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More Experimental Hexes [Quest: Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

More Experimental Hexes [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:34 pm

Bianca Fleur
Bianca could not stop. She was on a roll with these jobs from the doctor. It was like she was his full time assistant now or something. But the idea of being tested on did not really appeal to the vampyre. She had just recovered from the effects of white claudia that she injected into herself twice. She was not going to go for a third time, and she was pretty sure the doctor knew what he needed to fix after the second time because what happened after she took the white claudia for the second time was more intense than the first time. She could only imagine what the final white claudia would do to her, after seeing the devilish grin on the doctor’s face as he rewarded her for the job the last time. Probably make her go insane or something like that. Bianca was lazy to make herself coffee that morning, so she headed to the cafe first to get a cup of hot coffee. She was really digging the feeling of holding something warm in her hands while she walked around in the cold. It made her feel cute or something like that. She felt almost like an innocent little human, holding her hot coffee and all that ish.

The queue at the cafe was short, so Bianca was able to get her coffee faster than the last time. That meant she had to spend less time being gawked at for being a giant woman who did not fear the cold. She was wearing rather short jeans and a simple shirt that did not really provide warmth. She even felt like buying ice coffee just to mock them. The illusion of feeling cold had disappeared after she confirmed with herself that it was just her mind thinking that it was cold. Of course vampyres were not bothered by the cold. That was almost common sense and she was stupid for thinking otherwise. She should probably learn more about her own kind, read books in the library in her free time or something.

Even though the effects of white claudia had disappeared, she had some weird episodes while she was on her own, like which she was in her inn room smoking. She would get random shocks and that really bothered her but after a while she would just forget about it and go on about her day. The vampyre received her coffee with both hands, feeling happy like a little child who just got a toy or something. She then made a dismissive wave to keep the change and then headed out of the cafe, taking a sip of the coffee on her way out. It felt good. Both holding something warm in her hands and feeling it course through her throat and send out little warm waves throughout her body. She also felt stupid at the same time, feeling happy about dumb things like that. She had work to do, and so she hurried to the doctor’s shop once again.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

More Experimental Hexes [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:24 pm

Bianca Fleur
Once she was inside the doctor’s shop, she was given a scrutinizing look from the doctor. He was probably checking to see if she was in her normal state. Bianca took a deep breath and stated why she was here, not for more white claudia, but for a new job. The doctor nodded and stood up, searching through the papers scattered over his desk with both hands and then yanking open his drawers. Once he got what he was looking for, he brought it out and thoroughly read what was on the small piece of paper and then handed it to Bianca. More hexes to test on people. Fun! At least it was more fun than her two latest jobs for the doctor. With a small smile, the vampyre said that she would be back later and headed out to the streets to do the job like last time. She went to one part that was close to a park and sat on a bench just like last time. That was only when she properly read the hexes and the first one was the one that she did last time as well, but probably fixed so that it worked properly now. She looked at one of the people working along the sidewalk, this time she chose a girl. She then spoke the word while looking at her and almost immediately the hex functions, and this time it seemed to be working like it should be unlike the last time when it failed. With a nod she looked back at the paper in her hand.

The next hex was called ‘Magna’ and was supposed to remove all strength from someone’s body for the duration of an hour. Bianca looked up from the paper to search for her next test subject. She placed her coffee beside her on the bench and looked around. Then she spotted a young boy who was playing around with a toy. She tilted her head and wondered if she should do it to him or the man carrying a load of boxes. That would have been really cruel, and with a sly smirk she mumbled the word while looking at the man carrying boxes. Unfortunately it did not seem to work. The man was still carrying his boxes without a problem and she frowned. She reached for her coffee to drink and instead of just holding it softly she accidentally squished the cup too hard, damaging the cup and getting the hot coffee on her hands. For some reason her hands put more force into holding the cup than she expected. She let go immediately and shook her hand, making an annoyed grunt. She got up quickly and left the bench. She was not going to clean up that mess and she needed to wash her hands, so she just headed back to the doctor’s shop. Once she got back there, she asked the doctor to let her wash her hands first before telling him what had happened. The doctor then rewarded and dismissed her.

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