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Surgery [Quest: Esperia]

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

What was romantic love? It was a question that occupied the obsidian-haired lass her mind as she walked along the streets of Baska. Although she had said those words so confidently to Liana back then, now that she was seriously considering the matter Esperia came to the awkward realization that she was much more inexperienced than she had expected. She couldn’t exactly describe those feelings, perhaps because she had never truly experienced them before in the form of a relationship. How could she possibly become someone that might someday draw Liana’s interest, if she didn’t even know such an elementary thing? Heaving a little sigh the girl watched Agni excitedly walking before her, barking joyously as he made his way along the street they had been traveling.

Perhaps that was why she had accepted the offer of Gerard, in the end the doctor was willing to help her and perhaps going on a date with someone would help lessen the pain of the rejection and help her slowly come to understand what those feelings were all about. It was for that reason the young Eisenberg was making her way to the hospital Gerard worked at, hoping to catch him during his free time, but it appeared that the moment she had stepped inside that a commotion was unfolding. “Where are the other nurses? Surely there must be someone available?” The man was talking to another doctor who shook his head lightly in response to the question. “I’m sorry Gerard but all the nurses are either already working or taken leave out of illness.”

Gerard’s expression turned pale, clearly troubled by the answer as he raised a hand to his face. “This surgery is a critical one, if it’s not carried today the patient will die...” Slow footsteps came from the young lady as she overheard the two doctors talking, the knowledge that someone who could still be saved was about to die because nobody was able to aid Gerard made the girl feel a rather heavy pressure in her chest, the feeling of being powerless about to consume her when suddenly Gerard’s eyes set upon her.

“Esperia! Excellent timing, please come with me right away!”

The doctor rushed over to her, a hand reaching for her wrist as he tugged her along. “W-Wait Gerard-” The girl nervously answered him as he pulled her along the hospital. “I’m truly sorry about getting you involved in this, especially after I promised I would help you but...”

The girl raised her head lightly, looking at the troubled man while she addressed him in a soft tone. “Umm, you’re talking about that surgery right?” Gerard nodded his head firmly as he guided the girl into a room where he stopped and turned toward her. “Listen Esperia, I became a doctor because I want to help people, and I sworn after a certain event that as long as I’m alive no patient of mine will die as long as I got the means to save them.”

The girl nodded her head lightly in acknowledgment to his resolve as Esperia found herself standing in front of what appeared to be the waiting room prior to a surgery.

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Surgery [Quest: Esperia] MHKs2Uu

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The sight was one that she would have never imagined. A young girl, perhaps not even a teenager was seated upright in the bed, covered in the typical gown hospital patients wore. “This is Mia...”

A slow step forwards followed as Esperia took a step forward, Agni standing at her side, the bark of the dog stirred Mia’s attention, the child looking at her while she asked in a voice that sounded so sweet and innocent. “Are you the nice lady who will help Doctor Gerry give me a new heart?”

To think that someone so young would have to go through such a painful procedure, it brought her to tears, yet she swiftly raised a hand to her face, erasing the traces of their existence as she made a playful salute with her hand. “The name is Esperia, Magical Nurse Esperia! You can count on me to help Doctor Gerry save you.”

She had to be strong, for Mia’s sake she would need to reassure the girl that the surgery would go flawlessly. The girl’s expression turned into a bright smile as she clapped her hands together. “Yay~ Is the doggie your familiar then?” Esperia nodded her head gently at the question, a wink following as she added. “Quite a clever girl, aren’t you? This is The Growlithe of Courage and Justice: The Blazing Hero Agni!”

The child giggled with innocent enthusiasm while the Growlithe barked cheerfully in agreement. Gerard smiled kindly at Mia as he stepped at the side of the bed. “Our magical nurse is now going to do her transformation sequence in the room next-door, while Doctor Gerry will use his magic to get you a little nap. But I promise you that you’ll see her before you’ll fall asleep.

The man explained kindly as he led Esperia into the nearby room. “The garments you need are prepared in that bag over there. I’ll explain things once we’re inside.”

The girl nodded her head lightly as she moved over toward the bag and once Gerard left the room put on the contents of the bag, soon arriving in the room Mia was in. It was painful to see the energetic girl becoming so weak and vulnerable after Gerard gave her that injection, a gloved hand gently holding the child’s own. “When I wake up… will you be gone?” In response to the question Esperia shook her head lightly and replied in a soft tone. “I promise before my journey takes me elsewhere I will visit you again. And then I will introduce you to a dear friend of mine.”

The girl smiled sweetly as she closed her eyes, making Esperia take a deep breath. “You’re surprisingly tough for your age Esperia, not many would be able to speak with such warmth and conviction.” The girl shook her head gently as she explained. “Because it’s a fact: We will save her, right doctor?”

The man nodded his head firmly, replying in a determined tone. “We will, let us get to work Esperia.”

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Surgery [Quest: Esperia] MHKs2Uu

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

“So for this surgery you’ll be assisting me in handing over certain utilities and cleansing them during the treatment.”

A little nod came from the girl as she watched Gerard proceed with the surgery. At first it seemed to all be going smoothly, flawlessly even. The doctor called out for a tool or a device and she would provide it to him while cleaning any that he didn’t need for the time being. Perhaps it was due to her determination to help the child that she had been so focused, yet a sudden pained grunt made her look toward Gerard in concern. Blood? A look at his gloved had revealed a cut over the surface, and what was even worse that it was bleeding quite seriously. “No choice… Esperia.”

The girl looked at the doctor with a look of disbelief, was he really expecting her to do a real surgery without any proper education?! Noticing her panicking expression the man spoke firmly. “THAT GIRL BELIEVES IN YOU EISENBERG!” the shout made her lower her hands to her chest, her gaze drifting toward the unconscious Mia.

She had promised her, didn’t she? That she would get better and that they would meet her again. If she hesitated now she would had been a liar! A firm shake of her head followed as she cleared her thoughts of the doubt that lingered. “Okay Esperia, I’ll be explaining each step of the procedure to you. First we need to remove her heart.”

It was odd, how despite standing before a sight that would make most people squirm she was oddly calm, was it her resolve? Her desire to keep her promise? The instructions of the doctor were akin to a puppeteer controlling a puppet, an incision here, a utility usage there and it felt like time had become a blur till finally the surgery was over. “Those stitches… she’d barely even be able to see them. Excellent work Doctor Eisenberg”

The girl smiled weakly as she removed the gloves and cleaned her hands. “If I am a doctor I’d hope to get paid like one.” The man laughed briefly at her as the two returned to Gerard’s office.

“When will she be able to go outside?” Esperia’s question made the man raise a hand to his beard, stroking it lightly as he pondered. “If her body properly adapts to the new heart she should be able to be wheel-chaired in two weeks from now. Why?”

The girl took a deep breath as she continued speaking. “I’d like to take her out for a trip around Baska then, just a short one… to keep my promise.” The man smiled at her and nodded his head in acknowledgment. “I’ll arrange it depending on her condition. I might even have an idea to add to that.”

However, for now Esperia had succeeded in her attempt to save someone, even if it had been one of the most intense experiences she had ever endured! To think she’d be playing the role of doctor...

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Surgery [Quest: Esperia] MHKs2Uu

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