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Squatting Dahlia to magnolia [Foot travel]

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Squatting Dahlia to magnolia [Foot travel] Empty on Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:18 pm

Squatting and jumping forward while doing it. Victors hair swaying in the wind and his legs putting grand champions to shame. He wore clothes made for maximum flexibility. Slack pants and a tracksuit. It was all made in a flexible cotton weave that enabled squatting to the extreme. The slack pants were black in color with white stripes lining the sides of the pants. The tracksuit as well was also black in color with white stripes lining the edges. It had a weird mark on it with a few letters inscribed that told the story of a people living in poverty but with mad style. It said. A D I D A S which was some old brand name that his ancestors had created with the help of tailors from all over Fiore.

His shoes were a form of sneakers from the same brand. With soft and comfortable shoe soles to help out in squatting. On his head he wore a workers cap and hanging from his lip was a nice cheap cigarette. With all of this and a bottle of vodka. He made his way safely through the woods of Dahlia and out into the world. Nobody but Victor would be able to know the outcome of having such great style.

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