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Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:43 pm

Bianca Fleur
the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand
splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
The lonely streets of Oak after nightfall was filled with a sinister silence, punctuated only by the occasional hooting of an owl, or the sound of hooves clapping as a distant stagecoach moved along the tar roads. It was one of Bianca’s favorite feeding grounds, next to the place swarming with even more danger - Dahlia. But what she had here was the advantage of having a virtual map in her brain from treading these streets countless times, practically having grown up in this town.

Within the shadows between two rundown buildings, a bloodied hand rose from the side of its owner in an attempt to attack the predator, however failing miserably in the end. Bianca was leaning over the bloodbag of the week, holding him to the wall with one hand to make sure he stayed still while she fed, afterwards retracting her sharpened teeth. She shot him a satisfied smirk, admiring the beauty of his pallid face and then removing her hand from his chest that caused his lifeless form to drop to the ground with a muffled thud.

The prey was left in that alley to die like most of her past victims as she strutted out of it. Licking a tiny drop of blood from the corner of her lips, Bianca inhaled deeply. This feeling was priceless, there was no other time she felt as fresh as after having a nice long meal, not even an ice bath. The illusion of a shine to her pale skin brought a sly smile to her lips. If she had inherited anything from her mother, it was her fondness of neat and cleanliness. The blood from her prey never stained her clothes, and there was nothing suspicious about her appearance after feeding, nothing that looked out of place.

She fished her pockets for her lighter and a cig, a click sounding through the emptiness of the night as the tip of the cancer stick started to glow. Having walked about a mile from the alley she had her dinner in, Bianca now stood in front of a hospital that was out of service, her scarlet irises moving to the left corners of her eyes upon hearing footsteps behind her while she still faced forward.

#2Chisu Lau Manji 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:54 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


"Your pilgrimage is complete." she would tell her, "You are no longer the only Manji in Fiore. People come to me daily, thanks to yo-"

Chi Lau was almost thankful to be blessed with the guide of her own guardian, but with it came shared problems that the two of them would constantly face each other.

Still, Chi had moved on, changed from her case and resulted into something more drastic than she would have allowed a week ago. The warm beating flesh of her god was pressed against her back, and with it she would begin to hear even her god's thoughts. She felt as if she was beginning to merge with her deity, of which she hoped she would maintain her own sanity.

"That smell." she said, her words silent to the world, but blared in Chi's mind. "Like an old friend. . . "

"This girl? Is she as well a descendant of someone you know?" Chi mocked her, "Or did her father from long ago try to kill you too?"

Chi sighed. They had been wandering in Oak once more, trying to make the most of their mixed up life. She had watched he girl from a ways back, but she stood out to her even more so that her god had pointed her out.

"Ah, she smells of death."

Chi wasn't sure if she meant the tobacco, or of something else, but she would be weary nonetheless.

"Excuse me," she would call out as she neared. "I am Lau Manji, have you seen my friend?"

She was going to tread lightly. She felt as if her own soul was fleeting her.

#3Bianca Fleur 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:28 am

Bianca Fleur
the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand
splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
The nightstalker turned a hundred and eighty degrees to fully face the entity that called out to her. After the strange events that had unfolded before the beginning of this month, Bianca was cautious with people, well if they were people. The recent ghost encounters had led her to assume that if someone approached her, they were either a vengeful spirit or inviting their own death, but the latter was a regular thought, not halloween exclusive. The woman that spoke to her, however, had a non translucent form and dark hair that flowed past her shoulders in beautiful curls, Bianca couldn’t help but admire.

Allowing lines of cigarette smoking to escape through her nostrils, the vampyre’s lips curled up into a sweet smile. It made her seem almost innocent, although that was far from what she was. Oh so far. Your friend? I have no idea who that is,” she said, then averted her gaze towards the abandoned hospital, cocking her head towards it. But that is a good place to play hide and seek. It was honestly pretty funny to ask a completely unfamiliar person, if they knew where your ‘friend’ was. Could she not have guessed that the stranger had no clue? Or was this some kind of test?

A newfound determination grew in Bianca’s mind now and she was eager to find out the motive of this person who was testing her. She tossed the cigarette that was halfway done towards the asphalt and gently pressed on it with her heel to kill the fire. Shoving her hands into her pockets, she faced the woman who called herself ‘Lau Manji’. She spoke the name out loud, and then smiled again.

That’s a very foreign name, you know. Are you a traveler? Or an immigrant? My name is comparatively easier. You can call me Bianca,” she said. If you want, I could help you find your friend. I am free for the rest of the da--night. Bianca usually didn’t slip up in her speech, so this was one of those times she actually did, but she didn’t regret it. It didn’t matter if this person found out if she was a creature of the night from the small mistake. She could’ve just assumed Bianca was just tired.

#4Chisu Lau Manji 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:37 am

Chisu Lau Manji


She was captivated. She had never seen anyone like her before. Chi almost begun to shake with an overflow of emotion. What were the feelings she held? It was all so new. She had kept so far from people since she came to this land but this woman, she was beautiful, she was-

"She's not human." Her words echoed in her mind. The god, the being, whatever it was, it warned her. But Chi was drawn in. "She's something else. . . "

"He wears a mask a lot, I think he has a metal arm now?" she stumbled on her words. She had seen him not too long ago, and it felt like years. What did he look like, what did he do? What did he sound like? What would she say to help anyone? "His name is Shura Ranzu. I came back to deliver him a message."

No. If it wasn't creepy, it sounded like a threat. Chi smiled in embarrassment. She had been so strong for his own benefit, but she was still a child lost in this new world. She was consumed by hatred and revenge to kill a man that killed her family. She was the basis of every evil villain ever, but she had other goals in mind.

"I'm from Sin, I was brought here by misfortune. I'm just trying to find my friend." She spoke, and the more the words came out, the more she realized how alone she was. The wounds of her father eased its way back to her heart and soul.

"That man is as good as gone. If not by your hand, then by my divinity." Nameless told her vessel. "You will make a new home in this world, just as I was transported here long ago."

And Chi couldn't help but tear up. She had forgotten that her deity was once a mortal and never even considered that Sin was her escape, her refuge. What was her true home? Did she belong in this land?


No one had ever echoed her god's power.

#5Bianca Fleur 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:47 pm

Bianca Fleur
the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand
splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
At the mention of a mask, Bianca’s brows knitted closely into a slight frown. Of course it was even harder to find someone who wore masks, but that was not the reason she frowned. It was because for a moment, she thought it reminded her of someone. A subtle shake of her head and the vampyre pretended like nothing was wrong. She nodded and tilted her head in thought, wondering if she had met someone with the combo. But a metal arm? She couldn’t remember seeing someone with that.

To be honest, I’ve never met someone with a metal arm. It’s going to be hard to find someone with a mask, I think,” she said. But the mask he wears...is it unique? Or just some ordinary mask? At this point, Bianca wasn’t even asking because she wanted to help. She was curious. A stretched howl sounded from a great distance, and she turned towards the direction from which she heard it. Her face appeared calm and composed, but her mind was racing like a marathon runner, only halting when she was given the name of the ‘friend’. Shura Ranzu. Never heard of it before. Too bad. I don’t know that person.

Everything that was going on in her head for the hot minute after Chi mentioned the mask vanished in an instant, and she relaxed for real. It was a relief that it wasn’t who she thought it was, for some reason. The vampyre blinked and gave the stranger all her attention once again. She removed her hands from her pockets and laced them behind her back. I’ve never been there,” she said. Of course, Bianca knew about the customs and what it was like in Sin. She could see why Chi had dark hair and pretty light skin. Not pale like hers, but light.

“I was brought here by misfortune.”

The light from the lamp posts that lined the street reflected off the tears that welled up in Chi’s eyes. Bianca’s hands fell to her side, feeling helpless and clueless. What Chi had said reminded her of her own past. Ever since her birth, everything went downhill for her parents, and everyone around her. She wasn’t brought her by misfortune...

If it makes you feel better, I was the misfortune brought here.

#6Chisu Lau Manji 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:58 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


"She reminds me of my mother. Do you remember yours?" The voice rang in her head, and Chi reached out for any memory of the woman that raised her. Surely that person existed, surely she was real. But every attempt to grab an idea or a picture of her face she was filled with a void. Why couldn't she remember.

"My maker once said that souls are everlasting. Those who cannot be redeemed are lost, those seeking redemption get redeemed in the unknown land. Those that are worthy, are born again." She continued, "If you cannot remember her, perhaps she was born of the souls of our mothers. Perhaps she will guide you in a way I cannot understand. I am eternal but even I do not know all of the answers to the world. "

Chi would bow to the lady, "Forgive me." she would talk, her voice shaken, but no longer. "I have wasted too much of your time. I will bother you no longer."

Chi knew that smell, but it was no place to mention it. The smell of death could be her own. The smell of the blood of that carcass that she pressed to her own back. It was a beacon, but for what? Who would know.

Surely not this woman... right?

#7Bianca Fleur 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:37 am

Bianca Fleur
the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand
splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
Bianca couldn’t put her finger on what emotion Chi’s expression represented. It was too complex, and thinking too much about it put a frown on the vampyre’s features. Whatever was bothering this poor girl? Truly something Bianca could help with? And suddenly she was overwhelmed with fear. Fear of her own mind for bringing up such ludicrous thoughts. When did she start getting like this? Sooner or later she was going to become an angel and go to heaven. Resurfacing from the depths of her blatantly retarded mind, the vampyre was back to figuring out what the matter was with this person. It was the first time she had seen someone drowning out of water. With a shaky voice, Chi told Bianca that she had wasted too much of her time and would stop bothering her. This made her brows knit even deeper as she stopped Chi.


And that was when something hit her...a stench so horrible, you could see the vampyre’s face visibly scrunch up. It was the smell of blood, but blood that Bianca wouldn’t ever imagine taking...and it was coming from the woman who stood in front of her. The smell was probably even stronger and more nauseating because of how her senses were keener than normal. She began coughing, then cupped a hand over her mouth and nose while taking in a deep breath. She would rather breathe in the smell of cigarettes than whatever kind of blood that was. The way she was acting probably appeared very rude to Chi, but Bianca couldn’t help it.

I’m sorry,” she croaked, then coughed a little more. What are you?

#8Chisu Lau Manji 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:58 am

Chisu Lau Manji


"She can smell me." she begun to laugh, "She is a true creature of the night." Chi could hear the words, and begun to shake and shiver. What did it all mean.

The girl would begun to cover her mouth and cough. She was sick, a smoker. If she could smell the-

The flesh.

The rotting skin of a being long gone. Her power was nothing more than a seal, a symbol that existed on a single piece of fabric, a leather-like substance. Anyone who saw it would think so. Anyone who felt it would know it was far from it. IT was skin, ripped from the body of the evil being. It would uproot itself on whatever body it inhabited. It would live eternally. But her own essence, her spirit lived in echoes through the Manji clan and their artifacts. Why? Who was to say. Perhaps she was their ancestor. Perhaps they were all part of her own doing . . .

"Chi Lau Manji, is my full name." she would say it, shaking as she spoke, her eyes wide open as she traced the ground. The laughter in the back of her mind, her face expressionless as she bowed to the woman. "I am just someone who is trying to find their friend."

As she faced the ground, all that would be seen was the ring of blood on the back of the girl's neck. The stains of dried blood on the back of her dress, but the skin of that beast hidden and tucked away.

What was this girl and why did Nameless effect her so?

"I-I-I am s-sorry if she brings you pain. I have no where else to keep her." She would close her eyes, water beginning to form, but refusing to drop. "Without my friend, I am without a home, surely you must see why I must find him."

But what was she?

She was a cursed being granted life from other's death. She would bring chaos to all she touched.

And soon

Chi would be touched too.

#9Bianca Fleur 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:24 am

Bianca Fleur
the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand
splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
Bianca was confused, no, way beyond confused. She was lost in a some kind of mind maze and that had never happened before. The vampyre was stunned by the fact that this night had turned out to be entirely different from what she had imagined. To think that she would be left alone by the universe after an overly satisfying meal...no way. This was her price for the one good thing she was granted tonight. The stench had been blocked out by the smell of cigarettes clinging onto her hand that she breathed in desperately. To answer her question, Chi repeated her full name and said that she was just someone looking for her friend. Just how significant was this ‘friend’ to her, Bianca wondered. Was this person really her ‘friend’?

Are you in love with that person? she asked plainly, not trying to beat around the bush. The way that Chi was speaking about that person...Bianca couldn’t help but come to that conclusion. It was the only possible reason she was so desperately looking for this ‘Shura Ranzu’. After hearing that name twice, there was no way Bianca was going to forget it now. If she ever met that person after this, she would probably splash his face with water. At least that’s what she felt like doing to said person for troubling Chi so much. There it was again. Sympathy. Disgusting.

When she thought things couldn’t get more puzzling, Chi just dragged her into a whole new mystery after mentioning a new character when she said ‘she’. Bianca knew for a fact that the person called Shura Ranzu was a male, so who was Chi talking about now, and what did she mean by causing her pain? She wasn’t feeling any sort of pain right now. The only thing she felt like was vomiting. The vampyre’s head tilted subtly. This happened when she was in thought. Who is ‘she’? she couldn’t help but ask.

“Without my friend, I am without a home.”

Bianca chuckled and said, Girl, you are so in love with him. It was the only amusement she could find out of everything happening right now, temporarily distracted from the new person that Chi started talking about. She started coughing again right after speaking.

#10Chisu Lau Manji 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:34 am

Chisu Lau Manji


"He is my mentor. When I came to Fiore, I had nothing." she would answer her, paying no mind to the word love. To Chi it didn't exist in her vocabulary. She served him blindly. It was her loyalty, she owed him her life. Loyalty... Loyalty. . .

"My only purpose is to serve him, and to pay tributes to her." she spoke again, a name not given to her. But of course, she held no name. No title that they would understand. To give away a mouthful of words would only give more questions. Chi was limited on time, but if her deity said to stay with her, then she would have to find a way for fate to allow her.

"She is my protector. With her, I was allowed to live again." She stood erect, the blood beginning to drip down her legs. Never had it ever gotten this bad. But she was too amused. She was enjoying it all.

"Mortals are so... interesting." she continued to laugh, the woman smoking, choking. It was all too comical for her, but for Chi, it was the opposite.

"Are you okay?" she asked, "I'll get a new case for her, if the smell is too much for you."

She had lost it. The original wooden box had gotten worn and rotten with the stains of blood. The other leather case was well made, but had become too restrictive on Chi. What would she do now? Perhaps she would find a new way to preserve her artifact . . .

#11Bianca Fleur 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:54 pm

Bianca Fleur
the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand
splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
The more Chi spoke, the more confusing it got for Bianca. Yes, she understood the part where she said that the ‘Shura Ranzu’ person was her mentor. Apparently her only purpose was to serve him, which made Bianca raise a brow. I can’t relate because I serve no one. I serve myself,” she said, still deep in thought about the next thing Chi said. “...and to pay tributes to her.” Who was this new female character that she was going on about? It bothered Bianca so much, and Chi kept beating around the bush it was starting to frustrate her. All this bewilderment made her forget about the smell temporarily, but after Chi spoke again, it came back, making Bianca cough a bit again. She realised that having a better sense of smell could be annoying sometimes and this was one of those times.

So...‘she’ is the god...er I mean goddess? That you worship? asked the vampyre in uncertainty. She didn’t want to say anything that Chi would interpret as disrespect to the goddess she was talking about. The smell of the bad blood started moving...if that made any sense. Bianca could smell that it was not coming from a single area anymore and when her eyes followed it as it dripped down, she could see that a tiny little pool of blood had formed under Chi. This wasn’t her period blood, because Bianca knew the difference by now.

“I’ll get a new case for her, if the smell is too much for you.”

What- No no! That’s not necessary.” Bianca almost started to feel bad for acting like a bitch. She couldn’t help that she had a better nose than most people and the smell was so damn strong, she was pretty sure that even a normal person would smell it and start coughing. But the vampyre started forcing herself not to cough. It felt like she was disrespecting Chi, and the goddess she spoke of, although that was unlike herself. Bianca couldn’t bring herself to be mean to this woman. She seemed so...helpless. I think I’m just getting a bit sick. That was a lie. Bianca barely got sick, but Chi didn’t know that.

#12Chisu Lau Manji 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:39 am

Chisu Lau Manji


She would rise, her posture, her manner, her tone would change to something of a living statue. She would grow cold, emotionless and monotone, as if it was recited out of instinct, and not her own knowledge and memory.

"God is just a title given to someone in power." she would answer. "Nameless, was born long ago, and helped shape Fiore when it was in its infancy."

She would blink a few times, before returning to her previous state of a lost puppy, wanting to find its owner.

"I owe him my life, until my debt is paid, I am but his tool of war." She told her, her words true. When Shura would decide her services were no longer required, her own life would be hers again. She was granted her temporary freedom to travel, but she still worked under his namesake.

Chi would tilt her head towards the girl. She was putting it together. The decay was ever present, but never had anyone reacted like she did. If that was the case, the smoke was nothing more than a mask.

"My goddess was born a human, but turned to some cursed being." she would stare into the face of the girl with curiosity. "You are one of few to pick up on her aroma, are you inhuman as well?"

She would bow to the woman, out of respect, whatever she was. "Then perhaps through you, I can learn to understand my deity's curse."

#13Shura Ranzu 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:46 pm

Shura Ranzu
Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Tumblr_nrhk9s6kMu1tqou9go1_500

The night sky devoid of objects that served to create a beautiful sight. The streets seemed almost abandoned, ‘almost’ being the key word here. Oak shared a few things with Dahlia. Trouble usually roamed around at night, being out at night in a dangerous town became a gamble. Between the monsters, mages, and gangs the common people struggled when nightfall came. The sounds of metal tipped boots could be heard as he walked casually down the sidewalk towards the Phantom Lord Guild house. Shura had spent the better half of the day dealing with moving in and getting new clothing. Loki kept him company during all of this and he continued to do so. The little black orb of life floated around Shura bouncing around him. This was his favorite time of night for obvious reasons. Loki was a creature of the night.

The streetlights were the main sources of light on the sidewalk. As he walked past buildings he could see lights in window and people moving around. Between the buildings light was removed from the equation quickly. Shura was technically a creature of the night due to being a demon but he carried himself as a normal human being. No one knew except for the old man and Berial what he really was.

On the sidewalk he saw two individuals from the side. The only thing he could make out completely was that they were both females. One was smoking something, this was indicated by the rose bud that created a small source of light. As to who they were, that was to be revealed as he got closer. He could hear them talking, he wasn’t trying to be nosey, just trying to make his way to his home. He called Phantom Lord ‘his’ because he laid claim to it. Not officially but the time was almost upon him to do so. He had not made contact with any other Phantom Lord member just yet. Not that he didn’t want to talk to them, he just didn’t know who they were.

He got closer and the faces became clearer. One was Chi and the other was an unknown character. It seemed like a friendly chat, but sometimes looks could be deceiving. Not too mention Shura hadn’t really contacted Chi since he got back to town. So this was perfect meeting her in this situation. Loki continued to stick close by, not making any noises to attract unwanted attention. He wasn’t shy, he was just a bit apprehensive about meeting people. A little bit of paranoia, and for good reason.

Shura was about five meters away now, he called out to Chi. “Sure is a small world isn’t it?”

#14Bianca Fleur 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:32 pm

Bianca Fleur
the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand
splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
Bianca’s brows furrowed slightly as her brain processed Chi’s words. Why should you owe anyone your life? Whatever did he do for you? The vampyre understood how most children owed their lives to their parents, but that wasn’t the same with mentors, was it? Since she never had a mentor before, it was hard for her to understand what Chi was talking about. All of this talk about her goddess being part of shaping Fiore made her want to yawn, but she restrained herself from doing so. How come I’ve never heard of your goddess, Nameless, was it? she asked. Reaching into her pocket, she brought out another cigarette. She decided she needed one after this talk about lost mentors and goddesses with absurd names.

Taking a long drag from the cancer stick, Bianca spoke again. It’s true. I’m not human.Tiny clouds of smoke escaped her lips as she talked. She didn’t blow it all out and away from her since she prefered the smell of cigarette smoke compared to the rotten blood from Chi. Though I’m nothing like a goddess so I don’t know how you can learn anything about your deity through me,” she spoke, her eyes wide with amusement as Chi bowed to her. Moments later, the vampyre caught sight of a male walking down the sidewalk from the corner of her eye. He was a stranger she had never seen before so she didn’t pay much attention to him, until he got closer and said something, probably to Chi, and Bianca’s head turned so that her full attention was towards him.

The vampyre spoke before Chi had chance to, noticing the lack of a real arm. And who are you?

#15Chisu Lau Manji 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:51 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


"It's hard to talk about someone who has no name." she answered. "You cannot hear about something that has no voice. Besides, she was a shadow when she lived in Fiore, she was there building her guild from the ground. It was Pha-"

She would silently bow her head to the man that arrived. It was just by chance that he-. . . no, it was fate that brought him at this time. With him here, her own task would change. What was her god needing now?

He had come at such an odd time of her searching for him. It would make her own life easier, but still, it only made her more lost in her travels and her purpose.

"Shura, we meet again." she would speak only rising to answer another question.

"Long ago, there was a family that went by the name of Salvatore. They were all vampires. It was by their doing that my nameless god developed her thirst for blood, despite being nothing like them." she spoke, hoping the reason why she shared this, would find it's own answer. "They all belonged to the same guild, of one I have been trying to find."

She would hang her head in her own disappointment. How could she speak about a god that had no name, or of a guild that she wasn't allowed to mention? Was everything to be given a codename?

"Theodore simply called me Namey. It was the first time I was given a name." the voice laughed within her mind, "Perhaps they'll call you Clueless."

#16Shura Ranzu 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:00 am

Shura Ranzu
Shura was talking to Chi but the woman with the cigarette cut in. Her words carried a certain edge to it, a level of paranoia that accompanied it. Shura was well aware of this kind of tone, he used it on a regular basis. Chi turned and said the first part of his name. A warm tone came from her as if she was relieved. Even though they were apart for less than a month it felt like a long time. Maybe that was due to how fast everything was happening in Shura’s life in such a short time. All of the information he obtained and all of the people he met. Not to mention his new found companion that popped into existence. Chi continued to speak, while she did this Shura watched the individual with a grin. He didn’t want to interrupt Chi’s story, something caught his ear. ‘Vampire.’ He said in his head. Then the flashback of the Dahlia incident played in his head like a old video tape. The memory of her biting him made sense. It all made sense at that very moment. There was more at work in this world than anyone could ever know.

He always figured that they were a myth, he had his idea that the Red Queen was a vampire. He just never thought to put two and two together. Soon as Chi finished she dropped her head in disappointment of something. She was looking for her own truths that were hidden by the world. Shura wished he could help but he had many questions that required answers himself. This is why he offered to bring her along on his adventures, sometimes answers came from the most trivial details. This was one of those moments for him. Shura finally spoke, respecting that she finished her statement. “Shura Ranzu of Phantom Lord. I was on my way to the Guild to take care of some business. This is Loki, Loki meet Chi Lau Manji and this woman who I know nothing of.”

Loki floated from behind Shura and inspected Chi. He floated around her, fascinated with her.

“Gastly.” Loki’s tone was a greeting one. Even though he could only make sounds and mutter that line. A lot was conveyed in an instant.

“He doesn’t speak our language but I am sure you can tell what he means.”

He wanted to go into detail with Chi and catch up with her. But he was not sure who this woman was who stood across from Chi. Something in him was riled up within him for some reason. He began to give off heat, this was a byproduct of being around someone else who gave away their humanity. He was not sure of what it was, but something was causing this. He was curious about why. 'Why do I feel like this? Is this woman not human?' He knew Chi was human thus why he didn’t get riled up around her. Or maybe that was because he was a bit sweet on her and didn’t acknowledge it. He kept his distance from this woman across from him but he kept close proximity of Chi. To him it was natural, to anyone who was smart they would be able to tell he was protective of her.

#17Bianca Fleur 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:29 pm

Bianca Fleur
the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand
splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
Before she could hear what the guild Chi’s goddess was building, the woman stopped speaking and Bianca was less interested in whatever guild it was, compared to the stranger who had shown up. She thought he was just some man walking along the road, but it turned out he was a friend of Chi’s, and apparently the friend that she had been looking for. That information was revealed to the vampyre when he spoke his first name. Bianca held a placid expression, though she was quite surprised how things were turning out tonight. A lost woman finding her friend and that specific friend appearing out of nowhere. Bianca couldn’t be more amused.

Chi went back to talking about her goddess once again. The word ‘vampyres’ caused her skin to tingle, a strange reaction. She had never heard of these ‘Salvatores’ but the sound of the name made her feel like Chi was speaking of her own family. Never heard of them,” said Bianca, returning her attention back to the male who just joined the party. From the corner of her eyes she noticed that Chi’s gaze dropped to the ground, as if she was nervous or ashamed.

Phantom Lord? she began to speak, a friendly look now painted over her face. She had no idea that a new person had joined her guild, but she had been away for quite some time so that explained why she wasn’t up-to-date with guild news. There had to be a few others who just joined as well. She was also unaware of the fact that Geb had died. I am from Phantom Lord as well. My name is Bianca,” she said, nodding once. Turning to see the little ball of darkness that floated around the man, she gave it a weak smile. This was probably his companion. She wondered if it could do magic. She was interested in owning one of those as well, but she couldn’t find one that she felt was perfect for her. Bianca was quite picky with everything. She was some kind of perfectionist.

#18Chisu Lau Manji 

Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:52 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


Everything happened fast and all at once. It was a lot of absorb and take in all that once. As she spoke she could see Shura mull over her words in his own mind. Whatever he thought of it, whatever happened while she was away from him would continue to be a mystery. He might as well have been a completely different person who only fed on his memories. She had to believe he was himself.

His companion seemed interested in her and Chi would smile at his own inspection.

"Hm, it seems that even the Swrilies have changed since I roamed this world. How long have I been gone . . . "

At his word, she was unsure of what to make of it. It was haunting to say the least. But with Shura's added comment, it would seem his own vocabulary was limited.

But as the night unfolded, Chi found the two of them to belong to the same guild, but had no knowledge of each other. It was odd, weren't guilds unified and kept under a strict watch?

"If that is the case, then the old rule stands. That man's rule seems to date as old as time. Shura is not who we thought."

The voice of Nameless rang in Chi's ear, and her face would fall cold as stone as she thought over the possibilities.

"It seems Phantom Lords brings us all together tonight." She would smile, but Shura would know Chi enough to know something bothered her.

She was a human with nothing but a spirit's consciousness bound to her own existence.  Who ever really stood before her, they weren't human. There was no way. Phantom Lord was a guild shrouded by darkness and chaos. That much she understood. They were aligned to the night and uproar. But if what her deity said was true, the doors only opened to those who dwelled in the night. No human entered the halls alive.

"Shura," she would say, "and Bianca, what would I have to do to join Phantom Lord as well?" She would bow, her right fist in her left palm as her head lowered.

"I can understand if being mortal is against your rules. But I would like to serve the guild that has granted me my guardian."

And so, she waited.

Her answer would be given shortly.

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Nocturnal Wonderland [Chi] Empty on Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:10 pm

Shura Ranzu
Loki bounced around the area surveying everything. Committing it to memory, this world was still new to him. Shura had gotten used to this kind of thing happening where Loki inspects every little detail in their current area. It kept him busy while the adults spoke.

Shura caught the change in Chi’s tone. Something was troubling her but the issue was he didn’t want to divulge important information around a stranger. That is what Bianca was, a stranger to him. A name meant nothing if he knew nothing about this person. He was brought into Phantom Lord secretly and quickly by another member. On top of that Shura’s ambitions would no doubt make some enemies in the guild. He didn’t want to get anything started just yet. Not while Chi could possibly get caught in the crossfire. So for the moment he had to play it cool.

“That would same so Chi, A member recruited me while I was away. This is my first time actually interacting with another member since that day.”

Chi asked a simple question, one that could be answered very quickly. “Simple you make the pact with a member and the member gives you the sigil. Very quick and painless. As far as being mortal, I was mortal when I was inducted. I am sure Bianca here could brand you. I am still unsure how to do so since I am still new myself.” He explained.

‘Was’ is the key word here. Because he had not completely accepted the fact he gave away his humanity just yet. He still has a bit of it and intends to keep it that way. Being a Demon is just a means to an end for the moment. As much as he wanted to sit down and talk to her about the risks. She knew full well what could possibly happening sticking around him. So joining a Dark Guild would be nothing. If anything it was a bonus cause she could rely on others if he wasn’t present.

With him trying to take over all the resources she needed were at her disposal. The issue currently at hand was the other member standing directly across from them. He had no idea of what her intentions were at the end of the day, and perhaps he would not leave it to chance.

“Chi, we should catch up. I'll tell you about all I've been through.” He would then look at the other girl, wondering what her story really was. “Maybe the next time we all meet, Chi here will a part of us.”

He didn't mean the guild, he meant something much more different.

(/exit with Chi)

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Chisu Lau Manji


It seemed to be that way. But it didn't really matter to her. Wherever Shura went, she would follow. She wanted nothing else but to serve at his side. She would go as far as to give up her own life for his sake, but still her will was bound to a god that no one had seen.

No one but Geno, the same being that Shura was bound to. But perhaps it was different. He was never brought up, or mentioned again since that day, and perhaps for good reason. But it was Geno's existence that solidified everything that made Chi do what she did. Her god was real, and there was few people to confirm it.

Having Shura around only proved that what she did, was in fact going to reward her in the way she would imagine.

Chi would bow, "I would be proud to serve with you." she would tell her master, "To join a guild that my god once did only makes my life that much more meaningful."

But that's not what she meant.

But it was what she said. And soon, the world would know how she really felt, even if Chi Lau didn't know herself

[Exit with Shura, ]

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