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The Rose Knight [Sage|Private|Training]

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#1Sage † 

The Rose Knight [Sage|Private|Training] Empty Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:16 am

Sage †
Sage forgot the last time he spend in a forest, since he always travel with trains nowadays, Sage missed the good breeze and the freedom he had. Sage is in a mountain area and some part of it is just plain and Sage witnessed many events that occurred there. Sage walked into the depth of the forest and he put down his sling bag on a quite large rock. Sage rest himself under the tree. The most exciting thing is that the tree isnt dying or anything even tho it is autumn. Sage place his hand on one of the dark green leave of a tree and he could feel something in himself wanting to be free again once more. Sage thought about it for a second, is it worth letting the other side of him out? Sage know that he and his dryad doesnt have that good of a relationship yet, and maybe that's why he kept losing in his recent battles. Sage unzipped his jacket one hand on the zipper and the other at the end of the jacket to kept it in place so that he wont fail unzipping it. Sage took both his left and right arm out of the jacket's sleeves after unzipping it, inside he wore a red t shirt. Sage dont want to open it as he was afraid he might expose himself, but in the same time he's afraid if he tore it apart. Sage decided to open it too he freed his hands through the shirt's sleeve and put it on his sling back. Sage focus on the energy inside him, his mana, his inner self. Sage could feel a burst of mana pouring out, he concentrated more and better, his hands and body turned rose-red, and the leaves that usually grow from him is replaced by rose petals, and to Sage's shock it made him looks seriously funny. Sage shouted to himself,"Wait what happened? why are you doing this? why am i not green but instead red?" Sage head over to the river and looked at his reflection, luckily the water was clam enough for Sage to see his reflection. It was funny, seriously funny that Sage laughed out of his control, he trembled on to the forest floor and rolled over the grass and both of his hand on top of his stomach as it hurt so bad. When it ended Sage looked at the clear sky, he didnt had such laugh or joy since, since forever, maybe he should start thinking about himself rather than thinking about other people who would probably not care a single thing about him. Sage realised that the world he lived in was a lie, he should have never took things too seriously and think about what other people think, and instead he should start focusing on what he want and what is best for him. Then out of nowhere came a butterfly, a beautiful orange-winged butterfly flew to Sage's nose, maybe he smelt like flowers now since his features are like a rose's.

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Sage †
Sage move his hand towards his nose and it seems like the butterfly isnt afraid of him or whatever, it just stand there, Sage put his finger on his nose so that the butterfly's feet would be on his finger, Sage rose his finger up into the air and he just released a beautiful yet majestic creature into the wild. Sage then stood up and think about his situation, he surely can fix his body features. Sage closed his eyes and rest his head on his hand which is rested on another hand, Sage was thinking about something, something that looks way cooler than what he is currently in. The word 'rose knight' then came to his mind, why hadn't he thought about it before? Sage control the petals that grew from his body to grow in a specific size and symmetry and also on a specific place, Sage firstly grow armour looking like pattern across his body and amazingly it does look like a knight's armour but in rose red, Sage's face stayed in his normal colour except for its edges where red veins can be seen rooted, and so do Sage's other part of his body, it maintained like that which looked pretty damn cool. Sage also noticed a red cape on his back which will turned into rose petals when touched which is quite amusing, Sage could feel that he is consuming a lot of mana in this form so he drop it and turned into his original dryad form, and what surprised him is that the red petals move into a place where it can be seen like Sage is wearing a small petal like jacket. Which is quite nice rather than the original one. Sage then could tell and swear that he heard a wisp crack or something, which means something is near him and it is not small like the butterfly before, but big, really big, Sage heard stories in the pub near the forest before that this hill is filled with robbers and horrible creatures, so Sage should be careful on his surroundings or not he might be rob again or even worse, die. Sage looked around and noticed that nobody was there, which means that he is safe, But then three figures came out of nowhere dressed like a ninja jumped towards Sage with katana in their hands. Sage reacted quickly, he cross his hands and uncross it, and when Sage uncross it the ninjas are like 1 inch away from him, but three thorny vines grew from Sage's back and knocked the three ninjas back. The total of the vines are 6 which means he could fight three of this ninjas with two vines, luckily for Sage, the ninjas arent wearing any armour which eases Sage's path to victory. "Now tell me why are you here?" Sage shouted at the ninjas, and well quite excited for his next battle. "We want to rob you of course, you freaky creature." Sage was mad when he heard the word freak.

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Sage †
Sage 'bury' his hand deep in his soul or basically the air around him but with quite a force, and actually he inserted his mana into the ground beneath him and strongly make a rise action, activating his mana that he just spent. Without warning, three huge three grew rapidly from the ground beneath the three ninjas, putting them on halt and they cant do nothing as the forces of the tree raising was huge and had a strong momentum. Sage then bury back the three into the ground with rapid speed that the ninjas jumped back and his behind the forest trees, then he felt it, an ambush, a katana raised behind him, Sage reacted, with his veins at his back, he snapped the man in both sides, from the right and left and swap! the sound of it clashing smashed the ninjas internal as it have a momentum that could smack a mice to death. Then two ninjas came from two different side, with their katana raised and their speed uncertain, Sage focused on the ground again, both of his hand facing the earth, when two of the ninjas are in symmetry, Sage spin both of his arm and resulting turning his body too, before doing that Sage has already inserted certain amount of mana into the ground and when he span, a rose bush grew from the ground shocking the ninjas and the thorns trapped them. Sage leaped into one of them, he crossed and uncrosses his hand and a fierce looking like claw grew from his claws, Sage slashed it at the ninja and dealing a high damage to the ninja, making a big scar on his face, Sage then leap back with his veins attached on the other ninja, binding him, and draws Sage closer towards him meaning his death, Sage slashed his claw on the man's chest and left him unconscious. Sage won the battle. He was tired, he huffed and puffed, drawing and exhaling air in and out, he haven't felt such excitement since, since forever, he wanted more of this excitement. Sage returned to his original human form, tired of fighting and used a lot of his mana on the fight. Sage looked at the unconscious ninjas, he just dont want to deal with them anymore. Sage walked back home dressed back and head to one of the Inn at the top of the pub he visited before. Sage walked in and it was not crowded as it is early in the evening and who in their right mind would have a drink. Sage registered for one of the room that is the nearest to the forest so he wont forget what he really are. Sage received a key to his room. Sage unlocked it and throw his sling back on the floor, opened his jacket and jumped on the spring bed, which is so comfy that Sage realised that he didnt shut the room's door yet. Sage sighed and closed the door.

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Sage †
Sage woke up from his long slumber, the first thing thing he thought about was what time is it. He noticed sun rays beaming through the curtain, and judging by the tone of the sun, Sage could tell that it was dawn. Sage got off from his bed and put on some clothes. He was quite hungry, then he realised that he have  breakfast coupon he got from the hotel. Sage planned on going to the breakfast buffet after he got off from shower. Sage took off his cloth, which then he would feel very annoyed, as he just put it on and then he took it off. Sage entered the bathroom naked, he turned the shower on and let the water flow through his body. Then he would have some thought, that for some reason, he liked water, it is as if is an important thing in his life, and without it he wont be alive, even tho water is important for all living creatures but Sage felt something, like his soul is being fed or something. Sage then shrug it off his mind, or not he would be let for breakfast. Sage took some soap from the shelf near him and look at the labels, one is a conditioner and the other shampoo, Sage noticed himself in the big mirror, his hair is quite funny looking, so he decided to put on some shampoo and applied it on his hair. Then Sage would apply the conditioner, and he didnt realise how beautiful his hair was, it is red, long, and some how graceful. Sage looked properly at his face, he look flawless without any scars or what not like pimples. He would then rinse the shampoo and the conditioner of his hair, then he would clean his body with the soap prepared by the hotel. After that he would dry himself and put on some nice cloth, he was wearing striped t shirt and a light blue jacket which made him look pretty slim. Sage would then put on a nice jean and he looked for the coupons, it was near his wallet, so Sage took both of it, the coupon and the wallet and left the room. He locked the room's door and walked down the hotel's stairs. The hotel was quite big and luxurious, Sage was in the lobby, which its ceiling, floor and walls are made of glittering marbles. Sage head to the restaurant which is near a pool and he gave his coupon to one of the people who was standing at the stairs leading towards the restaurant. It was an open air restaurant, and it was quite refreshing as it was near a forest. Sage looked at the foods they serve and all of it looked so delicious, Sage also noticed a booth opened and they serve omelettes, Sage ordered one and then he was asked to sit while waiting, while heading towards a seat Sage took a glass and filled it with mango juice, Sage sat on a table and after a while, his omelette came and he enjoyed it.


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