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More White Claudia [Quest: Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

More White Claudia [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:00 pm

Bianca Fleur
After the whole episode in the back room of the mad doctor’s shop, Bianca was going through the after effects of whatever it was that was injected into her bloodstream. She knew she should not have accepted it in the first place, but now that it had been done, there was no going back. For two entire days she had not slept, and the first actual rest she had was when she was sitting on the bed, staring at the TV even though she was not paying attention to what was being shown on the TV. That was when she zoned out and just sat there for like an hour and a half with her eyes open but her mind was asleep. Once she came back to her senses, the vampyre was overwhelmed by a craving feeling, like she needed something, and if she did not have that something soon, she might even die. She downed the coffee that she had made before sitting on her bed and headed into the bathroom after deciding to take a cold shower. That could hopeful freshen her up and make that stupid craving go away. She took long in the shower, but when she stepped out, she could still feel it. So she dried her hair and put on clothes, then drank a whole lot of water. At some point she could not hold it anymore and had to sit down on the spot, leaning against something as she took deep breaths.

About thirty minutes later, Bianca was out in the streets, walking to the doctor’s shop. She needed to see him and take whatever it was that he gave her last time. White Claudia, or whatever it was called. She came to realise that was what she was craving, even though she probably should not. The stuff she saw when she took it were pretty horrifying. She was probably shaking a little bit because anyone she walked past gave her a look that probably meant like ‘are you ok?’ She ignored them of course. Wearing a black sweater and black leather pants, she was far from feeling cold. And she was not shaking like she was feeling cold. The doctor’s shop was not too far now so she fastened her pace, wanting to get out of the sight of people. Everyone was looking at her like she had horns coming out of her head or something, not like that was anything strange in this world of magic. Bianca then noticed, when she reached the doctor’s shop, that she looked like a zombie. Her eyes had dark bags under them and her lips had gone completely white, not even pale pinkish like how it used to be, but no color at all. She saw that, in her reflection the doors of the doctor’s shop. What a hopeless wreck she looked like. Quickly entering the shop, she walked up to the desk that the doctor sat at and just stood. The doctor already saw what she was here for.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

More White Claudia [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:49 pm

Bianca Fleur
The doctor did not even speak a word and instead headed into the back room. He didn’t ask for her to follow, so she waited patiently, arms folded under her breasts as if that was going to help with how she was feeling right now. The doctor then returned from the back room and gave her a syringe that was filled with the same liquid that was injected into her the last time. Bianca accepted with both hands and looked up to the doctor to see if he was going to say anything. He then told her that he wanted her to inject it into herself and that he will be watching. She nodded nervously, staring at the syringe in her hands. It was as if she was addicted to a drug. Maybe the substance was in fact a drug? And the doctor was looking to sell it or something. The doctor nodded back and headed back into the room and then his face appeared in the small window that would normally seem like a black screen. Taking a deep breath, the vampyre stuck the needle into her arm and injected the liquid into her. She was no doctor or nurse so she wasn’t an expert at injecting stuff into people. A short grunt escaped her lips as she pulled the syringe out and dropped it to the ground. Almost immediately afterwards, the room started shifting, unlike before, it was a corridor with many doors on the sides. The doctor either modified the last mixture or gave her a completely new one.

Bianca had no idea what she was doing or why she was doing what she was doing, but she decided to explore the rooms that the doors would lead to. She entered the closest one to her and headed inside. At first the room was dark and silent, and then she heard the laughter of a child that was probably like a year old. She had no fear of ghosts and if this was some kind of haunting situation, she wasn’t fazed by it. However, the laughter turned into a series of defeated sobs and she started to wonder if she should leave or wait to listen and see if she was going to get anything out of this.

Once she was almost ready to leave after hearing a child crying for three whole minutes, the room lit up, but not with white light. It was a depressing deep red that made it seem like the walls were painted with blood. Then she saw herself, as a child. The pink hair that she once had...it had to be her. Then her parents came into the room and suddenly, she wasn’t a child anymore. She was older...old enough to think on her own. The illusion of her parents then told her the same words she had heard before. This was an incident she could never forget. But from that point onwards, things changed. Instead of deciding to kill her parents, the illusion of Bianca’s younger self agreed to meet the cult who her parents lied to be guests or something. Even though it wasn’t that terrifying if you thought about it, the real Bianca was shaking in fear. She didn’t want to see anymore, but her legs wouldn’t move until she saw her younger self being killed in front of her own parents. That was when her legs started working again and she would run out of the room, back into the corridor and towards the staircase at the end of the corridor, but she was back in the doctor’s shop again, in a corner, trembling vigorously.

The whole ordeal seemed to have satisfied her strange craving and the doctor came out of the back room, giving her a devilish grin. She stopped shaking moments later and was back on her feet, taking her reward from the doctor and leaving again hastily.

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