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#1Vyrst Walken 

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Vyrst Walken
As Vyrst had just arrived in town he felt that the best way to find something interesting to do would be to visit the request board. Such boards were known for having normal tasks like herb gathering and such, but some tended to be more novel than others, those of which tended to be the most interesting assignments to take up for Vyrst. After picking up a small snack consisting of a sandwich and a random alcoholic beverage, he made his way to the requests board to see what sort of jobs stood out. Out of the many papers plastered on the board, there was a bright pink flier sticking out among the chaos. Intrigued by the flamboyant paper Vyrst pushed his way past the gaggle of people that tended to hang out near the requests board, and got close enough to read the content. He was made aware that some guy named Fernando needs someone to pick up rare fabrics for him so he can make some clothes.

The request seemed easy enough and Vyrst did not have anything to do, so he decided that he might as well take up the request. Free money for an easy task never hurt, and if he was helping some person out with their passion, then that was an added plus. Having made it his goal to help this man with his request, he took down the flier and made his way towards the address listed on it. After traveling for a bit he made it to the very outgoing and noticeable boutique run by an equally outgoing and flamboyant man who could be seen running too and fro as he went about trying to sell things to people. Seeing that Vyrst had arrived, Fernando was about to come over and see if he could assist him in shopping for something until he noticed the pink flyer in his right hand. Ecstatic, Fernando ran up to Vyrst and said “Welcome to my boutique! Thank you so much for coming to help me. What I need you to do is pick up some regal looking fabrics for me. My shop tends to cater to the wealthy, so I need you to find the rarest and highest quality fabrics you can for me.” The man sputtered off a list of sentences with such speed and energy that Vyrst had trouble processing all the information as it came in.

Vyrst did not even have time to get a word in as the man spoke, so he let the man show him some examples of what sort of fabrics he was looking for. They were very ornate and of a high thread count. Before he was sent away, Vyrst became privy to the fact that many of the businesses around here carried such fabrics, but he should also to to the flea market to see if he could snag any good deals. After being given a very large sum of money, much to Vyrst’s surprise given the man's random trust in a stranger, he set off to buy the fabrics.



#2Vyrst Walken 

BASKA - FANTASTIC FABRICS QUEST - [VYRST] Empty Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:00 am

Vyrst Walken
He was still somewhat confused on how he could be trusted with this money with such ease, since there was not any sort of organization regulating his activities, nor would the man know his identity to any reasonable degree. Such thoughts were not very relevant to Vyrst though as he had no desire to run off with the wealth. Ruining the desires of another person that did not run counter to his own just felt wrong to him, so he made his way around the nearby stores, looking for fabrics similar to the ones shown to him as an example.

It took him one or two shops before he found what he was looking for. The problem was that the fabric he had found was a bit out of the price range given to him by Fernando, so he had to figure how how he was going to be able to haggle his way through an expensive shop run by nobles. As Vyrst was a confident man, he managed to haggle with the people until they gave him a price just within the range requested of him. After having done this he still did not have enough fabric, so he decided to make his way to the flea market to try his luck, making sure to keep the fabric as safe as possible. Given that he was somewhat stronger and more agile than a normal person he was able to make his way through the crowd without any mishaps, even in a crowded and somewhat lawless place like a flea market. He saw many random people laying out fabrics in piles and on mats on the floor. The conditions did not seem like they would allow for high quality fabrics to be on sale, but Vyrst was not knowledgeable on the topic anyways, so he continued to search.

After walking around for awhole he came upon some obscure tent in the corner of the flea market. It did not seem like it got much traffic, but being the curious type, Vyrst made his way inside and took a look. He was surprised to see a large amount of high quality fabrics hung about on random hooks and such. He noticed a frail looking old lady who’s height only came up to the middle of the his stomach. She did not say a word as he browsed, and after picking out the fabrics he thought Fernando would like the most, he paid the old lady and left towards the boutique. It did not take him long to return, as the flea market was not very far off. The fabrics were not damaged in any ways on his return, as Vyrst made sure to keep them in peak condition. Fernando was once again excited to see Vyrst, and given how ecstatic the man was, Vyrst was happy to help make the man’s dreams come true. He handed over the fabrics, collected his pay, and left to go do some other sort of adventure.




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