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Checking in on the guards. [Quest]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Checking in on the guards. [Quest] Empty Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:04 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Uchida was at the gates of the old castle town of Oak. He had recently taken a new job. The task at hand seems to be him checking up on on some guards that are build some sort of beacon upon a hill that wasn't too far from here. Well, he took this job and now he has to go and do it. It seems fairly easy and he's sure they're all fine. What's the worst he could possibly find? He started to proceed to the hill where his task was suppose to be carried out. It didn't really take him too long to get to get there as it was fairly close by. Hell, he wondered why the lord that sent him on this particular mission didn't just send a fourth guard to check on them, not that it mattered to him or he wouldn't have such an easy job. The lord that sent him on this particular was named Servas. He is the Lord of the Phantasm family, housing Oak's popular castle. Apparently, he's supposedly a great influence in Oak Town, respected by many and leading a family of four. He has one of the highest reputations in town and knows how to play his coins to get what he and his family wants, although he is rumored to be making deals with the devil. He normally doesn't get mixed up with these types of people since it spells danger but this didn't seem out of the ordinary. All he had to do was check up on three people, which he was already behind the first of the three. Uchida watched as the guard was putting the finishing touches of building the beacon. He was rolling some logs up the hill, cutting them in half when the made it there and attaching them to the missing parts of the beacon. Uchida couldn't help but wonder what this was even for but it's none of his business. Uchida called out to him to let him know he was present, as to not startle him too much by trying to touch him. The guard looked at him and told him he wasn't suppose to be here. Uchida sneered and responded that he was on an official request from Lord Servas and that he should probably hurry up and get that job.

Clearly the guard didn't like this, or Uchida for that matter, and even thought of accusing him of lying and arresting him. Uchida hen said if he didn't hurry up. He'd immediately go back and tell Lord Servas that he was slaking on the job and that's why it wasn't finished yet. The guard reluctantly got back to work and finished up. "Fine, get out of here, you vile child." the man said agitated. Uchida's sneer turned into a frown and thought to himself, "Meh. I could have thought of better choice words as an insult." With that Uchida had continued on his way to the next guard. Upon reaching the next guard, he immediately noticed that the beacon was completely. Uchida looked around for the guard in charge here but didn't spot him or her easily. He eventually found him laying in a patch of soft grass, fast asleep. Uchida frowned at the sight of this but then shrugged it off. He was sure nothing would happen anyways and the beacon was completed after all. Hell, if he finished his task the first thing he'd do is go to sleep too but maybe this might be a little too defenseless. Bottom line was, the beacon is complete and the guard was alive and well and it was time for him to move on through a forest to reach the last beacon site. The forest walk wasn't too bad it wasn't as agitating as it is back on his island but still had a familiar scent of plant fluid. Eventually, Uchida made his way to the last beacon and saw that this one was almost finished as well but the guard wasn't in sight. Uchida checked the surrounding area carefully but alas, couldn't find anything revealing the guard's whereabouts. Uchida stood there a bit puzzled and started to wonder what was going on. Suddenly, Uchida heard the noise of loosening logs falling apart towards the unfinished beacon. When Uchida investigated this, he found the body of a young man had lifelessly fell out of the unfinished beacon. It seems he was murdered to have prevented the completion of this beacon.

How odd. Upon further inspection, he noticed there was a trail of blood leading into the forest from the opposite end of where Uchida first initially entered the area. Strange, either way, it's not his job to chase down the person or creature did this. Not yet anyways. He then dragged the body further into the opening so it would be easily spotted by others if they came to investigate what happened. He then started back towards the second guard that was sleeping in the second area and upon making it to him, he gently kicked him him in his leg to wake him up. Uchida informed him to stay alert and that he was present before to check on him and when he went to check on the final beacon, that guard was found dead and to let him know to stay vigilant or he could end up dead too. The guard was frightened and puzzled but he nodded and didn't say a word. Uchida continued on his way back to the lord that sent him on this task and informed him of the status of all three beacons. He informed him that the first one was near completion when he got there, the second beacon was already completed upon arriving there, leaving out the small detail of the sleeping guard and finally the most urgent one, the guard was found dead before the final beacon was completed. The lord seemed a bit unfazed by the news but nonetheless, thank Uchida and rewarded him his pay for completing the task. Uchida nodded and exited the Lord's presence a bit puzzled by the lack of reaction upon hearing somebody was murder but eh. He did what he had to do and that's that. He then proceed to leave and try to find another request that he could complete.


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