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Wasting time with others [Private/Victor]

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Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:55 am

The mafioso that usually grinned a bit revealed his cards first. He had also drawn a four and so he had a pair but that was not going win against Victors hand. The other remaining Mafioso also revealed his hand. He had a pair of nines with ten high which unfortunately for him was still not going to win him this round. Victor finally smiled as he revealed his cards. "Full house, this time I am going to be the one taking all the winnings boys." He kept smiling as he collected the chips on the table. The mafioso that had been grinning widely was now frowning. "This can not be! I was sure I would win again." The fact was that he was probably the luckiest of all these mafiosos when it came to poker. However had just lost to some stranger.

"Sometimes your luck just dries out huh? Well I am sure I won't be winning much more than this." Victor said as the dealer started giving out all the new cards. This time Victor got a six and a eight. Not so good but he wouldn't fold until he saw what the dealer delt in the flop. The starting bet this time was four chips. Just Victors luck. The dealer delt a queen of spades, A four and a king of diamonds. Victor folded. The middle dealt an Ace of of spades and the river dealt a two of clubs.

#27Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:33 am

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida watched as the last game was concluded. It seems like Victor had won this round. Good on him. Uchida couldn't help but feel somewhat proud of his new found friend but he was probably an expert at this kind of stuff so he dropped his feeling quickly. Still, he was still somewhat happy that the people who had beaten him had lost to Victor. Soon, the dealer had started to deal cards for a new game. It seems everybody received two cards for the brand new game. Uchida picked up his cards to reveal a four of diamonds and a king of spades. He wasn't really sure if he should fold right away or if he should wait and see what happens. Looking around the table, he attempted to examine everybody's faces. It seems they were all in their poker faces, even the grinning one was now on guard. Uchida decided he would wait and see what would happen concerning the game. Uchida was feeling quite nervous though. He was just a beginner but he still didn't like the thought of not being good at something. He shuffled the only two cards in his hand and waited for the game to move forward, once more hoping he would have better luck with this kinda of thing.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:43 am

The round was over and everyone showed their cards. All of the mafioso got a sour look on their faces when Uchida revealed his two pair ace high. The mafiosos had not won this turn either and all decided to drink to down their losses. Victor talked again. "Hey that is pretty good kid. You don't have the face of someone that has played this a lot but that was some luck huh!" One of the mafiosos glared at Victor as he said that. "Yeah pretty good kid. That is some real beginners luck." The one talking was the one with the most sour look of them all as he had got the second highest hand of them all.

Victor looked over at the mafioso and smiled a little before he kept talking. "Well let's drink guys! And so he picked up a bottle of vodka for the kid and placed it infront of him. To the new kid and to the losses we will soon win back!" The mafiosos picked up their bottles and drank with Victor and Victor hoped the kid would drink as well so that he could loosen up a bit. He did seem kind of uptight about the entire situation after all.

#29Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:44 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida smirked as the round ended. He thought about folding a couple of times. He didn't expect to win this round or any round at all for that matter. Uchida had responded to Victor's praise. "Thanks guys. That means a lot coming from you. I thought about folding a few times but this was the one round i finally got in. I got lucky this time but who knows what'll happen if in the next couple of rounds." With that, Uchida had chuckled and listened to Victor talking about drinking to his victory round. He still wasn't big on drinking but his excitement overtook his disdain for alcohol. So, Uchida picked up a bottle that didn't see like anybody was drinking out of and started to drink. He powered through the taste of it and just swallowed quickly. When he put the bottle down, it was half empty. His stomach gurgled a bit but it wasn't like he was feeling bad just yet. With that, he relaxed just a bit and actually started to smile for a little bit and hoped they would continue to play.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:52 pm

The dealer dealt the cards again. This time Victor was lucky again. He drew a four and a Ace. He could get a win on a Ace high this time so he stayed in the game. He bet the amount he needed to bet which this time was 8 chips. Nice he thought as the dealer delt out the flop which was two queens and a ace. With this he already had double pairs which would probably get him this rounds win as well. He smirked and took a chug of vodka and a puff on his cigarette that had been sitting in the fimp holder. This would be a easy round he thought. All of the mafioso had these weird dead serious looks on their faces this time which kind of worried Victors little drunken head but you know he couldnt really worry about it. After all they were just having fun and games.

The dealer delt the middle which this time was a two of hearts. Victor kept betting not raising too much so that the mafioso would stay in the game and then the last bet came. Victor smirked and raised with half of the chips he had gathered so far. The last card was a six of spades. "Looks like it is my win again!" Victor said as he revealed his hand. Aces and queens two pair with six high.

#31Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:57 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida was still feeling pretty good about himself. He had some liquor in his system, despite begin a minor but it wasn't his first time doing so. He did remember drinking with that busty, beauty once at a pub not too far from here. He was kind of nervous but in the end it was still a good experience for him to meet new people. Still, Uchida watched everybody congratulate him on winning his first ever round of Oak Holdem. The dealer dealt the cards once more. The two cards in front of Uchida once more.

Picking up the cards, Uchida looked at the two of hearts and the queen of spades in his hands. He wasn't sure if he would fold again this time or not but he did have a queen so maybe, just maybe, he might be able to win again. Looking around the room, he just saw everybody with their poker faces as per usual. Uchida didn't even know why he bothered anymore and just went back to paying attention to his own cards. Uchida eventually just decided to fold and it was a good call on his part.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:00 pm

Victor took a chug vodka again and looked on as he had probably won the round. all of the mafiosos had folded when he bet half of his chips. The only rogue element was the kid. He really did not want to loose this one he thought because of the fact that he had bet so much on it. His adidas tracksuit and track pants shone as he spilt some vodka on himself and picked up another smoke. He lit the smoke and puffed a little watching the kid and what hand he could possibly get. The kid folded with the rest of them and so Victor smiled again. It was his win.

"Thank you guys. This was really hard for me but you know. As I said earlier. Everyones luck runs out sometimes." He looked over at the mafiosos whom had really grim faces. Jesus he thought as he rubbed his scrubbled beard a little. He might actually have agitated them a little but just as he thought that one of them laughed a little and he knew it was all right. "You have got that right!" He said and Victor smiled back eagerly taking all the chips he won this round.

#33Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:47 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida was a little annoyed that he lost that round. He thought he could have won that round but in the end he still lost. He didn't mind it too much cause in the end, he was still having the time of his life. He didn't know the mainland would be so fun. Looking around, Uchida saw some rather troubling looking faces. The mafioso look a bit bitter at Victor's win. Uchida wasn't sure what was gonna happen so he clenched his fists a little bit wondering if some sort of scene or situation was about to break out. He didn't move though. He wasn't sure if anything was going to happen. Suddenly, one of them broke into jovial laughter and the rest of the followed suit. Uchida noticed victor laugh as well and then followed his lead with a nervous and forced chuckle of his own. He loosened his hands up and placed them on the table. He then waited for the dealer to deal the next set of cards for the next game. He hoped that in the future it wouldn't come down to violence. Hell, who was he kidding. He was waiting for something stupid to happen. After all, Uchida was sort of like a shark but of course, he needs something to happen for to justify his reasons for seeking bloodshed.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:10 pm

The dealer once again started dealing the cards. Victor looked at the cards as he got them still puffing a little on his cigarette. A six of diamonds and a three of diamonds. Not all that great but he would atleast pay the entering bet for the round. And he did good doing that because the dealer dealt a seven, a six and a two in the flop. He had a pair. It was not all that strong of a hand but he had a chance so he decided not to fold. He kept betting. He would not raise but he could at least stay in the game to see if he got any better hands in the follow up. The dealer delt a four of hearts in the middle. This did not look to good but Victor was drunk now. He wanted to win and he wanted to stay in the game. Holding onto what hope was left he waited for the next deal. A ten of diamonds. This was obviously going to suck for him. One of the mafioso was of course smirking again as if he had a big hand. Victor stayed in the game. If he lost the round he still wouldnt loose the bigger amount of the chips he had collected so far. After having dealt the river everyone showed their cards. One of the mafioso had a king and ace. Another one of them had a Jack and a five and the smirking one had a pair of fours and a three. If the kid did not get a stronger hand than Victor then he might win this one as well.

#35Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:06 pm

Shichiro Uchida
The dealer once again started dealing the cards. Uchida looked at the face down cards in front of him before reaching for them. He revealed that his cards were a Seven of spades and King of spades. He wasn't too adept at this game yet so he wasn't confident in the strength of his hand. Still there was a seven, a six and a two in the flop. He called when it was his turn for betting and saw the dealer had revealed another card. It was a four of hearts. Uchida wasn't feeling so hot but held fast to his cards hoping something else would come to turn the tides of this round. He called once more when it was his turn to bet and the dealer throw the last card. The last card revealed was a ten of diamonds. It seems he only had a pair. The other Mafioso revealed their hands and it seems to Uchida, he had won this round. Smirking something fierce, Uchida dropped his cards on the table and waited for the next event or round to progress, a bit proud of himself.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:57 am

Victor smirked at the kid. And pushed Uchida's winnings towards him. The mafioso looked pretty grim now. They had not been winning for a while now and they probably did not feel too good about some random adventurers winning all their money from them. "Shall we deal the next round?" Victor said this now with a grim tone as if the game was not funny anymore whilst inside of his chest his heart was beating with joy. This was turning out just the way he had wanted it too.

To make it out of this den of wolves Victor might have to fight. And so yet again the dealer dealt the cards. Victor as usual glanced at his cards. A five of hearts and a king of clubs. He would probably have to draw his sword soon anyways so he decided to stay in the game just for the fun of it.The dealer dealt the flop. A nine, a five and a seven. He had a pair now with king high. The irony of winning when you are in a situation where if you win a bullet might blow your canoe in half is that it is really really exciting and fun!

The middle dealt a seven of spades. By now the aura around the poker table was that of death. All of the mafioso looked ready to draw and Victor himself also was ready. He placed a cigarette inbetween his lips and lit it. Puffing smoke up and out against the chandelier. The visible smoke danced around the chandeliers golden arms and candles. The river was dealt. An Ace of spades. Also known as the death card had been dealt and just as the omens said one of the mafioso made a movement that looked as if he was going to draw or place his hand under the table.

Victor answered in kind by flipping the table over as he stood up quickly. Underneath the table there was a mounted shotgun that the mafioso had been trying to reach for but as the table flipped Victor put his hand on the shotgun and fired both shells into the ceiling making the chandelier break and fall down. And just as the chandeliers chains broke Victor jumped backwards and drew his sword.

#37Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:28 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida cracked a sneer as everybody pushed their winnings towards him. Uchida was getting the hang of this game now and he thought to himself that he should teach this game to other people and try to win money out of them. Uchida scooped up the winnings to his side of the table. He was still sneering as performed this action and wait for the dealer to deal the cards once more. Uchida was dealt two cards faced down as usual and picketed them up. He was dealt an eight of spades and a King of hearts. Uchida couldn't help but smirk once again at his hand. It feels like he was on a roll but his jovial feeling came to an end as he could feel tension in the are. It was like the room got hotter all of a sudden but it's not like the temperature increased. Uchida looked around the room to examine their faces like they he usually does. This time however, he didn't see poker faces. He just foreboding faces that overshadow their genuine animosity towards Victor and himself. Uchida tilted his head to the right wondering if something was gonna go down and decided to continue playing till the first move was made, not talking about cards mind you.

Uchida looked at the flop. What he saw was nine, a five and a seven. Uchida deduced that he had a high pair in his possession and thought to himself this was a pretty good hand if somebody was tied in pairs with him. He decided to call and wait to see what would happen next. The middle was dealt with another seven and Uchida now had two pairs and was feel good about himself even though everybody had at least a pair by now. He was enjoying himself but it seems that would be short lived since nobody else seemed focused on the game and were now focused at each other. Uchida sighed and placed his card faced down on the table since it has come to this. When the river was dealt Uchida didn't even care about the game much anymore since the inevitable was about to happen. Oh well, at least a different kind of fun was about to start.

A mafioso drew and Victor responded by flipping the table. Classic. Uchida pushed his feet off the floor and slid his seat backwards a bit reaching for something he could use as a makeshift weapon. He sneered when he found a wooden makeshift club that he could use to bludgeon people with. BOOM!!! The sound of a gunshot could be heard. A shotgun to be exact. Uchida watched as the ceiling was shot and the chandelier above everyone fell and crashed onto the floor where the table used to be. Uchida discarded the weapon he called a club and made a dash for the chandelier instead. He decided this would be a fine "weapon" in the right hands. When picking it, he charged towards the nearest Mafioso who had initially tried reach for the shotgun and brought chandelier crashing down onto his head with the full force of his might. The mafioso was in a prone position now and Uchida then went for a second swing, horizontally across the mafioso's cheek and lower jaw causing him to be knocked sideways. The mafioso slid across the room to Uchida's right half a meter or so before turning to another mafioso, hysterically laughing as he did so.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:29 am

With his sword drawn in his right hand. He now looked out into the darkness. There wasnt any light in the basement anymore. His eyes had not gotten used to the quick change of light yet. But he remembered the location of one of the mafiosos that had drawn his gun. One had been knocked unconcious so far probably even dead from the damage taken from the kid. Pretty gruesome way of killing someone. Victor started to slowly move across the floor grabbing his sword with both hands so that he could attack with as much force as his body allowed.

A gun was fired. The sound of the explosion caused by the bullet was left ringing in Victors skull as the gun gave the room a moment of light. Victor ran as fast as he could and stabbed the mafioso that had just fired a shot in the stomach with his sword. Blood squirted out onto the swords crossguard and Victors lower arms. Blood leaked out along the blade as Victor pulled the sword out and started moving for the next mafioso. The one that Uchida had been laughing at. He of course wouldn't make it there in time.

#39Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:14 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Looking around the dark, Uchida was attempting to search for the last mafioso to bludgeon. Playing cards and winning occasionally was nice but fighting somebody or multiple people and beating them half to death to claim some form of victory. It was pitch black  for some time though and he didn't keep track of the other mafioso that hadn't been put down yet. The only reason he knew where the other guy was located, was because he had been sitting nearest to him before the chandelier had gone out. BANG! A loud sound had erupted in the room. This startled Uchida which cause him to throw the chandelier in a random direction. A loud crash was heard and the sound of a yelp was heard n the direction that he threw it in. Uchida heard it and looked in the direction he heard the noise come from and assumed he was over there. Uchida ran in that general direction and shouldered tackled where he thought he heard the noise. A large thud of him colliding into something was heard as it fell to the ground and groaned. From the groaning he heard, Uchida mounted the last Mafioso and started to punch where his head should be. He wasn't hitting the head but he assumed he was hitting the chest and slowly but surely made his way to the head. Punch after punch, Uchida grin grew wider and wider and decided it was okay to make it visible he was enjoying this since nobody could tell what look he had on his face anyway. Uchida punched the Mafioso about four times in the head but took seventeen body blows when making his way to the head. When he was done, he got and dusted himself. There was only three of them but Uchida was sure they had taken them all down. With a nod, Uchida called out to Victor wondering if he was still around. "Yo, Vic. You still alive?Kinda heard a few gunshots and none of them hit me, so..." Uchida said, still sneering. Uchida could hear some moving around. He assumed it was the dealer. He didn't know if the dealer was officially with the mafia but still, Uchida was on guard in case something did happen.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:17 am

Victor had been shot. Weirdly enough it didnt feel like he had been shot. He had this warm and fuzzy feeling in his leg but he couldnt feel any pain. He tried to place one of his legs in front of the other like how you do when you walk but instantly had to lift it again. Putting pressure on his leg hurt like all hells. He heard the fighting keep going as he sat down against one of the walls. He needed a pair of pliers, a rope and some cloth to use as bandages.

"Yeah. I am alive. I need you to get me a few things though. I have been shot." He looked down at what felt like his leg in the darkness. "Might need to get a source of light as well." He picked up a small piece of broken wood. Ok now he had something to bite down on while doing surgery on himself.

"I need you to get me a pair of pliers, a rope and some cloth. But first you have to help me out of here." He said as he put the piece of wood into one of his pockets. "I have rented a small place on the northern side of town. We should be safe there." He ripped his clothing to make a substitute for bandage and then used two broken pieces of wood from the room to create stability binding them to his leg with both of the ripped of arms from his clothing. he then used a knife from one of the dead mafioso to cut open a slightly bigger wound around where the bullet had hit so that he could push his fingers into the wound and remove the bullet. Of couse he chugged some more alcohol and then bit down hard on a handkerchief he found on the floor. After doing all of this he decided to exit the room so that he could move away from the area. "The hideout is this way. Follow me if you want to go there." Victor said and then left the building.


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#41Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:31 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Well, that was unexpected. He had assumed Victor to be a god of war with that blade for some strange reason but it turns out he was human just like himself. It turns out Victor was shot or so he claimed. He wondered where he was shot and if it was fatal. Uchida then heard that he needed to grab a few things for him. He hoped that he would be able to retrieve these things all in this room currently. And quickly. When fighting the mafia, he wasn't really  aiming to kill them but he didn't know if that was also Victors intention when he was battling them but he knew the ones that he personally left alive where unconscious and there's no telling when they would wake up and try and come after them again. Victor was calling for his help now and Uchida nodded as he came to his aid as best he could in the dark. He followed where he thought he heard his voice and went to probe him for his injury. It was almost like he was molesting a grown man but eventually, he found the source of the warm liquid seeping through the man's clothing. Neat. Well, now he knew what he was there for and decided to worry about the supplies after they got out of here first.  He was about to ask Victor if he could walk but that was a stupid question.

Uchida then rested his head under Victor's shoulder and helped him up. Uchida then led him up the stairs that they initially came from and started to blindly head north when they made it out. He hoped this town and it's people didn't ask too many questions cause he wasn't sure if he was a good liar or not and didn't want to explain how all this happened. "Well, shit. That was a bumpy but enjoyable ride. Well, up until the part where you got shot anyways. Damn, you're kinda...heavy but never mind all that, where exactly to the north did you rent? I kinda need exact directions. I would like to get there and out of sight as soon as possibly." Uchida had said a bit cocky but worried about the situation he was in. He wasn't sure if those guys would wake up soon but he didn't really wanna stick around the general area to find out.


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