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The Next Chapter [Seira]

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Tenshi †
Sleep was suppose to be solace for the adventurer, meant to open the page on a new day. The night prior had been full of fallacious claims, based upon misunderstandings. Rather than deal with the issues that same night, the young couple decided it better to rest together and to tackle the situation at dawn. Rest would allow them a clean start, a clear mind, and a proper chance at sifting through the misconceptions. Besides, forgiveness had been achieved.

As if driven mad with jealousy, Fate had decided to enter the pairs bedroom and to place herself between them. His dreams were distraught, dragged without warning to the place in which his fears lay dormant. It would have been far too convenient to allow the night to without, after all.

It had started off as a simple dream, one which pranced through his recent memories and replayed the events of the night before him. In this internal world he couldn't tell what aspects were wrong, as it all felt real regardless. While the nightmare played through like poorly cut together film, he watched it as though living through the events with this darkened lens. The visions placed him at the start of the alley, facing stark silver hair and a tight, familiar dress.

Her name flowed through his lips, and after a few moments of indulging deeper into her meal she finally allowed him a glance. The disinterest in her eyes before she went back to her meal was all he managed to see before the scene before him burned, the ashes taking shape into something new. The man had pulled himself up, tearing her dress in the process, and as his hands sought refuge on her body Finn was overcome with the urge to protect her. There was no such thing as minimal force when she was the one in danger, and so he acted without a second thought.

The events played out as they had before, and as Finn turned his gaze to her to speak his voice was no where to be found. Instead, hers boomed over the silence. Accusations of him being a monster, a liar, and a killer. Finn reeled back, and rather than leave she closed the distance. As he fell, she moved in and their eyes met. Even though her lips did not move, her voice echoed between the walls of brick and seemed to surround him. "You and I are through. I never want to see you again." As she showed him her back and began to leave, it felt as if the entire world warped to aid her in escape. As his arm shot out to grab her-

Eyes jolted open as the bed bounced and creaked in protest, urging its occupants to laze the day away in its welcoming embrace. As if his last few moments of the ghastly visions served as an alarm, the world began to take shape around him. His breath was sharp, inhaled through the nose and the only indication that he may have woken at all. All he saw was Seira's back, and as she began to move away from him he reacted.

Rolling forward with a suddenness that may have even shocked her, he buried his face within the fabric of her back and wrapped a free arm around her waste. His actions were done in silence, the warmth of her body serving as proof that this was real. Even if it were not, had it somehow been a creation of his own mind, he could accept it. At least here the wounded man could be in peace, his wound not of the flesh but of the heart.

"Please no," he whispered, having barely moved his mouth back to allot the space needed to speak clearly. Assuming she gave no protest, he pulled her back into the comfort of his embrace. Her back would be against the bed, and his lips would be laying claim to her own. He took a sharp breath once more through his nose, as if the only way to assure himself that things were as they seemed to be was to fill his senses with the one who made it so. Only after a few moments had past did he relent, covering her face with similar signs of affection.

Finn's grip tightened onto her, and while it was not enough to cause discomfort it seemed more wanting than his usual sign of affection. As if on queue for any questions that may have blossomed in her mind, he spoke. "I had a bad dream," he started, his fingers dancing figure eights upon her arm and the back of her hand before intertwining with her own. "It was-" His voice caught, head shaking ever so slightly as if to deny his next words their right to be heard. They were wrong, they didn't express what he really felt. "I don't want to lose you."

It was straight forward, but it had been rare for him to assume any other approach. His eyes found hers again, and he smiled. His eyes showed the relief of a drowned man found land, and his face softened. He didn't need to fear anymore, not with her here. Even without describing his visions to her, she could likely assume what had happened based off his words.

Without paying heed to what was going on around it, the world began to shake off its own slumber. The sky outside took on a faint glow, wrapping the world in an amber embrace. The songs of birds found the glass incapable of stopping them, and before long it was likely that the town around them would begin springing to life at any moment. For this moment though, nestled into their own little pocket of time, the two of them were completely alone together, and it was bliss.

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I don’t want to lose you.

Seira slept well that night; for the first time in a long while the vampire had gotten decent rest — she felt refreshed and full of energy and it was (without a doubt) because she shared a bed with her favourite human. It’s been too long since their last reunion and even though Seira and Finn tried their best to keep in touch, the last few weeks had proven that this wasn’t always easy. When she woke up the following day, Finn’s arms were still tightly wrapped around her and her smaller form pressed against his. She didn’t move for quite some time; instead, she remained still and enjoyed the closeness and intimacy of something as simple as this: waking up the next morning with someone you cared for by your side.

Seira had no intentions of leaving her boyfriend behind again; there was plenty of time and plenty of things they needed to discuss (part of her was eager to find out more about him and to let him find more about her) and after a while of being awake, the vampire thought it was a good idea to wiggle herself out of his grasp and prepare some breakfast for her beloved — but Finn was having none of it. The second Seira attempted to leave the bed, his eyes jolted open and he scooped her back into his arms, pressing her body into the gentle fabrics before their lips collided and she found herself gasping for air in between each kiss.

”Finn,” she started, carefully pushing him over and leaning her body against his once more, ”it’s okay. I’m here — I won’t leave again.” Her words were kind and reassuring. Seira’s hand found its way to his cheek and she caressed his skin while she spoke to him; little kisses would be planted onto his nose and forehead every now and then to remind him that she was there from now on, no matter what happened. ”We will have the entire day and tomorrow and the day after that—,” her smile turned sad when she thought about the times she had left him behind for seemingly no reason. ”And once we are done with Baska, we will just travel somewhere else together, okay? You won’t lose me,” leaning in, her forehead rested against his, ”and I will never risk losing you again.”

She could sense his discomfort; something unhappy had obviously happened and nightmares were quite troublesome. Seira felt bad having gotten a good night’s rest while her lover didn’t and she realized that it was her fault — and her fault alone — that Finn was still feeling miserable. She hated herself for doubting him and when she looked at him right now, it was unbelievable to her how she could have ever thought of him as anything less pure than the little peachmuffin that he was.  

”If you’d like we could talk about something,” she made the first step by offering him nothing but the truth — Finn needed it more than her, and she knew this now. ”Ask me anything you ever wanted me to ask, really. There is nothing I wouldn’t trust you with.” Seira wanted him to feel well again and she wanted him to know that he could trust her.

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Tenshi †
Her words soothed him, lulling him into a state of security in which only she could. He had not meant to allow himself to act on his moment of weakness, and yet he could not bring himself to regret it. Her willingness to stay, and her assurance that she would, had been worth the embarrassment of being so vulnerable. "I would love that," he started, his voice meek for but a moment before taking on the life that she had come to expect. "I'd love to be able to explore Fiore with you." It had been an idea that rarely crossed his mind, traveling with another. He and Jake were a pair, one that had been complete and content as was. Suddenly however the idea of becoming a trio felt alluring. Perhaps the chance would even arise for them to go on adventures together, just the two of them?

He lingered in the silence that followed for a short time after she had given him her offer, pondering what he would ask first. Propping his upper body up on his right elbow, he scanned her lilac framed face and lavender eyes with a quizzical expression as he considered what to ask her. In all their time together, how much of her past had he ever delved into? Better he had thought it to sit in the passenger seat, letting the Vampiress take charge and willfully following her lead. The idea of getting to know of her past was an exciting one, and as his mind flashed to the picture hidden away in his backpack he chose to ask the simplest of questions.

"What is your full name?" Ever since they had met, she had never given him her last name. It wasn't as if she was hiding the information from him, or so he thought. More likely it was the fact that it had never come up, and he had never been given the opportunity to ask. The question was innocent, and yet the tone of his voice held an upbeat feeling of excitement. He was finally being allowed to truly explore this woman whom he had become lost in, and it made it feel as though he were home.

He had no intention of stopping his questionnaire after but a single inquiry, he had simply felt in a way as if that was the most important question he could ask and the one in which he should lead. Seira knew his full name, and had even gone so far as using it during important experiences between them. She was slowly building up an idea of who he was, and everything that she learned had been assigned to the title Finn Mertins. For some reason, knowing only part of her name felt as though he could only ever understand a fraction of her.

After a momentary lapse between the two, before his significant other had a chance to answer, the adventurer added in a second question as if the two had always meant to be asked back to back. "And what made you begin traveling Fiore?"

He had no way of knowing what her motives had been, and that was part of what drove his anticipation. He had grown to know that she was sweet, deeply caring, and yet she seemed timid around individuals whom she had only just met; At least she was around him. Images of their time in Magnolia, and her escalation to anger in an attempt to keep him from getting close, appeared in his mind. As independent as she had wanted to make herself out to be, she had seemed happy to let him close, as if she had never expected a human such as himself to take the initiative. He would be foolish to continue to squander the chance she had given him.

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”Seira Navillera,” said the woman; a sheepish smile had snuck onto her mouth when she responded. ”I never realized you knew so little about me,” she lied, but her voice suggested a playful tone and rather than keeping the truth from him any longer, she teased him. A kiss was planted to his nose and she ruffled through his blonde hair — a lighthearted and loving gesture. Finn was cute when he was still sleepy.

He seemed content with the idea of traveling the country with her and Seira couldn’t help but smirk at the thought of being with him more often from now on; they were still completely different people, but in spite of their differences the vampire and the human didn’t clash due to simple reasons or things that could have been avoided easily — they were still a perfect match after all. Of course you could only ever know how well you worked alongside somebody else by spending a significant amount of time with them and traveling in particular was one of those things that taught you a lot about a person.

Finn’s second question wasn’t as easy to answer as his first and rather than responding immediately, Seira scooted across the bed and reached for her nightstand; she opened the little drawer and pulled out her book of names. He knew about its existence and perhaps he’d already figured out what the names were supposed to mean — Seira believed that he would ask about this later and she was willing to clarify if he wanted her to. For now however it would serve a different purpose. Seira turned the notebook around and opened the last few pages.

”My life started out much different from what it is now and it’s not a happy story either,” she rolled closer to Finn and made sure to lie on her belly so she could still look at him while she talked. ”But I’m willing to tell you about it, if you are willing to listen.” Hidden in between the last pages of the notebook was a yellowed envelope and inside it, partially burned and shredded at the edges, it held a family portrait. ”My father Astor,” explained Seira, pointing at the grim-looking male in a suit — he’d been in his mid forties during that time. ”And my mother Amethyst,” the woman who stood next her husband was — on a visual level — quite different from her daugher; she had blonde hair compared to Astor’s silver crown, but her eyes matched Seira’s.

”I'm from Era; Astor owned a trading company and I was born into a very wealthy family — we had butlers, I had two maids and our mansion was the biggest in our street.” Seira knew that at this point, Finn was most likely going to understand that their upbringing couldn’t have been any more different. ”Amethyst was a Sorceress just like me, but neither of us was allowed to practice magic. Astor wanted me to marry rich and fulfill my purpose as housewife while my husband inherited his precious company,” Seira scoffed; she’d trained to be someone’s wife (and never anything more than that) ever since she was little — my, how things have changed.

”She was clinically depressive, he was a raging alcoholic — abusive and very violent. His company fell apart before I was old enough to marry; he became corrupt, which eventually led to their downfall.”

From there on, Seira’s memory of her past became blurry.

”I was twelve when they set our house on fire; it was nighttime and everyone I knew died in those flames,” she sounded indifferent when talking about her past (referring to her parents by their first names had been a sign of disregard to their relationship), but the undertone of her voice visibly changed when she told Finn about the arson attack that tore her life apart. Seira was still terrified of fire — being inside a building that caught fire was her worst nightmare and it was still very real.

She hesitated before continuing; whether or not Finn had spoken or interrupted her by now did not matter — there was one last thing she wanted to show him. Seira wiggled out of her nightgown and allowed her boyfriend a better look onto her naked backside. ”I was given this as a reminder of my family’s mistakes,” a small, magical pulse erupted from the tip of her fingers with which she touched her shoulder and after a moment the skin on her back changed, revealing something else.

Reaching from below the nape of her neck, down to her tailbone, a strange looking scar climbed across Seira’s back. It bore resemblance to burns, but it was much more distinctive and unique in its looks, spreading into a thousand tiny, red threads over her pale skin.

”After that I was alone. I was alone until the day I met you.”

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Tenshi †
Seira Navillera.

He thought her name to himself, moving his lips in synchronization. It was a beautiful name, and it felt as though it fizzled his tongue as he barely breathed its essence. He was happy now, his simple curiosity abated. As she teased, her lips finding his nose and her hand playing with his hair, he sighed and chuckled. He knew she was teasing, and yet part of what she said had been completely true. He knew nothing of her past, their time together revealing only her present; An apt word, considering the moments spent with her felt like a gift.

As she scooted away from him, obviously on a mission, he watched on with a sense of wonderment. What she pulled from the drawer was none other than her book of names, a faded journal that was ironically similar to a food diary in which she charted those she fed off of and where it happened. He wasn't at all sure what drove her to keep that, but he knew she had her reasons for both the lists existence and its presence now. From its depths she pulled out a folded and aged envelope, stained with age and leaked memories.

Within the folded paper was none other than a picture, containing images of a man with moonlight hair and a woman with eyes rubellite. Between them, sharing traits from both, was a young girl who would grow up to be the woman here with him. She was so small then, still likely human. As she told her story, describing her past to him, it confirmed a few suspicions of his that had lingered for a while now.

Seira was indeed a sorceress, and of wealth. Though the business of her father had fallen apart, it seemed she retained the knowledge of how to both earn and keep riches. Her expensive tastes could be afforded with that knowledge, and maintained despite the lifestyle of travel she seemed to have. She was a mage, one who could manipulate mana in ways that were impossible for someone such as him.

There were also aspects of her past that had had neither expected nor hoped for. What she described was not an upbringing that anyone would ask for. He words and recollection of the events were detached from the past, telling him of the story as if she had never been a character. It made him search out her hand and squeeze it, though not to soothe her. She seemed to have come to terms with what happened, and maybe it hadn't even been as difficult as one would think. What she described had been upsetting at best, and it would be easy to imagine her glad to be rid of it.

What came next though was different. She spoke of a house fire, and Finn's breath stopped in his throat. He had not expected that outcome. Of everything she said, he had come to expect that she had simply left home. What she described was the complete eradication of everything she had known. Regardless of how she felt about it now, a change such as that in such a sudden way could not be easy on anyone. She sounded uncaring when talking of her family, but at the topic of flames there was fear.

He had wanted to speak, and yet what she was offering him was the first glimpse into her past. He didn't dare to interrupt it, perhaps shattering the train of thought before it finished transit. Besides, he could tell from her motion that the tale was not yet finished. Maneuvering her nightgown off of her, she revealed her back. The normal emotions that would be within him at this sight were nowhere to be found, instead understanding the situation at the tone that had taken the room.

She touched her back with a single finger and caused reality to ripple like water before him. Her back had seemed to fade in and out of existence, and before him was a scar that stretched the length of her back. What she spoke next confirmed how she got the scar. What followed showed that even in moments like this, she thought of him. It was at this time that Finn finally began to respond with more than baited breath and facial expressions.

Reaching a hand to her back, he would slowly touch near the base of her scar, just off of it. "May I?" He'd await confirmation before his fingers traced the outline of her shattered past. This fire was what destroyed her family, and had been the reason she had begun traveling. What remained upon her was the flames sigil, a reminder that it had been in her life for the rest of her days. It had sealed within her memories, and somewhere unbeknownst to him, fear.

As his fingers made its way up from the small of her back, he found himself tracing one of the branches that led up to her outer shoulder. As his arm wrapped around her, he'd find himself leaning in and planting a kiss onto the base of her neck where another branch stopped. "Your family..." His voice trailed off. She had told him of her past due to his question, not to ask him of his opinion. Still, he found himself unable to refrain.

"You deserved better than that. You deserve better." His words were affirmative, confidence behind their syllables. His arm was still wrapped around her, draping himself over her without pressing his full weight upon her. "And I'm so sorry that this had to happen to you." At his words, his thumb would drag on her back, a way to direct his words to the scar. "You must have been so scared..."

As his voice trailed off, his hand moved up her shoulder to the side of her head and he gently pulled her into his chest. His body was sideways, propped up against the bed so that his back was facing one wall and his front the other, his weight distributed to his side and elbow. His hand that held her head into him slowly found its way through here hair, his fingertips delicate on her scalp. He had always found having his hair played with a comforting act, and he had hoped that the same went for her.

"Thank you, Seira Navillera," he whispered, as if his words were a secret for only her to hear. "Thank you for telling me. I love you."

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”I love you too.”

He was compassionate; a human who thought she deserved better than the things that happened to her. This wasn’t the entire story and she’d been only twelve years old when becoming an orphan but rather than continuing to speak, the vampiress remained quiet. Finn pulled her closer, into his chest with his arms wrapped around her and she was content with being near him — it was all she thought she needed to live.

“I deserved better,” she repeated after him, “that is why you are with me now.”

He was mesmerized with her scar, she could hear a mixture of fascination and sadness in his voice when he expressed his thoughts and Seira’s skin shivered under his every touch. It’s been too long since she felt his hands on her body and the woman who felt nothing but detachment from her own, miserable past couldn’t stop her thoughts from wandering to different places. “I was never afraid, even after my family’s passing,” said the vampiress. “I was always alone; inside or outside the walls of our home, it really didn’t make much of a difference,” she’d grown up to be indifferent in regards to her own circumstances — Seira was apathetic and her own grief never seemed to hurt her until someone else acknowledged it; only then it felt right and only then she felt loved.

“I spent the following years living on the streets of Fiore. I traveled rarely and truth be told, there wasn’t much work for a young girl like me — the education I received from my family was without value and I came to the conclusion that, for the sake of survival, I had to learn everything from the start.”

Seira didn’t sound as jaded talking about these things and while life as a homeless orphan was undoubtedly worse than what she’d experienced before those times, it was also what taught her true values and shaped her into an actual person. “I tried absolutely everything at that point,” she was chuckling softly now, rolling back onto her backside so she could look at Finn when she tilted her head upwards. “I worked as a maid for rich people, just like my parents once used to be. It turned out well until I grew older and the man of the family expected more from me than cleaning and folding laundry,” Seira rolled her eyes — she remembered that jerk too well. “I left when I was fifteen, only to end up in an underground prostitution ring in Crocus,” her laughter turned into a bitter smirk and she shook her head lightly. “Yes, Crocus The Holy Capital — not so holy anymore now, is it?”

Seira didn’t want to upset Finn, nor did she want his pity. It’s merely what she did to survive; some had done more and some had done worse. She wasn’t exactly proud of those things, but she wasn’t going to deny them either.

“It took me many years to reconnect with my magic,”
she explained calmly. “I had no practice, no training and it’s been a long time until I was finally able to cast it and take on proper quests as a sorceress. It’s been like that ever since, until I was bitten and turned. I’m sure you didn’t care much about the stories of me being a bad girl — so I will tell you about how I became a vampire as well.” If Finn still allowed her close at this point, she’d sneak a few kisses along his jawline, leading down to his neck and shoulders. Her small hand pressed against his chest, gently caressing the spot in which his Blue Pegasus emblem was tattooed into.

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Tenshi †
She had hoped to not upset him with her past, the gritty details being ones that no lover would gladly hear. As she spoke the truth, his face had taken on a very slight frown, his eyebrows furrowing in concentration. He had leaned in at this point, resting his lips upon her shoulder as if she was their resting point all along. His fingers traced and retraced their lines like figure skaters, making paths of what he'd hoped had been comfort on her back. With every word she spoke, he understood a little bit more of what made Seira into who she was today. So with every truth, he made sure to focus on it for what it was; The past.

Suddenly, as she spoke, some of the things she had said before to him were beginning to make sense. He had spent weeks putting together the puzzle, and yet he had been missing pieces without even realizing it. He had thought the image was her and her alone, but there was so much more that he hadn't even known would be there. Their first night together rang fresh in his memories, but he quickly brought himself back to the present.

She spoke of the Holy Capitol, and while he could appreciate the dark irony, it only reaffirmed what he had already thought about the place. The religion in which the country forced upon its people was a farce, and it allowed for heinous acts to be performed in the name of its God. His grip tightened on her, an anchor to reality for perhaps both of them. He wanted nothing more than to speak, but he feared interrupting would break them off the path in which they were heading.

As her story came to its precipice, she spoke apologetically and showered him with affection, as if afraid he had been sullied by the past and she wished to wash it away with the now. He reached his hand up to her chest and gripped hers, hugging her close with his other arm. "Not at all," he murmured, shaking his head ever so slowly along with his words. "This is all your past. This is all a part of you. I want nothing more than to understand it, and to know everything I can about you. I accept it for what it is. The past." His words were deliberate, but he was not a man of elegance. He spoke with honesty, but if he'd a wider vocabulary, perhaps he could better translate his thoughts to her.

Quickly, in a single sweeping motion, Finn rolled onto his back and pulled her over. Her still loose nightgown was disheveled, her chest against his as her full weight (light as it was) was pulled onto his body. Wrapping his arms around the small of her back, no longer shrouded by her magic, he kissed the top of her head and smiled down to her. The smile was weak, though not lacking in emotion. His face held no signs of pity, only empathy. He could not for a second understand how she had felt in those times, not unless he had lived through them himself. What he could understand however was the emotion she put into their retelling, and with that he tried to learn further the secrets of his lover.

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Seira Navillera’s vast desire for reassurance and acceptance was as ridiculous as it was understandable; lack of love, even in spite of her demands for interaction and companionship turned her towards different paths of life and all of them were confusing and unsettling.

She was no traitor, nor was she unfaithful. Seira was simply misunderstood and misunderstanding; completely oblivious to the severity of her own actions. It took her some time understand why she hurt Finn and when it came to her, the vampire felt shattered. He was still close and he was still holding her in spite of everything she’d done and Finn was, without a doubt, better than anything she deserved.

Seira was incapable of unmaking her own mistakes — she couldn’t erase her own flaws, nor could she become the perfect woman he deserved. She couldn’t tell him any of this either, knowing he’d deny her words and tell her that she was ‘enough’ and all he wanted and needed — Finn was martyr in that aspect, willing to sacrifice his own happiness and standards so she could have hers. She needed him happy and satisfied — even if it was only for her own sanity — and Seira decided that from this day on, she would do anything to keep him safe and sound. She would protect him from anything that threatened to lower the quality of his life, she would unmake everything he did not want and if the time came, she would even die for him.

Seira’s smile had turned wry at this point; he was warm, his chest lifted and lowered with every breath he took and quietly, the vampire’s heartbeat aligned with his. She tilted her head upwards, her lips slowly pressing against his — she allowed herself one more kiss to seal the fate she’d chosen for herself and suddenly being ‘immortal’ didn’t seem so pointless and dry anymore.

She had a purpose now. She had Finn.

“You are the only good thing in my life,” whispered Seira and before he could seize the chance to respond, her lips tasted his again and this time she lingered for as long as she wanted to. She would still be independent and seemingly weak and defenseless in his eyes — she had to keep him safe from what she was, even though she didn’t want to. When Seira pulled away from Finn her eyes locked with his and she brought her small hand to his cheek. “I became a vampire through a sorceress from Phantom Lord,” she continued to speak, willing to fill Finn in with the last few details of her life. “She caught me when I was alone, then she bit me and turned me into her kind,” Seira never thought about whether or not what Bianca had done was what she wanted — she was grateful for it now and that was all that mattered.

“The transformation took weeks to complete; I refused to drink human blood, which only extended the process. After some time I noticed I had become sensitive to sunlight, and in return I grew more powerful at night. I learned to move without creating sounds and see even in pitch blackness — and that is how my life became extraordinary.”

Vampires — at least to Seira’s understanding — were the apex predators of this world. There was nothing more ruthless she’d ever witnessed than the efficiency of her own abilities in regards to taunting, stalking and killing human prey. She wondered if Finn (a man who seemed to be very confident in his own, mortal abilities) was aware of this, but the woman certainly wasn’t going to press those thoughts. ”The transformation corrupted my magic was well and I was no longer able to use the resources I have had access to through and since birth,” this was perhaps the most upsetting part — Seira was a nature loving person and her original magic reflected his huge part of her personality perfectly. She was heartbroken after losing it, especially with Blood Magic as its replacement.

”Blood Magic is extremely versatile,” Seira reluctantly removed herself from her boyfriend’s chest in order to demonstrate her abilities. ”It’s quite easy to control and mold into different things, although I do prefer a more straight forward approach,” without question, the vampire walked to the corner of the room in which he stored his belongings and removed the Finn Sword from its sheath. Seira created a single, clean cut with his blade across her wrist; the wound wasn’t bleeding, but instead she pointed her arm towards him and from blood, a single crimson spear was formed mid air. She twisted her arm around, and with a flick of her wrist one spear turned into five, all pointing towards the human in her bed. ”I like sharp weapons,” the strange smile from before had returned to her lips, ”anything that can cut, slash and pierce works for me — but of course there is more than that.”

Seira’s spears dispersed into mana and the vampiress had turned around; she pulled her long hair aside so he had a clear view onto her back before clenching her fist in order to hide her pained expression from him — suddenly, the ugly sound of skin tearing open filled the silence and spreading from two cuts across her back, bloodied wings emerged and formed into something solid. An exhausted gasp rolled over her lips and Seira (who was powerful, but inexperienced) had yet to get used to the sensation of her flesh cutting open every time she used her magic. Her fangs came out unintentionally and as she looked over her shoulder and at Finn, all she could offer was a weak (but toothy) smile while flapping her wings for the sake of demonstration.

”Everything I am now was created to hunt and kill human prey — but if I did, I don’t know if I would be able to stop myself from ever doing anything else again. And if I choose to give up on human blood, I will be dead within the month.”

Finn wanted the truth after all.

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Tenshi †
There was a gap that had existed between the two lovers that slowly evaporated over the course of the morning. The two had known only the bare minimal about one another, enough to press out into sea but not enough to float through life upon. As the mage delved into her past, allowing Finn a glimpse at each and every detail no matter how beautiful or how crass, he felt like he was beginning to fill in the gaps. The actions she took no longer seemed so confusing, their cause becoming clearer with each passing memory. It explained why she would sneak away in the morning, and it explained the sight he wandered into only the night before. She was not a person acting out of malice, but rather genuinely unaware of the repercussions. She was, to an extent, more socially inept than even he; An impressive feat to say the least.

Her words also gave a glimpse into the misunderstandings that still existed between them. As thankful as he was with the opportunity to better understand her, he knew that no great distance could be closed in a single morning. Their agreement to travel together for the foreseeable future was perhaps their saving grace, the decision that was going to ensure their relationship would last. As she pulled back the curtain of her life, showing the adventurer as full of a picture as possible through words, he couldn't help but realize how little she knew of him. His mind would jump to the apologies in her words and the timidness in her actions. While it may not happen that morning, the time would come where he would have to delve into his own past and give her a glimpse into who he truly was. The anxiety that gripped his heart at the thought of it made him respect her ability to go into such full detail all the more.

She truly cared for him, and that was just another aspect of hers to love.

As she went into the most recent part of her past, her transformation, Finn listened carefully to her words. Suddenly questions from past encounters were being given their answer. The map, the marking of Phantom Lord, the woman who turned her being such a major part of Seira's life. Finn couldn't tell for sure how his lover felt about this new life of hers. At times she seemed apathetic to her own circumstances, other times fully accepting if not grateful. It was a question on his mind, but it would likely stay there for the present. She had not yet finished delving into her life, and he'd certainly not be the one to interrupt their journey together.

As she made her way to one of his swords and picked it up, he felt no sense of doubt or fear. He trusted her with his life, regardless of whether she'd advise him otherwise. As she made a slit on her wrist though he jumped up, quickly gasping her name in concern. He never made it past the standing position though, frozen in place as the spear elongated from her blood, pointed at him. He stared it down, eyes wide with shock. He felt no fear, nor did he feel as though he were in danger. Still, such a thing completely caught him off guard. He had seen magic before, but nothing quite like this. It manipulated her own blood, and it seemed that the catalyst was not a pleasant one to make.

As the spears multiplied, his eyes seemed to dance over them. His shock turned into wonderment, and a quiet "Wow," escaped his lips. He was not one who had grown accustomed to arts or bits of expressionism, but what he saw truly took his breath away. Part of him immediately began rationalizing what an incredible magic this was from the standpoint of self defense. Another, conflicting with himself, made note that it caused her obvious discomfort. Regardless it was beautiful, and that was something that he wholeheartedly admitted. He was not shy in the presence of blood, nor was opposed to violence. What he saw before him seemed to be a perfect representation of his life, demonstrated before him in magic. Even if he couldn't put his awe into words, it was obvious in his face.

That was, if she had faced him long enough to see it. As the spears disappeared and she turned her back to him, a familiar sound filled the room. One of brutal nature, finishing before he could protest in a culmination of her magic and beauty. From her back sprouted wings, crimson liquid flinging to the sides and onto the floor and base of the walls. The gasp that left her lips was distinguishable throughout, and Finn immediately took in all that was before him. As she looked over her shoulder to him, the loveliness of her smile was almost overshadowed by the exhaustion and pain upon her features. He slowly made his way forward as she spoke, eyes covering the entire span of the wings as they demonstrated their range of motion.

Finn reached out his hands, his fingertips barely pressing on the skin between where the two wings birthed. Sliding down to her waist as he stepped forward, he rested his chin upon her shoulder, his arms making their way around her hips. His movement was slow and paced, ready to halt at the first sign of her discomfort. If he was permitted, he would pull her back into him, his chest against her back and wings and his arms linked around her.

"Your magic," he whispered breathlessly, glancing away from her at her extended wing. "It's beautiful." He couldn't put into words the things that went through his mind only moments before, the reason for his appreciation for what was demonstrated before him. Rather than try to poorly forge together the words to express himself, he went somewhere he felt more comfortable. "You are perfect." He stepped away at this point, taking her hand in his to spin her around. He wanted to face her, for her to know that he said nothing that he did not genuinely mean.

"There is nothing wrong with needing to hunt. Life, and death, are both a part of nature. It is who you are, and who you need to be, in order to survive. No one can cast judgment on you for the act of survival, no matter the form it takes." She knew nothing about his past, not really. How would she react to such words from her Finn, the one whom had only just recently shattered her mental image of innocence and vulnerability? "Thank you for telling me everything, you have no idea how much it means to me." His hands sought hers, fingers tying with her own.

Her past was what forged her into the person she was today. Some of it acted directly, influencing her and affecting how she addressed each and every situation. Others she acted in spite of, as if to prove to herself that things were different. All of it worked in tandem in order to piece together the woman before him, and for that he couldn't help but appreciate that she had allowed him a better understanding. "I never want to lose you," he said, eyes searching for hers as if the connection between their bodies had not been enough.

"Whenever we are together, you know you can rely on me right?" One of his hands escaped from hers, finding its way to the left side of his neck where it connected with his shoulder. Slowly running his fingers down his artery, he continued to speak. "I won't tell you where you have to feed, or prevent you from feeding on others. Whenever we are together though, if you ever need to, you can feed on me. I'd actually really like if you did..." He didn't know if what he was saying would be considered selfish, or if it were asking too much. Still, the idea of being able to help her and to connect at such a level was one that appealed to him very much.

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Forgiveness Is A Virtue Of The Brave.

Seira’s lips separated, a quiet gasp escaped them when Finn’s fingertips searched her skin. She felt a shiver run through her, a tingle on her naked back spreading across her entire body like a spark turning into a wildfire—it was the most addicting sensation. When Finn’s body pressed against hers and his arms wrapped around her petite frame, the vampire sighed with relief. Knowing that he accepted her and loved her even in spite of what she was, that was the greatest feeling in the entire world. She couldn’t help but wonder how she found someone so candid and pure, someone who was willing to put everything aside and see her for who she truly was—and even love her for it; understanding this was beyond Seira, but she wasn’t going to question the reason for Finn’s feelings.

“Thank you,” spoke the vampiress once he’d turned her around; she watched with a look of curiosity on her face when he intertwined their fingers, and pressed her mouth to the back of his hand for a sweet kiss—a gesture that expressed love, but also devotion. There weren’t many people who saw the world the way Finn did; she thought of him as uneducated once, ignorant even, but her human was in many aspects wiser than the ones she’d met throughout her entire life; be it here or Crocus or anywhere else in this world, his lookout was primitive at first sight, but honest and true to what she believed defined humanity. Seira didn’t think it was possible for her to have any more admiration for him that she already did, yet Finn continued to surprise her.

“I didn’t think I would ever hear anyone say this,” she began, her train of thoughts being interrupted as she found herself lost in his eyes—he was far more perfect than she could ever hope to be. “Your acceptance means a lot to me. There is no greater achievement I could think of than your love and understanding.” Finn knew everything now. Seira had never opened up to another person (even less to such an extend) and rather than insecure and afraid of the consequences, it made her feel better about herself. When Finn repeated his words of not wanting to lose her, the vampire chuckled softly and placed a long kiss to his lips. The Blood Wings dissolved into a thousand tiny particles of crimson dust and her arms found their way around his neck, pulling him closer as her naked body pressed against his.

 “Never,” she assured him, “from today on, we will always be together.”

Seira’s mouth found back to his the moment she’d stopped talking; the desire in her had been growing more intense for some time now and although she understood that they needed time to reconcile with one another, she couldn’t help but feel increasingly passionate and needy for the only person she cared for in this world: Finn. The aroused vampiress found herself grumbling when he separated them once more to speak and pressed her cheek against his chest in protest, only to gasp audibly at his suggestion. “I know,” she responded with a nod, “I know I can always rely on you, but at the same time I’m not sure if I should feed on you.” Seira’s voice was tinted with concern—there was only so much blood she could take from a single person without lowering the quality of their life after all.

“If it makes you happy I will do it, but we have to avoid dangerous situations and travels at all costs,” she continued, her lips pressing against his neck, gently sucking on the spot he’d pointed at early as if that was going to give him an idea of what it was going to be like—it was nothing like that. “The last thing I’d want for you is to develop anemia, and I’m only incredibly strong if I feed continuously.” The vampire stopped sucking once a small, heart shaped bruise had formed on his skin and proud with the end result of her work, she placed her fingers to his chin and tilted his head down, forcing him to look at her. “I will do anything you ask me to. Do you have more questions? If not, we could take a little break from talking for a while,” if Finn agreed, Seira decided that a reward was appropriate—after all, she craved nothing more than his approval.

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Tenshi †
Their prior meetings had established a foundation for the future. The groundwork had been done, and with it the building had finally commenced. Together they had begun the process of creating a lasting relationship, not one on feeling and desire alone. They had begun to communicate, to share aspects of their lives once secret and to establish a level of trust and understanding between them. It was the steps she was currently taking to write and sort of wrongs Finn perceived, and regardless of all else, it was evidence of her trying. It was a faith in him that had no hesitation or doubt, and one that he would need to reciprocate.

As Seira spoke, he made sure to listen. As she acted, he made sure to follow. They were doing a motionless dance using only their lips, and he made sure to follow the best he could. He stood in silence, allowing her to set the pace of both their conversation and how the next few moments would progress. Her words assured him, and her eyes promised that she spoke only the truth. He wanted to speak, but before that her lips found his and he felt it would be akin to sinning to pull away. He fell into her embrace, and for the briefest eternity all else melted away.

Then she was apart again, and she continue to speak. Her lips had trailed away to his, to the spot he had offered for her to feed upon. It was only then, once she had completed speaking, did he choose to reply at all. "You will hear more and more people say it as you explore Fiore," he began quietly, missing the feeling of her lips on his neck, the tingling sensation inspiring a deeper need. "People are strange. For very good person, there's a bad. But you'll meet enough of both to find others who can and will accept you."

His eyes found hers as he reached forward, his hand dropping down to her legs to lift her up into his arms. The motion was swift, and with her hands already around his neck, it ensured balance. His eyes searched out her own the entire time, wanting to make sure that she could see into his soul as he spoke. "Through it all, the good and bad, I'll be here for you. As close as you need me to be, and despite any sort of physical distance that does find itself between us." His words seemed different, well thought out despite them being chosen on the spot.

"I want you to be mine, and any sort of intimacy that we share to be just that- Shared. Between you and I, and no one else." He dropped her upon the bed, leaning down so that her fall would be just enough to simulate the feeling of the drop. Within the same moment, before she could speak of any protest, their lips met. He stayed for as long as he dared before pulling away, smiling. "Whatever you need from me, I'll do my best to deliver on. From here on out, I want us to be completely transparent with one another. No matter how much you think you need to protect me, and vice versa, I want you to let me in." With that, his words were no longer needed.

Their moments were shared, but he made sure to be the one leading the way through. They spent what time they would at eye level, but before long Finn decided to pull away. She would stay how she was, but his destination was elsewhere. Their talk would resume at a later date. What needed to be dealt with had been, the distance between them greatly reduced in only a morning. It seemed the days would only continue to bring them closer.

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When Finn lifted Seira into his arms, the vampire sighed—a heavy weight removed itself from her shoulders and she felt safe again. “I know,” she repeated to him, her lips momentarily finding their way back to his neck, his ear and his temple, “I know you will always be there for me.” In spite of everything she’d witnessed today—the violence, his sudden shift and the apparent loss of control—Seira was in love with him. She craved his attention more than anything else, the need to be close to him was always present and even though she feared what might happen if he lost himself again, she couldn’t find it in her to seek a safe distance; she wanted him around no matter what.

”Hold on,” whispered Seira; she cupped his cheeks with both her hands after he’d dropped her onto their bed and after a long kiss she kept his face close to her own for a moment. ”I’m yours,” her voice was quiet and her eyes locked with his, ”I have always been yours and I want you to know that. Forget about what happened yesterday,” she begged, placing another quick kiss to his lips before continuing. ”I haven’t done this with anyone else—and I never will,” Seira was almost pure in that regard; she wanted Finn and no one else and when he said she was his, her heart skipped a few beats. Her cheeks blushed crimson and strangely enough, the usually confident vampiress suddenly felt flustered.

”I will always be yours.”

After everything had been said words were no longer needed. The couple indulged, giving in to their deeper, more primal desires for the following few hours. Seira had fallen asleep again afterwards; the vampiress found it easier to rest during the daytime after all and she slumbered with her smaller form tightly pressed against his—there was something inside of her striving against the thought of being away from him and only in his arms everything felt right. When Seira woke up, it was already afternoon. Finn was still asleep—she could hear his soft breathing and a smile found its way to her lips—but rather than waking her lover, the vampiress planted a kiss to his nose and pulled him onto her chest, where he would continue to sleep tightly.

It’s been far too long since they’d last been able to share this level of intimacy. Seira hated the distance; she was needy for his love, physically just as much as emotionally. Her hand found its way to his head and she began running it through his hair gently, nails massaging his scalp and fingers playing with his blonde crown—a moment of pure bliss completed by the soft burn she felt between her legs; it served as a proof that this was real, the moments of lust and love they shared had happened and would continue to happen from now on. She couldn’t recall ever looking forward to the future as much as she did now.

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead. We can't sleep through the whole day."

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Tenshi †
They had come together once more, a once timid act of love turning into a more routine part of their relationship. It sparked a fire inside of the adventurer every time, igniting a sort of mischief behind his cerulean eyes. It was a carnal sense of affection that was lit up by a very real desire to be closer with her in every sense of the word. It was a craving that they both shared, another commonality between the two. As the seconds pressed on like tiny eternities between the two, the passion that had erupted between them had calmed to smoldering coals that would not truly die out, ready to ignite again with the smallest amount of fuel.

For now though, that was the end. As the sun had neared its peak in the sky, the two of them found the time to slumber. This time there were no phantoms of the days prior in his dreams, only a deep and pleasant sleep without event. His face had found itself buried into her without his knowledge, proving that even when his wits were not about him he craved her. Lying in bliss with heaven in his fingertips, he heard the song of the vampiress come to him, gently tugging him from his slumber.

As she cooed at him a call to wake up, Finn smiled without ever opening his eyes only to pull her closer still. "I accept that challenge," he chuckled, the sleepiness in his voice still prevalent as his last word devolved into a yawn. Pulling his head back and looking up at her, he found himself lost for words for a moment. The blinds had been closed, blocking out the midday sun, and yet she seemed to glow before him. He took the silence to soak in her sight, and then laughed and stole a kiss as he sat up, stretching his arms above himself.

"You're right though, we should probably find something to do for the rest of the day." His words trailed off, his face changing as if he saw something in the distance that he couldn't quite recognize. As the image took focus, an "Aha!" look came over his features as he looked over to her. "Lets go, Seira." His words still held evidence that he had recently rested, and could probably rest more, but an edge of excitement could be found on them too. "Lets go to Orchidia right now. You and me. I'll write a letter for Jake to meet up with us in a week or so. It can just be a spontaneous trip for you and I. What do you think?"

He thought it a good idea, one that they had been discussing before but not ever settling on. They had teased the thought, agreeing on it even, but there had been no plans yet set in stone. She would learn though that while Finn could adhere to a schedule, he was not bound to one unless previously discussed. They had no real reason to remain in Baska, or at the very least he didn't. Unless she needed to stay for some unknown reason, he would be more than happy to pick up and move. A change in scenery would be good for them after all that had happened within the western town.

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“No,” she spoke softly; a quiet chuckle rolled over her tongue, her features formed a sweet smile and she gently shook her head—translucent wisps with a violet shimmer danced around her small face and the vampiress placed a finger to her lover’s mouth, politely silencing him before he continued to speak. “It’s too soon to travel—we barely arrived,” she explained and although Seira enjoyed the idea of going to Orchidia Town with Finn very much, she hadn’t been able to completely explore Baska. “It has only been a day since we’ve reunited, Finn. I want to be able to rest and enjoy my time here with you, even if it means doing nothing for a while.” Seira came to Baska for two reasons, one being the different merchants and potentially interesting items they sold and the other one being work.

“I would like to go shopping and spend some time here. It’s not as nice as Magnolia or Hargeon, but it’ll do—let us wait a little bit and after that we can leave together, okay?”

Finn was given no time to respond; instead, she’d crossed the distance between their mouths and planted a long, tender kiss to his lips. She adored how active he was, it was unbelievably cute and almost stupidly naive with how much energy her precious human walked through life—he truly was an adventurer after all. Seira wondered if her boyfriend’s wanderlust would ever come between them, but then again—the female vampire was as curious about the world as he was, so she couldn’t really see that being a problem for the two of them.

Seira still had more questions in regards to Finn’s life; the human was an enigma in more ways than one, the events of the previous night had certainly proven this. He appeared simple—innocent even—but it seemed as though he was everything but that, and she needed to find out what had led him to become the way he was now. She wanted to ask hundreds of questions, but decided to wait until later tonight to give the two of them some rest. “I suppose we could go out for dinner,” Seira suggested and got out of bed. She walked across the room and opened one of the closets, looking for fresh underwear and a dress she liked for the day.

“I know a place around thirty minutes from here that’s interesting,” she began while getting dressed. “It’s some sort of underground alleyway with merchants selling god knows what—it’s said to be kind of shady, but as you probably guessed by now that’s the last thing I worry about,” she flashed him a toothy grin and purposely bend over with her backside facing him, allowing her lover one last glance at her natural beauty before she was covered in fabrics.

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Tenshi †
As she said no and began explaining herself, an irritated groan escaped his lips as he fell back into the bed, the sheets being fluffed up by the wind he pressed down into them. The likelihood of her mistaking that action as genuine annoyance was minimal. His face held a grin, and shortly following the exasperated noise was a light chuckle as he looked back to her. "I guess that makes sense," he started, rolling onto his side. His shoulder would bend to allow the back of his arm to rest on the bed, his elbow bent and propping his head upon his hand so that he could watch her. He had wanted out of this town of grief and confusion, but they had addressed enough of their issues for him to press such thoughts from his mind.

She brought up the desire to shop, a question that seemed like it had wanted a response. She quickly corrected that way of thinking, the distance between them becoming a moot point as it seemed to dissolve and reappear at the drop of a hat. Making her way from the bed and reestablishing the physical distance, he jumped out from the cover of the sheets as well and over to his bag. He'd need clean clothes if they were going out. If his guess was right, her suggestion was only part of the plan. She most definitely wanted to shop, as she had made it abundantly clear that she enjoyed spending the money she earned, but she likely had plans aside from that too. Perhaps a nice dinner, or something that would spontaneously sprout from their time together.

Finn did not have a coat, but the long sleeve shirt that hugged tightly at his arms and complimented his torso was about the thickness of a sweater. His blue jeans hugged his body well, but the fabric could both breath and allow for easy movement. All his clothes were bought with the unknown in mind, a willingness to adapt to a situation if given the need. She had put on her own clothes, a tragedy really, and yet he'd be lying to say she did not look as perfect as ever. Her outfits always seemed to fit her perfectly in both physical and fashionable aspects. She was much better than him in that regard, and luckily, she had shared some of that understanding with him. Putting on the proof of that, a scarf in which she had given him as a gift, he turned to face her and smiled. He had removed an object from his backpack, fitting it into his pocket without her noticing. If the time seemed right, he'd show her while they were out. Something small to give her plenty of ammunition for when they were alone.

"Thirty minutes isn't bad," he started as he picked his clothes from the night before off the ground. In truth, thirty minutes put them practically on the other side of this small town. Still, for two who traveled so much it was a minimal distance. "Shady is fine. If anything happens, I'll always protect you." He put his dirty clothes underneath his bag, rather than in it. He didn't want to dirty the clean clothes he still had. He glanced over to his blades, an act that was hidden to her as she was now behind him. He wouldn't bring them with him. She'd likely be upset if he even tried. Besides, he was confident he could deal with anyone with his bare hands if need be. He meant what he said. Regardless of if she needed it, he'd always be there for her.

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It’s beautiful, surely Finn will think so too.

When Seira decided on a particular dress she did so because she believed it would appeal to him. She owned an enormous amount of clothing and disregarding what she was willing to admit to herself, the vampire chose this dress because she hoped Finn would enjoy seeing her in it. It was lilac in colour, crafted from expensive and delicate fabrics which wrapped tightly around her petite figure and complimented her feminine body; it was gorgeously adorned with lace throughout its entire creation and perfectly suited her elegant appearance. It was short, stopping just above the middle of her thighs and had long sleeves. Seira tied her hair up in a high ponytail, held together by a cute-looking, white ribbon.

It wasn’t intentional and Seira certainly wasn’t that calculating (when Finn was involved her emotions always stood in the way) but the look she’d chosen was the complete opposite of what the human had seen her in the day before; it was a task, solely serving one purpose: suppressing the unhappy memories and everything that had happened before the perfect night they’d shared together. She wanted Finn to know that this — the person she truly was — stood before him, and that she was his. Nothing else was more important than for him to know this.

Seira took a seat by her vanity and began applying her makeup; she loved wearing subtle colours — a little bit of powder and blush, mascara for thicker lashes and pinkish lipstick. With their backs turned on each other, they were both getting dressed while still in conversation. He’d always been more of a listener (perhaps she talked too much?) and whenever he chose to speak, the woman happily sat in silence and clung to every word escaping his lips.

If anything happens, I'll always protect you.

She was staring back at her own reflection now — still holding the lipstick tightly in her grasp. Wordlessly, the vampire painted her lips before placing the small item back onto the wooden surface before her; she swallowed and a thousand thoughts began racing through her mind. It was the way he’d said it — easily and nonchalant, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Seira always thought of commitment and responsibility as the most difficult tasks a person could choose for themselves and caring for another certainly wasn’t easy. She didn’t understand how something so meaningful and important came so naturally to him.

Seira Navillera closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again, she found herself back inside Magnolia’s forests — lost and found.

You are safe now, I’ll be taking care of you.

The Vampiress exhaled sharply, her hand twitched and she felt overcome by the strong urge to cross the distance between them; her body and mind’s undying need to be close to him were overwhelming, but she didn’t want to risk him noticing her strange behavior. Rather than finding her way into his arms, the woman dug her nails into the side of the vanity, causing a few wooden splinters to dig into her skin. “I know,” she spoke breathlessly, “I know you will.” She couldn’t find it in herself to scorn him for wanting to protect her — even though she thought of herself as stronger and much, much more powerful than him, he’d saved her before and he would likely do it again.

And perhaps that was just what she needed.

Finn always made an effort to see her side of the story, he was forthcoming and understanding no matter the circumstances and because of those things, she found herself hopelessly in love with him. Seira knew that there’s always two people to a relationship, so she decided to disregard the negative feelings she’d developed during the previous night and stood up, walking over to where he kept his weapons. These swords were a part of him — they’d been for much longer than she was — and she was going to accept every aspect of his person, just like he did with her. Seira carried the Finn Sword to her lover and gave him a weak smile. ”In any case, you shouldn’t forget about this then,” her voice was sweet when she handed him the blade and once it was out of her hands, she leaned in and kissed him.

“I love you more than anything else in this world. Also, what would you like to have for dinner?”

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Tenshi †
She was practically flawless. The dress accented her body, adding mystique to the curves he had begun to memorize. The fabric looked gentle, though not at all at risk of becoming damaged. The lace that adorned it made up patterns that drew the eyes in, a quick way to excuse oneself if caught staring; And how could they not? The vampiress' skin was smooth, free from blemish. Her eyes were big enough to get lost in, and her smile practically made one feel guilty for considering her in a sinful way. The only err he could find in her at all was that they were not choosing to stay the day away indoors, getting lost in fabrics of lesser quality for time well spent.

Her choice, while it had been a subconscious one, had been effective. Gone was the night before, with its pains and tumultuous emotions. It was as though she had instantly managed to rip him away from the past, into a present where it was only him and her. If only he could be this way forever. If only he knew how to put into words the way he felt about her, how much he appreciated being able to hold her. How it felt to be able to talk with her, not just of their problems and lives but even about simple things they saw throughout the day. It was a point in his life that had crept up from nothingness, beginning with the moment he found her. With all he had learned about her, he figured it more likely that she had found him. One day, in the near future, he would brave the attempt at wording how he felt. Truly, and for once, eloquently.

His words, as natural as they had felt when said to her, seemed to have caused an unexpected reaction. Though the mirror before her should have offered a chance for him to see her reaction, that would only have helped if he had been looking in that direction. Instead, he could only detect the trace amounts of something in her words. It was the way she sighed out the words that made him want to know what she thought of them. It didn't seem completely positive, nor did it seem she was bashing him for his wanting to be there for her. Rather she was conflicted as he was, blissfully unaware at how much he meant those words- Or, perhaps not. There may have been a part of her, deep down, who understood that he would do anything to protect her, even if it cost him his own life.

That may have been the reason she was so terrified.

As she grabbed his sword and brought it over to him, it was an act that in any other time would have meant nothing at all. The sounds of her sobs the other night echoed in his mind for a moment, gone again as she spoke. She had been afraid of him. She still likely was. Such a thing could not so easily be surmounted, no matter how desperately she wanted to. He smiled, grabbing his sword and kissing her. She was too good for him, and he knew it.

"How do you feel about seafood?" Before giving her the time to answer, he pressed his lips to hers again. The act was sudden, without warning or buildup, done simply because he could. He stayed there, deepening their exchange before slowly pulling back and smiling. They were about to go out together, their first time as a couple. The realization that this was their first date night out on a town was enough excitement to allow himself to get lost in the moment, and so that's exactly what he did. Assuming she was fine with it, he would lead their way into the town.

"You know," he started, glancing over to her. His left arm reached over, wrapping around her shoulder and pulling her body into his own without interrupting either of their natural pace. "I love you. If anything is ever wrong, with us or the world, talk to me about it. I can only know if you tell me, and I'll do whatever I can to make it right. Even if that means doing nothing at all. I want you to rely on me, and know that I'll be relying on you too. Just-" he paused, smiling at her as he realized how easily those words came to him. They weren't as in depth as he wanted, but they were a damn good start compared to normal. "Just please don't forget that." With his piece said, he'd let her lead the way to their destination.

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Finn’s love was precious. It was the most valuable gift she’d ever received; genuine, unique and in hindsight there was nothing—absolutely nothing—she treasured more than his heart. Seira knew he felt the same way and as the human took the sword from her she could see in his eyes just how much it meant to him. When he expressed his gratitude in form of a kiss the woman could no longer help herself—she felt intoxicated. Finn’s kiss triggered a number of reactions and Seira’s entire body leaned against his the moment he pressed his mouth to hers, an act he did in the softest, sweetest way possible. Her arms went around his waist, immediately looking for ways to keep him close and when he withdrew she found herself caught off guard, gasping and stumbling forward helplessly in an attempt to follow him when he stepped away.

Seira quickly grabbed a light grey peacoat and followed her partner outside. If he allowed she would hold his hand and quietly lead him through the streets of Baska Town. It was getting dark early these days and it was cold—winter had certainly arrived and the weather wasn’t nearly as mild in the north as it was in the south. During their little walk, the vampiress could only hope he hadn’t noticed the deep red blush on her cheeks which had been with her ever since the last reunion of their lips and much to the woman’s dismay she did a terrible job at hiding her flustered state of mind. Holding on to his hand as if she feared she might get lost if he were to let go of her, Seira’s thumb repeatedly caressed his skin and the look in her eyes could only be described as longing.

"Seafood sounds great."

She’d noticed how his approach and general display of affection had changed; Finn was seemingly more confident now, he simply took what he wanted, whenever he wanted it—be it a simple kiss on the lips or elsewhere, it didn’t really matter. He considered her his and anything he wanted to do with her, he knew he could. Seira had no words for how much she appreciated his attitude and she would never come to think of it in a bad way. Her human was open minded and more often than not detached from the general views of society; in return to those aspects of his personality, he also needed a very clear idea of where he stood and when he clarified his relationship with her, she knew he meant it. He wanted this to be about them whereas no one else’s opinion mattered and she could only agree with that.

When he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer, the words that followed only confirmed what she’d initially thought. Seira paused in her tracks, placing her fingers to his chin and tilting his face her way. ”I know,” she said and gently poked the tip of his nose with her very own, ”I won’t keep any secrets from you, nor will I hold any grudges. I promise to be honest with you, because I know you wouldn’t do anything to burden me with the things I entrust you with. And you know the same goes for me—you can trust me, with everything and anything, no matter what happens.” Quickly, before he could say anything she placed a sneaky kiss to his nose and began dragging him along and into the shopping area.

Every now and then Seira’s hands snuck away and searched for his. It was a relatively long walk and due to the sinking temperatures she noticed that his fingers were freezing. This was likely not bothering him at all since he chose not to wear or own a coat, but Seira was way too overprotective and caring to let him get away with this. She didn’t care if he’d grown up in the wild or somewhere else—if they were to be traveling together, Finn was expected to keep himself warm!

Seira nudged her boyfriend into one of the stores and almost immediately disappeared into the aisles. She was on a mission and fortunately she also had a faint idea of what she wanted. Finn was a swordsman, therefore he valued and relied mobility. He needed easy access to his weapons and always wore clothing that didn’t interfere with his movement. Furthermore, she had to admit that he simply wasn’t elegant enough to wear a long coat anyways, which made the decision rather easy. Seira ended up picking a dark blue parka that was lined with faux fur inside and around the hood. ”There we go!” She expressed with a rather excited tone of voice and proudly presented him the results of her search. ”Would you like to try it on?”

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Tenshi †
Finn's hands were about average size for his body. They were not what one would consider large, but they were certainly larger than Seira's dainty fingers. They slid into the crevices of his own, connecting the two lovers together. It was a simple action that he had still not gotten use to with her, regardless of whether he initiated it or she did. It still made his heart skip a beat, and a smile blossom on his lips. She loved him too, in a way that he couldn't fully grasp or comprehend.

When he kissed her, the way she stumbled reminded him of someone drunk. Unable to maintain their footing, like the entire world danced beneath them. For her to have felt such a way from his embrace made him happy. It pulled the breath from his lungs and made his cheeks glow crimson, stretching back due to the breadth of his smile. She was absolutely perfect, through and through. He had wrapped an arm around her frame, pulled her close, and embraced both her an the moment. This was a life that he had never imagined himself living, nor conceived as possibility. Now it was something he never wished to throw away.

Her words sank into him, slowly entering the core of who he was. His smile faded, but it was not due to lack of joy. Rather the opposite, he was taking her words and making sure she processed them correctly. She emphasized trust in him, which in itself was a powerful thing. From Seira especially, after having given her life story and delving into personal matters with him, it was an important thing to appreciate. She did not pass her trust out freely, allowing anyone a chance to get this close to her. This was a special moment, reserved for him, in which she likely had not shared with another in a very long time. Perhaps this was her first time allowing someone to become so intimate with her?

The greedy side of him hoped it would be the last. He wanted her to make friends, to be close with them, to be able to love them like family she never had and trust them with secrets that threatened to overwhelm her if left alone. For this level, though. For them to share this aspect of love and trust, and for them to be a couple, he wished it would last forever.

Before long, and without warning, she veered them off their track and into one of the buildings as they passed by. The confusion that had taken over his expression was quickly driven off by a look of understanding and amusement, a laugh escaping his lips. Of course she'd force him into a store with warm clothes. She was overprotective of him, a trait he absolutely adored in her, and that meant making sure he was shielded from whatever could harm him. Even when that was the elements themselves. Before long after having disappeared into the jungle of cloth, his girlfriend reappeared holding a dark blue parka. One she was both excited to find, and excited to see on him. How then could he do anything but accept the invite to try it on?

He stepped forward, grabbing the thick material from her hands and draping it over his back, fitting his arms where they needed to be. Zipping it up, the fabric hugged his body well. It accented his build, still offering maneuverability without the chance of getting tangled up or more restricted. The thought of whether or not she chose this for that reason popped into mind, and regardless of the answer, it brought a warm smile to his face. His entire expression softened, and he gazed at his lover with a deep appreciation. "It's perfect, thank you babe."

He followed her to the counter, keeping the parka on as she paid for it. It was warm, beyond just the fabrics that blocked out the chill in the air. It was a gift from her. His hand rose up, pressing lightly into the scarf that hugged his neck. In a way it felt like she was warming him directly through these things. Her gifts for him were perfect, attuned to both his needs for his lifestyle and those for his well being. The amount of thought put into them were very real, and that only made him appreciate both them and her all the more. As she paid, he leaned over and planted a kiss on her cheek, whispering words of love quickly as he waited for the employee to take the money while she smiled in amusement at the two of them.

As that was finished, and upon making sure she had no change coming back her way, Finn took her hand and pulled her outside. Pulling her body close to his, he dropped his knees and wrapped his arms around her waist, quickly hugging her close and standing up. Spinning her in a hug, he laughed and finished a single rotation before dropping her down, smiling to her and taking her hand in his. "I love you." The way it came from his mouth was simple. It was as if that was a matter of fact, not adoration. Like saying one breathed, or needed water to survive. It simply was, and it should be accepted as such.

As they continued on their way, their destination now in sight, he looked over to her. His hand had found hers again, tethering him to home. "I pay for dinner though. It's only fair." Shooting her a toothy grin, he reached over and planted the quickest of kisses upon her mouth, fast enough that she may have been unable to react. "Got it?" There was a playful undertone in his voice, and a gleam in his eyes. He had found a sense of appreciation for catching her off guard, the reactions cute and savory. He'd have to keep it up.

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When Seira completed the purchase she was given no time to respond—Finn dragged her outside and wrapped his arms around her, lifting her up and spinning her around in a playful manner. The Sorceress was still caught off guard by his overly affectionate behavior; the pet names along with the little kisses he stole from her lips whenever he found them unoccupied flustered her beyond words and it became impossible for the vampire to hide the faint, pink blush spreading across her cheeks at this point — Seira’s ivory skin shimmered crimson and his public display of love left her speechless. She wasn’t embarrassed (quite the opposite actually), simply unable to process how quickly their relationship had developed into something deeper and much more meaningful. She was part of his world now, the same way as Finn was part of hers and although it all happened so fast, she found herself unable to remember what it once was like without him by her side.

Seira squealed when Finn lifted her up—her voice was high pitched but instead of fighting it, she wrapped her arms around his neck and stayed close even when he put her back onto the ground, remaining still for a while. “It’s strange,” she began and the sound of her voice seemed quieter now, “even though you and the things you are capable of doing—things I never thought any mortal was capable of—scare me a lot, there is no place where I feel safer than in your arms.” Her words came out as natural and nonchalant as his confession of love moments before; it was equal in terms of how meaningful the things they’d said were—there was a lot of truth to them, but at the same time Seira couldn’t help but feel as though this was simply how things were supposed to be.

Just like Finn and Seira were supposed to be together.

Her hands slowly slid from his shoulders down and across his arms, carefully adjusting the new piece of clothing she’d just bought for him. “It suits you,” she spoke with a smile, “you’re so handsome, Finn.” The Vampire rarely found time to point this out, although it was a matter of fact that he was indeed attractive. Both of her small hands eventually ended up on his cheeks, which she would gently caress while continuing to speak. “I want you to know that, in spite of everything that happened yesterday, I trust you. I ran because I wasn’t ready to accept that I could feel protected by someone who can be so violent without hesitation and while I still don’t think this is right, I accept it.” A heavy sigh rolled over her tongue and she leaned in to kiss the man she loved, allowing herself to linger in his embrace for as long as she wanted to before separating again.

“I trust you more than I will ever trust anyone else.”  

Seira wasn’t fond of violence — she never had been. She wasn’t naive either however, and the woman understood that the world they were forced to live in was cruel and merciless. Finn’s way of life was perhaps more suitable for the lifestyle they maintained anyways and she figured she’d simply adapt. She found peace in knowing that she wasn’t alone in this and truth be told, Seira wasn’t afraid of simply using violence — the vampire was afraid that if she were to give in to her newfound primal instincts, she would completely lose her humanity and become something that was no longer suitable for a human like Finn. And that was something she would have to prevent from happening at all costs.

“I’m sorry,” she chuckled and shook her head, taking him by the hand and pulling him down the streets and into a seafood restaurant. “I didn’t mean to sound all gloomy, I just needed to let that out. There’s something else I’d like to talk to you about, actually. In terms of traveling, so perhaps we could have something to eat now?”

Seira and Finn continued with their day from then on without further instances, spending even the following weeks with each other until they decided to travel to new horizons.


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