small child. He tried to say something but she didn’t seem to have any of it as she walked past him and towards the beach. He would follow and there he would start by collecting sea shells. He must have taken an entire few handfuls to and from her as she demanded the best he could find. He had collected about five she approved, all dazzling red in color, though just as she took them she threw them back onto the beach and laughed. He frowned and tried to speak o her but before he knew it she was gone into the forest, he’d follow closely though until she lost him.

Where could she have gone? The cry was faint but he caught it, he had found her crying under a tree, a sad sight indeed. He sat next to her and asked what was wrong, she said that she wanted to go home and left him there on purpose but then she got lost.

Baron laughed and patted her on the head praising her ability to sneak off so silently. She giggled and the two spoke for a moment, mostly on what it was like living on the beach, where Baron came from and where he was going when he was done. Before he knew it dawn was breaking and they had been talking for quite a while, he asked her if she was ready to go home and she said yes luckily. He allowed her on his back and began on the path out of the forest and to her estate.

The road was almost dusky, but he kept her on his back close. Seemed the moon was lighting their way, carrying her up the steps of her large home knocking on the door with her foot and even going as far as to carry her in and giving her to her father before patting her on the head. She was a good kid after all, just a little mean.


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