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Experimental Hexes [Quest: Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Experimental Hexes [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:51 pm

Bianca Fleur
Bianca was already back at job taking again at this point. Once she started she could not stop, and if she did stop, she stopped for quite a while. Just a while ago, she had been pretty much taking a break from life for a while. All she did was travel around Fiore like she had nothing to do. That was because of the money she had saved up after doing so many jobs before she took a break. If it was not for all that cash, she could not risk it like that. To be honest, she actually even wanted to go to a beach somewhere just to relax, but it was not summer anymore. Still, she would enjoy a nice long walk along the beach, even if she was all by herself. Those kind of walks brought plenty of thoughts to her mind, about things that she needed to get done, mostly about her life. Sometimes it was depressing as all hell, but sometimes, those kind of walks were all she needed to solve some issues in her own mind.

This very day, she had accepted a job from the local mad doctor, who requested her to test his ‘hexes’ out. He did not care who she tested them on, so long as he knew the results of his creations, and if they were as effective as he had made them to be. Bianca was a merciless being, and she cared as much as the doctor, whom she used the hexes on - which meant that she did not care, because the doctor did not either. Right now she stood in the middle of one of Oak’s many streets, looking for the victims to test the hexes on. She had bought coffee from a local cafe and was sipping on it slowly. Of course she got herself hot coffee because it was cold out here. The woolen sweater provided a lot of warm, but that was enough for her. She was a vampyre and vampyres normally did not feel too bothered by the cold. In fact, if she stopped eating human food, she would probably be immune to the cold, to be honest. But that was what she literally assumed just now while sipping on the hot coffee.

She then held it out in front of her and gave it a suspicious look. That was probably not the case, obviously, but she was just making assumptions. She probably was already immune to the cold, and it was just her mind making her think that she felt cold sometimes. Was that even possible? A delusional idea of feeling cold? If that was a thing, then it was probably the thing that was making her feel cold. She made a mental note to ask Seira the next time she met her, if she felt cold as well. Maybe it was because Bianca was not born a vampire, and was converted. But she would totally ask Seira, the next time they met.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Experimental Hexes [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:03 am

Bianca Fleur
She took too much time wondering about things that were not even necessary at the moment. So back to the task at hand, Bianca looked around for a while. She did not want a bunch of people staring at the person she used her hexes on. She did not want the attention. She just wanted to finish the job without any issues. So on the paper that she was given, she noticed that the first hex was something about stimuli, just seeing from the name of the hex. She scanned the information concerning the hex. It was supposed to make the body extremely sensitive to stimuli for the duration of an hour. Fun. She was not sure if she really understood what the meant, so she glanced up from the paper, looking from one pedestrian to another. She mumbled the word ‘stimuli’ while staring at a girl who was just walking past. She then started to act weird, looking around and then at herself. She looked like she was feeling some kind of discomfort, and Bianca knew that the hex was working. She nodded and gulped down some coffee, then looked at the next hex. This one was less complicated compared to the first one. It was used to make someone’s leg useless, again for the duration of an hour. Bianca inhaled and looked around, looking for her next victim. She did not want to use it on an old person. That would just be really mean for no reason.

Bianca then found a man who seemed to be going somewhere in a hurry. He was walking pretty fast, so if she used the hex right now he would probably trip and crack his skull against the concrete or something. She quickly looked at the paper to see what she was supposed to say and then mumbled ‘decrepify’ as fast as she could before the man was out of her sight. He then tripped, just like she had expected and fell face first on the sidewalk. Luckily for him, he had good reflexes so his hands saved his face. But unlike the description written on the paper, his leg was not completely useless. He was still able to use both legs, but with one of them limping. Bianca noted that that hex needed to be worked on and this was what she needed to report back to the doctor. She got up immediately since her job was almost done. All she had left was to go back to the doctor and tell him the results of hexes. So she went back to his little shop that was not really a shop and told him what she did and how the second hex was not really working like it should. The doctor nodded and looked at the paper he had given her. He told her that he appreciated her help and that she could come again to help him out with some other stuff before rewarding her. Bianca nodded and then left. She was definitely coming back because she needed money.

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