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Medicare [Quest: Esperia]

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Sometimes distractions were like painkillers for a heartache, a means to briefly numb the pain someone felt, yet it wouldn't go away that easily either. That was something the young Eisenberg learned the painful way, and as her footsteps dragged her along the streets of Baska a soft bark came from behind her. A wet snout pushed against the palm of her hand, making the girl look down to spot Agni looking worriedly at her.

As much as she wanted to just smile and tell him everything was alright the girl merely rubbed a hand against the beast's head and continued onwards. Her travels took her further when suddenly she found herself in front of what appeared to be a hospital?

Normally she would have gone inside with the intention to help people, but today she had arrived with a different reason: to seek help. It didn't take long for a nurse to escort her into a doctor's office while the man turned toward her and hummed calmly.

"My name is Gerard, I'm the doctor of Baska, according to what I'm told you're a traveler, is that correct Miss Esperia?"

The girl nodded her head feebly as the doctor turned toward her. "Alright, let us see what is ailing you, do you have pain in a particular area?"

The girl nodded her head lightly, a hand raised toward the area her heart was at as she whispered softly. "It hurts..."

The man frowned visibly as he inquired with a soft tone. "Your heart? That's usually pretty serious! Have you-" The girl shook her head lightly as if to clear his misunderstanding, explaining what was going on while her eyes started to become wet with tears.

After a while the doctor stroke his beard lightly. "Hmm so you're heartbroken because your best friend rejected your love for her, and you believe she will someday love someone else?" A feeble nod followed from the girl as Gerard answered her nod with a smile. "When the way forward is blocked, find a different path to traverse."

The words caused a frown to appear upon the girl's features as she listened to the doctor's explanation. "While your wounds will take a while to heal, that doesn't mean your situation is hopeless. There are so many people in the world! I'm sure someday you'll find the one who will love you just like you want to be loved."

Her gaze remained downcast as she listened to the doctor's words, yet after a moment the man continued speaking. "How about I make you a deal Esperia? I'm in need of some help with a delivery if you help me deliver those medicine I'll help you find a cure for your suffering, one that is guaranteed to work!"

Her gaze slowly raised the girl seemed flabbergasted at his words, and noticing her confusion he raised a thumbs-up gesture. "In my line of work I encounter a lot of people, so I'm going to find you someone interesting to introduce to!"

Wait what... a doctor was going to play a dating adviser?! this was becoming a rather curious visit...

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Medicare [Quest: Esperia] MHKs2Uu

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

She was truly uncertain about this whole ordeal, at one side she was happy that the doctor was willing to lend her a hand, but at the other side she felt awkward and somewhat insecure. Her gaze shifted sideways as she heard Doctor Gerard grab something from a cabinet and suddenly his voice resounded beside her. "Esperia, always try to look at someone when you're having a conversation, might be easier said than done but it shows you're paying attention to them."

And now a doctor was giving her advice on manners... This day truly took a turn for the peculiar. Nonetheless, she nodded her head lightly at the man while he handed her two bags that held etiquettes on them, one was a blue color and the other red. "Those bags are medicine prescribed for some ill patients who can't come to the hospital. The blue bag contains a syrup and pills against a cough and throat infection, the red one contains a salve against burns."

A little nod was made by the girl as Gerard gave her the two addresses of the patients, her first visit being the one nearest to the hospital. It was a fancy-looking house, and upon having the front door opened a man looked down at her. "Ah, are you the--" A sudden series of coughs came from the man, making him catch his breath for a moment before he continued. "the one that they send to deliver the medicine? thank you very much."

The man looked expectingly at her, a glimpse at the two bags making her think for a moment. The man was obviously coughing violently, so it made sense to give him the... blue bag! Handing it over the man eagerly inspected the contents, noticing the bottle of syrup he replied reassuringly. "perfect, thanks a lot miss."

And with that done Esperia made her way to the other residence, delivering the remaining bag. Still, as she walked among the streets she found herself pausing for a moment. If... If she truly couldn't be loved by Liana in such a way? Then was seeking that love elsewhere truly the right answer? Would she still be able to continue as things were before, knowing that someday it would not be her, but another person who would become the most important being in Liana's life?

Agni continued to trail behind her, looking somewhat worried as she finally entered Gerard's office and relayed the message.

"Good work Esperia, I'll make sure to keep my end of the deal! Don't worry, I know just the person to help you out."

To travel another path when the path she desired to walk was blocked off... it was a painful choice, but perhaps at this point it might had been the only choice left for her, the only choice that wouldn't force her to part ways forever. A little bark came from Agni as Esperia turned away from the hospital after promising to visit next week again...

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Medicare [Quest: Esperia] MHKs2Uu

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