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White Claudia [Quest: Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

White Claudia [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:20 am

Bianca Fleur
Once again, Bianca was about to take another job from Dr. Mabuz, the local mad doctor. First, she decided she would need coffee for this. She realised after taking a few jobs from the doctor, that coffee was pretty much needed. So she hurried to the cafe nearby, stepping through the wooden double doors and ordering her hot coffee. She would normally drink an iced coffee if it was hot outside, but seeing how it was winter now, she felt like following the trend and getting hot coffee. Everyone else was doing that too. The girl at the counter gave her a smile and complimented on the coat that she was wearing. She mumbled a quick ‘thanks’, not really interesting in small talk. Quickly grabbing her coffee, she headed out of the cafe and started walking towards the doctor’s shop. Her right hand was shoved into her coat pocket and she held her coffee with her left hand. From the cafe, it was just like a five minutes’ walk to the doctor’s place, and that made it all more convenient. She had a virtual map of Oak Town in her head by now. She knew every nook and corner of this place since she basically grew up here. After all the disasters that happened here, she still did not hate it. It was her hometown and she loved it as much as she should hate it. Now that all the craziness had died down, she was living a more peaceful life.

So now she was in front of the mad doctor’s little shop, ready to go in for the job. The doctor sat at his desk near the back wall where he was studying something laid out on the table. The vampyre watched through the door first before entering and walking straight up to the doctor who was really squinting his eyes and concentrating on whatever it was that he was doing. Bianca did not want to interrupt, so she stood awhile in front of there. She was sure the doctor heard her enter and walk towards the table, but he seemed to be so busy he had no time to look up or even tell her to wait a moment because he was busy. Bianca understood, though, so she sipped on her coffee quietly, folding one arm over her chest and looking around the shop. She secretly wondered if he was doing anything illegal. Well, that was obvious was it not? Of course he was. That was probably why he was looking for dark wizards to help him do his dirty work instead of the light wizards. Bianca made a quiet cough, not because she was trying to get the doctor’s attention, she actually just wanted to cough, but that seemed to have caught the doctor’s attention. He looked up and removed his glasses. The vampyre stared at him as he looked at her, not really knowing what to say. He probably remembered her and that’s why he said, “Ah.”

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White Claudia [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:55 am

Bianca Fleur
Bianca was not really sure what she was supposed to say. ‘I’m here again for a job’? ‘I’m here because you told me to come again’? So she stayed silent, and let the doctor do the thinking on his own. Eventually he started speaking, just like she had hoped. When he started speaking, she wondered when he was going to stop, but in the end he told her the gist of what she wanted her to do. He sounded very...persuasive and she understood why he was being this persuasive. Her eyes actually bulged when he said what he wanted her to do today. She cleared her throat and repeated what he said. “You want to...inject a solution into my body?” she spoke, one word at a time. To be honest, this was something she would normally refuse. She would have actually just said ‘no’ and left already, but a little voice in her head told her to try it. She was going to be paid for it too and she was really in need of money right now. How bad could it go, right? She had a feeling that if something went wrong, the doctor would have some kind of antidote or whatever you called it. There would be a way to stop whatever the test solution might do to her. The doctor nodded when she asked to confirm what he was going to do to her. Taking a deep breath, the vampyre agreed. She did not even ask the doctor if he had the solution she was thinking about.

The doctor then took Bianca into the back of the shop. She always knew that he would have a little secret room in the back of his shop where he did all his dirty work. Bianca looked around to see what all happened here. There was a chair like the ones you would find at the dentist. She had a crawling feeling, but since she already knew what he was going to do to her, she relaxed a little. Nothing could go wrong. The doctor then gestured for her to take a seat on the chair that looked like the ones in a dental clinic. She nodded and hesitantly seated herself on it, leaning back on the back rest. The doctor than used a syringe to take the white solution and placed the empty container on the table beside him. He smiled at Bianca and told her to pray for the best. Bianca made a nervous chuckle in response to that and just stared at the ceiling while he injected the solution into her arm. The world started shifting right before her eyes and she realised what a big mistake this was. Then, worse than that the doctor turned into some crazy monster...a CLOWN MONSTER. This made Bianca attempt to jump out of her seat to escape but to no avail. She just started screaming as if her screams would make him go away. Soon the world turned black and she lost consciousness. When she woke up, she was on the floor with a tiny pool of drool on the floor near her mouth. The doctor paid her handsomely to keep quiet about what had happened here and let her leave, telling her to come again. Bianca left the place hastily.

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