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A Shrine Without A Name (无名)

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A Shrine Without A Name (无名) Empty on Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:40 am

A Shrine Without A Name (无名) 0-10


■ 580 WORDS ■ "This isn't what I wanted"

She had made this place her home. It was the last standing temple that still held onto the Manji name. Caitlyn wasn't going to give up on her faith. She had lost what seemed like the only real family she ever had. They cared for her and took her in. She was left with this shrine as a memory of what she used to have. It was a memorial, a grave for bodies that weren't found.

But that wasn't true, there was dead there. She had buried each and every one of them. She matched up pieces to who lost limbs, and kept the families close to each other. Even the houses were put together correctly.

Seeing something like that would have burdened the soul of anyone who did so. She buried her family. But still, it seemed as if the greater portion of the Manji had be unaccounted for. Were they taken? Were they burned to nothing but ash? Were they taken to be experimented on? No, they had to be alive, she was sure of it.

She had held onto what gold and treasures were left. Everything that was remaining was taken to the temple she now slept under. She was a priest as any, or a nun. She honored the god in every way she could, but she had taken it more drastically with each day.

"With this, I bless thy spirit."

"No, pleas-!"

She forced the blade down onto the man's chest. His blood would begin to pour out. To her, she would offer every soul and body to the god. She knew that Nameless God would soon walk the earth again. He, she, it. The god would be among men once again. But she-

She would catch a sound, a man opening the front doors to her church. She would leave the dying man to bleed out in the lower rooms of the temple and she would climb the stairs.

She would find an old man and what seemed to be a small child, a boy perhaps.

"I've come to pray." the man would say. Caitlyn would bow in respect and would turn to the altar. It was no more than your common table in size, and was made purely of jade and marble. The rest of the temple was stone and various mixed woods, On either side of the altar was a stone lantern, of which, Caitlyn lit.

She would step away to rest on one of the benches that faced the altar as the man and the boy got onto their knees and rested their head in a silent prayer.

It was not what she had done, she had pressed her forehead to the ground, often leaving marks on her head. But she had given up her life to this god, hoping one day to hear their voices again.

"Thank you." the man spoke to her. She was lost in thought, wandering within thought.

"Blessed be thy name." she said to the man.

"May your name be remembered. . . . miss. . .?"

"Caitlyn." she answered. "Caitlyn Manji."

". . . Blessed be thy name." And the man and his boy left the temple.

And Caitlyn was left with her thoughts and a dying man who was beginning to take his last breaths.

"Chi will find pleasure here."

Caitlyn would turn to see who had spoken, but found no one around. Perhaps it was just in her head... yeah.

In her head.

To pray at these shrines, please light the lantern, or place a lit candle around the stone lantern. After your post, please exit.

Please bow, however it is not required. On this shrine it is apparent to honor a single god who's name has been long weathered away.
Generalization of God:
The name of this god has been weathered away by time. The name that was inscribed on many of these stone lanterns and altars are unreadable,
or in an old language. Few will be able to read,
and even less will understand the god's given title.

To those that heard of this Nameless God,
will know that this is a god of second changes and of destined opportunities. It is rumored that the god will one day return. Some refer to this god as Great Nameless, The No-Name God, Forgotten God, or simply, just as Nameless God.

Commonly, people simply come to this shrine to see if it really exists. It's said that even those who don't honor the god, even if they close their eyes and bow to the shrine, will leave the area with a clear mind and relaxed.
Other Locations : Shrine List

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