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Golden Scissor [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage was walking through the streets of Baska Town, it is sure peaceful here, there is grass wherever you go and it is very nature friendly environment. But Sage was feeling col, very cold as it is autumn and his jacket doesn't seem to keep him warm at all, he need a new jacket or sweater or whatever thick clothes he need to survive the cold. While walking through the streets of Baska, Sage walk by a boutique shop, in it there are lots of warm looking fur coat, leather jacket, christmas sweater and many more beautiful clothes like dresses and tuxes. Sage was freezing he decided to stop by the shop to chill for a while. Sage opened the boutique's door which is made out of thin glass and some metals, the glass door are cold too, Sage regretted not bringing along any hand glove. When Sage enter, a tall guy could be seen from a far, his face sturdy like a well build-ed man and his hair violet in colour, and it was cut short, and it is obvious that the man has a girl's eyelashes and Sage noticed the man wearing an eye liner too. The man didnt notice him until the bell at the top of the door rang, then the man noticed someone was coming in and it was Sage. He stopped what ever he was currently doing and drop his pen. "My, my aren't you cold?" He said, and Sage thought that it would be obvious for someone who work on a boutique to recognise a good coat or not. "Ah, yes I am a little bit cold." Sage approved the man's statement. "Please come over here." the man requested, Sage didn't know how to react so he did what he was told.

The man took a measuring tape from his pocket and measured Sage's body height and width, then he started to murmur something and looked at Sage. "Aha!" He exclaimed, the man then head somewhere to pick up something, and when the man return, he returned with a red vest along with a black shirt. "This set will go perfectly with your hair." The man said, Sage's hair is red-violet in colour, and Sage looked at the set, it does looks nice, "How much is it?" Sage ask immediately, after purchasing it, Sage put it on, and to his shock, it was warm and cosy. Now Sage don;t have any money for dinner and the preceding day, so he think that a quest might get him alive for at least a week. Sage faced the man and asked his name, "My name is Fernando Milano, why'd you ask?", Fernando answered. Do you have any quest that you would like to be done, Id do it for you, but with some payment of course." Sage proposed, hoping he could have dinner as fast as he can. "Oh! Indeed I do." Sage was shock he didnt know he would be this lucky, "So what's the job?"

WC: 503

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Sage †
"Ill first introduce to you, the golden scissor." Sage has never heard before in his entire life about this thing called the golden scissor. Fernando then continued, " It is a magic tool that only a few popular designers have, and I want one." Sage was confused, maybe, he dont know if Fernando wanted him to steal one from the few designers that own it or maybe something even worse. "So you want me to steal it?" Sage jumped to conclusion, Fernando was confused at first but after a few moments Fernando giggled a bit. "Oh no no no, I dont want you to steal it, I want you to get me one. I heard that one of the travelling merchant that will arrive here this afternoon possess one and would sell it. I want you to investigate whether this rumour is true or not, and if it is, get me the magic tool before someone else does." Fernando explained to Sage quit detailed. "Ill be back in a couple of hours, and perhaps with the scissor." Sage said as he opens the glass door of the shop and walked to the market to find this travelling merchant who possess the golden scissor. It was quite hard finding someone you didnt recognize and telling if they got something very precious or not. Sage thought about it for awhile, someone who possess the golden scissor must be a high class merchant or not he or she wont have rare item. So Sage started looking for merchants who looks tired from travelling and looks as if they are living a luxurious live. After a few time rounding the market area, Sage found a possible man with handsome clothes and a nice stall which looks quite mobile. "Excuse me sir, do you know anything about the golden scissor?" Sage asked directly to the man, "Yes I certainly do, Im going to do some bidding after this, are you interested?" as soon as the merchant said that sentence suddenly a crowd came bursting out of no where, but Sage didnt move, he kept his stand and push anyone that touches or make physical contact with him. "Excuse me people, but please have some manners." Although after saying that many people didnt care so Sage didnt care too, he turned back to the merchant and smiled at him, not a smile that the teeth can be seen but a sweet tender smile that gives you the warm feeling inside. "I would love to get my hands on the golden scissors, it is not for me tho im doing this for someone else." Sage said sounding not greedy but doing it for love, and this is one of Sage's trait, inserting the love feeling into someone else. Sage then left and wait for the auction to start. Before the auction started, there were thousands of people going to the front of the shop from the back, the merchant must have a busy time handling all those people, then the auction starts, the merchant stood on something and said that he wont do any bidding but would instead sell it to a specific red head boy. Sage know that it was him. it must be him, so he ran to the front stage, gave the money in the merchant's face and thanked him with a sweet smile, left the place with a lot of people booing him cause they are jealous and hand it over to Fernando happily, Fernando then gave Sage the money he deserved.

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TOTAL WC: 1091/1000

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