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#1Fiora Sylvari 

Marigold-->Baska[Train] Empty on Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:10 pm

Fiora Sylvari
Fiora had arrived at the train station and now it was time to take the long trip over to Baska Station. She would walk up to the booth and there was a small line so she would tap her foot as she had to wait for everything to be completed. Being an elf she got stares so she wanted to get out as soon as possible. After a few minutes she would see that she was next in line and she would then take out the jewels from her pocket and then she would give her the jewels and then she would pay for the ticket and then she would give her her ticket. the bad part is there was more waiting after all of that stuff as now she had to wait to get on. she hoped that she at least had a window seat so that way she could at least look at everything while she was passing by. However she was the last in line so she probably would get a really bad seat. she would tap her foot again and finally the guy took her ticket and she could get onto the train. Fiora would then walk down the aisle and see that there was a window seat open on the train and she was in luck. she would walk faster towards it and she saw some guy with a mustache and she was going for the seat too and Fiora would pick up the pace and would bump into her and knock her down with her big frame and she would take the window seat that was by herself and once she did that she would be able to relax.

The train would start after Fiora totally conned that mustache man out of the window seat and then she would be able to take a look at the view. the waitress would walk buy and then she would ask what she wanted to eat and she said that she wanted the steak and the wine but she said she was in coach and they didn't do that so she would inform that waitress that she was upper class and wanted a better meal than what they had. . Medium rare steak  would be what she wanted with the sauce. The waitress took the bribe and then she would go into the back and then she would go and she would get the steak after a few hours when it was time to prepare them and would bring out a glass of wine. She had a seat alone now so she wouldn’t get stares for being an elf.  Fiora would then go and she would go and eat the steak and the wine while the others around her got shitty peanuts and cup noodles. the waitress told them that there was a mix up and that she was supposed to be first class. Fiora laughed as she ate as the others were all like staring daggers at her. she would then look out the windows and see the grass started to get higher and the land was getting higher so they were in the mountains and then she would then see that they were near Baska Town and then they would be getting off soon. She had business to complete in Baska the trading village in the mountains.

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