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A Path Down Memory Lane [Solo]

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A Path Down Memory Lane [Solo] Empty Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:58 am

Xandra Queen
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Silence. The eerie tranquility that clung to the air desperately within the two walls that stretched further than the eye could see was slowly drowned within the clamor of footsteps that walked through these hallways. Darkness wrapped around the vicinity as the thick walls and the low roof completely devoured any signs of light, expect the one on her hand. Pillars stood on both sides, generating from the dusty ground and with vigour, stretching to the ceiling before merging with the concrete. Her steps neither quickened nor slowed down as the resonating sounds of someone seeped into her ears. Perhaps there was someone currently present there besides her but she paid no heed to that fact.

The hue of her dark attire consisting of a burgundy button down paired up with black pants and slightly heeled boots merged within the darkness that embraced the vicinity. Memories flooded through her mind as the faint sound of the bell that hung above her, separated by cement, seeped through her ears. Her heart slammed against her chest as her lilac eyes threatened to close, not due to fatigue but due to the subconscious need to relive those moments that she had remembered. Clips and pictures passed through her eyes like a film as she saw a young girl with long blonde hair walking hand in hand with a man who had a beaming smile on his face.

Unknowingly, she too felt a small smile crawl up her lips without her permission but she didn't mind. The bare light illuminating the room strangely gave her a sense of relief as she could carelessly jump into the past, letting her heart overflow with all kinds of emotions. There was a time when she too had someone she could always talk to. He was the one who morphed her into who she was today and despite the flaws she carried, she was never able to express how thankful she was. He was like a father to her, who saved her from the misery of being an orphan.

In fact, he was the one who taught her how to survive, who taught her the ultimate rule of survival of the fittest and indeed, being the fittest was what she was working towards. He had also taught her how to be kind and loving although she was never able to completely accomplish it, at least, not the way he did. Despite having the history of being a thief, she believed that he had a heart of pure gold. Alas, it was an undeniable fact that she was the cause it was never stolen.

Perhaps it was because of that, that she never judged someone solely on their alliance. Despite being a Rune Knight, a mere title or an insignia of a dark guild made no difference to her. She was always one to judge people herself. She always wanted to come to a conclusion based on what she knew about them as a person. Yet somehow, although she was aware of her past and of the life her parents had lived, she felt as if there was something that was missing. It felt as if a part of the puzzle wasn't there, a part that she was yet to discover but she knew not what it was.

Glancing around the older, worn-out building of the church, she heaved a sigh before making her exit. This place was forever embedded within her memories and would perhaps, be the beginning of new memories she would make.  
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A Path Down Memory Lane [Solo] Sig10

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