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Bottoms Up [Quest:Shichiro]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Finally, a higher ranked request came Shichiro's way a quest of C rank difficulty. Uchida was ecstatic! He could feel things turning his way, slowly but surely. It seems this one might actually involve some real combat. He knew for sure that he would actually have to combat other people or creatures. With that, he hurried off to find the client that put out this job. Apparently, the person that happened to put out the request, was a blacksmith. Maybe if he was lucky, he'd even get some sort of cool ultra powerful, magical weapon for doing an amazing job. Uchida began to let his daydreams wander as he headed to the smith's place. Upon reaching the smithy's shop, he had proceeded to knock on the door before entering it to signal that he arrived. It was vain effort since opening the door made a bell ring anyways that let him know that people were coming in. He didn't expect the place to be so huge. actually, he didn't expect his client for the day to be that huge either. He heard that giant people were not an uncommon site in the main land but coming across one of them was most definitely rare as they liked to say, as well as, to themselves rather than live among normal human beings. At least normal to Uchida since this was his first time seeing one in the flesh.  In a way, they were much like other strange races in the case and he was very much surprised to see that the person who had requested help with him for that day was actually one of the rare being he thought were just in rumors and fairy tales back when he first heard of them through the tales of travelers and bedtime stories. The older giant had a solid frown on his face, like he was nervous and worried about the events to come. He was almost sizing up young Uchida wondering if he could even do the job he was about to assign him. He walked in with his request in hands, giving him the request sheet back to him and waiting for the explanation of what he was suppose to be doing tonight. "So, you're the boy that's suppose to be watching over my shop tonight, eh? You're a bit scrawny for a fighter but i guess it's to be expected since you don't actually fight but prance around and cast spells, huh?" the giant had said, taunting Uchida a bit. It probably wasn't the best of ideas to say that he had no magical training yet or even a magic to call his own just yet other than he had the aptitude to unlock something far exceeding what normal mages are capable of. "Well, that's fine too. As long as you can defend my shop, i don't care who guards it. Look, the request is simple. All you've got to do is watch my shop while i go out and attend this here drinking contest. Can you do that for me lad? " the giant had asked.

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Shichiro Uchida
Uchida scoffed and nodded, showing a bit of arrogance in his actions. The giant once more eyeing Uchida like he couldn't handle the job but nonetheless left it to him. Before left though, he added "Oh, before i forget the name's Rander. The keys are on the table if you need to go somewhere briefly but i don't expect you needing to leave for any real reason since this is your job for the night, after all. If anything happens, come find me and i'll come running. But i hope it doesn't come to that." With that, Rander made his way out of the shop and went on about his day. When Uchida arrived here with was midday but soon night was approaching and he assumed it was time for the contest was actually starting or underway since he could actually hear the cheers, sometimes jeers, at participating contestants. Well, this was boring. He had unrealistic expectations of what this job was initially going to entail. Well, whatever. If he was gonna get paid this much for just simple "house sitting", he shouldn't complain. Still, he wished something interesting would happen. As if something was granting his wish, he heard a noise out front. Uchida quickly perked up and went over to a nearby window, which he actually had to climb up to see outside cause a giant works here, to see what's going on. Outside, he saw eight silhouettes all crowding around the shop front, kicking around a sign and being a general nuisance. Not quite what Uchida had in mind but it was better than nothing so he went out to stop them. "Oi, what are you guys doing? The owner ain't here at the moment if you want to do dumb shit, do it when the giant is around and not me. If you piss me off, i'll end most of you as an example of what happens when you mess with a veteran Blue Pegasus mage." Uchida had said exaggerating on how much power he actually had but it seemed to have down the trick. The eight of them had stopped what they were doing and went off with their night like nothing happened. Uchida went back in and locked the door and went back to goofing off in the corner somewhere. Some more time passed as he slowly forgot what happened earlier this day. It was dark out now and Rander should be coming back to his shop anytime now. Well, this was easy, Uchida thought to himself. Suddenly, another loud noise could be heard again from the shop. Shit, seems the dudes from earlier had come back a bit angry and armed now for that matter. Uchida stepped outside and once again began to attempt to bluff his way out once more. "Clearly, you guys didn't hear me the first time so i'll say it once more. Leave. This, Place. Before. I. Hurt. You. Got it memorized yet? If you come back here, i'll make all of you regret your decision."

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Shichiro Uchida
This time however, the guys just started to chuckle and advance. They were about seven meters from himself and two of them seemed to clear about a meter towards where he was standing. "Yo, we aren't gonna fall for that again, we know who you are. You're that Shichiro kid that just joined Blue Pegasus. Apparently, you can't even utilize your magic properly so that little bluff isn't gonna work again. But you made fools of us last time so we're gonna mess you up good that you quit being a mage, if you can even call yourself that." With that, all eight of them advanced forward another three meters until the light of the shop revealed their faces. What are these guys? Octuplets? They all look exactly the same. That's a bit strange even in this day and age. Well, that doesn't really matter cause now two of them decided to break away from the pack with knives at hand. It seems the all had quite a bit of strength over him so he decided he didn't want to engage them in toe-to-toe hand to hand combat base doff there build alone. But, it's not like Uchida was completely helpless. He did get into mock battles of Hand to hand back on his home island and thought he could take these guys easily even without the strength to match it. The first thing he noticed, was these guys were slower than himself but not by much so he began to dash down the road and as it so happened all of them followed. Along the way, Uchida had found a long, four foot metal pole laying in some garbage. Perfect. He could use this as a weapon to fend off the pursuers from a decent distance. He grabbed the pole as he ran and began to slow down to turn to his pursuers. They made it to him, surrounding him and started to laugh. Wondering what he was gonna do with that pole. Well, now he couldn't escape if he wanted to. Arming himself with the pole, Shichiro had taken twirled it around showing he had prowess with the weapon in hand. It may not actually be a spear or a pole arm which he is actually familiar with but it'll do the trick. One of the thugs started to dash directly at Uchida almost at his full speed. Uchida took the pole and outstretched the pole to the point the guy rammed himself into it, Uchida then quickly reared his pole to the right and slammed it across that thug's neck, rendering him unconscious. The rest look a bit shook a bit but they figured that it was still seven to one. Another went in to try and test the waters but apparently they wasn't too bright either. Uchida repeated the same process as he did the first one. He outstretched the pole and he rammed into it like the first one. This one however ducked when Uchida tried to swing at his neck. But Uchida adapted as well as he turned at a three hundred and sixty degree angle and lowered the pole so it would hit his target in the side of his temple for sure. The good thing about these guys was, they weren't very durable like himself.

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Shichiro Uchida
But it seems as if he wouldn't be able to take a blow from these guys so he has to play defensively. Alas, that didn't matter now as he heard the sound of metal clashing against concrete. It seems the rest had lost their will to fight. Upon further inspection, the one who had actually dodged his attack had suffered the worst. It seems he was bleeding from the side of his head and might even have a concussion. Uchida kept his guard up and decided to bluff once more. "YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T HEED MY WARNING!?!?! YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVED THAT I CAN'T USE MAGIC!?!?! MY BODY MIGHT BE LEANER THAN YOURS BUT I CAN ENHANCE MY STRENGTH SEVEN FOLD. THE NEXT PERSON OR PEOPLE THAT MAKE AN ATTEMPT ON ME, I WON'T HOLD BACK AND YOU WILL NEVER WALK THIS EARTH AGAIN!!!" Uchida said in a somewhat angry and crazed voice. This time, it worked. Four of them picked up their injured friends and headed into the direction where it seems like there would be a clinic. Uchida finally eased up a bit and walked back to the blacksmith shop, pole in hand. Well, that was a fucking rush. Uchida felt good that he was able to draw blood from some other creature. Some "good" mage he turned out to be. He actually enjoyed bloodshed that wasn't his own. It was, how to say, invigorating. He realized that it had been later than it was before and he should probably pick up the pace and hurry back. Jogging then turning into a sprint, Uchida made it back to the shop in little to no time flat. It's not like he went that far but he still didn't want the giant to return and see that he was gone. Uchida entered the shop and looked around briefly to see if the giant was around. He wasn't home yet so he must have beaten him here. As soon as he took a seat, the door flew wide open and a rather intoxicated Rander stumbled through the door with a big, dumb smile painted across his face. He dropped into his usual chair and motioned Uchida to come over to. Uchida did so somewhat but was afraid he might accidentally fall over and crush him. "Boy, anything happened while i was gone? The front looks like a mess." Uchida had told him of what transpired this night but beyond that, nothing too special happened or so Uchida thought to himself. "I see, i'll have some Rune Knights go and take of them. I know exactly who they are. No need for additional details. Here you go lad. Here's your pay now get out of here. I need some sleep." the giant slurred out. He pat Uchida's shoulder a bit roughly then head to the back. Uchida had left the shop with pay in hand wondering if he was gonna be alright for the night. Well whatever, his part was over. If anything else happens, he'd charge him extra for it if he was called back. Whatever the case may be, his job was done here.


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