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Ashes To Ashes [Urion]

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The streetlamps cast a flickering light onto the wet asphalt; stretching ahead was a forlorn road shrouded in darkness and mystery. Rainfall seeped through the layers of fabrics on her body and the night chill tickled her skin. The eerie silence along with the charcoal curtain draping over the sky and turning the surrounding world into pitch blackness set for an almost ghostly atmosphere — Baska Town had fallen asleep. The moon hid behind clouds and only a few milky specks of light could be seen illuminating the country which had otherwise turned into shadows. Rustling through the branches and leaves was the evening breeze and with every step deeper into the avenue, the mixture of scents between cigarettes and earth intensified.

Seira Navillera scheduled her arrival at the church during the late hours of the day, after sundown. She came alone and her petite form was hidden underneath a burgundy gown. Soundlessly, the vampire hurried towards her destination at the end of the lane. She could see light through the windows of the first floor and she felt relieved knowing that their doors hadn’t closed yet. It was going to be a stormy night, her clothes were drenched and she sought shelter. When Seira reached the church a few thoughts were going through her mind and nearly all of them were troubled. She didn’t come here with good intentions and although the woman did not believe in god anymore, a small part of her still feared the possible consequences.

”A guest so late at night,” a man dressed in black had appeared in the door frame, ”please come inside, the weather’s especially hard on us today.” His words were laced with kindness and after offering him a grateful smile, the vampire stepped over the line and into the building. ”Thank you, Father.” Seira found comfort in knowing that, even in spite of what she was, she did not burst into flames when entering a house of god. Within the chapel numerous wooden benches were neatly aligned next to each other and she could see the statue of the god they worshipped at the other side of the hall, standing in front of the organ. Before it was an altar with candles burning and Seira decided to light one of her own.

”Is there anyone else here?” Turning towards her, the priest smiled and shook his head. ”Not anymore.” Seira kneeled in front of the altar and lit a single candle. ”I see.” There was a ridiculous amount of irony looking over the current circumstances she found herself in and even though she’d lost her faith a long time ago, Seira still came from a once religious family. ”These streets are no longer safe at night, but you can stay here." He seemed confident in the church’s ability to protect the good citizens of this town from evil (such as herself) and Seira found his blind trust funny.

”Really? So you believe the rumors?”

Seira could have sworn she saw a hint of disbelief and shock in the man’s eyes, who now clung to the holy text in his hands. ”What? Bad news travels fast after all,” she flashed him a bleak smile before turning back towards the altar. After her unpleasant encounter with a very particular elf, the vampire decided to take matters into her own hands; she couldn’t risk the rumor of vampires being in town spreading and reaching the citizens, especially not now that she was around and still (more or less) actively feeding on the public. Seira rose to her feet, but before either of them could continue the sound of doors creaking and opening could be heard from behind — another visitor had arrived.

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Urion had an indifference towards creatures of the night. Owls, trash pandas, field mice, werewolves, and vampires all had an odd effect on the man; it was not born from some primordial fear of the night and all that dwell in it, but he just specifically felt less empathetic to their plights. Would he stand up for justice if confronted with the task of protecting the innocent if they were attacked but such creatures? It depended on the creature and the situation. If someone was getting attacked by a raccoon, best to believe the Blue Pegasus mage was going to kick that little fucker straight to the end zone. No brainer for small creatures that could at best give minor scratches and a bite here and there?

But what about a feeding vampire or werewolf?

The man laughed to himself and simply scratched his head as the rain descended from the god-sent heavens above. His red umbrella proved to be of some use after all, now that the sun was all but gone from the sky; the tenebric essence of the twilight sky reigned in the eerie chill of the night hours. Urion did think thoroughly about what he'd do if he had to come to terms with a vampire or werewolf situation. At this level of power he'd be chum no doubt but would he have time to negotiate a way out? Probably not. The thoughts of this made him more wary of his surroundings, noticing that there was no one in the street but himself; not wanting to take a chance he sought out a place that, under normal circumstances, would shy away from a stranger: the church. One seemed to loom in the distance from Baska, but the man could make it there by running no doubt.

Urion walked up the stairs of the homely, holy establishment and became concerned for a brief moment. Should he take off his bucket hat? Should he have worn shoes to the occasion? Should he have brought offerings? Urion did not truly care about the last thought, and as he thought about it more he really did not care about all of his concerns. The church was shaped in an odd fashion, but the man remembered that he was in Baska and much of the town did not make any more sense than him inquiring about the structure of the church. He took off his hat and closed his umbrella, the rain briefly getting his clothes wet. He wore nothing than what he usually wore: a dark coat, which sported a white diamond pattern along its bottom half, with a dark green shirt and pants underneath. Much of the rain would soak some of his shirt, leaving it clinging to his torso for dear life. A small instance to be embarrassed by; Urion was a fit and semi-muscular man, but the Father did not need to know that.

Urion opened the door and expected to see some people minding their own business praying to whatever god they worshipped at the establishment. Some holy workers would probably be attending to the altar. Homely shit. There only appeared to be a small woman and the Father of the church, although it looked rather odd. She seemed predatory, although it was more of a guess and irrational hunch than anything. Creatures of the night could never enter a holy establishment.


"Uh... hello Father. Sorry to be a bother but do you mind me taking residence for the night?" It was a bold bet that the Father would have living accommodations for a stranger, but it was worth trying out. The woman was probably asking for the same thing, so it would be good to take on the Father in case he said no. Two's a crowd and more convincing.


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When Seira heard the doors creaking she turned around; her gaze climbed up and down the stranger who peeked his head inside and rather than greeting him, the woman wrinkled her nose in disapproval — he didn’t even look delicious! He was fair-skinned, tall with a lean-built body and tired eyes. She didn’t expect company — especially during this late hour of the day — and only reluctantly accepted the visitor in (not that it’d ever been her choice to begin with). Seira’s entire body shifted around and she now faced the gentleman who had involuntarily chosen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time; tough luck, although she could not find it in her to care.

”He does,” said the vampire before the priest could offer a response, ”in fact, we are in the middle of something here, cupcake — mind giving us some privacy?” Seira had been on the edge lately; she was never a patient person to begin with, but things (such as humans) just kept rolling around her nerves and she found it difficult to see them for more than what they were: food.

The Father gasped audibly and Seira — who had now risen to her feet — crossed her arms in front of her chest; more corpses would bring more attention to this case, which certainly wasn’t something she wanted. ”That is an incredibly rude thing to say, young la—” she interrupted him there, raising her arm and wagging her index-finger in front of his face as if she were scolding a child. ”Ah, ah! You are rude and you are racist and this is therefore not something you will have a lot to say in,” she shook her head and her pretty face had written ‘I'm annoyed’ all over it.

Seira had been through a lot lately; trouble with her on and off boyfriend, a delicate elf who completely misunderstood her act of feeding on him (it’s just blood, Christian, it’ll grow back!) and of course her snow haired demon bff — who was no longer her demon bff. Long story short, her life’s been a mess and she needed some sort of compensation, perhaps someone to talk to about it or (like it was the case now) somebody to murder. Seira wasn’t a bad person, absolutely not, and she had her reasons for everything she did.

So when the man entered the church, eager and willing to walk straight into his demise, the vampire decided to be forbearing with him and offered him a toothy grin. ”I suggest you find shelter somewhere else, unless you wish to be dragged into this mess, or your blood type just so happens to be B+, okay?”

B+ was her favourite after all.

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So not only is there a creepy, unsettling predatory beast of the night in a holy sanctuary, but it is also threatening not only the priest but the Blue Pegasus mage Urion himself? Urion looked back behind him, and all around to be sure he was not being pranked by some reality show. Although this may as well be the end for him, Urion wondered if all he had done in life was worth coming to terms to being killed this way. The pale vampiress was small in stature, lithe and not too easy on the eyes to look at. Something about her seemed unearthly in a bad sense, although there seemed to be something more to her words. Frustration, anxiety, fear even? Well, probably not the last one, Urion surmised.

The priest got a good tongue-lashing from the vampire, being called racist and rude and all sorts of other explicatives that Urion did not seem to want to pay attention to for the time being. How would he get out of his tight situation? Would he ever go back home to Blue Pegasus? She commented on Urion's blood type, something he found trivial in a common light. But maybe blood types were like flavors of drinks. Was B+ like brandy? Because brandy is a shit alcohol and everyone knows it. Urion raised his hands as a sign of feigned surrender, not wanting to start any sort of altercation with something that would probably snap his neck open at the slightest inconvenience.

"First of all, I don't like cupcakes, so could you not refer to me as that, pretty please?" Urion closed the door with his left leg, shutting it by pushing his foot against the door so it would close with a slight slam. It would not alert anyone else on the premise if there was anyone else on the premise. When she directly threatened Urion, he found it unfair, for lack of words. "Listen, I didn't come here for all of that. I just want shelter from the rain. Don't let that interrupt you from... whatever is happening here with the priest. You have your reasons and I possibly can't do much about it."

Urion was usually calm about things, even if the anger within him wanted to run over with all the frailness of the human body and take on the vampiress in a heated battle to the death. However, there were way too many things going against Urion in that situation. She could snap his neck, trip him into something that could kill him, use some weird vampire magic to make him kill himself, and et cetera. Playing it safe was his game, but also being direct and assertive with what he had to say. The Blue Pegasus mage would see just how far he could get with words before his death would be upon him.

"Father, you must be a good guy, or not. Frankly, I don't know you like that. But what I do know is, you've pissed this vampire off. Why you would do that is beyond me." He would sigh and look at the vampiress before continuing to speak. She really was a sight for sore eyes. "You're a vampire just trying to feed. Can't fault you to that. Everyone needs to eat." Urion would take another deep breath before surmising that this was as good as it was going to get. Whether he would live to see the next day was up to the vampire, whom Urion was unsure of when it came to mercy.


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Seira Navillera was a terrible villain; impulsive, candid and loyal were odd personality traits for a sinner and although she often tried to fit with the role she was given, the woman found it difficult to become a stereotypical creature of the night. She actually disliked conflict — Seira was tame and forgiving, the complete opposite of an aggressive eater which was perhaps why her other practices were even more frowned upon by the general public. None of what she did looked pretty on her résumé, but she was delicate and it made her feel better that she had a way that did not include hurting people.

That stranger approached the seemingly dangerous situation with such composure — it was admirable, really. If he was brave or merely tired of life was difficult to tell simply by the way he carried himself and the words he spoke, but the vampire sensed a certain amount of indifference in his general approach, even in spite of her scorn and threats. When he told her off, she winced back and placed both of her hands together with a meek nod in his direction, ”You’re right—I’m sorry.”

The Father was lost in the conversation at this point; he hadn’t said much and even though the other male decided to reveal what he’d seen on Seira while her back was still turned on the priest, he hardly reacted. She stepped aside and made space for the stranger to enter — she was suddenly uncertain of how things would progress from here on and it became the source of a lot of concern. Her gaze shifted back and forth between the Father and the pale man; this wasn’t how things were supposed to go and the timid vampiress felt almost embarrassed at her own, complete inability to keep up the tough act.  

She could have apologized, perhaps even explained herself and started an attempt at laughing it off — after all, how many people did believe in vampires? Seira’s expression softened and with her brows furrowed, she quickly moved aside and took a seat by one of the many wooden benches. She wasn’t prepared for what the stranger said next — neither was the Father, going by the shocked look taking place on his face — and rather than responding with something quick-witted, she found herself silenced by his words.

You have your reasons and I possibly can't do much about it.
Can't fault you to that. Everyone needs to eat.

Seira lowered her head in shame — did she really have reasons that justified the means? The Father merely did what he thought was right, what he’d done his entire life and who was she to fault him for that? Of course she’d absolutely hate for more people to know about her identity and coming after her with pitchforks and torches, but perhaps this was something that couldn’t be helped the same way her need to feed on human blood couldn’t be helped either?

”Do you really believe that?" Seira did not expect to actually meet someone who was understanding of her situation and that man — whoever he was — most likely did not expect to unintentionally sweet-talk a (not so) murderous vampiress with what he most likely considered to be mere facts and nothing special. ”I’m actually not here to feed; you see, there’s a rumor going on about me being in town and I would absolutely hate for it to spread — it could really put me into trouble,” she began speaking with her hands folded together, her helpless gaze reached the priest who looked absolutely mortified right now.

”You are awfully calm compared to what I’m used to,” although the chuckle escaping her lips sounded nervous, her voice carried a tint of hope with it ”have you, by any chance, met someone like me before?”

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The weird-looking vampiress seemed to be culled to an extent by Urion's words of sugar-coated panic and despair, which was more of a surprise than anything, to be honest. None of what the Blue Pegasus mage was looking at could be considered an attractive situation, but this was the situation he was in and he had very few options to change it. Why the vampiress apologized was beyond Urion, but he would take that as a sign that there would be a small sense of calm to be had. It could also be a ploy, of course, to lure him closer to be preyed and devoured on. Urion was a man of taking few chances, so the best he did was move up to the pew in the middle of the church, a good distance from the vampiress and the priest but just close enough to make a dash for the door if the time came for it.

She asked if he truly believed in the words he told her about his understanding of her plight. In all honesty, he did. But would he let her know this was something else to be determined? Urion was not shy about letting people know how he felt or his true intentions; he had nothing obviously to hide. Fear made a man pale, and Urion could not be any paler. With some careful breathing, his color came back to him. "I mean what I say and if I didn't believe it, I wouldn't say it." The priest looked pitiful in his current situation, but he could not be faulted for it. Who knows what would have happened if the Blue Pegasus mage came about. However, that was the least of Urion's concerns; his own life came before that of some clergyman. The vampiress voiced her concerns about being ratted out to the public, a situation Urion could see as being problematic to her cause. Humans have not always been the most hospitable to the creatures of the night, and especially vampires.

"Keeping your secret with me is guaranteed. It's the Father you appeared to be preying on who might have loose lips." All jokes aside, Urion made his comment in the most serious and monotone manner he could muster, dead eyes set on the priest's own. He seemed afraid as well; he may as well have thought that Urion was a vampire or some vampire enthusiast. He was neither, but just an understanding man. "No, I have not met anyone like you. At least, not this up close and personal. Well, yes... but she was merely an acquaintance." Urion definitely was not going to reveal the time he was fooling around with a vampire in the past. On his part, he did not know of her true nature until much after they parted ways. It could have been a rumor, too, but Urion liked to believe otherwise. "My calmness comes from traveling and my own past of unfortunate events, helping people deal with their own personal issues and talking it out. But... that's just about it. Please do not apologize, I shouldn't have shown up. Best if I go back into the rain and sleep outside."

The man had done it before and he was not afraid to do it again. Nearly dying of pneumonia was another thing, however. Urion did not want to affiliate himself with the current situation much longer. Something seemed amiss about the entire situation, but Urion did not have time to ponder on it much longer. He was tired and hungry and was looking forward to going out to find shelter in nature if it meant not being probable lunch.


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”Thank you,” said the vampire and gave the man a weak smile — whether or not he spoke the truth remained to be seen, but Seira appreciated his efforts and it were those thoughts that counted.

The situation had gotten out of hand; although still seemingly under her control, Seira no longer found the strength to commit a crime. She’d made a mistake in prematurely revealing her identity and decided that rather than violence, she would simply choose a more common, civil route. ”I wish more people saw it the way you do,” she responded to the stranger, although her words were directed at the Father as well. ”I think there’s a possibility for all of us to get along — simply keep quiet about what you have seen tonight and I promise not to harm you,” whether or not vampires were actually capable of mind manipulation or it was merely a legend delivered through time, stemming from her kind’s very persuasive ‘nature’ was unknown, but Seira was willing to give it a try.

A few thoughts ran through the woman’s mind and after a moment of silence, her mood seemed to have improved; she’s had a plan now! Seira rose to her feet and, with a quick dash, crossed the distance between herself and the male within a split second. It wasn’t a hostile approach — she couldn’t really help the fact that she was inhumanly fast though — and gently placed a hand onto his upper arm. ”I—,” she paused and gave a quick nod towards the priest, ”I mean we don’t mind you staying for the night at all,” a disarming smile spread across her pretty face while she gave the man’s limb a soft squeeze. ”Perhaps Father could learn a thing or two from you and we can all leave this place as wiser people,” the smile on her lips became forced and rather than pushing herself onto him any further, she took a step backwards and let go of him.

”My name is Seira and it is a pleasure meeting you. Please, tell me all about yourself.”

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The vampiress closed the gap very quickly between herself and Urion at an astonishing speed that Urion did not find himself surprised about. Distance closing with the supernatural speed of a vampire was at most trivial to the vampiress, who said her name was Seira. It was a most peculiar name, but Urion had no place to make names about whether one's name was normal and decent to have. It was actually a decent and rather lovely name, in the few seconds, Urion thought about it. Despite this, he did understand that his current predicament was not the best time to have such lingering thoughts. As she appeared closer, Seira did appear to have something of genuine quality to her physical being, although Urion did not care to think about it much further.

"If you're not comfortable, don't force a smile. Feigning your discomfort does not make this much easier. But you probably knew that." Rubbing the part where the Seira aggressively squeezed his arm, he gave a sigh and relaxed into his seat. He was unsure how much more this virtual hostage situation could change any further, but if this was how it was going to be he may as well prepare to relax for the inevitable. He gestured for her to have a seat in the pew in front of him or beside him if she was open enough to sit and talk. "My name is Urion of Blue Pegasus. I have a colorful past that I would enjoy not having to experience again, so I travel. I am no wiser than this priest, or you. I just aim to be more open to various experiences." Urion was sure that he would not open up more unless asked to; he was no stranger to sharing what his past was like.

"And you, yourself, Seira? Seeing you closer has shown me how magnificent and regal you appear to be. Who are you, and why are you who you are, if you do not mind sharing?" The Blue Pegasus mage would speak with calm assertiveness, making himself to appear open and welcome. It would be no joke, for he was being more honest than he probably should have. Then again, when one is presented with their mortal doom, what are secrets worth?


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”I’m not uncomfortable,” said Seira; she felt caught and exposed by the man’s words, which certainly held some truth to them. Their circumstances weren’t ideal, the situation was awkward and the Father (she could see him pacing from the corner of her eye) didn’t exactly help her case either — his nervosity was contagious. When he rubbed the spot she had touched seconds earlier, the vampire’s face was struck with confusion; she glanced down at her own hands, wondering whether or not he was being dramatic or she had actually hurt him — either way, none of it had been her intention. ”You humans are so fragile,” she muttered quietly under her breath.

Seira seated herself onto the pew and turned towards him; in the meantime, the priest, saying something about ‘tea and snacks’, disappeared into one of the rooms in the back of the church. ”If he calls the Rune Knights, I’m going to have to kill him,” her voice was a murmur and her words, albeit spoken in the presence of another, weren’t directed at anyone.

Seira removed her cloak when she sat with her legs crossed; the skirt and blouse she wore underneath were well-fitting and simply black in colour, complimenting her rather dainty appearance. He introduced himself as Urion — a strange name for an even stranger individual and there was something about him that seemed off, although she couldn’t quite place it. It wasn’t his name however, that shocked her but the mere fact that he revealed himself to be a member of the Blue Pegasus guild — what a funny coincidence.

”Really,” said the vampire; she sounded a little breathless when she spoke. ”That means you must have a guild tattoo to prove your membership. Could you show it to me?” Seira’s had her fair share of encounters with Blue Pegasus wizards (and non wizards) and she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t fond of them — they were good people, most of them she’s gotten along with and the vampire appreciated their sense for beauty and elegance. Hargeon Town was a lovely place, so they had that going for themselves as well.

”I’m not quite sure why I am who I am — all I know is that I cannot help nor change my race, so I decided to live with it,” she shrugged referring to her own vampyrism; Bianca turned her, but after that she’d been on her own. Life’s been a struggle ever since, but Seira wasn’t one to openly complain.

”I’m a traveler as well, I suppose we have that in common.”

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"Yes, I suppose us humans are fragile things. Were you not once human yourself, or are you a Draculina?"

Seira decided to sit up close and next to Urion as she began to talk her reasonings and of herself. Urion turned himself to face her as she did so, to show that he was giving her his full, undivided attention; it was common courtesy. Although the priest decided to leave for probably the wrong reasons, Urion would sit and admire the opportunity presented before him, which was talking to a predatory, infernal creature of the blackest night. Given the circumstance, the priest's act of leaving was something of a folly, as it could jeopardize Seira's own predicament of existing in Baska. Urion could not assist in the probable murder of a clergyman; it was against Blue Pegasus to perform such heinous acts, but nothing was against not ratting out the perpetrator. Could Urion rat out Seira? Probably not.

"Yea, I'll show you the guild mark. Give me a second." The Blue Pegasus mage removed his coat and removed his shirt immediately after; they were damp and wet and removing them would be the best idea. Pneumonia was definitely not something Urion wanted to catch; being sick was a pain in the ass, and Blue Pegasus actually lacked proper medical insurance the last time he inquired. Urion was more physically fit than the last time he remembered, although he was no Adonis or anything of the sort. Walking around the country had more benefits than he realized. The tattoo had a glamorous glow to it, seemingly bursting with glitter and pizzazz. "Would you like to discover yourself, Seira?"


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“I wasn’t always a Nightwalker,” Seira sighed — there was still so little she understood about the race she’d become a part of (involuntarily, of course, but what has been done could not be changed) and the vampire feared the unknown. “I was a mortal — much like yourself — not too long ago,” her voice still carried the sweetness of an innocent human with it, even though Seira was nothing like that anymore. A multitude of changes had been done to her body after her transformation and not nearly all of them were of physical nature; the psychological aspects of a transition were the hardest and although Seira didn’t exactly have to fight with her own morals, it still took her some time to understand that she didn’t feed on fellow humans and that they were different now — it was truly something else.

”It feels different now and I don’t quite understand it myself. It’s been only a few months, but I’m already beginning to forget the things I once valued as a human,” she shrugged it off with a smile; Seira was sentimental, but she wasn’t going to walk down memory line alongside a stranger while sitting in a church — that’s not what vampires did and Bianca certainly wouldn’t be proud of her.

When Urion took off his garments (much to her surprise — and excitement) Seira silently thanked him for the distraction from those almost depressing thoughts and turned her full attention towards him once more; the vampire’s eyes were glued to his body and she watched with anticipation as he revealed the guild emblem that clung to his skin. ”You weren’t lying,” she whispered and began to inspect the tattoo. This moment was rather ironic and Seira couldn’t help but smirk — the last time someone had taken off their clothes to show their Blue Pegasus insignia, they ended up spending the night as lovers.

Her fingers traced the outline of his mark; she had no doubt that it was real after seeing a tattoo like this several times before (which didn’t stop her from rubbing the spot with her thumb a few times to see if it was going to smear) and it made her wonder whether or not it was actually meant to be.

”In that case, you are free to leave. I hope you don’t feel trapped here because of me — and if you really do need shelter, I will gladly spend the night outside if that’d make you feel any safer.”

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Seira's bare hands were cold, yet somewhat inviting. Something was truly unique about this vampiress that, for all other reasons, Urion felt some sort of compassion for the woman, despite her lineage. She expressed an element of sorrow for the fact of her lost mortal bond, something that showed that she was still somewhat human despite her vampiric blood. It was also made apparent that she was not a whole Draculina, but the product of being turned into a vampire by a Draculina. Adapting to a new sense of person was interesting to hear, considering that is the end goal for Urion himself. He was not the same person he was seven years ago, and adjusting to a new way of living was all the more interesting.

"Surely, you will come to appreciate those things again, in due time. Fate has a way of reminding you of what you once were. As much as I would love to hear more about what you are, that would be infringing on your privacy. That's not my domain to exist in." Confidentiality was something that Urion understood clearly. Not many people are ever truly willing to give themselves away in such a revealing manner and make themselves vulnerable. Urion wondered if he himself could make himself to be so vulnerable to a stranger. He did not care much for whoever knew what about his past, most of the time.

Seira seemed fixated on Urion's body as she examined the guild mark on his shoulder. Unfortunately, whether he would have wanted to put back on the shirt or not, the clothes were too damp to keep on. Being shirtless for the time being was what he was going to have to put up with. Was she hungry? Did Seira still need blood to sustain herself? Urion thought he was walking in on her feasting, but since the priest left and she was fixated on him, it would only be right for him to offer his own life fluid for the sake of quelling her hunger. "Spend the night in here, don't fret. I can sleep in one of these pews while my shirt and coat dry off. Also, if you still need to feed..." Urion would make his neck more pronounced, gesturing for the vampire to partake in his own blood. It may have been a risky move, but there was nothing else he could possibly do that did not involve getting pneumonia from standing outside.

"You can feed on me. I'd hate to see you hungry." He would gently grab her hand if it was still on his shoulder, to show that he meant what he was saying. His eyes were relaxed, but they were for all purposes filled with affirmation in his reasoning.


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“Fascinating,” one of the many endearing traits of humankind was their compassion; to be born a human was without effort, but the meaning behind ‘humanity’ came with actions rather than words. “It’s human nature to think wisely and act foolish,” said the vampiress with her everlasting smile and Urion was indeed fascinating to her. The thin line separating fear and empathy was hardly visible; there was certainly a little bit of both, but one had inspired the other and Seira wondered which one had driven Urion to offer himself to her — mankind, at its peak, was at the top of the food chain and whether or not she actually believed this (now that she knew what she knew), it was his doing which mattered.

“You are natural observers and learners, you acquire knowledge and yet here you are,” the woman laughed softly; it wasn’t loud, nor was it scornful or in any way condescending. “It’s what makes you different from most lower species. When you fear, you don’t always run,” she leaned in, eyes locked with his — he’d taken her hand and Seira allowed him to do so without protest, “sometimes you stay to talk and understand.” Seira wasn’t foolish, she knew that perhaps he’d only made this offering to keep her predatory instincts where they were: hidden underneath a layer of pale skin and a pretty face. She wanted to believe he was different and although there were reasons for her not to, she hoped he felt empathy for her even in spite of what she was.

“You knew what I might be capable of and rather than judgemental, you chose to be forthcoming.”

She had never been offered blood before. Seira took what she needed with the assistance of different methods and while none of them were honorable, it was the best she thought she could do. The vampiress was utterly perplexed by this particular individual. “I appreciate your kindness,” she reassured him, her small hand finding its way on top of his. “I don’t need to feed however, and while your gesture was quite considerate of my situation, it was also incredibly stupid and naive.” Humans, in spite of what she’d initially thought and said, weren’t known for their compassion but rather the lack thereof; they held no love for anything that was unlike them — they hardly loved themselves, but of course not all of them were the same.

“You must have a good heart if you mean what you said and while I do not know this for sure, I would like to think you do. I would absolutely hate for something to happen to someone with a unique mindset such as yourself,” Seira was smitten with the idea of being understood — being accepted by someone who knew nothing of her except the one thing everyone else seemed to despise and reject. “Please, never say something like that again, no matter which creature of the night you have the misfortune of running into,” she sighed and planted a soft kiss to the back of his hand before letting go, “not everyone out there is as lenient as me and you would surely die.”

Seira thought of the current situation as a hysterical coincidence — a whim of nature, caused by someone (or something) that wanted to see how a vampire would do inside a church, speaking to their own prey. There was a hefty amount of irony in all of this, but in some ways it also helped her understand that perhaps and in spite of everything she thought about herself, she was able to retain a little bit of the humanity she admired so much after all.

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"The human experience is wrought with trials and tribulations. I will not act as if I know the reigns of discord and depravity that are somewhat unique to the human experience. Such stupid, naive behavior is ironically the best thing of being human; it gives a sense of finality and general purpose." Urion would get up in his spot and yawn, wondering if there was more to be had from this brief, yet a very informative conversation with Seira the vampiress. It was a learning experience for the both of them, and that made the exchange more meaningful in the long run. The Blue Pegasus mage decided that the rain would be a more comforting setting to reflect on some thoughts. Urion was no enigma, but something clicked in him that Seira did make clear: he should not let his curiosity and compassion for others be the death of him. He wondered if there was some existential purpose to being there where he was at that exact time.

"Yes, every interaction is not like the previous one. But, I wouldn't learn if I took heed of my actions with caution. The boundaries are unforeseen, but I feel that I'm treading on the path needed. And on that path, we will come to meet one another again. With this newfound energy, I think I will go explore the world some more. Thank you, Seira." He would bow to the vampires before taking his leave of the church. If she ever needed to find Urion, she would only need to seek out Blue Pegasus. Urion was tired in truth, but he needed to go out and seek more meaning in life. There was a boundless world of excitement waiting for him, and all he had to do was find it and claim it.



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”Farewell,” spoke Seira; there were no doubts about his departure, and Urion was granted his freedom even in spite of what he knew. He shared a little bit of his wisdom and thoughts with her before he left and the vampire remained still on her seat, with her legs crossed and her head tilted, allowing her to gaze at the ceiling of the church. ”We will certainly meet again,” eventually, a smile climbed across her lips and she stood up, watching as the door fell shut behind the Blue Pegasus wizard. He was right with what he said; human nature was defined through stupidity and naive behavior — in more ways than one she found this frustration, but also endearing — and her mind wandered back to Finn, who embodied all of those things.

”Huh? Where did he go? I just finished warming up the cookies—”

The Father returned with a platter of cookies and tea (and a rather priceless look on his face, once again), immediately turning neck and head to look for the human who’d just left—poor Father. ”He’s gone,” Seira explained while walking a few steps towards him. ”Left you just as you were gone to treat him to some nice, human food.” A heavy sigh rolled over her tongue—seems as though there really wasn’t any way around this now. ”Unfortunate, really. It’s just you & me now. And I don't eat human food.” Her smile turned crooked, she cracked her neck and made another step towards him.


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