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Wasting time with others [Private/Victor]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:49 pm

Shichiro Uchida
The sun was high and the light shown from the sky into the streets of Oak. It was a busy day today, with travelling merchants. Uchida was strolling down the road, pushing past the crowd. It was warm, almost leaning towards hot, today so Uchida decided he'd leave his jacket tied around his waist. He wore his typical yellow dress shirt and his formal styled bague pants as he roamed the streets of Oak. He, of course, was wearing his dress shoes which weren't really the best for travelling frequently but it was his style that he had come to like after doing it for a long time. He browsing the shops to see if there was anything of note or interest to him but alas, nothing caught his attention.

Continuing his leisurely stroll, Uchida let his mind wander a bit in hopes of finding something to do or take his mind away from work. Maybe, he shouldn't have taken this break for it seems like he doesn't have much interest in anything else but furthering his own goals.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:03 pm

Victor had finally stopped running. He was panting and his pulse was quite high. A bit of sweat ran down his scalp but finally. He was home. Of course he was still wearing his black A D I D A S tracksuit with white stripes. It was to be fair the only suitable combat or adventuring clothing he actually owned. Except for his cloak and commoners clothing. Like Santa Claus he had been holding a sack over one of his shoulders. It was filled with different bottles of vodka. Victor was actually kind of thirsty so he stopped and placed the heavy bag of vodka on the ground beside him. He also removed his casual backpack in which he had been storing his normal clothing.

The only weird thing about his choice of clothing that most people would ponder over was the fact that he was still wearing his Balaklava (skiing mask) to cover up his entire head except for the eyes and mouth. Which was all he actually needed right now. He leaned down and picked up a bottle of D-W-O-R-E-K uncorked it. And started chugging. Was he drunk? Yes of course. He had actually not stopped being drunk ever since he was halfway though his train travel from Magnolia. Something that would probably affect his physique in the future or give him liver failure. But damn. He was a fucking beast at drinking.

#3Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:27 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida continued to day dream like nothing had happened and continued walking down the pathways of oak town. Nothing out of the ordinary today. It seems. Wait a minute, what's that man there doing? He spotted him. He was clearly fleeing from something so Uchida decided to follow him. Maybe he was a dark mage running from the law or something. Uchida thought maybe if he turned this guy in, he' receive a massive reward. So, Uchida had silently began to follow him. He was able to keep up with the main while maintaining his concealed presence until the man had settled down for what seems like a drink.

There, Uchida had approached the man, spotting that he had taken a certain unknown to him brand of alcohol, and said, "Fine day for a drink is it?" Uchida wasn't exactly old enough to drink nor did he like the smell of straight alcohol unless it was a minuscule amount that happened to be slipped into his drink. Still, he could probably see why most people would be drawn to it other than the taste but he'll never understand how they stomach it. Oh well.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:47 pm

The Vodka easily made it's way down Victors throat. However he had not been able to get so many chugs down his throat until someone was obviously talking to him from behind. "Fine day for a drink is it?" Victor looked behind him and slowly corked the bottle. Looking at the man who seemed many years younger than himself. "It actually really is a good day for a drink. Most days are." Victor said with a slight smile on his lips. He pondered a little. This man had just turned up behind him. Victor was running from people. The fact that he asked about the vodka did not really come as a shock to Victor. However the fact that Victor had just stolen this vodka was another matter entirely.

"Have I seen you somewhere before?" Maybe while out boozing but Victor couldn't really remember the boys face. "How about a sip?" He asked the boy without really thinking about the fact that sharing isn't really caring when it comes to stolen goods. He reached out with his right hand to shake the boys hand. "My name is Victor." After having stretched his arm and hand out to greet the boy he stretched out his other hand which was holding the Vodka bottle.

#5Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:04 pm

Shichiro Uchida
It wasn't really surprising for Uchida to hear a response like that. Of course, it would be another drunken older male. First the women and now the men, jeez. Upon hearing the next series of questions Uchida had decided to answer accordingly. "Maybe, who knows. What guild do you belong too and whose your leader? If you give me that, then maybe i could refresh your memory, if we even met before this anyways. If you can remember yourself, maybe we met. The name's Uchida." Uchida said, hoping he'd be part of some criminal guild that he could make a quick buck from. Still, that is a lot of alcohol for one guy, even if he came off as a normal drunken fool. Next, it seems the man had offered him a drink but Uchida waved the offer away before signalling he was a minor and on top of that, couldn't stand the smell of the beverage in the first place. He stood fast, waiting for an answer to his own series of questions before folding his arms, eyeing the man.


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Victor slowly retracted his arm seeing as he was not going to get a shake from the the boy whom apparently called himself Uchida. Well to Victor he seemed boring. Mostly because he really did not seem to like alcohol which Victor deduced by how the man had asked if Victor remembered whom he was. "Me? A guild? No not really. Never really fancied all the serious mage types. To me they all just seem like big time boasters or they are full of themselves because they can use some flimsy thing called magic."

He eyed the man over again trying to see if Uchida seemed anything like a fun person. Maybe he liked to fight or something or maybe he was one of those underwater cave divers that searched for treasures in places where most people couldn't dream of going. Thinking about it Victor really found himself getting more and more interested. "No you see I am one of those free spirits that does what he wishes. Never really fancied being bunched up with people that think highly of some grand justice or being puppeterd on someone elses battlefield." And with that Victor looked Uchida over again observing if Uchida was fun or not. "Ever tried alcohol kid?"

#7Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:16 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Upon hearing his response, Uchida's opinion of him slightly improved since he also thought that he didn't really enjoy all the serious sort of business and tedious micro transactions that a mage had to do just to keep their good name and all but, Uchida did believe all of it was necessary to keep order around the parts of Fiore, or so he convinced himself. He wasn't exactly an expert on mainland law and order but he would like say, he's picked up a few things here and there. As for the magic comment, some people have and some people don't. Currently, Uchida doesn't have although he would like to hurry up and get it. Still, his martial arts prowess has gotten him this far so he can't really complain just yet. Well, this was not turning out to be what Uchida expected. He thought what he was gonna find was a criminal but instead he was gonna have what seemed like a little bit of fun.

As for his views on being led around by somebody else's whims, Uchida didn't really care too much about it as long as it wasn't detrimental to himself and if he got rewarded for it. It didn't have to exactly be money but something worth while for his time. Items, trinkets, hell even new abilities and techniques. Uchida hadn't thought about it before but, he was having a conversation with a masked individual that didn't seem too dangerous but yet the feeling of not knowing what he looks like or knowing who he is other than a "Victor" is quite unsettling. He wasn't sure what he's done but it's not like he was obligated to arrest this man. He wasn't exactly a Rune Knight. He decided he'd answer his last question before asking the obvious one of his own.

"Have i ever had alcohol before? Not really, no. By the way, you gonna take off that mask so i can see your face? I'm all for espionage and all that shit but ummm.. I don't feel comfortable speaking to a masked man in the middle of the streets. Feels like i'm doing something illegal and if you HAVE done something illegal, i don't want to take the fall for you and it hit my reputation." Uchida had said a bit cautious. Still though, he didn't mind talking with the fellow but that small fact did bother him and prevented him from going any further with this.


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Victor looked at Uchida. He just remembered the fact that he was still wearing his skiing mask. Which he had been wearing whilst jogging and running all the way from Baska to Oak. Not really the best thing seeing as he had been carrying stolen goods all the way from the train to here. Yes. Not really a good idea. He raised his right hand up over his head and placed it on the balaklava grabbing it softly and moving it up and off his head. Revealing his face.

He had medium length hair, stubbled beard and a long scar running over one of his eyes. His eye was still in its socket even though the scar looked fierce enough that whatever did it could have just as well removed Victors eye. He was sweaty because of the balaklava and his entire face was pretty warm. His hair had become a mess because of wearing the balaklava for so long and not sleeping had made small rings around Victors eyes. He did not exactly look pretty. "There. That feels better, Also now you have a face to remember me by." He pondered a little. "So. What brings you to Oak Uchida. Are you here visiting because if so id like to give you a tip, Don't run in with the mafia. They can be a handful."

#9Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:46 pm

Shichiro Uchida
After the man had taken off his mask and revealed a face, Uchida was a bit more at ease than he was before. Now he had a face to the name he was given. "Nice to offically meet you, Victor." Uchida then walked beside him and slumped down into a sitting position. If he was gonna answer this man's questions, he might as well do it comfortably. He wondered how it came to this guy asking him the questions instead of Uchida questioning him about why he was running, hiding and drinking liquor."Well, let's see.
What i'm here for. Well, i came from a very small island that's not too far from Galuna island to seek my fame and fortune here on the main land. I'm an islander of sorts, i guess. Half but obviously you see what traits were dominant so it's easier to say one over the other. I've come to seek fame and wealth mainly for myself but it was originally for my family so that people know that we exist. And there are people with talent located far beyond just the region of Fiore."
Uchida said some what giving his life story to a strange man he just met. Uchida continued, "As for the mafia, i know well enough i'm no match for them by myself at the moment but some day soon,
i'll be able to hold my own if not utterly crush them. By myself or by other means. I don't exactly have a noble goal or anything, i just want to exert my power over others and eventually obtain my wishes to do whatever feels good time at the time. What about you? Surely, there might be something you wanna do to make sure your "Free spirit"
isn't dragged and chained in a dungeon cell."
He said with a bit of a snide tone in his voice.


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Some outlander or islander huh. Well shit Victor hadn't really ever seen an islander before so that was new. He rubbed his chin a little bit. The kid had somewhat the same goals as him. The real question would be how much excitement in life the kid really wanted. "well now that you have gone ahead and shared your story with me why don't I share a little bit with you." He looked up to the sky then took another sip of vodka.

"I come from these parts. This city is in fact my hometown." he waited a little bit before continuing so that he could catch his breath and well light a cigarette, "My family used to run these parts a long long time ago. And I am the only one from my family that I actually know of who still exists. My parents died a few years past and since ive been living on adventure, excitement and well alcohol as you can see."

Another breather. And another puff of the smoke before he continued. "I want to bring my family back to the status they used to have. Which well means I have to do a few nasty things and attain a lot more strength to achieve it. But then again anyone who doesn't have to dirty their hands to achieve their goal usually doesn't dream big enough. I wanna live a life without stagnation going from one adventure to the next." He puffed again sending out a large cloud of smoke directed at the sky. "My question for you is how far are you prepared to go to fulfill your dreams?"

#11Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:17 am

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida remained seated but this time he folded his legs for comfort and sat on them so his ass didn't become numb. He yawned a bit, since he was still a bit tired and it was still considered early but, nonetheless, the man still had a very interesting story. It was a nice tale and all, similar to his own, but unlike Victor, his family was never influentially powerful. Hell, people probably didn't even know where he came from if he told them so that's that. Another intriguing question was asked by Victor and Uchida sat there to contemplate what answer he would and what answer he, himself, would be fine with. Finally, he thought of an acceptable answer for himself. "I'm willing to do all i can to achieve my goal, not afraid to get my hands dirty or even go rogue sometimes but still,
i have to make sure that in the end, it reaches that pure and honest life style that I've been thinking about. Well, at least on the surface. Can't have everybody calling me a dark mage and what not. That'd be bad for business."


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:44 am

"So what you are saying is. You are prepared to do anything as long as no one knows how dirty your hands are?" Victor looked at the kid. He was young. Kind of fun. Probably a very kind soul. But the fact that he said he could dirty his hands as long as people didnt call him a dark mage was something that Victor found naive.

"So you are saying that all dark mages are bad and that there are no good dark mages? Is that some general way of saying that all good and bad things are black and white?" In fact for Victor the gray area was so big that it did not matter if you were good or bad. You probably just did what you did because doing it was all you knew or the fact that doing it gave you some sense of justification.

"Uchida. Im not going to trample your toes here... But good and evil very oftenly go hand in hand. Of course things like pointless massacres are purely evil. But say there is a point in it. Kill a thousand. Save a million. Could you stomach doing that if it was something that worked towards your goal?" Victor pondered a little again. Fimped the cigarette and rubbed it into the ground with his left foot. He then placed the vodka bottle back in the large sack.

#13Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:18 am

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida tilted his head sideways at the man. He hadn't really gone into depth with on just what labels "good" or "evil" mean. Sure, he's met a couple of good mages and worked for a few nobles who seem good on the outside but he knew everybody had some form of demon or two inside them and maybe a few skeletons in his closet. Uchida leaned his head back into the sky to think about what he was asked. "Well, let's see. I'm not that hung up on the labels of Good or Evil. Reality busted my bubble a little awhile ago on those misconceptions. As for dark mages, most that I've run into, albeit, it was only two, only seemed to want for themselves and not really for some sorta goal in mind. Just the other day, i was mugged by a stronger opponent for some items but that's just me. I don't mind dirtying my hands behind the scenes but i don't want to be seen as a corrupt mage that only wanted to do things for his own personal gain. Sure, i have goals and dreams of my own. But some of these dreams are not my own. As far as i know, the majority decides what gets to be black and white, not the opinions of the individual themselves. Depending on what side you are on people will give you whatever they see fit. Good, Evil, Hero, Villain... All seems the same to me. All people seem to care about is the victor and if their own self ideals were fulfilled. Noiw, if i came down to a choice of killing a thousand to save millions, i'd do it in a heartbeat. If it's for a cause i believe is just anyways." With that Uchida had brought his head back down and stared off down the street of Oak to ponder a bit further on what he just said. It was easy to say these words loudly but he doesn't know if he actually means them or what they mean to himself.


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"I like you kid!" Victor said laughing quite loudly. "Seeing as this is your first time in town. Il give you the official tour!" It was in that moment that Victor pondered on actually doing something really stupid just to test the kid out. He would give him a tour and then he would take him to a place where the mafia had a poker table set up. Not because he wanted to test the kids combat strength but mostly because he wanted to see if the kid wanted to join in on some casual excitement that maybe had a cool ending. He picked the sack filled with vodka up from the ground and started walking. scratching the bottom of his scalp as he pondered on what to show the kid first. Right. He could show him something that could be seen from all around Oak.

He pointed up towards castle phantasm. "That. Is castle phantasm. The Phantasm family lives there and I would suggest you stay away from that place. They are a special bunch and they have a big hand in every single deal that goes down around here. Meaning they are more or less a part of the mafia."

#15Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Uchida listening to the comment of Victor, he chuckled a bit hearing that for once somebody actually enjoyed having him around. He then noted that he was about to receive a tour of Oak town which pique his interest and started to get up with his sack. Uchida then stood up from his own sitting position and began to follow the man when he started to walk. He jammed his hands into his pockets and continued to pursue him. Eventually, they stopped and Uchida looked around to find out why. He then noticed that victor was pointing to a castle far up on top of the hill. It was castle Phantasm. Well, he wasn't exactly a stranger to it since he had to do not one but two jobs for it. The man also did strike him as "not legitimate" but he didn't ask him to do anything that was underhanded or shady so he didn't really care too much about. It was nice to have clarification that he was connected to this town's underworld. He would keep that in mind for later purposes and turned to Victor before saying "Yeah, I've been there before. Did a couple jobs for the lord of the castle. Seemed legit enough to make it seems like his hands were clean. Other than that, i'd rather not run on his bad side since he does indeed have the power and influence to cover up any misdemeanors or charges against him or his family. Saw a painting of his wife. She was pretty hot." A chortle had escaped Uchida as he said that last part before continuing "But enough about that.
Let's continue your tour of this foreign land. Well, foreign to me anyways."


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:01 pm

"You saw a painting of his wife huh..." Victor himself had never seen the actual royal family except for some.. actually no. He could not recount any time he had ever been in contact with the phantasm family even if it was just being a eye witness to them. "Anyways they are all bad business."

They kept walking down the street when on their right side was a not so grand building. It had some sort of dark smoke coming out of it. Not in a burning building kind of way but more in a chimney type of way. "This is where the local smith works. He is a really good fellow. Me and him share a lot of hobbies. Mainly we share drinks together at the local pub." He chuckled a little and then kept on pondering on what he could show the kid. Maybe a sweets store or something. He did not really know what kids in Uchida's age liked.

They kept walking when after a while they walked past a funny looking building with a sign hanging over the entrance that said "Mabuz magic shop". "As you can see this is a magic shop." Victor said hinting with his right arm at the obvious sign hanging over the entrance. "I don't want to seem gloomy over Oak but most places here are in some way hidden illegal mafia warehouses or underground black markets." He then continued. "This place always tells my gut feeling that something is wrong. Any questions so far?"

#17Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Uchida was a little pleased with himself that he met somebody so "important" before most people did. Twice for that matter. Even if it was a job, it still gave him a bit of pride. Of course, as he thought, it was no surprise that this man has his hand dipped in part of some sorta guild mafia. Shrugging that aside, Uchida had continued to the local smith. Oh, Uchida has also been here before as well. The smith where the giant drinker lives. He also did a job for him where he got to shed blood. It was pretty brutal. They should have considered themselves lucky that they weren't hurt any further like with magic or something.

"Yeah, i've also been here before too. Had to do a job for this guy. It's the first time i've ever seen a giant before. I thought Giants and Elves were apart of fairy tales and bed time stories they tell children. I guess those stories the stranger travelers tell were true." Uchida had said, inquiring a bit. He continued to follow Victor to the next place. Listening while walking, Uchida was informed that this place wasn't exactly the best of towns. It was rather corrupt but it seems like it would be the same for every other town or city to some extent. This town and Dahlia seemed to be a bit more obvious when it came to this sort of thing but it seems as if it was apart of there daily lives.
"No, no further questions. Let's move on i guess."


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:04 pm

"Oh so you have worked with old Rander huh. Giants, Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, demons and more are real existing creatures." He thought about it for a little. It was kind of weird wasn't it. I mean most of those races were all nefarious or from some old tale. Things that normal people only thought existed in tales. "Well. All of them are just normal beings like everyone else I guess. Well maybe not Demons but you get the drift." They kept pacing down the street when Victor thought of something. "If something ever gets pickpocketed of you. It's probably a kid named Jerr doing it." He did not need to say more but he thought that it could be good to know.

One street after another he led Uchida around Oak town, The sun moved and so did the warmth of the day. From when he had met Uchida it was still warm for a autumn day but now. It had started to get really cold and so Victor looked over to Uchida. "Hey maybe we should get some place warmer. I know the perfect spot to spend a nice evening with some drinks and maybe a game of cards. What do you say?"

#19Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:57 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Uchida was enjoying himself for the most part. He was getting to explore Oak with his own personal guide. It was pretty amusing. He hopes to be shown shortcuts and hidden areas for when he needed to escape or get from one place to another quickly but he decided maybe those were best created on his own so nobody could rat him out. Hearing Victor speak to him. He decided to reply "Yeah, i worked with him once. Got some nice pay and a little action. Heh. Some really... bloody...action... Erm, anyways, yeah. I didn't think they really existed." After that, Uchida had noticed that it started to become chillier than it was before. He felt a bit col and wondered if the tour should end soon but then Victor chimed in with suggestion "Yeah, sure.
Some place warm would be nice. I wouldn't mind having something to do like playing cards anyways."


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:08 am

He wanted to play cards aswell huh? Well then Victor was going to take him to the most interesting place in town for playing cards. They walked into downtown Oak. Victor looked around and then pointed into a nearby alleyway. "We are about to walk straight into the lion's den. Don't insult them or we are fucked." They kept walking. This time into the alleyway. Finally they reached a dead end with a single iron door.

The iron door had a small hatch at eye height that opened when Victor knocked on the door. "U menya yest' vodka. Pozvol' mne i moyemu drugu voyti, i my budem igrat' s toboy za stolom." He then smiled and slid a few jewels through the hatch. From the other side of the door the could hear a man talking in the same foreign language that Victor had just spoken. "Khorosho, ty mozhesh' voyti." The door then opened and Victor walked into the very dark room that was more or less only lit up by a small candle sitting on a crate.

Victor turned around. "We are invited to go downstairs and play cards." He then walked down the stairs and into a basement room that was lit up by a chandelier in the ceiling. There was a round table with a form of green mat on it. A round the table a few very mafioso looking men sat playing poker. Victor pulled out a chair for Uchida and one for himself. He gave each mafioso a bottle of vodka and placed one on the table for himself. He then lit a cigarette puffed a little on it and placed 50 jewels on the table. The dealer gave him 50 chips and he was now in the game.

#21Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Following behind Victor, Uchida had continued to keep his hands into his pockets. He always felt comfortable with them inside especially since it was becoming chilly now. Playing cards in the warmth, eh? That's fine with him, granted he didn't really know many card games. Maybe he could learn here and not get destroyed off jump street. He did hear a few tales though from the drunkards in the pub earlier but he wasn't really paying them too much attention. Arriving at their destination of a strange iron door, Uchida started at Victor as he spoke in some foreign language he has never heard before. He used the world spoke one come universal language everywhere with just strange accents like himself granted with each passing day, he seems to hybridize it. After their conversation, it seems that Victor gave the other man some jewels and the door had opened.

Victor had turned to him and said they were invited to play games with them. Uchida's eyes shifted into a different direction briefly and muttered under his breath "Yeah, i bet..." before stepping in through the door and seeing what's inside. He then followed Victor down the stairs and into a basement room that was lit up by a chandelier in the ceiling. There was a round table with a green mat on it. A round the table a few very mafioso looking men sat playing poker. A chair was pulled out for him by Victor and he took it and sat down. Uchida then noticed Victor traded in fifty jewels for fifty chips so Uchida in turned did the same, laying down fifty jewels for fifty chips. Uchida attempted to hide his confusion since he wasn't entirely sure what game they are playing but nonetheless he'd try to pick up on it and win.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:50 am

The dealer delt out the starting hand. Two cards for each player. They were playing Oak hold em. Victor glanced at his cards. A five of clubs and a queen of hearts. Victor knew he might get a queen high or a pair on this but that probably wouldnt be good enough so he bet the lowest starting amount of 1 starting chip meaning a value of 10. He puffed a little on his cigarette. He could make good winnings here but he probably wouldnt. The flop dealt double sixes one of spades and one of diamonds. The third card dealt in the flop was a jack of spades. It did not look good for Victor so when the next betting came he decided to fold. The game continued and this time the card dealt was a three of hearts.

Victor looked around. Took a chug of vodka and looked at the mafioso. They all had pretty good poker faces except for one of them that smiled widely. That person was either faking it or he had gotten a pretty good hand with either double pairs or a three of a kind. Finally the river also known as the fifth card was dealt. The fifth card was a eight of hearts. And so Victor waited. For the next starting hand to be dealt.

#23Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Uchida watched as the dealer was tossing each of them some cards. He first glanced at the two cards in front of him, that are face down. Picking them up, A four of Heart and a four of clubs. Alright, he got a pair. Uchida was feeling pretty good about himself but even he knew that it wouldn't be enough to win. Still, he was gonna go for it and call. The dealer throws another card onto the flop, making it four cards on the table now. Taking a look around, it seems like Victor folded. Everybody else seemed to have on a poker face of some kind. One dude was grinning like he won the jack pot or something. Uchida thought about folding until he took a glance at the flop. A six of diamonds and a jack of spades and the last card was a six of hearts and a four of spade. Uchida was now feeling really good about himself. He had two pairs now and he was sure he'd win if he played it. Uchida then raised five chips one last time and waited for the dealer to deal the final card on the table. Uchida couldn't help revealing a smirk while he glanced at his hand.


Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:26 pm

One of the mafiosos (the one that was grinning widely) laughed a bit as everyone played their cards after the final bets were made and the final card was revealed. He had a full house comprised of Three sixes and a jack. He had the highest card strength on the table in that moment. His mafioso friends sighed look at the mafioso who won and then took a chug of their respective vodka bottles. "Good playing Bill. Il get you next time though." One of them said after having taken the chug of vodka. The winner also known as Bill looked back at him with a smile on his face. "You can try but there is no chance I am letting you win!" Victor laughed a little. "That was a good round everyone. Now then lets see how the next round plays out huh?" After that they started dealing the cards again. Victor once again glanced at his cards. This time he had been dealt a fairly good hand. Two fours. One of diamonds and one of spades. And so he decided to bet the new rounds starting fee of two chips. He was not however lucky with the flop.

None of the cards was a four. Instead the flop had revealed a 9 a 8 and a 2. One of the mafiosos decided to fold but the other two looked hungry for more money. The middle revealed a four. Victor knew not to smile if he wanted to ring in some more money than he had spent and so he played it cool but the middle really saved him. He now had three of a kind. And he expected to win this one so he decided to raise. The pot of chips had a total of 14 tokens from the earlier bids. Victor however decided to raise with 6 tokens. The other mafioso looked at him like he was stupid and Victor looked back with the face of a clueless drunkard. They decided to follow suit betting 6 tokens each so that the pot was raised from 14 to 32. The river revealed another 2. Victor had full house. This was going to be easy winnings for him.

#25Shichiro Uchida 

Wasting time with others [Private/Victor] Empty on Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:52 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Observing what transpired, it seems like Uchida wasn't as in control as he thought he was. It seems that the one grinning loudly had the best had and had won the pot. Uchida glanced up and saw the mafioso dudes laughing and chuckling like old friends and stuff. He was still a bit burned up by what just happened but it was alright. He'll try for a victory in the next dealing of cards. As the dealer dealt the cards, Uchida couldn't help but feel tense. He saw the two face down cards in front of him and he waited for a seconds before he picked them up. Looking at his cards, it didn't seem like he was gonna get anything worth playing so, he folded immediately. Just his luck. A queen of spades and a three of hearts. Uchida then watched the rest of the game to see what would unfold.

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