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Three plates? Why not Five?!(Open)

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Three plates? Why not Five?!(Open) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:40 am

Just making his days busy and keep to how he normally did, but for all of the thing he had done this town he had to thing about the things he had not done, which is trying one of the most well known places in this town, which he found odd he had not been here, that or he forgot. Both were options that could most likely happen his mind that the type of mind to do that.

But it was a bit of an late day for Waylon, he had felt like just having a simple morning and doing something like eating massive amounts of food. Sure no company but nothing wrong with it, Just hopefully there wouldn't be a problem getting as much as he could eat because well, at least it would be worth the money from what he heard so far.

It was the coldness of the morning that was nice for him, the say was clear on the fall day, Waylon could his breath while he walked the morning streets of Hargeon to the 8-island to eat.

Days like these were what made Waylon him sure alone, he did not seem to mind it was normal he had the company and happy moment he needed for a while.

Walking in and finding a place to sit, he often wondered what else to do, if wasn't a lack of things to do it was getting himself to do them seemed to be Waylon's problem. On his own he found it hard to do things with out it seeming draining or boring to him, but for the moment he sat in place and waiting for now reading over what he wanted to eat, all of which he would have to figure out too.

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie needed food and she was too lazy to make breakfast this morning and thus she had decided to try out the breakfast food of 8-Island. She had been there a couple of days ago where she had bumped into the Blue Pegasus mage Liam and it had been a bit forced but as long as he had given her compliments that she was nice, it had worked out fine. She yawned and shivered because it was cold. She should have decided to stay indoors and not freak out about this cold morning. But it did wake her up and it did make her realize she had not taken any step forward after losing contact with Selena, because she still had not written a letter and so on but well, who to blame but herself. Something she didn't like.

She entered the restaurant, looked left and right but there weren't many people, so she picked a spot next to a guy with blue hair and looked at him for a few seconds, thinking he reminded her of someone before she shrugged it off and went to sit down to eye the menu. She needed a coffee to say the least, she wasn't entirely sure what to order. And looked at the surrounding tables if someone could bring her inspiration, would she be able to ask. "Excuse me?" she asked the blue haired guy on the table next to her, "Do you come here often?" it was probably that he reminded her of Liam and she realized that it was a very different shade of colour so it was just her mistake.


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Getting into the stage of relaxing Waylon stretched out and let out a a noticeable yawn. starting to get comfortable he realized, in this moment some one in fact was speaking to him and his mind pointed it out to him and thought *Hey moron don't screw this up.* blinking a few times. "Oh hello ma'am" Waylon said to the lady he looked at he could admire the orange red hair she had for the moment."No this is in fact my first time in this place, I mostly cook myself, just...had a late start to the day and figured I heard enough about this place to go."He said with a peaceful smile on his face.

"But since I am really hungry and I do not have alot of food on me this was better then just cooking have I have left." He was starting to make a dork of himself in his mind, but he could be wrong as well."I will have to buy and pick up a few things later....anyway don't me talking to myself." He laughed at himself like it did not bother him if she found it weird or not.

Putting his menu down for a moment."I at least know what I would like to drink."Better question is, is this were more weird things would happen again? then again weird was subjective."I am still thinking about what I would like to get but two glasses of water would be fantastic, no ice."Waylon started off by saying looking at the menu again. "Feel free to sit with me if you wish Ma'am."Saying to her after getting his glasses of water.

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Lacie Eventide
Actually, she was taking aback by the manners that this guy showed and she couldn't help but smile at it. It was refreshing compared to some other people that she had met lately, she could have showed some better manners considering. It almost seemed like she would forget if you looked at how she started to treat people. Things changed perhaps when you sold a soul or when focused on a higher goal in today's case: lunch or well her breakfast.

She raised an eyebrow when he started to talk more but she found it interesting as the whole situation was almost exactly the same as the whole reason why she was here as well, so she chuckled, "I have been here once before for dinner, so nothing to compare but your story of how you got here this late morning sounds familiar. It's almost exactly as what happened to me," She chuckled a little again, who knows maybe today would be a better day than the last ones were, it certainly started a bit facinating.

She would turn her face back to the menu when the person next to her said that he knew what to order to drink, she had not considered anything apart from the fact that she wanted some sort of coffee, so her eyes quickly scanned the menu. It would be an opportunity to use the same waiter. So she listened to the stranger as he suggested or more invited her to sit with him and she turned to the waiter and ordered her a coffee and said that she would move. So she stood up to share the table, again, "That is very kind of you. I'm Lacie, Lacie Eventide. Nice to meet you." She said after she sat down and also had to think about what to order, considering Selena her words, she needed more because she was getting too thin. Funny, she always thought she was still too chubby.


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"Well sometimes travelers just know another when they see one."Waylon mentioned laughing about it slightly, a happy moment indeed while he picked up to continue to read what he could want to eat."Lacie huh? Nice to meet you. My name is Waylon Karlinius."Well he thought that was how he said his last name he had not needed to say it for a while so he was just making sure he could say it."It is wonderful to have company for once, I mostly travel alone."Should it still be mostly at this point it has been a while since he traveled with anyone else, but he did not mind it is like his brain seemed too use to it by now that it did not effect him but maybe being alone for long enough would effect him like many things unknown Waylon would not know when that is.

If it ever happen anyway. Watching his glasses be placed on the table in front all he said."Her order first please." Waylon mentioned for some reason while he started off by touching of the glasses and making freezing it slightly controlling it to the point he had made the ice cubes for his other cup himself, putting his pointer finger, index finger and thumb into the cup he just slightly froze and dropped three cubes into the water, he seemed to take a small amount of enjoyment from doing this, like even for how he needed to also do something slightly to keep himself busy long time on the roads seemed to do this to Waylon and he did not think it was odd at all.

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie laughed a little because of Waylon his comment, "Which makes it all the more fun to meet up." She smiled and couldn't imagine when it was nice to meet a stranger again. That was a long time ago in Orchidia with Judina and well she had fun meeting Hyõen. Her coffee was brought shortly and she took a sip after she had introduced herself and swallowed while staring at Waylon. No, he had to be kidding. But now she understood why this person looked a little familiar, it wasn't because of Liam. She didn't recall Judina her surname but she could at least try and ask, how many people were called Waylon after all?

She was so flabbergasted that she didn't the comment about travelling alone, else she would have answered that that also counted for her. She was brought out of her thinking bubble when Waylon spoke and he looked at her as well as the waiter and she shook her head lightly and ordered breakfast, french toast and a cranberry vanilla muffin. "Sorry, I spaced off a little but eh..." how to approach this? She didn't want to screw up for her friend. "My friend is looking for a person called Waylon, I don't know if you are that person but do you know Judina? I am sorry I don't know her surname." But it must be the same.


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He seemed to take his time for a moment picking up one of his glasses of water yet again use his magic to keep it cold that he had figured out finally what he wanted, but since he was slightly slow minded and always seems a bit he just smiled about it and stretched out."Okay, I will have one order of pancakes, one of your breakfast specials and another order of homefries." he seemed to stopped for a moment."Oh right, and finally a plate or order of bacon as well."He finished off of that, He did mentioned he was really hungry so he thought that would be enough he wouldn't know until he had eaten all of it and when it arrived so it was good to have some one to talk too and eat with while he ate.

Waylon thought loud and not really getting to the point."Your friend seems to have the same name of my older sister." Waylon mentioned who knows that friend seemed to have a very different name."I have not seen my sister in a while, almost 4 to 5 years."Waylon would mention, So he figured he would ask. "What did this lady look like?"To be sure he would ask this question to see and figure this out in the end he was more curious about it at this point, his last image of his older sister could be different now then from then.

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Lacie Eventide
When she had ordered, she noticed the magic that this guy was using and it was fascinating, where people would use their magic for but she didn't say much else about it, she had lost her own magic by losing her faith in the divine and thus she didn't want to have the discussion about magic at any given time. She should just go on and on about everything. Find a new way to teach herself magic if that was a possibility, maybe but that was a bit too much to ask; she should ask Lucifer if he could help her. However if he wanted payment for that, she wouldn't have much to give. She shook her head a little, almost invisibly to put her back into the here and now. In the end she simply apologized for herself spacing off because she needed to know, she needed to know for the sake of her friend.

And thus she did, she asked Waylon because of his name if he was looking for someone called Judina. But he said the name was the same as his sister's and that was exactly what the point was! Judina had told her as well that she had not seen Waylon for four or five years and Lacie couldn't help but grew larger eyes and nod uncontroleably and that's when he asked what Judina looked like and Lacie closed her eyes, she shouldn't go over the top in this case, "Well dark blue hair, nice lovely pale complexion and well she has eh how to describe it at best, aqua blue eyes?" What more could she describe, she was probably not always wearing the same clothing.


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The thing with Waylon was, he was clueless and bad at understanding hint or various things and really easily trapped in his own world and thoughts easily, But he did try his best to keep and pay attention.

But realized he heard a of what was mentioned to him and he seemed to think for a moment, it seemed to match up in his mind, It did match up but he remember his older sister not being so pale but times change. "Does sound about right, Even if i do not remember her skin being so pale. It has been a while so a lot of things might have changed." Waylon mentioned, thinking to himself about how it was nice to hear she was around again maybe he should mention it to his mother and father next time he was around one of them.

"If she is looking for me, I wonder where she is currently and what she is doing, I am sure our parents would like to hear what was going on, It solve a mystery much like what happen with our older brother since he stopped sending letters like he use too, mother is worried about the both of them." Waylon seemed to mention, but sounded slightly happy over all with the situation at hand and how it seemed to change. "I also hope she is at least good heath wise as well."

Waylon for the most part seemed more, lost in his own bubble but happy then his sister something vastly different from each other it could easily be enjoyed by some annoying to others depending if the person could handle the time he seemed spacing out.

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie started to get slightly annoyed with this person, here she was being lucky that she had found Judina her brother but she doubted it, mainly wasn't sure about it and it didn't help that he seemed to be daydreaming about anything else. "Well you haven't seen her what you said in four to five years obviously things change even though we are adults, we still change, grow and develop to say it like that." He didn't seem to really caught up in this conversation, too much of an airy character anyway, she wouldn't say much about it, just let it be for now. It won't change anything.

"She is around in Hargeon, she works with the Rune Knights, so.. well you could try and find her through there obviously." She caught her tongue about Waylon her older brother, it was not her role to tell him that was well crazy or how else would Lacie describe it, "No idea, maybe your sister would know more," she didn't want to say that Judina had not said or had said anything about it so she left that open in the air.

It felt like no matter what she said that Waylon wasn't really listening as well. Not that Lacie wanted to bump into Regis but this was getting frustrated as well.


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Waylon seemed to stop in place when he heard rune knights, Yes a lot changed it seems, So much he had not overly thought about."Here I thought Regis would have become a member of the rune knights, It was his dream and goal in life, Even when he got busy because of married life it was still his goal, He wore the thought proudly much like he is proud of his child." Waylon carried on a piece of conversation, Like now he randomly was trying for the moment. "After this looks like I will have to find her." His easily distracted seemed fixated now, Aside from his need to eat anyway.

He seemed to have good well meaning thoughts and plans now."At least with what I can talk to her about I can update mother, Father as well. Then It would have to be figure out what happen with Regis." If only he had known of things to come maybe he wouldn't be so happy in thought. But he did have a smile and he seemed in a joyful mood for the moment. "But since you do not know where she it, might be a bit annoying to do, But I think i could find her." Waylon mentioned, being rather calm but delighted about it. "I do thank you for getting me to realize this." He spoke as well about it because he knew how his mind acted like.

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Lacie Eventide
During the conversation where Waylon told her more about Regis, the waiter came to bring their food, on which she had a small plate, which was enough for Lacie but Waylon had ordered quite something, but she wasn't thinking bad about it. She should technically eat more; "Well perhaps one day." She muttered a bit forlorn about the information about Regis because if Judina was unable to find a cure he would probably never be able to. Funny how she didn't think bad about Regis even though he had certainly seemed to be weird if he changed in some sort of zombie like state and yet she thought bad about her sister who had done nothing wrong.

She quickly placed a bite in her mouth and simply look at Waylon with perhaps two big eyes that expressed that she knew something but she was definitely not afraid that he would notice that and she only nodded as if to say that it was probably a good idea while with all her might she thought that it wouldn't be good news about Regis.

She swallowed and nodded again, "Well if I would look for your sister, Judina, I would always try at the stations for the Rune Knights perhaps someone would know where she is, I forgot to ask because well let's be fair I didn't think I would find you before she would and I bumped into her in a random cafe on a normal afternoon, while I had last seen her in Orchidia." She tried to ignore or not say anything again at all about Regis, too dangerous, not her job, she would stay far out of it.


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Quietly picking up his fork and while listening and said."Orchidia huh? I will have to head that way very soon then."Waylon said seemingly already had been making up his mind about it, It was a lead he head to follow to figure out what was going on it would mean a lot to not only him but a few other family members as well it would put a few people at ease so this was important."Thank you again."Waylon then slowly started his first plate of food slowly it seems, He was trying to use his table manners at least.

"For the moment, We can both relax enjoy a good meal and each other company."He seemed like for now he had that all in mind but would not be in a huge rush about it for the moment of playing it off for now trying not to be in a huge rush about anything right away.

At least from what he heard his sister reappeared and was already working something that he did not truly expect but life was full of interesting times it seems, It was one of the many things he wished to learn so Waylon would be rushing in thought but taking his time for the moment because he knows he had not been taking care of himself of late, he often was behind on eating and even being well rested normally, Since he had not remember the last time he slept in a bed normally, a few months most likely he was too use to the feeling of the ground and maybe figured he should adjust to not.

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Lacie Eventide
Orchidia? What did she just say? She shook her head, "Oh no I mean the first time I met her was in Orchidia, she is here in Hargeon. I met her here in this town." Oh wow he sure wasn't really paying attention to what she was telling. She wondered if he would get the idea of that it was Hargeon but he thanked her and she only nodded, wondering if she was desperately clinging on the idea of other people their family reunions while she would want to be as far as possible from her family. She simply nodded when Waylon turned the conversation to enjoying this moment here and now and the food, which made her stare at the many plates that he was using and her own little bowl, interesting, but she was also much smaller and perhaps less active.

She took a bite of her food and wondered what to talk to Waylon about for she didn't know him, find him too much of a daydreamer to really tell anything. She would just wait and see or well listen because he had suggested the idea of enjoying each others company. On the other hand she should give him time to rethink his actions for the future, as in meeting his sister. She hoped he wouldn't talk too much about his family, Judina was fine but she was still trying very hard to avoid any topic about Regis.


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That made more sense to him now. "OH...okay my bad." Waylon realized he was the one a bit more confused about it he would easily blame himself quietly for the most of it really, He tried but knew he failed often with such things."Well good, she is still here, Hopefully I will just encounter her soon then."He mentioned to start with."Unless you know exactly where she is, that might short cut a few things." He seemed to laugh about it slightly but it did not seem to be to mean it in a bad way, If anything he was trying and seemed about bad at being way more then his sister.

"But I guess,All joking manners aside. Or lack of comfortable sleep, or low amount of food. Both are options for such things." It made him realize he still missed the simple things in home life he enjoyed, It has felt like almost a year for him even if it has only been a month or at least two. "Camping in nature only does so much to comfort some one." He did not know what else to do really, The jobs and work felt no longer with in his logic to even attempt to do and he had not figure out much else to do but socialize with some one even with it then talking was harder to him then anyone else he had met so far, but some is better then not attempt in the end.

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Lacie Eventide
She wasn't sure if he got it, she actually doubt it but that was her hard judging. Waylon was too much a daydreamer for her to like him but she kept her brown eyes on him to make sure that she could read his expression, he seemed to be surprised about her quick reaction but she did believe that he understood it now. Judina was here in Hargeon. "That would be nice, a happy reunion." She said while taking a bite of her own food and take it easy because as well as that she might not like him that much, she was also just curious if there were things she would get to know more about Judina and the rest of her family. Since Judina was her only friend she was surely curious to how families worked, she didn't have much experience. Heck she didn't even recognize her own father when she was eight. "My best guess is the Rune Knight station, that's where I would look if I would try to find her, but obviously she won't be there all the time." Lacie answered Waylon his question about where Judina could be, she had not met Judina there, it had been a mere coincidence but it could always happen to Waylon as well.

She didn't really understood what he meant with no decent sleep and food so she first tend to ignore it, no matter how rude that would be, she only took some more food and decided that she simply couldn't answer because she was munching on food, but the next part of the conversation gave her some ideas, "You are camping? In this enviroment?" wasn't that super cold? She couldn't imagine how people tried that and it reminded her shortly about Baron, who had sat in the rain for he had no place to stay.


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"Since I moved away from home I have been, I look in hotels every once and a while that is about it, I use to adventer and hang around one of my closes friends but I have not seen her in a while." Waylon seemed understand at least, sure he was alone but people are busy with life."I understand people are busy with life, I sometimes feel like I can not control my ability to miss the company of others even with me trying."It seems his spacing mind was opening up a bit more around Lacie, unintentional or not it was hard to tell.

Was it much like his sister Waylon seemed to have trouble expressing human needs and feeling even if he was trying."I left almost a year a go to learn my place in world, how i fit into it, where i belong...I am still searching." Depending on how a person viewed it, Waylon was either looking into this too deeply or his search had not ended, still looking for what his disired for what he felt place was knowing it was nothing like most of his family members Lacie has met before him.

But he smiled slightly."But I live knowing I will find my place one day, It keeps me going I know I could go home to my mother and father." With that he seemed to quietly take a few bits of his food as well."I know my mother would have prefered that over what i am doing now." He seemed to have then left it at that.

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Lacie Eventide
All the words that Lacie could think off made no sense, so all she could say was: "Oh?" perhaps because he was an ice mage, she had him see change the ice cubes, perhaps he didn't feel cold. She was actually curious because of that but perhaps it was also jewels and she didn't want to assume that and ask him and bring him into perhaps an embarrassed feeling to bring up that part of a conversation. So he had friends, that was good, it wasn't that she had thought about it much. But perhaps he was less of cold in that case. She nodded again, "Oh that feeling I know." she noticed she started with the word, sound, oh again. "It is nice to be on your own once in a while." Only the problem with Lacie was that she was thinking evil thoughts in cases that she was alone and that's how she came to curse her father, sell her soul to a demon to kill her sister.

What more would happen if Lacie was alone was a mystery to herself as well. The worst things that she could have done, she had already done, perhaps she should try to find a spell to resurrect her mother and punish her for the lies that she had spilled. Waylon told her that he was looking for his place in the world and she nodded again without thinking about it, "That's quite a question to the world though, I would be more surprised if you had find the answer within a year, some people will never find that answer."

She laughed a little when he told more about his mother rather having her home, "Well everyone spread out their wings, I unfortunately don't have parents anymore that could tell me that, to stay home." She didn't know how long her father would be around on the surface anymore but it wouldn't be long and neither would her sister, but that was no news she would share with anyone.


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the normal zoning out Waylon seemed to do was more in thoughts of other things that seemed to follow, after all he thought after he traveled enough he would have things to talk about, interesting stories to tell but they all felt boring now, uninteresting overly not delightful to speak of anymore, he just worked and slept on the floor."They wouldn't enjoy the thought of me pretty much being a bum on the streets..."Well one of them he thought anyway unsure if his father would care, his father busy mind person would rather he be busy working and sleep some where else since they were working age now and be around if they had nothing.

Both different people in different worlds, mentally and most likely other areas too but it was to be a person that way."I am starting to think I am on my own far too often anymore, it might be affecting me slightly."Waylon mentioned he may need to double check these thoughts maybe it was yet another path to his always on going quest to continue,But he seemed still stumped about it in the end."But I am sorry you do not seem to have much otherwise,Hopefully My sister has been well enough of a friend."It was from his own past thought he seemed to mention that way, Judina had been gone for a while but personality he was unsure had changed or not with her, so Waylon said that to be of good faith.

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie didn't know exactly what to say about that, she wouldn't like the idea as well, neither if it was about herself so she tend to only smile, that fake smile, and nodd. She didn't dislike Waylon, she just couldn't get on one line with him and didn't understand him completely to really give an opinion. He was Judina's brother after all.

She couldn't help but giggle a bit when Waylon said it was probably affecting him and she didn't mean to insult him so she quickly stopped, "It doesn't have to be a bad thing. However you could always travel towards what did you say, that family friend you talked about. Or well find your sister here in Hargeon of course." When the conversation turned to their parents and advices, she pretended to have it hurt her feelings a bit, while it did so in the least. Her parents were far gone in her mind, her father cursed by yours truly and she didn't want to have anything to do with the rest of the family, she was only pulling strings to make use of it, "Oh she is a good friend to me. We both travel a lot so we do not see each other often but when we do, I always am delighted."

She chit chat a little on but she finished her food and needed to do a couple of more things today so she stood up, "I have to go, I'm sorry. But it was a pleasure to meet you," a bit strange but still she find him pleasing none the less, "I hope we do meet again some day and I hope you find Judina soon."



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And with how simple it seemed the time of conversation and being around people was over but it was nice while it lasted, thinking to himself about a few things as well. Pondering to himself were he would go next was something he did for a few bit while finishing off his first plate of food, it was pretty good considering much of how much he hasn't been eating as well. He wasn't starving himself just not eating enough to keep himself going. Surely the rest of his meal would go well too but just the major problem on his mind.

Where does he go now? no doubt he would most likely encounter his sister before he left it would be a small goal of his to remember to while he dug into his second plate of food with a joyous smile on his face he felt good to have something a bit then just something small to enjoy food wise anyway."One of them I will have the kind of friend or partner i seek for this kind of stuff"Speaking to himself only really, downing that second plate and putting it for it had nothing left.

His third plate would not last very long in anything more then the matter of a few minutes just finally feeling like he was ready to do on whatever trip he could go and deal with whatever could infront of him easily, he would pay his bill and leave shortly after.


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