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Magical bait (quest baron)

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Magical bait (quest baron) Empty Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:31 am

Another restless night, he saw her again. He thought about her all night, he didn’t know her but he wanted her more and more, he needed to get to her though. It was the same scene, he stood at the bottom of the mountain this time. There was still no name to her, he thought she was someone magical, maybe she was an angel, maybe she was a new friend, maybe she was his mother’s friend, who was she? He could only wonder. He pulled himself up the mountain again, he climbed for her he went up as high as he could this time. He climbed and climbed for her he tried to be consistent in his climbing he wanted to get up to her and finally see her. Maybe if he got to her in this dream he’d see her in life. He was so unsure, but he had to get there, he had to dream of her again, he needed to see her again, he was in pain but he was more than ready to see her. He tried to climb up to her, he was trying to get up to her and asks her her name right now. He would then shoot for tomorrow and asks her to see if he could see her again he’d be so grateful to see her again, but in the morning she would be gone. He climbed his way up to her again, he went up and up, as high as he could. Fingers pushed into stone he fought to reach her but there wasn’t much he could do if he reached her as even in a lucid dream she wouldn’t speak to him. Maybe he could see her again, but he had to work for it. She was the prize he wanted, she was his trophy he needed to see her again he had to get moving he had to get his mind right for her, he had to asks her his name he had to attack every day for her. He had to see her again every night, that was why he went through his days so hard. He had to get up and wait for night just so he could see her, but then he realized that she wouldn’t come to him so he had to get stronger and go to her. He wanted her more than anything, he wanted to get into it he had to make his changes he had to figure out what he was going to do . He had to change himself and he had to see her, he needed to take 100 percent of his time to seeing her. But he needed that name, he didn’t want to do all of this climbing, it was hard, he didn’t want to fight this hard for someone who he didn’t even know, but he felt attracted to her, he needed her in his life. She was so perfect, but he was so imperfect, maybe he was delusional… He could do anything, he could fight, he could grind, he could go anywhere he wanted but he was too lazy to do anything! He wanted to see her again, he needed to see her again, there were reasons for him to quit on her, she could have been just a dream but he didn’t care at all. He wanted her more than anyting and he would get her soon. One of these days she’d be his, no more excuses. He climbed the mountain higher and higher, he made it to the summit again he waved to get and pushed himself to speak her this time, he looked up at her and opened his mouth. “What is your name?” he asked with a sincere smile. She smiled back at him and crouched before him, he pressed the tip of her index finger against his head and pushed him back down. He reached for her, he tried to get to her again as he fell, but soon he would fall back to reality. He was so close to seeing her again but so far. He wouldn’t stop dreaming about her, he’d get one day, so as he fell he smiled up at her and nodded to her and took the fall as he collapsed at the bottom of the mountain. He opened his eyes, another dream about her. He walked through the hotel room and picked up another quest he had taken from the board. This time it was fishing. He ran out of the hotel he went up to the kid, didn’t listen much to him and they went on teh boat, they sailed out to sea and he through out his bait. Baron looked out to sea it reminded him of his dream woman’s eyes, light blue and lovely. He crossed his arms, eventually the kid caught a fish, Baron wacked it over the head and dragged it on board before taking the boat straight back to port and taking his jewels another job well done.


Magical bait (quest baron) MJmwSQc
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