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Medicare [Quest: Feira]

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Tenshi †
Quest Details:


Quest: Medicare

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Gerard: A doctor in Baska who is having a tough time taking care of all his patients. The recent influx of patients is the work of the Cold Colliers according to Gerard. He believes that they've poisoned the river for starters. Gerard feels bad for what happened to Mattoro since he tried to rescue some of his friends and saw what the frostbite did to them, but can not accept innocent townsfolk getting caught up in it.

Summary: For some reason, the hospital has started to become much busier than usual, with everyone seeming to suffer from similar symptoms, and the doctor of Baska, Gerard, is too busy trying to find a solution to this new infection, to the extent that he doesn't have time to deliver medicine to those who have ordered some. He needs you to deliver the medicine to those who need it.

Enemies: None

Objective: Deliver the medical prescriptions to the people who need them.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Baska Town.
  • One of the doctors, Gerard, will approach you to give you an examination and, upon realising that you are healthy, will ask for your help in an urgent matter, before inviting you into his office quickly to give the details.
  • In his office will be two white bags, both of which with different labels on them with different medicines in each.
  • Gerard will state that these two bags are for two patients that ordered their prescriptions for today. Unfortunately, there is no one free that can assist with the delivery, and so he asks if you could help out and do it.
  • You deliver the two bags to the addresses provided by Gerard and once you are done, return to Gerard to receive your reward. He will thank you as you saved him a very large headache by going in his place, before bidding you farewell.

Finn and Seira had been reunited, and this time it had not been cut short with the need for travel. The two of them were together now, and they would continue to get to know each other better. Not just their pasts, but who one another were as individuals. One of the things in which they had discussed, and apparently had not been good, was Finn's medical records or lack thereof. He had never been to an actual hospital save for the time he visited a rival whom had received assistance. The closest the adventurer ever came to such a thing were medical mages shortly after fights, only to immediately be on his way when the life threatening wounds were treated.

He had no reason to deny her request of getting him a checkup to ensure his health. A human without magic fighting his way across Fiore was supposedly dangerous, though any threats seemed to have eluded him thus far. Certainly some had been strong, but without having to utilize their abilities in regular intervals, most of them had been unable to cause any significant damage to anyone other than themselves.

So Finn sat in the hospital room, awkwardly placed upon the doctors table, waiting for the results of his blood work to be determined. Glancing at Seira, he gave her a lighthearted smile. "Doctors are kinda weird."

WC: 224/700

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”I can’t believe it’s your first time,” said the vampire; she’d been quietly muttering under her breath for the length of the entire morning, complaining about her boyfriend’s lack of medical records — every human had them! Seira wasn’t angry with Finn, the circumstances under which he grew up in were different from what someone would usually expect, therefore it was almost ‘normal’ for him to have never seen a hospital from the inside, but knowing that he might be very vulnerable to all sorts of diseases frightened her. She no longer had to concern herself with such trivial human matters but, for Finn’s sake, the vampire had dragged him out of the hotel room and to the doctor’s office the moment she’d read about the flu season approaching in the news paper.

Finn followed her only reluctantly — he was more or less new to this, after all. Baska Town wasn’t the ideal place to do something like this, but the hospital didn’t seem so bad and once they arrived to the appointment Seira had scheduled for him, the woman looked over the counter and spoke to the nurse. ”Yes, exactly — just a check up, I want to make sure we can travel when we need to,” she nodded and quickly glanced over her shoulder, making sure that Finn wasn’t anywhere near enough to hear what she was going to say next. ”Oh, and please assign us to a male doctor, would you? I can’t have other women touching him,” Seira flashed the nurse a toothy grin, who merely responded with a quick nod in return.

”Great, thank you.”

Later in the hospital room, Seira couldn’t help but smile to herself; Finn looked adorably out of place and his meek approach was endearing. ”No they’re not, Sweetheart. You’re just not used to them,” she walked over to him and placed her hand onto his thigh, rubbing it gently to reassure him. ”Besides, I really needed you to get these tests done in case you have any STD’s,” — her smile turned wry. If he did, all hell would break loose, that was for sure.

”I’m kidding, baby. I’m really just kidding.”


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Tenshi †
The room that they were in was without any sort of personality, devoid of color and any sense of filth. The place was immaculately cleaned from top to bottom, smelling of chemicals. The people who worked there, for the most part, held about them a genuine kindness that stifled the potential dread of doing their jobs poorly. Finn knew well what Hospitals were for. There was no way that a profession which involved attempting to save lives could continue without the occasional heartbreak or letdown. The male nurse who had drawn Finn's blood had seemed amused by him, continuously glancing at Seira as if there was some sort of joke he had not been made privy to. As he had left them alone in the room and his partner came up to him with a reassuring grasp of his leg and a joke, the blond tilted his head. "What's an STD?"

The one who returned before his question could be answered was not the giggling male nurse, but an older man whose face was full of hair and eyes that showed exhaustion. His smile was weak, but there was a kindness there that no one could deny. He looked from Finn to Seira, introducing himself as Gerard and shaking their hands in turn. Looking at his clipboard of papers, he spared no time getting into the details.

"You are completely healthy, Mr. Finn Mertens. Everything from your physical to your blood test came across with flying colors. I know you expressed some interest in knowing your blood type-" he paused, flipping through the papers. "A- according to our tests. I haven't known them to be wrong yet!" As he answered these questions, he looked up to them with expectant eyes. He was clearly waiting for one of them to ask him to continue, in case either of them wished to make any sort of comments or questions. Still, it seemed as though he had a request of his own just waiting to be asked.

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“Nothing,” the vampire’s voice was reassuring. “Jake and I will tell you when you are older,” said Seira, gently pinching his cheek — Finn was stupidly cute and she wanted to eat him (not in a literal sense, of course). When Doctor Gerard entered the room the vampire stepped aside with crossed arms and eagerly awaited the results. Finn was of perfect health — much to her delight — and although she hadn’t expected it to be any different, Seira still felt as though a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Mortality and sickness were scary things when you suddenly had more than yourself to worry about.

”Thank you, Doctor,” she responded after Gerard had announced Finn’s test results. ”What about yourself, Miss? Do you need any tests done as well?” He’d turned towards her shortly after, but Seira merely shook her head. ”No thank you, that won’t be necessary,” the nightwalker no longer subdued to human diseases after all. She perked up when Finn’s blood type was mentioned — it was interesting to know, but Seira had come to terms with the idea of no longer feeding on other people; blood types wouldn’t matter anymore, unless something happened to Finn.

The Doctor made no attempts of leaving the room and Seira’s attention was immediately drawn back to him. He seemed hesitant in his approach however, and the woman grew impatient. ”Is there anything else?” Seira asked politely and he responded. ”There is, actually. It's something I need help with — I wouldn’t ask my patients for this unless absolutely necessary,” he began and after she exchanged eye contact with Finn for a split second, the vampire nodded. ”What do you need help with, Doctor?”

He gestured them to follow behind, and after making sure that Finn had put on all of his clothes the proper way, she hurried after the Doctor and they were led into his office. ”I don’t mean to frighten you two, but there is some sort of disease going on — I’m not quite sure myself about what it is yet. Everyone’s incredibly busy because of that and I have two elderly patients that require me to deliver their medication, but it seems as though I won’t be able to leave the hospital anytime soon,” he explained and Seira began to genuinely feel sorry for the hardworking man — he looked tired. ”We will gladly deliver them for you,” Seira said before he could continue and flashed Finn a smile. ”Right?” The Doctor pointed towards two white bags and Seira picked up both of them. ”You’ll find the addresses and names on the white label. Please return to me once you are done so I can thank you accordingly.”


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Tenshi †
Two things were confirmed for Finn in the few moments of the doctor being there, as he spoke of requests and his lover did the talking for them. The first was that doctors seemed really busy, and that it was a pretty awful job. The old man seemed tired, overworked, and as much as he probably loved his job Finn could hardly imagine being locked in this building all the time. The second was that he wanted to take requests and go on adventures with Seira, his excitement when she agreed to help the doctor not something he could place into words.

And so they took the package, ready to make the delivery. Seira was better with directions within Baska, having been here slightly longer than he. While he carried the package, he let her lead. Putting it in the nook of his arm and interlocking the fingers of his dominant hand with her, he was ready to do this request. As they left the hospital, Finn finally spoke up. "I'm really happy you just accepted his request so quickly like that," he said, bringing her hand to his lips for a second before continuing. "I like that we can do this sort of thing together... Just random quests, and travels, and adventures. I guess anything I do with you really." With that he laughed and let her continue to lead. Whether it was something small like directions or something large like life, he truly did trust her.

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Finn was kind enough to take the package from her, to which Seira responded by giving him a kiss on the cheek. The houses they were looking for where in streets next to each other and even though it wasn’t a long way to walk, the couple took their time. There was a lot going on in Baska Town and Seira was tempted to stop every here and there to check out the different booths and food vendors during their little journey; over and over again, the vampire disappeared from her boyfriend’s side for minutes, before returning only to tell him about the things she’d just discovered.

”We should do this more often then,” Seira — a picture-book lonewolf — certainly wasn’t used to letting another person tag along, but the quality of her life seemed to increase drastically whenever Finn was around and as of now, she didn’t really want to be without him anyways — no matter what they did. Once they arrived at said houses and finished delivering the packages, they returned to the hospital where they received their reward. Doctor Gerard was still quite stressed when they returned and even after the couple left and went back to their hotel, Seira couldn’t help but think about the obvious lack of staff members in that hospital.


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