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Checkmate {Quest Baron}

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Checkmate {Quest Baron} Empty Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:03 pm

Sweat and Determination oozed down Baron’s masculine form as he looked over today’s quest board. It was filled with little quest ranging in quest, some asked for cats to be found others asked for lot daughters to be returned home, some even asked for the quest taker to fight a bunch of thugs off of some old guy’s property. None of them appealed to Baron though, none of them had that zest he liked in his jobs. They were too small and meaningless for him, until he spotted one more. Something new that he hadn’t considered before. He looked over the request for a moment, it was one to help a little book nerd play chess. The only chess he cared about was his that of the kid’s mom, he imagined her rack size it was probably a good one to raise up an entire squad of geeks and all. He’d have to pay her a visit while he helped the kid. He rubbed his hands together and thought about the job head, it’d be a hard one, but he could do it despite never having played chess before. It would be a good one perhaps, or he would get bored half way through and abandon the kid, it didn’t matter to him as long as he got paid he’d help the little twerp with whatever he needed and then he’d see if he could make the kid’s mom twerk. He was a total sleeze ball, a real jerk, but could he be blamed? He appreciated the charms older women in fact he loved older women something fierce. His first love was about twenty years older than him, then again he was like twelve at the time.. And at that moment dozens of things became clear to Baron. Damn, he was a baller as a kid. A real shot caller, why couldn’t more kids be like him when he was young? There would be so many more beast in the world probably, Baron’s whole thing was Beast Mode after all. He was a beast from Bosco of all things, he did his thing the best he could and looked like a real monster when he wanted to, he just needed to work out more, maybe flex some more, tone up his muscles… Elena could help him with that… Zing, oh boy he would be going to jail one of these days for some of these thoughts whenever a mage with mind reading powers came along. Sure, he was a bit of a softy, but he enjoyed helping others, he helped that kid and all, Elena, she was pretty young, he was the ice man himself and he helped her with a few things until he found out she was only seventeen, then he had to be extra careful to take care not to look like a giant pervert, not that he was one as of late, but he was considering it. Heck, seventeen was the new 21 in Fiore… Maybe. Whatever, it didn’t matter he had a weird job to do for a weird kid. He thought about how he would introduce himself first, maybe he would asks to meet the kid’s mom or something, that would help him out in a big way, though if she had a husband he’d have to pull the ole 2 pump skedaddle, waddle out of the window move he’s done so many times in the past. Not really… He wasn’t the kind of guy to break up a family, family was important to him after all, he had a family and he would do anything for his family, including sending them money when they needed it which is why he took this job in the first place. Though he had been getting visions of a beautiful woman in his mind, he didn’t know who she was but when he saw her his heart sank. She had a very stern face, her eyes unamused, and she was normally clad in white as her beauty enticed him and her silky black hair blew behind her. Lord did he love her, but he didn’t even know her name other than ‘cold beauty’. Whatever, he couldn’t go chasing fantasy woman.. He had a job to do! Right? Right, he had to do this special job, thus he met up with the kid and played chess with him. They dualed for a moment, baron ultimately lost and flipped the board over thanking the kid for the game and laughing off his childish actions as he was defeated by a boy in a game for kids… After the match he asked the kid if he could meet his mom, they traveled back to his house chess board in hand and Baron made sure to leave a lasting impression on that family, he gave her a big hug… A tight hug.. A really tight hug as she thanked him for playing with her son and then he kissed her, got slapped and ran into the wild to look for more quest.

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Checkmate {Quest Baron} MJmwSQc
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