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Surgery [Urion | Quest]

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Urion was all but convinced that he would never see the large, bearded doctor from the last assignment he took up a few days ago; something about a guy like that screamed attention, and it was almost like gravity. If it was one thing the Blue Pegasus mage was certain of, it was that he would find himself working for the doctor again for some unexplained and unnecessarily provoked situation. Urion always hated that he knew he was right about such notions, and as he walked nearby the hospital his gut would sink as his fears would be made a reality.

A large fuss was made over at the hospital, which was almost always nothing to bother concerning oneself with. However, something about the commotion seemed to be out of wack, as if there was a special event going on, or something equally dreadful was taking place. Urion was sure that the hospital employees would come to the doctor's aid as they did before, but the Blue Pegasus mage did recall that it was a Saturday. Normally hospital employees did not have weekend breaks but he remembered seeing a lot of them walking around town doing their private business.

Urion decided to take a gander over to see what was going on and to see if his assistance would be needed again. A sizable crowd had piled in front of the entrance, as getting through them seemed to be pretty grueling. Sweaty reporters who had all sorts of horrible things to eat for breakfast were crowding by the hospital for no good reason, or so what Urion thought. He saw Gerard, in his neck-beard glory, helping the patients that were calling for his aid. He seemed even more frantic than usual, which prompted Urion to offer his assistance.

Gerard seemed to take notice of the Blue Pegasus mage that assisted him with the errand running from a few days prior, even though he appeared to be swamped with helping out the patients he was tending to. There seemed to be an almost complete absence of employees on the premise aside from Doctor Gerard himself, unfortunately. How his employees could just leave him be on his own to attend to the influx of patients was beyond Urion's thoughts. How the doctor himself handled everything was also questionable. Doctor Gerard found his way to Urion and began to talk.

"Ah, yes, Urion. You're just the person I've been needing to see for quite some time now, yes. I'm going to throw this information on you right now and I'm going to need you to follow through with this. You will be rewarded. Now, there is a matter at hand that I simply cannot perform on my own, for obvious reasons. I have a patient who has a very serious condition and is in need of a fresh heart transplant. Now, this may seem odd to ask you, but no one else is around to help."

Nodding to signify that he agreed, Urion let himself be led to the main operating theater, prompting the press and other important members of society to follow suit to the balconies to observe what would be taking place. The two patients were already present and placed under anesthesia, and all that had to be done was place on the special surgical equipment Doctor Gerard had prepared for the both of them. It seemed that the doctor was near willing to have pulled any random person in for the task. Before Urion could think further, the surgery was being quickly initiated.

Throughout most of the procedure, the doctor in uniform merely asked of Urion to assist with the small things an assistant usually performed for the main doctor. He grabbed the right tools needed for cutting open the skin of the inflicted patient, making sure the skin stayed open and preparing to extract the heart. The other persons who sat in the balcony looked down with complete silence, something Urion did not have the chance to experience for the majority of the day. He went to work on cleaning and sanitizing the tools that were not being used, for obvious reasons.

It would all be a total success if it were not for a sudden slip up on Doctor Gerard's part. Such a thing was expected; the best of professionals make mistakes, after all. Making an incision to remove the heart, Doctor Gerard cut himself using the incision knife and pulled his hand away before his own blood could not only contaminate the patient but compromise his integrity as a doctor. He feigned a move to tell Urion that the Blue Pegasus mage would have to be the one to extract the diseased heart and implant the new one, under Doctor Gerard's guidance. Urion gave a disgruntled sigh before moving on to the new task of performing open heart surgery in front of a spectating crowd of reporters and doctors. It did not take too long for Urion to complete the task at hand and was applauded by Gerard.

Once the spectators cleared out from the hospital, Urion was personally thanked by Doctor Gerard for the Blue Pegasus mage's ability to perform well under stress. As Urion left the hospital, he overheard the doctor speaking about how the epidemic was spreading. Urion would figure it out eventually, probably.


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