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Running like hell back home to Oak [Foot travel]

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Running like hell back home to Oak [Foot travel] Empty Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:04 am

Victor ran from the station fast as all hell. He was not about to get caught with this much stolen vodka. His tracksuit made him feel like a real banditi. He pulled a balaklava known to most as a ski mask over his head to cover his face. He was a real desperado of the west he had the smell of vodka on his clothes and the fire of the devil in his soul. He was not about to let himself hang from the gallows. He ran with the speed of sonic and the haste of a vodka induced body.

A white man came from across the tracks, He took their vodka for his own need. Out on the plains his feet gave him hell. Running through dust clouds and open fields. Making haste hard on the plains. Chasing his feet back to the hometown he so wished to see. Victor did not know what to do other than drink when he got back to his hometown of Oak but atleast the setting would be a really nice change. A warm bed and a bottle of vodka was what he wished for and it was what he was going to get.

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