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Back to Magnolia ... [Travel: Foot]

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#1Noel Raion 

Back to Magnolia ... [Travel: Foot] Empty on Thu 9 Nov - 6:18

Noel Raion


Emergency had struck, Noel had reasons to travel out of Dahlia immediately. Too bad, the town seemed unpleasant, and that's exactly what he enjoyed in a place. Cold sweat kept him up at night, he had to find his partner in crime. The seal that held the envelope given by his guild master had been decayed, and that could only mean one thing. He left Dahlia in a hurry, and headed for Magnolia straight away. Noel traveled by foot; Magnolia wasn't very far away. He'll take the train there as soon as he arrives. After grabbing his backpack and everything else he needed to travel, he went on his way.


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