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Medicare [Quest: Liana]

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Esperia had mentioned it before. That there were some chores available to do, requests put up somewhere in the town's board for people to take and grab some jewels from. Of course, if both female friends wanted to stay in Baska and leave it with a considerable amount of remaining profit, then they had to put time and effort into it, by performing those specific tasks. Certainly they couldn't be too complicated.

Liana makes her way out to the streets, having left the room they had rented during a fair morning, while the Eisenberg was most likely still in a deep slumber. Slow and gentle steps take her around the town and it would only take a few minutes before she's met with that same board, papers strongly pinned on it, holding information about what kind of jobs could be done. She read through all of them and eventually, she'd be able to find the one fitting for what she can do better. For a start, that would be the best choice.

The girl carefully removes its pins and reads the stated location. The hospital, it was. It appeared an examination had to be done on her first, but Liana is one-hundred percent confident that she's healthy, such is one of the reasons she took the quest.

In no time, the young Sylvaine makes her way inside the facility, not too much time passing before she's met with a seemingly concerned doctor, looking down at her briefly and already gesturing for her to follow his lead. "Come, come. I'm sure you are fine for this task, since I hope you have read through the whole paper." She at first was confused about the fact he instantly realized she was in the hospital to do him such a favor. But then again, Liana didn't exactly put away the small piece of paper holding all of the important information regarding the request.

"I did... Yes, I did!"

He leads her away to his office, where he tells her to take a seat and proceeds with the examination process. It wouldn't take too long and at the end, he allows a faint huff of relief to escape his parted lips, lowering down to sit down on his own chair and rest one elbow against the table, chin dropping down onto a balled fist. He looks at her, those eyes of his sending out an even more concerned vibe as he looks in her direction.

"Well, as you may have read, there is a new infection rising and due to that, the hospital is growing busier and busier by each day." He states, lifting up from his tired stance and looking over his shoulder at two white bags leaning against the wall behind his desk. "Those two bags contain two different medicines. I don't have enough time to deliver them to the ones who need it, so that's why you are here." Once he stands from his seat, Liana does the same, following him over to where the bags were positioned and allowing him to pass them to her hands.

"I need you to deliver them to the addresses I'm about to provide you..."

Attentively, she listens to what else he had to say and once she had the two bags secured in both her hands, she nods in the doctor's direction and proceeds to make her way out. "I'll do it with no issues then, doctor Gerard! I'll see you soon!" It was simple enough and so the girl was confident.

Once Liana made her way out, she puts on a faster pace, wanting to complete the task as soon as possible. Not because she was in a hurry herself, but she completely understood the urgency that was having to wait for a medicine.

"Alright, we'll go 'there' first..."
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Luckily, the distance wasn't too far and the town itself wasn't too big, therefore it was easy for Liana to traverse across its streets and reach the desired destinations. It was time to deliver the first bag of medicine to what appeared to be a small brick house. Well, it wasn't exactly small, but it wasn't big either. Once stopping right in front of the door, she carefully places the two bags on the ground and raises a hand, balling it into a fist and using it to knock on the entrance.

It would take some time, but she could already listen to steps growing closer and closer from the inside. They also appeared to have the sound made of someone using slippers, sliding them against wooden tiles. Finally, whoever was behind the door began to work on opening it. For some reason, they took longer than expected, appearing to be using a key to unlock it first. Their movements suggested trembling too. Ultimately, after a couple more seconds, the way inside the house would finally be open.

Who she received was an old man, face filled with more wrinkles than she could ever count. Surely he had to be close to his nineties. A look down at her from him was offered, a smile forced before a greeting was made.

"Oh, hello there, missy..." He said in a weakened, scratchy tone. Even if he was suffering, he was still able to receive her well. It obviously put her on a very concerned state and thus, she didn't hesitate to lift up the bag of medicine needed to deliver to such a house. With a genuine and kind smile of her own, she extends the bag out to the old man.

"I brought you your medicine! Do you need help carrying it or is it fine if I go?"

He shook his head at her question, letting out two weak chuckles and taking the bag in his two shaky hands. She had a big urge to help him, but at the same time, she didn't want to step inside uninvited. "Don't worry about me, little missy... I'll be fine." A nod of her own is delivered at his words as she kept a similar smile. "Have a good day!" And with that said, she turns on her heels and proceeds to head to the next destination, the old man eventually, but slowly closing the door to his residence.

The following address wouldn't be too far off either. And it was a bit faster and less concerning. A young modest woman received Liana at the door, stating the medicine was for her sick mother. "I'm sorry to hear that." The young Sylvaine stated with a saddened curve of her lips. The woman smiled and chuckled a few times at the girl's words, probably finding it amusing that Liana appeared to be such a down to earth person, which is something you don't find often.

Both bags were successfully delivered, a happy and satisfied smile caught along the rest of Liana's delightful facial features. "Now I got to get back to doctor Gerard." Some time had passed and she had realized it now due to the sun shining even more. She started during the very morning and finished right at noon. Though, it was worth it. It was productive and it helped her learn more about the sickened state of the town.

Liana makes her way to the hospital, more precisely taking the stairs to the doctor's office and meeting up with him once more, a proud and relieved beam on his face to hear that she had done what appeared to concern him a lot.

"Good job. If you need anything else to do, come again tomorrow. I may have something different for you. For now, take this."

The beforehand stated reward was delivered and with that, she begins to make her way out after offering the man a curt nod and a pleased smile. "It was a pleasure, doctor Gerard. I'll surely come back tomorrow!"

Ultimately, she makes her way back to the streets, wondering what she could do next.

"Esperia is probably already awake, either still in the room or searching for me. Well, the day isn't over yet."
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