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Mermaid Picture {quest Baron}

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It was the same dream, no, it was different this time. He saw her again, but there was no mountain, they were at sea. A ship had crashed, he could see the mass of broken wood and splintered wood sinking to the bottom of the ocean. He watched it sink, he knew he had gone sailing with her, it was a cruise ship or something, he didn’t know but now he was in the water, he floated there. He watched her again though, she was on a life raft alone. He wanted to see her again, he could be her guy, he was swimming towards her. He made his way, nothing could stop him, but the weather picked up the clear blue sky turned dark as he swam to her, he kept going and going, his arms were sore, he tried his best though. He needed to see her again, he tried to get to her, he paddled and paddled, back stroked, doggy paddled he tried his best to get to the life raft but the closer he got the farther she went he wanted to get to her now, he wanted to swim to her, e tried his best to get to her again he was going to get there, but he couldn’t get up to her. His arms were hurting waves battered him repeatedly, over and over again he tried his best to get there. This was his third chance to see her, he tried to swim up her, he was afraid to drown, it was one of his biggest fears but he did his best to see her. He was crying out to her, she was perfect even in the rain, her dress was clinging to her form, she looked at him as she got farther and farther, he wanted to see her he wanted to reach her, but there was nothing there. She waved to him, she kept waving, almost robotically she told him goodbye, but he could only see her mouth the words, no sound. Who was she? He needed to try his best to get there but he couldn’t swim hard enough, he dunked his head repeatedly under water as he fought the waves, their relationship meant the word to him and he didn’t eeven know who she was. He was going to fight as hard as he could, he needed to get off his ass and swim for what he wanted. He fought mother nature the best he could but the water was too much for him, he felt himself get pulled under water but he tried it, this wasn’t easy at all, but he had better things to do than be drowned by a little water. His body was water, thus he got off his ass and breached the water as he called to her again. He didn’t have a name to call so he simply called out to the word ‘woman’. He would soon see her raft, it was leaving the storm, he kept swimming for her, he beat the waves like a jet missile through the water. He wanted to get to her, his values, nothing mattered, he tried his hardest. He made his way there, he went out to her, he finally made it. He wanted to hear her words, he wanted her more than anything right? He needed to see her again, his values were being dragged underwater just as he was. It felt like he was having stone shoes put on him he couldn’t get to it, he swam up to her his hardest and finally made it again. He pulled up to the side of the boat. He was going to give her the world when he saw her, he looked into her beautiful blue eyes, they were fine blueliek saphires, no, like the sky and he couldn’t get enough of her eyes. He reached out to her again, but she only smiled and pressed a finger against his head again and pushed him back to sea. He felt himself drowning but he didn’t fight her. He got close again, but she was just a little too far. One minute and 48 seconds had passed and he kept sinking, he wanted to just live his life normal but she was all he thought about. He woke up again in his hotel room, he took off his shirt. He went to the next job. Same blue haired kid from last time, he wanted her, this was it. He needed to get to her, he looked up at her in his thoughts. It seemed every time he saw her she pushed him back down. He went to the kid again ignored him, he didn’t care much about his crap this time. They went out to sea again and they spoke about mermaids. Baron pointed out there was no mermaid, that was until he saw a sparkling tail in the water as they left.


Mermaid Picture {quest Baron} MJmwSQc
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